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Ants in the apartment

Where do ants come from in the house and do you need to be afraid of them
Откуда в доме берутся муравьи и нужно ли их опасаться

Home ants usually appear in an apartment unexpectedly. The owners of the premises are completely incomprehensible where they come from and for what reason they appear, because, it would seem, a week ago there was not a single insect in the apartment. Not surprisingly, many tenants believe that the ants will disappear by themselves just as they appeared. And before the removal of pests the case they have comes only when the ants have time to very firmly settle in the house. You may be interested to know how quickly ants can occupy even a very clean apartment and what it is fraught with.

Choosing a remedy for home ants in the apartment
Выбираем средство от домашних муравьев в квартире

The ant products in the apartment today are so numerous that an inexperienced pest fighter can run into a store’s eyes. But if, before breeding ants, it is clear how exactly insects should be poisoned in a particular case, then the problem of choice will disappear by itself: all types of products have their own specific actions and in each category there are preparations for every pocket. So let's see what is the best way to poison the ants in the apartment.

How to get ants out of the apartment
Как вывести муравьев из квартиры

Removing ants from an apartment is a rather complicated undertaking that requires diligence, patience, and certain financial and physical costs. Nevertheless, even independently you can cope with serious contamination of the premises. To do this, it is only important to know how to correctly and with the help of what means it is necessary to hatch ants.

How can you get rid of home ants
Как можно избавиться от домашних муравьев

Neighborhood with ants in the apartment is one of the serious problems of modern sanitation. These insects are so versatile, tenacious and so quickly able to adapt to environmental conditions that sometimes even experienced disinsectors can not guarantee that they will quickly get them out of the room. Nevertheless, even using quite affordable means from household ants, almost everyone can get rid of these insects (except for the most neglected cases) - you just need to do it right.

Ultrasonic Ant Scarer
Ультразвуковые отпугиватели муравьев

Ultrasonic ant repellers are the real dream of many housewives. However, they also often become a big disappointment: their effectiveness in the fight against ants is the same as in the destruction of cockroaches. That is, almost zero. Why?..

Pharaoh ants and the fight against them
Фараоновы муравьи и борьба с ними

Pharaoh ants are one of the most undesirable insects in the apartment, and the fight against them is the traditional fun of housewives around the world. In this fight, insects are still winning, actively spreading around the planet and as if unaware of the abundance of insecticides that persecute them. As a rule, the reason for failures in the fight against pharaoh ants is the lack of knowledge of their biology. Anyone who understands the peculiarities of life and reproduction of these pests can certainly get rid of them.

Traps for domestic ants in the apartment
Ловушки для домашних муравьев в квартире

The first ant medicine offered by sellers in the markets and in stores is traps. It is considered that they are as safe as possible for humans and pets, they are easy to use and inexpensive. Only here about their effectiveness from these pests very few people say ...

Extermination of ants in the apartment
Уничтожение муравьев в квартире

Destroying domestic ants is much more difficult than just temporarily removing them from an apartment. These insects so quickly adapt to different conditions and so easily restore their numbers that even experienced disinsectors and professionals recognize that their destruction is very difficult, and in some houses it is almost impossible task. But, nevertheless, in most cases it is possible to destroy ants in an apartment with your own hands, and this is the detailed article.

Red ants in the apartment
Рыжие муравьи в квартире

Red and red ants in an apartment are different species. The first ones are dangerous pests that even experienced pest controllers do not always cope with. The second - occasional guests who are unlikely to cause any harm. And in the apartment they need to be able to distinguish from each other and, if necessary, take appropriate measures in time.

We fight with home ants in the apartment
Боремся с домашними муравьями в квартире

Ants appeared in the house? Do not panic. Today, there are many effective means on the market for their removal, it is important only to choose the most suitable one and then to be able to use it correctly. And how to do this, read the article.

If you decide to fight ants yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice means that have shown their high efficiency:


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