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Where do the woodlice come from in houses and apartments and what is the reason for their appearance

Разбираемся, откуда в квартирах и домах обычно берутся мокрицы и почему они здесь появляются...

Further you will learn:

  • Where in the apartments are usually taken scraps and why most often they can be found in the bathrooms and toilets;
  • What are the optimal conditions for the life and reproduction of woodworms?
  • Where should one look for the lice in the apartment building first of all, and what actions should be taken to reliably get rid of them.

And also a number of other interesting and useful nuances concerning the appearance of woodlice in apartments and houses.

Lilacs, as it is easy to understand from their name - are beings who love moisture and dampness. Their natural habitats in nature are forest litter, wood and stones lying on wet ground, water lakes and spontaneously formed swamps.

Прежде всего, нужно иметь в виду, что мокрицы - это существа, которые любят сырые, влажные места.

На фотографии показаны мокрицы в естественной среде обитания - в старом трухлявом пне.

Accordingly, in the buildings of people for them, similar places are attractive - wet cellars, cellars, technical rooms and engineering network routes where dampness is constantly present, as well as lofts with a leaking roof. Therefore, figuring out where the lice come from in the apartment, you should first look at such places in your house.

Сырой угол подвала пятиэтажного дома стал отличным прибежищем для множества мокриц...

It is interesting

An ordinary person without adequate preparation may think that the lice are insects. In reality, this is not the case-they belong to the suborder of crustaceans, and even have gills.

What attracts the woodlice directly to the apartments, for example, from a damp basement or attic? As a rule, these creatures, in addition to dampness, also gravitate toward places with high temperatures: 22-24 ° C, high humidity, lack of normal ventilation, the availability of even meager but constant sources of food (they can be served by a thin layer of dust and mucus on the tile) all this makes the apartment quite a comfortable place for small crustaceans.

В сырых ванных комнатах и туалетах мокрицы могут жить достаточно долго, находя здесь питание, например, на поверхности давно не мытой кафельной плитки.

So, it is important to remember: the lice appear in the apartment when there is always a surplus of moisture in this or that room. That is why these guests most often prefer the bathrooms, toilets and kitchens, creeping here from their breeding grounds. Sometimes the lice grow in the attics in literally hundreds and thousands, after which the ventilation system climbs into the living quarters.

On a note

However, before you begin to understand where the woodlice in your home comes from, it's useful to begin to make sure that you are exactly these creatures. By the way, many housewives easily confuse the scabbard with scales, despite the fact that the difference between these arthropods is quite noticeable. Look carefully at the photo below - they show a mochrica and a scaly close-up. The former live in wet places, the latter live in dry places; and in the rest their way of life and diet are very different.

Фото мокрицы крупным планом - хорошо заметны щитки панциря, характерные для ракообразных.

А так выглядит чешуйница, более стройная и имеющая длинные церки на конце брюшка.

How and where does the woodlice penetrate the room

As already mentioned above, the lice appear in the apartment mainly from the cellars and attics of multi-storey houses, as well as from the engineering networks - heating mains, trenches of electrical cables, sewer tunnels, garages and various technical pits. These small crustaceans are quite mobile, but it is difficult for them to actively move along vertical walls and structures inside houses. Therefore, most of the lice appear in the apartments on the first and last floors - here they are easiest to get from the basement or raw attic.

In addition, the woodlice in the apartment is sometimes taken from other premises that may be located nearby: supermarket warehouses on the first floors of apartment buildings, self-constructed garages adjoining the wall of a residential building, and also from sewer canals.

Если вы не знаете, откуда берутся мокрицы в вашей квартире, то осмотрите прилегающие к дому помещения, не исключено, что именно здесь вы найдете обитель незваных гостей.

Старая стена дома, покрытая лишайниками и имеющая множество щелей - привлекательное место для мокриц.

Some may find it strange that the lice are able to actively breed in the attics - how do they survive and what do they eat? In fact, everything is quite simple: by chance, the pioneers among the perennial layer of pigeon droppings find quite good conditions for reproduction.

  • Firstly, in the litter of birds, there are remains of undigested seeds that quite fit crustaceans for food, as well as the other in abundance present in the attics of the organics;
  • Secondly, the roofs of apartment buildings are being repaired extremely rarely, and therefore often flow, providing the necessary dampness;
  • And, finally, thirdly, with poor ventilation and a leaking roof, even a little rain will provide almost 100% relative humidity for many days ahead.

Скопление мокриц во влажном углу под ванной.

It is not surprising that under such favorable conditions for the animals, they sometimes multiply in attics in incredible quantities and begin to literally attack the inhabitants of the last floors. The cases of penetration of the woodlice into the bathrooms and toilets of apartments from lofts in comparison with cellars are generally more rare, but they are characterized by a very large number of uninvited guests entering the apartment.

On a note

In the local urban news from different parts of the country there are regular reports on the influx of bastards on the last floors and precisely from ventilation passages. Uninvited guests can be so numerous that they literally flow uninterruptedly along the walls, fall into the dishes, creep into the furniture. And the most interesting is that in such situations, SES employees do not always notice any violations of the sanitary condition of houses and, accordingly, take no action.

Usually in practice the situation is as follows: the lice appear in the apartment singly, first in small quantities, and rarely come to their eyes. As a result, the first aliens are undetected for the hosts of housing.

Случайный гость в спальне обычной городской квартиры - его маршрут могут повторить другие товарищи, если пути проникновения их в квартиру не перекрыть.

Later, when several dozen uninvited guests migrate to the apartment, they eventually accidentally come across in the bathroom or toilet, and then the owners begin a small panic - after a close examination of the room it becomes clear that the wood in the apartment is full! The first question is where did they come from and how to get rid of them?

Next with the moccas begin to fight, as with cockroaches - crayons, Dichlorvos, even insecticidal gels. All this can really have a certain effect, but first of all you need to find out where the "abode" of damp lovers is and the source of this dampness is eliminated.

If you quickly solve the problem with dampness is not possible, it is useful to take care to block the way of penetration of the lice from the wet room into the apartments.

Важно, прежде всего, перекрыть пути проникновения мокриц из сырых помещений (чердак, подвал) в квартиру.

На фото показано, как вовремя заклеенная вентиляционная решетка не допускает проникновения мокриц в помещение.

Where do the lice in the city live?

In different cities, biologists have been repeatedly researched to find out the places where lice are preferred. It turned out that these small crustaceans live mainly in the following places:

  • front gardens and spaces under the fences;
  • along the grassy walls of houses;
  • in the basement;
  • warehouses of agricultural products;
  • along the roadsides;
  • on vacant lots and abandoned stadiums;
  • in the private sector;
  • in parks and recreational areas;
  • on landfills.

Here, the lice trees are huddled under rocks, various large objects, under mown grass and in garbage. Food in such places is served by any decaying plant remains - the same mown grass, rotting fruits and vegetables, plant roots. They feed themselves mostly at night, occasionally leaving their shelters during the day or at dusk.

Мокрицы могут прятаться, например, в листовом опаде в палисаднике городского дома.

On a note

The most common for the cities of the central zone of Russia are two types of lice - the common bark-and-bark and the moccasie are rough. The first is best known for its characteristic appearance: it is often called "watermelon". The second one is more mobile, less often turns into a ball and relies mainly on its speed. It is the mackerel that is roughest often turns out to be an unwelcome guest in an apartment.

Is it okay to bring wood to the house?

As a rule, the lice spread into the room themselves, making their way from habitual habitats to more comfortable conditions for them. These arthropods try to stay away from sources of light, vibration and noise, and therefore on clothes or in personal things are almost never. That's why the likelihood of bringing wood to the apartment is very small.

In very rare cases, the lokweed can be brought into the house with purchased products - potatoes in bags and nets, carrots and onions, fruit in boxes. But to be afraid of guests in this case is not worth it - they are unlikely to get accustomed to an apartment that they did not make their own way.

Мокриц можно принести в квартиру на гнилой картошке, но шансов на длительное выживание в сухом помещении у них практически не будет.

Единичные особи могут попасть в квартиру, в том числе, на ягодах и фруктах.

Really undesirable in a person's apartment are only those lice that are taken from the cellars and from the street and move to the wet rooms themselves. They are inclined not only to settle for permanent habitation in the apartment, but also to multiply actively here.

In this case, lice are a sign that the apartment has areas with poorly regulated ventilation and constant dampness. Such places should be found as soon as possible and brought to a normal state in order to avoid more serious problems (for example, the constant presence of mold, which with its disputes will poison all the air in the apartment).

Важно как можно скорее избавиться от сырости в помещении, так как это может привести к обильному развитию плесени.

Черная плесень под микроскопом - обилие ее спор в воздухе может представлять серьезную опасность для здоровья человека.

Favorite places of dwelling in the flat

In the overwhelming majority of cases, lice are found in apartments in the following places:

  • in the bathrooms, especially under the baths themselves - it is constantly moist and usually contains the smallest microflora, sufficient for food;
  • in toilets behind toilets and boilers;
  • on balconies and attached loggias bordering directly with the basement;
  • in storerooms and closets used for storing vegetables and fruits.

Мокрица на стене туалета.

If the lice were found in the same room, they should definitely be looked for in other rooms and outbuildings - perhaps where they are the most, they are the least noticeable. Be sure to inspect for this purpose and ventilation ducts.

In general, the lice spread usually where moisture exceeds the sanitary standards for living quarters. These crustaceans are a good indicator of the presence of permanent water leaks, pipeline ruptures, stagnant sewerage.

If somewhere in the apartment were found lice, you should look for places in which the water supply and sewerage system, the insulation on the walls, the plaster and the integrity of the walls themselves can be broken. Once such damage is detected, they should be eliminated as soon as possible. The immediate destruction of woodlice makes sense only when the conditions favorable for their living are completely excluded.

If you decide to fight the mochrica on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice products that have shown their high efficiency (the same means used against cockroaches are effective against cockroaches):

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