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Details about the mocrica: interesting facts about their life and photos
Подробно о мокрицах: интересные факты об их жизни и фотографии

Despite the fact that almost every owner of a private house or apartment has a general idea of ​​wettles, nevertheless, the most interesting and surprising details of the way of life of these creatures are known mainly to scientists. And this is quite understandable: the lice do not often come to your eyes, lead a very secretive way of life, do not parasitize and do not particularly harm a person, and therefore they do not attract attention to themselves. Meanwhile, the lice are unique in their own way, and the interesting features of their biology deserve to be acquainted with them in more detail - let's do this ...

How can I get rid of the lice in the apartment (or in a private house)
Как можно избавиться от мокриц в квартире (либо в частном доме)

If it seems to you that it is easy to get rid of the lice in the apartment, just poppykav in the room Dichlorvos or sprinkling salt in the corners (as is often also tried to do), then we hurry to upset you - at best, so it will be possible to destroy only a few dozen pests, but in general The problem can not be solved in this way. Only an integrated approach based on common sense, the use of effective insecticides and an understanding of the features of the biology of woodworms, will get rid of them not only reliably, but in a rather short time - let's talk about this in more detail ...

Where do the woodlice come from in houses and apartments and what is the reason for their appearance
Откуда в домах и квартирах берутся мокрицы и что является причиной их появления

Mokritsy in the apartment - perhaps, one of the most unexpected guests. We used to see cockroaches in bedside tables, ants on the baseboards, in extreme cases - even bedbugs in the old sofa. But the lice-trees ... It's a kind of signal that the border between the living quarters and the street somewhere has become quite thin. Mokritsy - a creature, accustomed to live in such conditions that for a person, to put it mildly, are uncomfortable: constant dampness, the presence of decomposing organic. Where did the woodlice come from in the apartment and what attracts them here? ..

What types of woodlice can be found in an apartment or house
Какие виды мокриц можно встретить в квартире или доме

Everyone who met in the apartment a lobster, could notice that sometimes these uninvited guests differ from each other. Some lice have a high shell and easily and quickly curl up into a tangle, while others are comparatively flat, much more mobile, and they practically do not fold into a tangle. Obviously, these are different kinds of woodworms. How many of them are there, and which of them most often penetrate into the apartments? ..

Pictures of gigantic bastards and a description of the way of life of these huge creatures
Фотографии гигантских мокриц и описание образа жизни этих огромных существ

We are used to the fact that the lice are small creatures, similar to bugs, the size of just over half a centimeter. However, sometimes there are reports that someone somewhere caught a huge lobster almost half a meter long and weighing more than a kilogram. Does the world really have such huge lice, or is it fiction - let's understand ...

What are able to eat woodlice in natural conditions and human habitation
Чем способны питаться мокрицы в природных условиях и жилье человека

Surely, many of those who found the woodlice in the basement, garage or even the toilet of their own apartment, asked a completely reasonable question - what do they actually eat here? Especially it is interesting to learn with a large number of insects: in some cases, the lice are present in the cellars, cellars and attics in hundreds, huddling under the rubbish and old things. So what is the food for the mochrits and what do they find tasty in the neighborhood of the person? Let's understand ...

If you decide to fight the mochrica on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice products that have shown their high efficiency (the same means used against cockroaches are effective against cockroaches):


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