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Preventing the appearance of bed bugs in the apartment
Профилактика появления постельных клопов в квартире

It is important to understand that even if you safely destroyed the entire population of bed bugs in your apartment, this does not mean that parasites will not re-enter the apartment again - for example, from neighbors. In general, the prevention of the appearance of bed bugs in the room should be given priority attention in those cases when the fight with the bloodsuckers ended only recently, and also when you know that, for example, your relatives or acquaintances have bugs (parasites and their eggs quite successfully "migrate "On clothes - sometimes it is enough to visit the infected premises only once). How we can prevent bugs from infecting an apartment and what methods of prevention are most effective, we'll go on and talk ...

Than it is necessary to blame bedbugs in an apartment: a review of reliable tools and useful tips
Чем следует морить клопов в квартире: обзор надежных средств и полезные советы

Perhaps you have already tried to kill bedbugs on your own and managed to make sure that not all means are effective against these parasites. It also happens that, it would seem, the first few days after the treatment of the apartment bugs cease to bite, but just a week later everything repeats again - in the morning on the body fresh bites, and on the bed - the traces of a night feast of bloodsuckers. So how does one need to properly bug bugs and, most importantly, what exactly makes sense to process an apartment in order to get rid of parasites forever? Let's understand ...

Agent Executioner for the destruction of bed bugs
Средство Палач для уничтожения постельных клопов

One of the effective means to combat domestic bugs is the drug Executioner. It is a 25% solution of Fenthion (insecticide), and after dilution in water it can be used in self-destruction of bedbugs in the house.

EcoKiller from bugs and cockroaches (specially treated diatomaceous)
Средство Экокиллер от клопов и тараканов (специально обработанный диатомит)

One of the very interesting (and at the same time quite effective) drugs, used today to combat bugs and cockroaches, is the recently appeared on the market insecticide EcoKiller. And its main distinguishing feature is the specific mechanism of action on insects, based on the ability of specially treated diatomite to violate the integrity of the outer covers of pests and parasites, leading literally to their dehydration. And Ekokiller shows high efficiency not only against cockroaches, ants and scales, but also against parasites feeding on blood - bed bugs, fleas and linen lice ...

Reviews about the tool Executioner from house bugs
Отзывы о средстве Палач от домашних клопов

Of all drugs against bedbugs, the Executioner today is one of the most popular. Not only that this insecticide is deprived of most of the disadvantages of analogues, it effectively effectively destroys bedbugs and is a reliable protection of the premises from any other insects. And this is not just a statement of producers. The executioner is used by thousands of people every year, and their testimonials give an opportunity to evaluate the drug rather objectively.

What feeds bed bugs and how much they are able to live without blood
Чем питаются постельные клопы и сколько они способны жить без крови

At first glance it may seem that bed bugs are quite vulnerable insects, because after being strongly attached to a person as a source of food, they, in theory, would have to die with the long absence of people in the room. But in practice it turns out that the absence of people in the house even for 6 months often does not lead to the death of the entire population of bedbugs. So what do bugs eat and how long they can live without blood - let's understand ...

A remedy for Soder bugs and reviews about the use of this drug
Средство от клопов Зондер и отзывы о применении этого препарата

The insecticide Zonder, positioned primarily as a means of destroying bed bugs, has appeared on the market relatively recently, but it is rapidly growing in popularity, not only among ordinary consumers, but also among professional disinfesters. The reason for this - the relatively high efficiency, which allows successfully to deal with parasites, even in the most neglected cases. But what is so special about the preparation from the bedbugs of Zonder - due to what it works, is it not toxic for a person, can it be possible to live normally in a treated apartment and how do those who have already experienced it in practice react about this facility? let's talk more ...

The use of insecticide smoke bombs to kill bugs in the room
Применение инсектицидных дымовых шашек для уничтожения клопов в помещении

Few people know that insecticide smoke bombs, in their effectiveness against bugs, are not inferior to expensive professional methods of disinsection using so-called cold or hot fog. In addition, these checkers have another significant plus - it's easy to use. Self-treatment of the room from bedbugs with aerosols and sprays is known for its laboriousness, the danger of poisoning and, often, most unpleasantly, the lack of the necessary result. In the case of the use of smoke bombs, everything is much simpler: the room itself is filled with insecticide smoke, which penetrates even the most difficult places, effectively destroying bedbugs in their shelters. However, let's talk about everything in order ...

Detailed photos of bed bugs
Подробные фото постельных клопов

A detailed description of the appearance of the bed bug, its larvae and eggs. More than 40 bright photos accompany interesting information about bedbugs, which will be useful to everyone who has come across these bloodsuckers closely or is preparing to fight them.

Destruction of bedbugs with a cold mist and reviews about this procedure
Уничтожение клопов холодным туманом и отзывы об этой процедуре

Treatment of premises from insects using the cold mist method has proved itself well, and today it is often used by workers of pest control services. In particular, against the bedbugs, this technology is often much more effective than simply spraying insecticides from household sprayers (spray guns). So what is so-called cold fog, how and from what it is created, and also how ordinary people respond about the effectiveness of pest control in this way - we'll talk more about this with you and more ...

In this section you will find detailed information on bedbugs, mostly bed-clothes, which are also called homebugs. Detailed measures are prescribed for the destruction of these parasites, and reviews of effective modern means of struggle are given.

Although bedbugs today are not so frequent guests in the apartment, such as cockroaches, but from their sudden appearance in the house is not insured by anyone. Be it even a well-kept apartment with European-quality repair and expensive new furniture - bed bugs are not a hindrance. For 1-2 months of active reproduction, these insects are able to turn the most well-groomed and comfortable apartment into a real bug, unsuitable for normal life.

That is why it is so important to be able to recognize in time the appearance of parasites in your home in order to have time to take effective measures for their destruction.

There are many ways to combat bugs: it is important not to make a mistake with the choice, because not all of them are effective and safe for humans and pets. For example, many try to fight in the old fashion, ineffective folk methods, missing precious time and letting bed bugs move from the infected apartment to neighboring ones.

Or, for example, there are often cases when bugs are being destroyed by means of cockroaches. Of course, not all preparations will give the desired effect.

What kind of method to combat bugs is to choose which effective and at the same time safe means to use - this will help you to understand the materials of our site. If you decide to fight against parasites on your own, give particular attention to the choice of the means - this can depend not only on the level of comfort in the home, but also on the health of you and your loved ones.

We wish you a pleasant introduction to the information and its successful application in practice.


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