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Plots against lice

Заговоры и молитвы от вшей - это пережиток прошлого или действительно эффективное средство борьбы с паразитами?

In ancient times, the presence of lice in children and adults was a phenomenon quite common and even natural. Effective drugs for the destruction of parasites did not exist then, and people actively used other means: plots from lice, washing hair and body with various herbs, prayers.

Some recipes of herbal infusions from lice have gone through the ages and are used even in the modern world. But, interestingly, the same can be said about various conspiracies and prayers for getting rid of lice and nits - they are also not forgotten.

Often this approach is associated in many ways with distrust of harmful "chemistry" and drugs.

Plots from lice: when and how they should be conducted

A plot from lice, like any other conspiracy, is not just a collection of meaningless words, but a certain magical technique. When using it, you should follow all recommendations and tune in to a positive result.

Существуют заговоры не только для борьбы со вшами, но и против других домашних насекомых

Long since all the conspiracies that were designed to save a person from something (the same plot from lice, from drunkenness, or other illnesses) were carried out in the waning phase of the moon. It was believed that the young month contributes to growth and augmentation, and the old one, on the contrary, helps to get rid of unnecessary and obsolete, to speak out ailments.

В старину заговоры обычно использовались на убывающий месяц, который символизировал избавление от ненужного и плохого

In order for the conspiracy to be effective, it was considered necessary to combine his reading with a certain ritual. So, the conspiracy against lice is read in the bath, when washing or combing the hair to the patient, while rinsing with herbal decoctions of herbs (oak bark, rosemary, mother-and-stepmother, sage, St. John's wort, chamomile).

При произнесении слов заговора волосы ополаскивались настоем целебных трав, например, ромашки

Not always a patient with pediculosis was able to read the plot himself. If it was a child or an old man, then such a duty was placed on the mistress of the house. Especially strong were those conspiracies that the mother read to her child. Below is an example of such a conspiracy:

"Let's go away from my child, lice dirty, lice annoying!" As the month wanes and disappears, it will take you all with you, to the dark side, empty and sorrowful, so that you will never return here and will not turn back to our house. As the moon wanes, no single lover of God's servant (the child's name) ever knows! "

Plots and prayers - what are the differences between them

Most of the plots from lice appeared in the pre-Christian era, when people revered natural phenomena, worshiped spirits and various mythical creatures.

Заговоры возникли еще во времена язычества

На фотографии - головная вошь крупным планом

This was reflected in the texts of the conspiracies: they all have a pronounced pagan coloring, although in later times they were added symbolic endings: Amen, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, in the name of God. This was done to strengthen the conspiracy and consolidate its outcome.

Below is an example of such pagan conspiracy:

"How all the creatures of my stupid house are bypassed by the side, so let the creatures in the body , the lice of the hair, perish forever and never again appear. I lock them with seven locks, seven rivers and high mountains, where no one will reach, take them and call with them. Sit there, the creatures are hated, until your death comes. No one to bite you any more, you did not drink any blood and did not offend. May it be so. Now, for ever, and for ever and ever, Amen. "

A completely different kind of verbal formula is prayer from lice and nits.

Молитва для избавления от вшей имеет совершенно другую природу, нежели заговоры

It initially involves an appeal to God or saints who are famous for healing the sick (for example, Nicholas the Wonderworker).

Prayers suggest a more strict order of words, they do not hate and anger towards blood-sucking insects. Most often, prayers were used against all pests in general, but they could also use prayer from lice if they wished. Here is her text:

"I will pray to our Lord and all his Saints:

Help me, heavenly guards,

From this day until the holy Sabbath

The ruler of the bad had twelve wives,

And after it was eleven,

It was transferred to ten, and from ten to nine,

From nine to eight, and then seven,

And from seven to six, and then five,

From four three, and then two.

As the last one disappeared, there was no one left.

So the heavenly Father would give

That all up to one lice are transferred. Amen".

Traditionally, lice prayer should be read after going to church (or right in the church), before a lit candle or an icon. Before this you can not drink, smoke or swear.

Перед тем, как идти в церковь для прочтения молитвы от вшей, нельзя пить спиртное и сквернословить

If the lice need to be removed from the child or another family member, you need to hold a candle in front of him, while saying the text. For greater efficiency, it is recommended to read the prayer several times, preferably by heart.

In addition to praying against lice, it is permissible to use any others that are aimed at getting rid of domestic parasites (fleas, cockroaches, rodents). All of them have about the same value and ritual of reading.

Texts of conspiracies and prayers to fight against lice

"As a white swan on the lake swims and looks into the water, so I look at my braids long and heavy in the surface of the water watching. Let no creature touch them, let the bird of them not nest. I'll collect all the lice and bring them to a remote site, where there is no light, no air, no life, let them live there for a century. I will not touch them, and they will not touch me and my children, and they will never remember us. Let my yard and house far away, my eyes are taken away and they go on. Amen".

"Twelve sources of pure, fresh and fragrant springs from under the ground, the grass beside them grows violently and densely. So let the slaves of God's servants (name) never insect maliciously bite, do not yank, do not collect. I expel all lice so that they can not be seen and heard for ever. Collect, lice, your knapsacks, but go away through the gate, to the street, from the village, from the city. Go away and do not overtake the servant of God (name), do not remember, do not call by name. So she will forget you. Amen".

Фотография платяных вшей

"Our house is clean and bright,

In the upper room there is no crumb,

Everything around shines,

Rats, mice, lice

Off the coast, run,

Evil do not remember.

You have stayed with us, you've eaten your belly,

They drank sweetly, they lived on polents.

And now our turn

To cast out all evil spirits,

Sweep angles all

And call the guests.

So that we are your machinations

Have not seen it.


There is an opinion that before reading the prayers, it is necessary to read the "Our Father" three times.

"The creature of the earth, fleas, bugs, cockroaches, lice! On a visit to you I go: my blood is like pitch, eat bread and salt, not me. King of Heaven, protect me and turn everything around. My word is strong, In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen".

The above prayer from lice and nits is read on a glass of water, 3 days in a row at sunrise. When the ritual is completely finished, you can pour a head of a pediculosis sufferer with water.

"Cockroaches, lice and fleas, your life at the servant of God (name) is bad. I did not call you, I'm not sending you. He calls you Saint Onuphrius for three fields, for three winds, for three lobes where good people do not live and cattle are not grazing. You are a species of 77 and there is a deal for everyone. There your wedding will be, there you will live. You do not have to live with the servant of God (name), do not produce children, do not multiply. But if you do not leave the servant of God (name), it will be like at the Last Judgment: there is no need to count the torment, for everyone there is one. Run, flee, hide quickly. Amen".

However, even if you are a very religious person, it is important to understand that lice conspiracies, like prayers, do not have a quick and effective impact on parasites. Moreover, the effectiveness of such methods of fighting lice is not scientifically confirmed, and therefore prayers and conspiracies can only act as an additional option, which is combined with conventional treatment.

Заговоры или молитвы от вшей лучше скомбинировать с современными средствами для должного эффекта

Modern preparations from lice act effectively and at the same time rather gently, without harming the skin and overall human health. To quickly get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of pediculosis, it is worth choosing only one tool that completely destroys lice and nits, and conspiracy (if you decide to use them) to use as a means of psychological support.

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