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If a child has lice: what is important to know and how to properly treat

Как предупредить появление вшей у ребенка и избавиться от уже существующего педикулеза - попробуем разобраться вместе

Compared with adults, children become infected with lice much more often. Usually a child's lice appear after the beginning of a new school year in school or in a kindergarten - after a vacation in the village. At the same time, it is almost impossible to detect infection in the early stages - only a few parasites on the head are usually not felt, and it is usually several weeks after infection to think about how to treat a child.

Небольшое количество вшей на голове почти не ощущается ребенком, поэтому родители бьют тревогу обычно уже при запущенном педикулезе

On the treatment of a child from lice to each parent, it is useful to know the basic approaches and nuances, so that when parasites are detected, they can manage timely and promptly to take the necessary and purposeful actions, thus saving their children from severe forms of lice.

Ways of infecting children with lice

There are two main ways to transfer lice from sick people to children:

  • direct physical contact in joint games, fights, sleep, just communication
  • and the use of other people's hair care products. On the combs, hairpins and elastic bands may well remain parasites that will easily creep onto the hair of a healthy child

Заразиться вшами дети могут как при непосредственном контакте, так и через чужие средства ухода за волосами

Few people know, but also lice can be transmitted through the water in baths, swimming pools and open water bodies - they stay well enough on the water and do not die in this state for several days. However, cases of such infection with lice today are extremely rare.

On a note

In infecting children lice has a pronounced seasonality: most often they are transmitted in the winter, when children spend a lot of time in the premises in close collectives, as well as in the beginning of autumn, when the children return to the training teams after the summer holidays. It is in the middle of the autumn and the New Year holidays that it is usually and should be as closely as possible to check the condition of the hair in a child and if lice or nits are found, start an adequate treatment as early as possible.

How to detect lice in a child?

To determine that a child has lice, it's easy. For this it is sufficient:

  • Carefully observe the child: if he constantly scratches his head and tries to lay his hair, it is likely that it's lice (you need to visually see this).
  • Check the condition of the hair: lice in the children on their heads are noticeable on their own, sitting on their hair, and also present themselves with nits on their hair - whitish eggs, attached to their hair with a sticky secret. If they are found, treatment should be started immediately.
  • Even if the lice are not found on the hair, it is worth checking the child's bed and underwear, which he wears most often, - the lingerie lives here.
  • The main consequences of lice in children are actually biting lice and the appearance of allergies to these bites. It is the numerous red itchy points on the head that are a reliable sign of a child's infection.

Среди проявлений педикулеза у детей основное место занимают укусы вшей в области шеи и головы, которые могут сопровождаться аллергической реакцией

Большое количество вшей и гнид на волосах ребенка говорят о запущенном педикулезе

In this case, the presence of nits in children means that parasites in the hair of the child (and sometimes on the eyebrows and eyelashes) - it's lice. An inexperienced look can confuse them with the larvae of bedbugs (more mobile than lice), fleas (darker and more jumping), and even mites. But their eggs are placed on the hair of only lice, and the treatment of the child in this case should be made precisely from these bloodsuckers.

Вши прикрепляют свои яйца (гниды) к волосам

On a note

Describing the treatment of lice in children, the famous pediatrician Komarovsky advises to show the lice themselves to shine on the head with a table lamp - lice in this case shine and become more noticeable.

What can be dangerous lice?

Lice in children are most dangerous in that they cause a whole complex of unpleasant symptoms that disrupt the child's behavior, his sleep and, in general, normal vital activity.

Lice are harmful primarily by itching, irritation of the skin in places of bites and the appearance of pustular inflammation where the bites are combed with fingers and infections are infectious.

Вшивость у ребенка опасна еще и тем, что на местах расчесанных укусов иногда образуются гнойные воспаления

Deeper manifestations of pediculosis are a rash, the appearance of small blue spots on the skin, signs of allergy. When the disease develops, the skin may become rougher, furuncles and ulcers appear.

Clothes (linen) louse, biting the child mainly for the body, sometimes transfers the causative agents of typhus and recurrent typhus - deadly diseases. The same infection can infect the child and head louse, but much less often.

How to treat a child from lice?

Treating a child of lice in general is not difficult. Even if the situation is started and there are serious rashes and injuries on the head or body from combed bites, first of all it is necessary to get rid of the parasites themselves, and then start symptomatic therapy.

To get rid of head lice often used quite numerous, affordable and diverse today, insecticidal shampoos. Very popular among them is shampoo from Medifox fleas.

Средство от вшей Медифокс

Shampoo head and body soap and soak for an hour or two. On the head it is desirable to wear a rubber cap or a plastic bag to enhance the effect.

Для лучшего уничтожения вшей на голову ребенка можно надеть полиэтиленовую шапочку


"A nightmare, the whole Internet is clouded, at each forum it is written that the treatment of lice in children should be done with kerosene. This is the grandfather's method! Anyway, that conspiracy to get rid of them. I buy Nittifor or MediFox, after one washing of the head of a child this filth does not happen a year. My boy regularly brings lice from the Yunnath expeditions, so we poison them even before they multiply in large numbers. "

Galina, Ostrovskoye

Средство от вшей Ниттифор

The louse on clothes can be destroyed by boiling things or soaking and treating them with the same shampoos.

Sometimes after a week or two, the lice dressing should be repeated, as some shampoos do not kill the nits, and in a week already new parasites manage to get out of the eggs on the already clean head.

On a note

Strictly speaking, it is not entirely correct to say "treatment of lice in children" or "how to cure lice in children." Lice are not a disease, the disease is called lice. To treat lice that need to be destroyed is completely inappropriate. Therefore, you need to speak either "withdraw lice from children," or "treatment for pediculosis."

After lice are destroyed, children should be treated. If a whole team or several children in the family are infected, the procedures should be carried out simultaneously:

  • Fresh and itchy bites are smeared with a Vietnamese starlet or cream.
  • To remove allergic reaction, you can use antihistamines. This should be done only on the advice of a doctor, because such drugs have their contraindications.
  • Ranches, inflammation and ulcers at the bite sites should be treated with disinfectant and cauterizing agents such as zelenok or iodine solution. In case of serious damage, it is necessary to bind them with wound-healing agents.

Бальзам Спасатель помогает справиться с последствиями укусов вшей

Appearing bluish spots on the bite sites will eventually pass by themselves, but to accelerate their disappearance should use vitamin preparations containing vitamins of group B and vitamin E.


"Maksimka brought us lice from the camp. Everything is like a textbook - itching, nits, lice on a pillow. Grandmother screamed something about kerosene, which you need to treat lice in children, but we quickly calmed down, bought an NOC and a week they washed their heads instead of shampoo, keeping the boy for a long time with a soapy head. Lice literally poured into the tub! It was necessary to smear bites with greenery, for there were too many of them. But we managed, in two weeks there was not a single parasite. "

Stanislav, Omsk

Very good for getting rid of parasites special crests from lice. They allow you to remove lice mechanically, without the use of insecticidal shampoos.

С помощью специальных гребней от вшей можно эффективно удалять гниды из волос

However, the complete disposal of lice with the help of these funds will take at least 3-4 days and will require a significant time spent on diligent and scrupulous combing. At the same time, there is always a risk that the nits will not be removed completely.

Modern drugs and some folk remedies for getting rid of lice

To get rid of lice was the most reliable and after it children could be treated immediately, you should choose reliable shampoos containing proven insecticide drugs. The most famous anti-poison poison is Permethrin - if it does not enter the mouth and eyes, then it does not cause any trouble to the child himself.

Перметрин входит в состав многих средств от вшей, а также выпускается в виде раствора

Based on permethrin, several shampoos are produced:

  • Medifox is the most famous and popular shampoo
  • NOC - a close analogue of MediFox
  • Bubil
  • Lauri, who also works well against clothes lice .

In addition, Pedilin, Parasidosis, and Itas can be used, but the effect from their use is often not as pronounced as using MediFox and NOC.

Средство от вшей Паразидоз (Parasidose)

In the people with lice in the old manner continue to fight with kerosene, vinegar and turpentine. These remedies also destroy lice, but they are more difficult and unpleasant to use than shampoos. Sometimes used are decoctions of herbs, but their effect on lice is often quite weak.

In any case, after pickling lice, it is advisable to cut the child as short as possible, and ideally shave.

После обработки головы от вшей лучше всего подстричь ребенка наголо. Правда, этот способ не слишком подойдет девочкам.

In this case, the lice themselves on the head will not be able to dwell, and the skin will quickly recover from bites and allergies.

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