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Anti-lice and nude anti-nits

Знакомимся со средством от вшей и гнид - Нюда

Nyuda is a drug against lice, which, in fact, can be attributed to the modern antiparasitic drugs of the new generation. Its difference from standard pediculicidal means is that it does not contain aggressive chemical components in its composition. This largely explains the growing popularity of Nuda's funds against lice among the general population.

Composition and principle of action of the facility

The main component of Nyuda's remedy is Dimethikon, which effectively destroys all types of lice (head, linen and pubic) and their nits. Also in the composition of the drug are auxiliary substances: triglycerides, wax and fragrances.

По своей химической природе Диметикон является полидиметилсилоксаном

Диметикон позволяет эффективно уничтожать вшей и при этом, будучи нетоксичным, безопасен в применении

Dimetikon itself is not a poison for warm-blooded and almost non-toxic to humans. In its chemical nature, this substance is silicone and is often included in cosmetic products to give the hair a well-groomed appearance, and is also part of the balm rinse.

По своей природе Диметикон - это силикон, поэтому его часто можно увидеть в составе косметических средств

Dimethicone envelops the shell of nits and lice, preventing them from breathing, and also penetrates into the respiratory tract of the parasites. In the absence of access to oxygen, insects quickly die.

In this case, the remedy for lice Nuda does not harm the hair and does not require their cutting. We can say that this is the most sparing and effective way to combat pediculosis .

Among the minuses of the drug can be noted its oily consistency. It happens that after the procedure for getting rid of lice Nyuda is laundered only for the second or third time.

Среди недостатков средства Нюда можно отметить плохую его смываемость с волос

For greater efficiency, several types of Dimethicone of different degree of viscosity (with different degree of polymerization of siloxanes) are used in the preparation. This provides a very effective penetration of Nyuda's means into the respiratory tract of lice and a reliable enveloping of each hair and every nit.


My daughter has very thick and long hair, so when she brought lice from the kindergarten, I was immediately frightened: I would have to cut it. But the pharmacist in the pharmacy explained that now there are modern drugs that are very effective in combating pediculosis. I bought Nuda's remedy for lice (the price in Ukraine in rubles is about 230 rubles, relatively expensive), helped a hundred times! On the day of treatment, they combed out a whole bunch of dead lice and nits, and a week later the procedure was repeated. I must say that the repetition was already "for a tick" - no livestock in the hair is gone. "

Valeria, Kiev

It is interesting

Studies have shown that Dimethikon is able to completely destroy a louse in 60 seconds, penetrating into her body and leading to asphyxia. This result is strikingly different from the action of even the most toxic poisons, on the basis of which most pediculicidal preparations are made.

Instructions for use Nyuda

In order to achieve maximum effect and to guarantee the destruction of parasites, it is necessary to use Nuda spray from lice strictly according to the instructions. Unlike other drugs, Nyuda does not require special precautions and preparation for application. However, care must be taken not to get the product on the face or mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth.

Согласно инструкции, при распылении средства Нюда надо тщательно избегать его попадания в глаза

So, according to the instructions, the Nuda louse remedy is applied to dry hair until it is completely soaked over the entire length. Depending on the length and thickness of the hair, one-third to one-half of the entire package of the drug is required.

The composition should be kept on the hair for 45 minutes, without closing them and without wrapping themselves in a towel. At the end of time, you need to take a special frequent comb (it is inside the package) and carefully comb all the hair with a strand behind the strand.

Вместе с самим средством Нюда в упаковке имеется удобный гребень для вычесывания вшей и гнид

Вшей и гнид удобно вычесывать над белой простыней

In the process of such combing, all dead lice and nits are removed from the hair. This can be done over the bathroom or a white sheet laid out.

After treatment, the hair should be washed once or twice with its usual shampoo. After a week, the procedure can be repeated - it should be done in case, if not all nits were killed. As a rule, nits are much more resistant to the action of all pediculicide drugs than adult insects.


"In my childhood, lice were taken out and kerosene and chinese water - we then often at school contaminated them. The stench was creepy, and the hair later - as if lifeless. I did not experiment on my children - now there are such preparations that give any kerosene odds and do not harm the child at the same time. My daughter took a remedy for lice Nuda (reviews were very good), so at one time all the insects killed. I had to tinker with combing out, but it's worth it. And the hair after this Nyuda remained alive and shiny. "

Anastasia, Stavropol

Possible hazards and contraindications to the use of the product

Although Nuda's lice remedy is one of the safest, when using it, one should not forget about elementary precautions. Before use, it is desirable to fix a cotton bandage or a headscarf under the hair growth line - it will prevent the product from entering the eyes. If such a nuisance still occurred, the mucous membranes should be rinsed abundantly with warm water. This will prevent them from irritation.

Чтобы средство не попало в глаза, можно воспользоваться косметической повязкой для волос

If a person infected with pediculosis has a tendency to allergies, it is desirable to conduct a test for an allergic reaction. To do this, beforehand, the procedure of destroying lice is applied to the nuda on the elbow or wrist, and is washed off after half an hour. Observe the reaction for 24 hours. If redness or itching is not present - you can safely use the drug.

On a note

Dimethicone is easily ignited, therefore it is strictly prohibited to spray it near an open fire.

The drug Nyuda can not be used in pregnancy, lactation, and children up to 3 years.


"After the tour and sleep in someone else's sleeping bag for the first time I encountered the problem of pediculosis. Hair short and thick enough, so I looked for some convenient for self-application tool. In a drugstore, Nyuda's remedy was advised against lice , I read reviews on the Internet - everyone praises him too. The only negative - the price of Nyuda in Ukraine is well beyond the clouds. I bought a small bottle for almost 250 hryvnia, although in Russia it costs twice cheaper. This amount I just had enough for two treatments. I think if there was a lady with long hair in my place, I would have to take a couple of packages. Instructions Nudes from lice are very detailed, complete with scallop combing. All very much, the effect was positive. About the problem since then and do not remember. "

Artem, Dnepropetrovsk

The price and availability of the drug

Nuda from lice is produced in Germany, but it is easy to buy throughout the CIS. The drug is sold exclusively in pharmacies, mainly in large and modern. Small retail outlets do not always purchase it because of the high price.

Средство Нюда производится за рубежом, поэтому и цена его немаленькая

The price for Nyudu ranges from 300 to 350 rubles in Russia, and residents of Ukraine will have to pay more: from 200 to 250 hryvnia. You can also order the product in online pharmacies or shops.


"Nude from lice is just a thing!" I'm a teacher in a kindergarten, so I got a pediculosis from children. This drug literally at one time saved me from the problem, and even treated my hair. I do not know how, but they began to look much better, shone. Read reviews on Nyudu, all praise, I looked for them before buying. Now I advise parents who are faced with the same problem with their kids. Helps from lice perfectly, only now one moment embarrassed: the price for Nyudu is too high. If not for such an exorbitant price, one could buy for the entire kindergarten, because pediculosis periodically makes itself felt when working with children. But who will give us so much money? "

Oksana, Mariupol

In general, Nyuda is really a convenient modern remedy for lice, which allows you to quickly forget about the problem of pediculosis. To achieve the best result, it is enough to follow the instructions and, most importantly, buy only the original drug, and not the dubious quality analogs that appear.

The note "Remedy against lice and nits nude" left 18 comments.
  1. Natasha :

    I tried Nyud's remedy, lice died, but the nits remained. I do not want to cut my hair, tried to scratch my comb, my daughter cries, my whole head was torn. Tell me how to get rid of these parasites?

    • Dasha :

      Nyuda's remedy is very pretty, but there is no crest in it. My mother smeared me and all the nits and lice died. The nits were like dandruff. We enjoyed where the girl throws her hair and she is in a purple sweater.

  2. Constantine :

    Wait until the nits appear in your neck, about 7 days, and repeat the procedure again.

  3. Diane :

    My mom and I were very worried about nits and lice. Nuda's head was processed many times already. It's useless! December, January, February, March, April and May! Dust soap was used. Help, than to smear a head ?!

    • Anonymous :

      Buy a comb "Antiv", this is not advertising. For the first time they contracted daughters with lice - they immediately bought a comb, this is a thing! Do not regret, quality and ease of use!

    • Dasha :

      Diana, buy a lot of medicines, even Nyuda with another picture.

    • Oksana :

      So you need to look at all the family members, treat everyone, boil the underwear, make headgear.

  4. Sophia :

    We tried yesterday. Liked and the smell is not sharp. It smells of soap, which in the 90's my parents bought. Something like a paraffin. The child is allergic, but everything went well. My four daughters of my daughter immediately remained on the crest. Today we will still scratch.

  5. Tatyana Ivah :

    The older one was treated by Nyuda, the younger Paranita, because he poured half of Nyuda into the tub when they turned away. I had to buy Paranit, more non-toxic drugs in the pharmacy were not of this type, on dimethicone. I liked both, and other means. In Nyud, however, there was a short plastic comb, in Paranita better - metal.

  6. Anastasia :

    Has everyone helped you?

  7. Olesya :

    Tried Nyuda, it does not help. The price is very high, but there's no point! The head treated 3 children, no one helped. I do not advise!

    • Oksana :

      Nyuda - a very effective tool, that's just them and brought her daughter!

    • Anonymous :

      Olesya, it just happens that nothing helps to get them out. It is necessary to shave off nalyso.

  8. Regina :

    How much is? Who bought for how much?

  9. Irina :

    The remedy is good, BUT suspiciously popular. As advertising appeared, the disease with pediculosis increased by 100%. There is a suspicion that it is not just in pharmacies that they offer only this remedy and nothing more. My opinion is that the Novosibirskers are specially infected!

    • Oksana :

      Here we are infected by the whole family through the daughter, and she is at school. Now she brought me from the camp. So, before the clothes were boiled and ironed, as expected, but now they put on a quick washing and do not iron at all, that's what they've done. Most do not see lice in their heads at all.

  10. Tatiana :

    Today Nyudu was used on two daughters of 2.5 and 8 years old. I combed it twice - with Nude on hair and after washing off. In the evening I checked that lice are alive! Very small, but crawling. And nits, by itself. I was upset, tomorrow I will take another remedy, just what ... The youngest is very small, nothing is suitable.

    And she herself smeared with Paranita, I can not look at myself. But she combed again in the evening - there is nothing yet. But I think that I just can not check myself, that's why I do not.

    In general, I do not believe in the promises of total loss of lice, and especially nits.

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