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Means against lice and nits in children

Прежде чем покупать средство для выведения вшей и гнид у ребенка, полезно узнать больше о том, как оно работает и действительно ли безопасно в использовании

Infection with lice in children is a phenomenon much more frequent than in adults. Children communicate more in groups, bodily contacts for them are absolutely normal thing, and certain norms of hygiene and sanitation are not fully developed by all of them. According to statistics, almost every parent faces the need to fight against the child's lice, and the duration of treatment directly depends on whether the lice remedy for children is properly selected.

Срок лечения ребенка от вшей напрямую зависит от подобранного средства

Удалять гниды с волос бывает зачастую сложнее, чем самих вшей

The pharmaceutical industry produces a lot of pediculicide drugs for adults, but there are also special means for lice and nits for children whose composition and methods of use often have their own characteristics.

Types of lice for children

On sale today you can find children's funds from lice, presented in different dosage forms:

  • Shampoos are very convenient and easy to use, but they almost always require several applications because of the specifics of the parasites themselves. Shampoo does not kill nits , and after a few days, when new larvae appear from the eggs, the treatment with shampoo should be repeated.
  • Lotions and ointments. Such lice for children are usually more effective, since exposure time on the infected surface is increased compared to shampoo. This makes it possible to destroy virtually all parasites at a time. At the same time, the concentration of insecticide is higher, which can provoke an allergic reaction in a sensitive child.
  • Powders from lice. Some drugs are available in the form of powders, which contain poisonous lice substances. Most often used Pyrethrum, which is obtained from dried flowers of Persian chamomile. This method is more suitable for disinfection of bed linen and the things that the infected child used. Use insecticidal powders to kill head lice and nits is inappropriate.
  • Folk remedies. In some cases, you can try folk remedies for lice and nits in children. As a rule, they are low in toxicity and do not cause allergies, but at the same time they do not actively influence parasites, like modern synthetic insecticides.
  • And, finally, special ridges are an integral part of the full-fledged fight against lice. To date, a line of such tools for the mechanical removal of lice and nits is represented by several models that are similarly constructive and reasonably affordable. Sometimes they allow you to get rid of parasites in a few days without the use of chemistry.

Порошок Пиретрума скорее подойдет для дезинфекции постели, чем для уничтожения вшей и гнид на голове

To choose a method of treatment for pediculosis is necessary with an eye on the health of the child. If it is prone to allergic reactions, it is better to use folk remedies or special preparations from lice for children that contain minimal amounts of active ingredients. The use of the comb can also be a good solution, but only for children older than 5 years.


In case of any negative reactions to treatment, the child should consult a doctor. The pediatrician can help to choose both a means, and an optimum technique for struggle against louses.

If there is no allergy, and there are a lot of parasites on the head, you can buy "adult", and not a child remedy for lice. Usually, such drugs allow faster and more effective solution of an unpleasant problem.

Shampoos from lice

Shampoos - one of the most common means for the treatment of pediculosis. This is due to their availability in the sale, as well as convenience in use. The most popular of them should be discussed in more detail.

Nystifor lice shampoo

At the heart of this remedy for lice and nits for children is Permethrin, an insecticide that causes paralysis of the insect's nervous system. After a single application, the poison remains on the surface for up to two weeks and continues to affect new parasites.

Nittifor can be called not even a shampoo, but rather a balm-rinse. It must be applied to cleanly washed damp hair.

В состав средства от вшей Ниттифор входит действенный инсектицид перметрин


"When my twins were 5 years old, they brought lice from the kindergarten. My sister recommended me Nittifor, which she recently bought for her daughter. It is very thick and somehow resembles a hair dye or a nourishing mask. I put it to my children for all hair after washing, put on my bathing caps. Exposure - about 1 hour, but the instructions are less. As a result, the lice disappeared at a time, although they had to be combed for a long time. It's been 2 years and I have not seen a single parasite. "

Inga, Minsk


NOC is a cream shampoo from lice, which is also made on the basis of Permethrin, is applied to damp hair and left for 10-40 minutes.

Шампунь НОК от вшей также изготавливается на основе перметрина

After this, it is necessary to rinse the hair with usual shampoo and comb them with a frequent comb.

Medifox shampoo

The active substance of shampoo from lice Medifox is the same Permethrin, which affects the nervous system of parasites. This remedy for lice should be rubbed into the roots of the hair, then cover them with a cap or kerchief, leaving it for 40 minutes.

Шампунь Медифокс - еще одно весьма популярное средство от вшей

After treatment, the hair is combed with a thick comb. You can evaluate the result in a week - if live lice still exist, the treatment is repeated.

Pediculicidal Sprays

Sprays are a very convenient dosage form of pediculicide drugs. They affect the child's hair along the entire length, destroy adult lice and reduce the survival rate of nits.

При обработке спреем от вшей нельзя допускать его попадания в глаза и дыхательные пути

On the other hand, when using a spray, a large part of the product falls in the form of an aerosol into the air, and with it can get into the respiratory tract and lead to side effects.

Spray from lice Para-Plus

Spray Para-Plus contains as active ingredients insecticides Malathion, Permethrin and Piperonyl Butoxide. Permethrin paralyzes lice, and Malathion promotes dissolution of the nitric membrane.

Спрей Пара Плюс довольно эффективен, но требует соблюдения определенных мер безопасности

This means of lice for children does not require special preparation, and its exposure time is only 10 minutes. After this, it remains only to comb the dead insects with a thick crest.


This spray refers to prophylactic drugs that prevent infection with lice.

В составе спрея от вшей Лавинал содержатся натуральные компоненты

It consists of only natural ingredients - essential oil of lemon, geranium and ylang-ylang.

Spray Paranit

Paranitis is a natural remedy for lice and nits for children, which is excellent for full treatment.

Средство от вшей и гнид у детей - Паранит

The composition of the drug includes anise oil, which effectively kills the hair parasites.

Spray Pax

Spray-Pax is made on the basis of Pyrethrum and Piperonil Butoxide.

Средство от лобкового педикулеза Спрей-Пакс будет эффективно и против головных вшей

Initially designed to kill pubic lice, but effective against head parasites.

Lice combs

Modern crests from lice can be used as an independent therapy. They are divided into two groups - mechanical and electronic.

The mechanical comb has very frequent, dulled teeth at the ends, which effectively comb out the lice. As a rule, these crests have special laser notches, which pierce the nitus shell and easily remove them from the hair.

Representatives of mechanical ridges:

  • LiceGuard (the set includes a wide and narrow comb, as well as a splitter with a magnifying glass)
  • Combs from lice and nits AntiV.

Комплект гребней от вшей LiceGuard

Гребни AntiV

Electronic combs not only comb out insects, but also affect them with electric micropulses. Naturally, such harm does not harm the child's health, but lice disappear almost immediately.

Электрические гребни не только механически удаляют насекомых с волос, но и убивают их электрическим разрядом

One of the rather effective electronic combs from lice is RobiComb. In it, the function of not only destruction, but also detection of lice is realized.

Электронный гребень от вшей Robi Comb Pro

The combs should be used on medium hardness hair, so for very young children they will not work.

Special pediculicidal solutions and creams

Solutions and creams are quite convenient means against pediculosis. Below are some of the most popular brands of drugs from this group.


Ful-Marx contains Cyclomethicone and Isopropyl myristate.

Препарат Фул-Маркс можно использовать для детей от пяти лет

These poisons cause the dehydration of insects and their rapid destruction.


Cream Nicks is created on the basis of Permethrin and is quite effective against lice for children.

Крем Никс помогает бороться со вшами у детей

After application, it retains its properties for up to 6 weeks.

Benzyl benzoate

Benzyl benzoate perfectly destroys almost any kind of skin parasites (not just lice) and retains its properties for a long time after flushing.

Крем Бензилбензоат нельзя использовать для борьбы со вшами у малышей

Benzyl benzoate is not suitable for babies, it can be used only after 3 years.

Folk remedies for lice

Some home remedies can also help fight against lice. For the treatment of children, it is worth considering the most effective of them:

  • Garlic-onion mask as a remedy for lice and nits for children. Grind the onions and garlic in a blender, then squeeze their juice through the cheesecloth. The resulting liquid is rubbed into the scalp and left for 2 hours (if there are painful sensations - dilute the juice). After this, it is possible to comb out the parasites.
  • Cranberry juice from lice. This is the most gentle home recipe, which is suitable even for the youngest. Cranberry juice dissolves the nitri shell and destroys the parasites, however it should be kept on the head for at least 2 hours.
  • An excellent remedy for nits in children will also be a decoction of St. John's wort and tansy, which must be rubbed into the roots of the hair.
  • 9% vinegar as an independent agent or in combination with olive oil. It is necessary to apply a liquid on all hair and to sustain about an hour. After this, carefully comb out the hair with a frequent comb.

Отвар зверобоя не только поможет в уничтожении вшей у ребенка, но и оздоровит волосы

For prevention of pediculosis, some natural children's remedies for lice, such as Lavanal, are very suitable.

Натуральный шампунь против вшей у детей Лавинал

It should be applied before visiting crowded places, kindergarten or school. In the absence of this drug, you can put on the neck and behind the ears tea tree oil, geranium or lemon.

But for the child the optimal means of prevention is the regular use of baby shampoo from lice every other week. Such a measure allows one to destroy randomly caught single parasites on the head and prevent their reproduction.

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  1. Yumina :

    We used the Paranita. Here it is also written. Very good tool. The most important thing is to make the child sit and do not turn around so as not to miss any part of the head. And if you carefully apply everything, then the first time all the lice and nits mrut.

  2. Veronica :

    My beloved niece had summer lice in the summer. And the hair is very thick and curly. No combing out here will not work, because the comb will just be confused and stuck in the hair. In the pharmacy, then I was advised here this one - Sensetiv. Immediately took it without hesitation, because to fight somehow you need with insects. My sister then told me that, in fact, she had washed her head in the morning and all the insects had vanished. Then the hair was checked and nothing was found.

  3. Asya :

    Brrr, how disgusting they are. Means for fighting lice, a lot, just need to carefully choose them, the composition of such funds, to put it mildly, is not natural and can provoke an allergy or other unpleasant sensations. It is much easier to regularly inspect the skin and hair of the child upon returning home or combing it with a special comb.

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