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Spray against lice and nits: choose the most effective

Выбираем спрей для борьбы со вшами и гнидами

Among the pediculicidal sprays are the means, considered one of the most effective for fighting lice. However, like any medical product, sprays from lice have their own merits and demerits, and it is by the ratio of such pluses and minuses that they usually choose one or another brand. Let's try to consider some options and we are with you.

First of all, we note that the standard modern spray from lice and nits is good because:

  • contains in its composition components that very efficiently destroy lice, but are relatively safe for humans (incidentally, it can be not only insecticides, but also substances that envelop the chitinous cover of the parasites with an airtight film and, as a result, lead to strangulation of lice);
  • in addition, the sprays are very simple to apply and generally in use;
  • have a minimum of contraindications, it is difficult to tolerate an overdose.

But there are some drawbacks:

  • Sometimes it is sometimes difficult to thoroughly treat the scalp;
  • most sprays do not affect nit, and at least two treatments are required.

К сожалению, многие спреи практически не действуют на гнид

Nevertheless, each trademark of lice spray can have its own specific properties, sometimes radically differentiating it from the average medication. Therefore, choosing a remedy, you should carefully study its composition, properties and contraindications.

On a note

The principle of operation of different sprays can be just as completely different. For example, there are drugs acting on the parasite's nervous system and leading to its paralysis, there are those that lead to strangulation of the insect. It should not be considered that such effects can be felt by a person whose lice are taken out: all sprays from lice undergo safety checks for humans, and the active substances for them are almost completely harmless to people.


"Do not pay attention, darlings, when you are scared of chemistry in preparations against lice. Without chemistry, nowhere, even the oranges with her on the market. But only I'll tell you - almost always this chemistry is safer than any folk remedy. We first pampered with vinegar from lice , the child half a year later the skin on his head was treated. And the next time I bought a French spray against lice and nits, I sprinkled once - and there were no lice, no consequences. Believe me, now everything is done for people, and it is better to buy modern and safe than to poison parasites with grandfather methods. "

Zoya, Elista

How to choose a spray from lice?

To choose a spray from lice, you need to know the properties of each drug and the situation in which it will be most appropriate. Usually, the spray from lice is selected by such criteria: price, effectiveness, ease of use, the presence of specific contraindications and side effects, the type of pediculosis with which to fight (head, pubic or wardrobe).

Выбирая спрей, нужно понимать, с какими вшами будет проводиться борьба

Фотография платяной вши

Usually, depending on the situation, the sprays are selected as follows:

  • For children, LiceGuard is used (for any age), Para Plus (from 2.5 years old), Nyuda (from three years old) and Paranit spray (from 5 years).
  • In bronchial asthma, pregnant and lactating women, people with very sensitive skin are prescribed LiceGuard spray in most cases.
  • If the infection is very severe, Pedikulen Ultra is used.
  • In the case of a pedicure, A-Par is used (that is, against linen lice).
  • Depending on financial possibilities, aerosols are often chosen at a price - Nyuda (about 350 rubles), Para Plus (350 rubles), Pedikulen Ultra (450 rubles), A-Par (500 rubles), Paranit (600 rubles), LiceGuard (850 rubles). At least, to completely remove lice from one person, the packaging of any of the above means is guaranteed to be enough.
  • By naturalness of the ingredients, the first places are occupied by sprays from lice Paranitis and LiceGuard, and also worth mentioning Nyud spray, the active substance of which is absolutely non-toxic to humans compound.
  • And, finally, the most powerful ones are considered to be Pedikulen Ultra and Para Plus. Each of them - a spray of nits and lice in one bottle, with proper use allows you to withdraw all parasites for one treatment of the head.

Спрей от вшей LiceGuard достаточно безопасен и подходит детям

It should be remembered that in each individual case the situation may require the selection of funds under other, special criteria. Here you should carefully study the instructions to the drugs, pay attention to the contraindications and get acquainted with the reviews.


"While they were taking the child to school in the regional center, we had to attack the lice three times a year. Only in the city this problem has disappeared, there in the district the director generally did not care that children go to school lousy from the workers' outskirts. We, probably, tried all means, and people's too. Most of all, for some reason, sprays have been caused. It was easy to apply them. They usually poison Paraplus, it helps very well, especially from nits, but the last two times they bought Nyudu, it's even better, because the skin does not irritate her. But from nuts Nuda does not work, you have to poison twice "

Lydia, Odessa

Aerosol Steam Plus

Advantages: three powerful insecticide in the composition, the destruction of lice, a small number of side effects, the ability to use for children from 2.5 years.

Disadvantages: lack of a comb in the kit, contraindications.

В составе спрея от вшей Пара Плюс - три мощных инсектицида, благодаря которым достигается высокая эффективность средства

Instruction: the product is applied to the head for 10 minutes, the hair is fully processed throughout the length. After washed off with shampoo. Nit should be combed with a comb.

Spray Paranit

Advantages: completely natural composition, non-toxic, no poisonous substances in the composition.

Disadvantages: lack of influence on nits, complex flushing from the hair.

Спрей для борьбы со вшами Паранит имеет натуральный состав

Instruction: applied to the head for 15 minutes and washed off several times with shampoo. After 7-10 days, the treatment should be repeated.

Lice Guard

Advantages: absolute harmlessness and nontoxicity, possibility of application for infants.

Disadvantages: relatively low efficiency, inability to use as an independent means, high price.

Спрей LiceGuard практически безвреден для человека, но и эффективность препарата относительно невысокая

Instruction: applied to the head and not washed for several hours. You can treat the product with clothing. After the treatment of the head, the hair must be carefully combed with a special comb.


Advantages: absence of toxic substances in the composition, high efficiency, reasonable price.

Disadvantages: inefficiency against nits, the need to use two times.

Спрей против вшей и гнид Нюда

Instruction: Nude is applied to dry hair along the entire length and rubbed until completely wetted. After 45 minutes, the comb must be combed out with a special comb, and then rinse the product with water and shampoo. Avoid contact with eyes.

Pediculum Ultra

Advantages: high efficiency, destruction of nits, low price.

Disadvantages: toxicity and contraindications.

При помощи спрея Педикулен Ультра можно эффективно уничтожить и вшей, и гнид, важно лишь строго придерживаться инструкции

Instruction: the product is applied to the hair before they are wet and rubbed into the scalp with fingers. Half an hour later the product is washed off, and the hair is combed by the comb, which is included in the kit.

Spray A-steam

Advantages: A-steam is practically the only aerosol that allows you to fight at home with linen lice; the ability to handle a large number of things.

Disadvantages: strong odor, toxicity, side effects.

Спрей А-Пар позволяет бороться и с бельевыми вшами

Instruction: the product is applied to things that are infected with clothing lice in a well-ventilated room at a temperature of at least 10 ° C. After processing, things can be dressed in 3-4 hours. It is not necessary to wash the drug off things and wash them.

Alternative to sprays: how else can you drive lice?

In addition to sprays against lice, the following remedies have also proved themselves well:

  • shampoos from lice and nits, allowing not only to remove parasites, but also to take care of the hair at the same time
  • creams, more difficult to apply (the cream should be applied and rubbed into the scalp, and then applied to the hair along the entire length), but more economical
  • a variety of emulsions and concentrates, which can be considered a kind of transitional drugs between the means already considered
  • pediculicidal ridges, the use of which without the use of toxic agents is laborious and requires careful and long combing of parasites, but which are absolutely safe to use.

Гребни для вычесывания вшей и гнид дают особенно хороший результат в сочетании с применением инсектицидных препаратов

With the help of crests, it is always possible to enhance the effect of any remedy against lice, and sometimes it eliminates the need for repeated treatment of hair with a chemical preparation. Therefore, if a comb is not supplied with the device, it is very desirable for the lice to be successfully removed to buy it separately.

To record "Spray against lice and nits: choose the most effective" left 9 comments.
  1. Olga Pak :

    The paranite has a good spray, but from experience I will say that you can not overpay for the format with a spray gun and buy their lotion, it is cheaper and just as good it kills everyone on the hair. True, there is no comb in the set, as in a spray or shampoo, but we have a professional comb, so we save.
    Apar - a cool thing, I told them both things, and furniture, and the floor processed.

  2. Aleksandra Naumova :

    And we specially with a crest took a spray Paranit, he basically is not bad enough. I regretted the money.

  3. Polina Kruchinina :

    I'll go to the pharmacy tomorrow and buy Paranit if you have enough money, and spray and lotion. Thanks to all that wrote a review, and then my mother and I did not know what to buy, and would buy some rubbish!

  4. Anonymous :

    Tell me, please, what is the most effective remedy for lice and nits?

  5. Xenia :

    The pair plus does not help, and paratin too, on myself tried or tasted. What is more effective for their removal, tell me, please, I'm already suffering 8 years.

  6. Margarita :

    The most effective means are hands and vinegar, I know, I suffered for 5 years, after there was not, and again. So so cool water. I used shampoo before, like, I got rid of lice, and put my nails away.

  7. Victoria :

    And we also did not help a couple of plus, but the drug pediculicide D-95 helped. They put it on my daughter's head, waited 45 minutes and combed it. I managed to get rid quickly and effectively, but for the prevention and the second time the procedure was repeated. As I understand, the advertised funds are many, but not all help.

  8. Anna :

    The pediculum is simply horrible. My daughter and I nearly died out! And the minutes could not stand it. Burned both mucous nasal and throat. Immediately washed away. Then the bathroom was ventilated for a long time. It's just poison, even for an adult. It is only applied in a gas mask. And it costs, by the way, 600 rubles.

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