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Review of the most effective shampoos from lice and nits, including for children

Знакомимся с ассортиментом наиболее популярных шампуней от вшей и гнид

The use of shampoo against lice and nits - in most cases, the best way to remove parasites at home. From preparations of other types, lice shampoos favorably differ in ease of use, high efficiency and in most cases - high safety for human health. Especially good shampoos for children - they are less likely than lotions and folk remedies, cause allergies and skin irritations.

Шампуни для выведения вшей реже, чем лосьоны и спреи, вызывают аллергию, и поэтому в целом более приемлемы для детей.

However, as practice shows, not every shampoo from lice is characterized by such remarkable consumer properties. Therefore, before buying a drug at a pharmacy or a store it is useful to learn in advance the most popular and effective options and already with this knowledge to make a purchase - so the likelihood that lice will be withdrawn for one treatment without any side effects is much higher.

Многие педикулицидные шампуни эффективны от вшей, но совершенно не действуют на гнид.

On a note

It should be noted that any shampoo against lice and nits partly loses to some pediculicidal sprays in that none of the shampoos includes dimethicone - a substance that is absolutely harmless to humans, but deadly to lice (in fact, it's not even an insecticide , and a liquid silicone that envelops lice with a thin film and thereby suffocates them). Some sprays containing dimethicone, for example Nyuda and Paranit, are deservedly loved by many parents.

Veda Shampoo: Simplicity, Reliability and Side Effects

Shampoo against lice Veda as an active substance contains insecticide Permethrin - a synthetic analogue of natural pyrethrins. Veda for today is already an outdated tool, but there is a new version - a shampoo from lice Veda-2. Its composition is the same, but additionally introduced are substances that soften the effect of the main component on the skin.

В составе шампуня Веда-2 все тот же перметрин, эффективно воздействующий на вшей

Both options are effective against lice, and cause their death within 30-40 minutes after application to the hair. Can be used against head and pubic lice, but on nits practically do not work.

Шампунь Веда в обоих своих вариантах слабо воздействует на гнид

According to the instructions, Veda shampoo from head lice is recommended to be applied on the head for 10 minutes, but the actual practice of buyers shows that this remedy is really effective only if it is kept on the head for 40-50 minutes. However, in this case, the likelihood of an allergic skin reaction increases significantly.

12-14 days after the first application, the procedure should be repeated: the shampoo is applied to the head for half an hour to destroy the larva of the lice that hatch from the survivors of the first nitus procedure.

Процедуру нанесения шампуня на волосы необходимо повторить через 10-14 дней, когда из выживших гнид вылупятся новые личинки вшей

After applying the shampoo, thoroughly whipping the foam and keeping it for the right time, the hair is washed with plenty of clean water.

После того как шампунь от вшей был выдержан на волосах необходимое время, его нужно тщательно смыть

As a rule, failure to remove lice with Veda shampoo is due to the fact that the drug is too quickly washed off - at the moment when it has just started to act on parasites.


"As soon as they saw the baby's lice , immediately rushed to look for a remedy. I remembered very good, but I forgot, as they say, "Lightning" seems to be. We found an analogue - shampoo from Veda lice, we were told that it works very well. I even before the test read reviews and decided to do, as they say - smeared Alyosha shampoo and held for 40 minutes. It seems that he did not have any reactions, but lice really started to get stuck. They then combed his head, washed it with a simple shampoo, and ten days later no lice were found, although the instructions say that it is necessary to re-output. We were carried by. "

Hope, Barnaul

The price of Veda shampoo is about 250 rubles per 100-ml bottle.

Knees from lice

To be precise, the Knicks - it's not even a shampoo, but a cream from lice, which after applying to the hair almost does not foam. However, its application is similar to that for shampoos, and therefore it is often called shampoo.

крем Никс от вшей часто называют шампунем, поскольку он так же наносится на волосы

As an active ingredient, Nyx contains the same Permethrin, and is practically the same as Veda shampoo. Due to the presence of auxiliary components, Nyx cream has a pleasant smell and only rarely leads to irritations on the skin.

Инструкция по использованию средства от вшей Никс

Apply Nyx to clean hair, which before this should be washed with a simple shampoo and dried. In accordance with the instruction, the drug should be applied to the head for 10-15 minutes, but in fact it should be kept on the head for about half an hour. After that, the hair is washed with clean water and a simple shampoo until completely cleansed.

Nyx can cause side effects in the form of swelling of the skin, redness, itching, rash, allergic reactions, paresthesia. It is undesirable to apply during pregnancy and lactation, and if circumstances force - it is necessary to consult before use with a doctor.

Крем Никс не стоит применять во время беременности

The price of "shampoo" (cream) from lice Nix is ​​about 350 rubles per tube for 59 ml. This volume is enough for about 3-4 treatments, depending on the hair dina (approximately the same amount is enough for a 100-ml shampoo bottle).


"For the time being we have overcome lice in the whole family (a small one brought from a kindergarten and managed to infect me, her husband, her husband's brother, her eldest son and even her grandmother), figured out that the best shampoo from lice is Nyx. If you hold it for a little longer than in the instructions they write, then the comb is even combed out by the nits. Fortunately we had special combs from lice. Though then have already learned, that as shampoo from lice for children it is better to apply LiceGuard together with the same crests. More is more, but safer. "

Alla, Khotkovo

Paranitis shampoo: safety first

All preparations from the Paranit line are known for their safety for human health. Their manufacturer, the Belgian company OmegaPharma, specializes in the production of the most harmless drugs, which include the shampoo for fighting lice Paranitis, safe for both children and adults.

Шампунь от вшей и гнид Паранит вполне безопасен для детей

As an active substance, the agent contains a white mineral oil, Clearol. The principle of its action is similar in many respects to dimethicone, that is, it is not a "chemical insecticide", but a substance that envelops lice with a thin film and thereby suffocates them.

Минеральное масло Клеарол в составе шампуня Паранит обволакивает вшей тонкой пленкой и тем самым удушает их

On a note

Sometimes, Paranitis shampoo is incorrectly called Paranix or even Paramix by the name of a whole line of products from parasites and the site of the manufacturer. Therefore, when meeting such a wording on the Internet, it should be understood that it is a question of shampoo from lice Paranit.

Instructions for the use of shampoo Paranita is similar to the instruction for any other pediculicide shampoo:

  • first the agent is applied to the hair
  • then foam is beaten
  • after this massage the skin at the base of the hair
  • and after 10-15 minutes, the shampoo is washed off.

Increasing the exposure time to 30-40 minutes improves the effectiveness of the tool. However, the paranitis lice shampoo is somewhat inferior to the efficacy of Veda and Nykes because the Clearol mineral oil used as an active ingredient is not an insecticide and acts more gently.

Paranitis can be safely called baby shampoo from lice. It can be used for children at the age of three years, with no evidence of serious side effects from it.

Паранит успешно используют для выведения паразитов у детей

In the kit with shampoo there is a special comb combing out most of the lice and nits from the hair. The price of Paranita shampoo is approximately 650 rubles per 100 ml bottle.


"Paranitis is a very effective shampoo against lice and safe. Yes, they had to wash their hair twice a week. Well, all shampoos are so necessary. But lice really die, and not only are braked, as from the same NOC. And for children this is the ideal drug. I once brought them lice from my daughter, and then in the whole group in the kindergarten of my mother it was Paranit who treated their babies. And no one had any trouble with him. "

Alina, Tver

Hygiene from lice

Shampoo from lice, Chigiya works as a remedy for lice, and as a shampoo from nits. Permethrin in its composition provides for the destruction of adult insects, and acetic acid softens the nitus shell and promotes their detachment from the hair.

Шампунь Хигия эффективен и от вшей, и от гнид

To successfully remove lice with the help of Hygiene, you must thoroughly soap your head with shampoo, soak it on your head for half an hour, then rinse and comb out the hair with a special comb. It is the additional use of the comb to effectively remove the nits from the hair , the adhesion strength of which will be significantly reduced after using the product.

На фотографии показаны гниды на волосах


Because of the content of acetic acid, Chigia can cause tingling, itching, and even on sensitive skin - even burns. Therefore, wash the shampoo immediately, as soon as it started to appear unpleasant sensations.

The price of shampoo from lice and nits is about 200 rubles, which makes it one of the inexpensive means for removing parasites.


"Our son brought us lice from the school, so we locked him in the bathroom and I sent my husband for the medicine. God forbid, someone will infect someone. And what do you think? My husband brought some zooshampoo from lice to dogs. A little scandal at home did not happen. Small sits in the bathroom it itches, I scream at my husband, he's at me. I had to go myself to buy. I bought a shampoo from the lice of Higia, did everything, as written in the instructions, I washed my head. True, my skin itched from him, but my son was fine. A week later, for reliability, they washed one more time and like no lice or nits yet. "

Alena, St. Petersburg

Tar for shampoo from lice

Tar tar shampoo is applied from lice more as a folk remedy, but it was originally produced as a drug for the treatment of head skin diseases. It is due to the fact that it is often prescribed to alleviate the symptoms of pediculosis (so that the wounds and combs do not inflame), a tradition has appeared to apply it also to fight lice.

Дегтярный шампунь эффективен, скорее, для лечения болезней кожи головы, нежели чем для выведения вшей и гнид.

The abundance of phenols in the tar contained in the shampoo is in fact to some extent dangerous for lice, however tar tar shampoo can hardly be considered an effective medication for combating lice and nits.

Pedilin: and from lice, and from nits

Pedilin is a pretty good shampoo for lice and nits based on malathion. The latter is a powerful insecticide of contact action and destroys both adult lice and larvae, and nits, penetrating their shells. We can say that this is one of the most effective means of lice among shampoos.

Благодаря малатиону в составе, шампунь Педилин является довольно мощным средством, уничтожающим вшей и гниды

Pedilin is used in the same way as other shampoos, but requires extra care, because it can cause both side effects on the skin and various disorders of the nervous system. This happens rarely, but it can occur in the treatment of children and pregnant women.

Shampoo from lice Pedilin costs about 250 rubles per 100 ml of the drug.


"I could not choose for a long time which shampoo from lice is better, but judging by the reviews, the most effective and inexpensive was Pedilin. Indeed, lice from it perish completely, nits, too, although they remain on the hair and need to be combed. Our Sasha did not have any irritations on the skin from shampoo, but other parents had a claim to him. But in general it seems to me that this is the best shampoo from lice. "

Oksana, Kishinev

In the end, choosing a shampoo from lice, you almost always have to make a certain compromise - either safety, or efficiency, or price. Always before using shampoo it is useful to check whether an allergy appears on it, dropping a drop of the drug on the elbow bend and holding for a couple of minutes - with individual intolerance, red spots appear on the skin.

Перед применением любого педикулицидного шампуня полезно сперва проверить кожу на чувствительность к нему

It is also important to remember that no shampoos from lice can be used regularly and for preventive purposes - they are intended only for one-time hair treatment.

Be healthy!

To the record "Review of the most effective shampoos from lice and nits, including for children" left 8 comments.
  1. Yulya :

    Have used the Paranita. If you carefully read the instructions, then the lice and nits will be deleted. The only disadvantage of shampoo is that it is necessary to apply it again in a week, but it was more of my omission - I did not notice it immediately, or I would take a lotion instead. And in general, the remedy is good. 2 times my head was washed and no more lice.

  2. Pauline :

    At my small one somehow in the early childhood already there were louses, then treated tar tar shampoo. The first time they did not heal, after a couple of weeks, lice appeared again and had to repeat the procedure, and then comb out again. Last year I contracted again, already at school, and this time I decided to immediately buy a special comb with metal teeth, LaiysGard. It can be used with or without shampoo. It is also easy to disinfect, so I even lent it to friends. In general, an indispensable thing for any family with children!

  3. Asya :

    In general, parents need to regularly check the head of the child after the kindergarten and school, especially when the peak incidence. Usually this happens in late autumn, early winter, so the sooner it is discovered, the easier it will be to get rid of it. In addition, you need to regularly wash your head, use quality shampoos, without chemical components, we like the Krok series, it is just natural and hypoallergenic.

  4. Diane :

    We paranit the child with lice shampoo. A good thing. For the first time the head was washed with shampoo and all the critters were combed. The second time is repeated (more, just in case), again after 7 days the head again shampooed it processed - and that's it. The effect was satisfied.

  5. Mom :

    The child has an irritation from him ((

  6. Sasha :

    Very good medicine.

  7. Valya :

    Paranix is ​​not a very good tool.

  8. Anonymous :

    Veda 2 does not help with lice and nits. My child kept it on his head for 2 hours and washed 3 times: first washed off the shampoo, then with 9% vinegar, then just water - and not what result.

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