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Prophylaxis against infection with lice and nits

Гораздо легче предотвратить педикулез, чем потом лечить его последствия: знакомимся с мерами профилактики от вшей

As in the situation with any disease, lice are much easier and safer to prevent, rather than treated for lice or from much more serious consequences of pediculosis - pyoderma, typhus. In addition, in modern life conditions, prevention of lice is much more simple than half a century or so ago, when these parasites and the diseases carried by them spread with enormous speed.

The main factor contributing to the rapid spread of lice is the crowding of people and their stay in unsanitary conditions. Such situations were especially typical for field conditions during various wars, as well as for life in concentration camps and prisons. Today, a similar situation is observed in third world countries, in refugee camps, in various ghettos.

However, practice shows that even in well-off and highly developed countries lice find excellent conditions for distribution in kindergartens and schools. That is why prevention of lice in children is important even today, in the 21st century.

В детском коллективе особенно велика вероятность заражения педикулезом


Lice are transmitted mainly from person to person. Cases of transmission of lice through headdresses and household items are more rare. Therefore, prevention of lice in the home should be based on the understanding that parasites in the house other than with other people will not fall. And prevention measures against lice in this case should be directed first of all to avoid contact with potentially infected people (this is especially true for children).

It is important to follow preventive measures against lice in the performance of professional duties associated, for example, with the need to constantly visit places where lice are likely to be present. The highest risk of parasite infestation is when working in kindergartens and schools, boarding schools, prisons, homeless help centers, humanitarian missions and field camps. Here, prevention against lice should be particularly thorough.

The main prevention measures against infection with lice

Prevention measures against lice can be either passive or proactive.

Для профилактики от вшей важно пользоваться только собственными расческами и заколками

The most comprehensive package of such measures includes:

  • Avoiding communication and close bodily contacts with people living in unsanitary conditions, or those who have pronounced symptoms of pediculosis - nits on the hair, traces of bites, permanent carding of the head or trunk.
  • Refusal of casual sexual relations. They are in most cases the cause of infection with pubic lice - even more unpleasant parasites than head lice.
  • Use only your own headdresses, combs, hairpins, rubber bands, hoops, headscarf. So, it would seem, in a simple way, there is quite effective prevention against the ingress of lice and nits on the head.
  • Regular change and washing of clothes, preferably at high temperature.
  • Attentive examination of the hair, observation of their own sensations.
  • The use of special deterrents, many of which are practically odorless.
  • Regular head treatment with shampoos against lice in small quantities.

Регулярный осмотр волос поможет выявить заражение вшами еще на начальном этапе

Especially difficult is the prevention of lice in children. They are hard to explain why you can not wear your friend's hat and what can be fraught with street hooligans. Children need to additionally carefully check the condition of the hair, monitor their behavior and use the means of prevention such as scares and shampoos from lice.

To prevent infection with clothing lice, you should first of all monitor the cleanliness of clothes, regularly wash it and change it. You can not walk longer than 4-5 days without changing underwear.

On a note

Infection with pubic lice can occur in public baths and even in swimming pools. A feature of these parasites is the increased ability to withstand prolonged exposure to water. Nits are the same people get infected much less often - for this hair with nits should get on the scalp of the potential victim and stay on it until the hatching of the larva, which is unlikely.

Вероятность заражения лобковыми вшами высока в общественных банях

Attentive should be travelers and tourists. When spending the night in low-quality hotels and hotels, there is a risk of picking up lice on the bed after previous guests - there can be bed linen and towels here. However, such precedents take place only in the lowest schools.

If, on duty, there is a need to work with infected people, prevention of lice should be carried out with the help of additional measures:

  • Behind the ears and on the head dripping clerical water or tincture of lavender. These liquids scare off lice and reduce the likelihood that insects will crawl over the head of a person prepared in this way.
  • Every day the head is carefully combed out by a dense and rigid crest from lice. This allows you to get rid of parasites that have just got into your hair and have not yet multiplied.
  • Several times a week, the head is cleaned with special insecticide shampoos from lice in a small concentration. It is harmless to the skin, but it provides reliable prevention against head lice.

Чемеричную воду давно и с успехом используют в качестве профилактики от вшей

If possible and if desired, the hair on the head can be cleanly shaved in order not to leave the insects a chance to gain a foothold upon infection. This procedure is good for treatment and prevention of lice in general - the less hair on one or another part of the body, the more difficult it is for parasites to gain a foothold.

Popular recommendations for protection against lice

There are a few fairly simple, affordable and effective advice on prevention from lice developed in the people and allowing to increase the protection against these parasites. For example:

  • The braid of braids and the use of scarves and headdresses when working with children and forced communication with tramps. In this case, the hair does not fall off and does not touch the head of another person, which reduces the risk of crawling of parasites from one person to another.
  • Use of scaring substances. For example, tea tree oil or lavender, chinese water, decoction of tansy. It is known that garlic is also a very reliable means for preventing against lice, but its use in public places can hardly be convenient.
  • Regular washing of the head with tar soap or shampoos with birch tar.
  • Smoothing with steam things after washing.

Известно, что дегтярное мыло имеет выраженный антипаразитарный эффект и успешно помогает бороться со вшами

Also among the folk remedies with which you can scare off lice, there appear cranberry juice, a tincture of ordinary scallop, a decoction of St. John's wort and lemon juice. However, in practice, these funds are used very rarely as preventive measures.

Is it possible to use shampoo for the prevention of lice?

Shampoos for prevention from lice are the same shampoos that are also used to treat lice, but use them to protect against parasite infestations follows somewhat differently.

As a rule, shampoo from lice for preventive purposes is enough to use once a week or two. Even if lice hit the head, they need at least one or two weeks to give at least the first generation. The treatment of the head once every two weeks will ensure the destruction of all parasites accidentally appeared on it.

On a note

Preventive head treatment with shampoos is an ideal method to protect children from lice. It is never possible to know for sure where and when a child will pick up parasites, and therefore regular washing of the head can reliably prevent the development of pediculosis.

Of shampoos against lice for children, NOC, Nyx, Biosim, Veda and Veda-2 are the most suitable.

Педикулицидное средство Веда

Средство от вшей Никс

During one bathing of a child, it is enough to soap his head with one of these remedies and leave for 15-20 minutes, after which the shampoo is washed off with plenty of clean water. Use is not the usual amount, but 5-7 ml for each treatment, so as not to cause the child to have any allergic reactions.

It is important to understand that prevention of lice with shampoos will be successful only if it is carried out regularly. And together with measures to limit contacts with infected people, it will provide a reliable protection of the child from parasites.

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  1. Lyudmila :

    Lice in children were cleaned with folk remedies. Hardly got out. Therefore, after a long time I was looking for what to use so that prevention and children should be protected from the possibility of infection. I found information about Paranit Repellent. I was interested. I will think in this direction.

  2. Anonymous :

    And we used a vapor spray plus once and everything, the most trouble was with combing the nits (

  3. Elena :

    In our school, unfortunately, there is a girl from a dysfunctional family who constantly infects everyone with pediculosis. The couple plus a good remedy, but the daughter after using it very baked the scalp, and a week later began dandruff. Apparently, they burned the skin. Good and without any reaction helps Hedring Extra. And for the prevention of shampoo Lavalin. In fact, this is a very big problem!

  4. Lisa :

    Hello, at us at school at many children of a louse and they very quickly infect other people, here like would be just recovered and again, and so one year! The problem is really serious. Tell me, who used what means? Who helped what?

    • Tanya :

      I used Dichlophos, left it for the night, and in the morning I washed my hair with a normal shampoo. For prevention - tea tree oil.

    • Anonymous :

      Call sanepidemstantsiyu, and in the school institution the problem will be exhausted. So did my friend. His child was taken out six times and the child got out a shred of hair. Because some on the drum. But after the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station forgot the problem for many years!

  5. Anonymous :

    The most important thing is to interrupt their life cycle. For this, after treatment with the product, you must select all nits and wash your hair with a special preventive shampoo for a week. And after 7 days, treat the head again.

  6. Galina :

    It's a terrible thing to do. Treated three months, every week a new remedy, all nits combed, darsonvalem treated. Useless. The only thing that helps is alcohol with essential oils. But their daughter wears and wears from school, an epidemic of some sort.

  7. Svetlana :

    Well, a child can not always wear lice from school for a year. The nurse checks the children, reveals the child and, without a certificate from the dermatologist, does not take them, takes a class for observation for 35 days, checking everyone for lice, including contact teachers. Revealed again planted, again takes for observation. Most likely, the child has not been released from nits completely, or bed sheets, blankets and pillows have not been processed, all household members have not been tested. Although one nit remains in the balance, everything hatch and self-infection begins. I have a girl from a well-off family in my school, I plant them once a month. You can not check every hair on a nit, it's impossible, and only insects perish from shampoo solutions, nits survive and safely hatch.

    And yes, this girl has infected only one girl for the whole school year, sits with her at one desk and close contact sometimes with her head. Although, of course, given the fact that the other girl had two brothers from our school who were infected, the thought comes that she infected not the classmate but her household contact, although I can not understand how the brothers got infected if they followed the rules of hygiene and exclude the joint bed and towels?

    • Natalia :

      Maybe, according to the rules, it should be so, but not in all schools. At us in a class there are children from unsuccessful families and my daughter 4 times for 3 months wore lice. We'll just get out - and here again. She always called classroom, but the nurse checked only once, removes infected from the school, and then they come and again infect. Here, probably, on the advice of a man I'll call in SES.

  8. Anonymous :

    The most effective way - to shave a bald!

  9. Anton :

    Yes ... This is a huge problem! At us too at a daughter in a class there is a girl from an unsuccessful family, she tortured all to infect! We are treated quite easily, two to three hours - and the problem is eliminated. Usual chicken vodichkoj, it perfectly kills not only lice, but also nits. Check is very easy, the nits stop clicking when pressed. And it costs only 25 rubles. So, we think that we will use it for prevention too. Moreover, it is useful for hair and scalp, and even removes dandruff. Thank the crisis, saving, found a bunch of cheap drugs of domestic production, which in many ways surpass expensive counterparts. For example, I suffer from migraines, and before the crisis I tried all the expensive medications for migraines, and none helped, and now I know that two pills of cheap Citramon very quickly relieve migraine pain.

  10. Anonymous :

    I use oil of tea tree or lavender for shampoo to prevent it.

  11. It does not matter :

    Oh, it's horrible, I can not do anything for a year and a half. Two daughters, just bring out - again. And fixed the result by the same means. Next week again. Already, probably, for tens of thousands have bought various means. Most of all I like paranitis lotion, it removes everything. And then again. Have understood recently, what is it from the girlfriend the senior suffices. Just bring out, brings a lot in my head. Also in the classroom nursery. Their doctor walks, checks, not weaving braid. Probably, I will complain, you can casually ((

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