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Remedy for lice and nits Para Plus

Знакомимся с особенностями спрея от вшей и гнид Пара Плюс

Pair Plus is a lice remedy developed by the French laboratory of Omega Pharma and produced by Aerofarm, based in Marseilles (you can often find the wrong name Paraplus). The drug is produced in the form of a spray and has advantages and disadvantages characteristic for this form of release, it can be used for children aged 2.5 years.

Спрей Пара Плюс может применяться для уничтожения вшей у детей от 2.5 лет

A pair of lice is used to infect various types of these insects, including when fighting linen lice, but it was in the fight against head and pubic lice that the drug showed itself best, as evidenced by many positive reviews.

Пара Плюс прежде всего предназначен для уничтожения головных вшей

Note that when working with any insecticidal drugs, you must strictly follow the safety rules specified in the instructions for use.


"Somehow while the child went to a kindergarten, these problems did not arise, but from school he regularly began to bring lice. The first time we bought Paraplus from lice, a lot of money was tried afterwards. Even tried to poison once with kerosene with a sad result. As a result, according to the price-effect-harmlessness ratio, it was Paraplus that proved to be optimal against lice . "

Dasha, Yakutsk

Remedy for lice and nits Para Plus is an oily solution of three active ingredients with a slight characteristic odor. In this case, unlike most similar drugs, Para Plus is easily washed off hair.

On the nature of the tool and its component composition, let's talk in more detail.

The composition of the preparation and its effect on lice

The rather high efficiency of Para Plus against lice is ensured by the fact that several powerful insecticides are included in its composition:

  • Malathion, better known in the people as Carbophos, has an ovicide effect on nits and a powerful effect on the nervous system of most insects, including lice.
  • Piperonyl butoxide, which has an intestinal and contact effect. Effective even when it simply hits the surface of the body of an insect.
  • Permethrin - perhaps the most famous insecticide today, affecting the nervous system of insects.

Эффективность спрея Пара Плюса обусловлена наличием сразу нескольких инсектицидов в составе

When combined with parasites, all three components exert a mutually reinforcing effect on each other (synergistic effect). In this case, the substances used are relatively harmless to humans and can lead to noticeable side effects only in allergy sufferers and in people with an individual intolerance to the drug.

Principle of operation A pair of Plus lice is to block the transfer of impulses in the nervous system of insects with the subsequent onset of paralysis. In this case, insecticides enter the body of parasites not only during respiration, but also through the chitinous integument of the body, so the damaging ability of the agent can be characterized as sufficiently high.

It is also important that Para Plus kills nits , while many other drugs, including many folk remedies for lice, do not possess this ability.

Средство Пара Плюс успешно борется не только со вшами, но и с гнидами

На фото - вычесанные с волос гниды вшей

Another feedback on the use of Para Plus

"When Julia brought lice from school (I suspect that she was wearing them for a long time, but we saw them only when there were a lot of them), my mother immediately told me that it was necessary to poison with kerosene. She hung up. I went to buy Para Plus, my friend advised it against lice. Sprayed on her daughter's head, held for 40 minutes. She remembered only when her red spots began to slip on her cheeks. A week, probably, after that she departed, a few small burns on her head were. Conclusion: read the instructions. There the direct text says: keep 10 minutes and rinse. By the way, lice were taken out right away. "

Alena, Energodar

Instructions for use Pair Plus

Remedy for lice Para Plus is used to treat head and pubic lice, less often - to fight with lice.

For the destruction of lice Para Plus is applied to the entire scalp, to the hair along their entire length, and in the case of pubic lice, to the pubic hair and groin. Do not wash your hair with water before applying.

Обработать средством Пара Плюс стоит не только зараженного, но и его ближайшее окружение

The remedy is kept on the hair for 10 minutes, after which it is washed off with any shampoo or soap.

The amount of the drug consumed depends on the length and thickness of the hair. When applying it to the head, the hair should be spread out with your fingers, so that the spray penetrates better to the skin.

After washing off the product, the hair should be combed over the strands with a thick, rigid comb. It is better to use for this purpose special combs from lice such as Nit Free or AntiV.

Гребень для вычесывания вшей и гнид AntiV


"Very good Paraplus. The price is low, from lice it helps , everything dies, only a few living nits remain. The downside is that the comb does not include a comb to which these lice are combed. Well, we already had after the previous withdrawal, so at one time all lice in the child were taken out. "

Irina Arkadevna, Tobolsk

"I'm wondering if the nits kill Para Plus. A friend of mine said that she treated lice for her daughter, so they left living nits on their heads after treatment, I had to process them again. Or they did something wrong? "

Kristina, Izobilny

With severe infection and a very large amount of nits on the hair, even after proper application of the remedy on the head, live nits can remain. This is normal, because eggs are the most resistant to insecticide phase of development of any parasites.

In these cases, or for several days in a row, carefully comb out the hair to remove the bulk of the nits or the larvae emerging from them, or in a week to re-process the same plan. In this case, all larvae that emerged from the surviving nits will be destroyed.

При сильном педикулезе обработку Пара Плюсом и вычесывание гребнем необходимо повторить несколько раз

On a note

The incubation period of nits is 5-7 days. Thus, a week after the first hair treatment with Para Plus, all larvae will hatch from all the nits.

Pair Plus from pubic lice is used in the same way as for head lice, but when applied near genitals it is necessary to make sure that the spray does not get on the mucous membranes. Here it can cause painful irritations.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. According to the instructions, the treatment itself should be carried out in a well-ventilated area away from open flame.

Precautions, side effects and contraindications

Pair Plus does not contain toxic components for humans, but in some cases may be irritating and lead to undesirable side effects.

При использовании спрея Пара Плюс нужно соблюдать меры предосторожности

Unambiguous contraindications to its use are:

  • child up to 2,5 years
  • bronchial asthma
  • individual intolerance of the components of the agent and an acute allergic reaction to the drug.

On a note

You can check for allergy to the product by sprinkling a small amount of it on the skin at the elbow bend and holding the drug there for 15-20 minutes. At the same time, a slight tingling sensation may appear - this is normal. If there is no rash, redness and blisters, the remedy can be used to treat the head and pubic area.

Side effects of using Para Plus from lice may be a sensation of a slight tingling in places where the drug is long on the skin. The instruction to the drug warns: when an overdose of the product and too long exposure may cause irritation.

При использовании средства Пара Плюс нужно строго придерживаться инструкции по дозировке и времени выдержки препарата на волосах

При неправильном использовании средства и при чувствительной коже возможны покраснения

Judging by the opinions of people, it can go not only about light skin irritations, but also about its serious lesions, down to burns.

Studies of the effect of Para Plus on the development of the fetus and the state of the pregnant and lactating mother were not carried out. In general, during pregnancy and lactation from the use of Para Plus is better to give up.

Во время беременности лучше постараться не использовать спрей Пара Плюс

When applied to the head, it is important to ensure that the aerosol does not get into the nose or the eyes of the handler and the treated. It is useful to use a gauze bandage for protection.

Where and at what price can I buy Para Plus?

Buy a remedy for lice Para Plus today is easy - it is sold through pharmacy chains in all major cities of Russia. You can also buy it online, but due to the length of the drug delivery this option is less preferred, since lice need to be disposed of immediately, once they have been seen. In the optimal case, the package with the product should simply be in the house just in case.

Пара Плюс от вшей легко найти в обычной аптеке

Спрей Пара Плюс от вшей и гнид

The price of Para Plus is approximately 350 rubles per bottle for 116 grams. This amount is enough for two long hair treatments or for more treatments if the hair is short.


"We bought and Para Plus, tried. From lice it relieves well, but live nits remain. That is, a complete ovicidal effect is not noticed. The first time, not having read the instruction, kept it on the head for a small half hour, burnt the skin, then the hair was restored for a couple of weeks. And even then a small amount of nits were combed out still alive. "

Ekaterina, Moscow

"If you compare French Para Plus with Belgian Paranit, then Para Plus is more effective. We tried both, and after Para Plus there was not a single living louse left. But we have it harder to get it, I do not even know why. "

Angelina, Kaliningrad

To the record "Remedy for lice and nits Para Plus" left 18 comments.
  1. Pauline :

    About Paraplus a little: the eldest said that a neighbor on a desk lice. I did not find any lice (I checked the heads of both), but there were nits. The pharmacy advised "Para Plus". In the form of an aerosol, very convenient. Do not smear, do not flow. Just spray. But I'll warn you when you're spraying, cover the airways. A respirator of some kind or a bandage, in the preparation of toxins because. I sprinkled without protection of children, my mouth became bitter and nauseated. The younger decided not to take risks and brought out "Paranitom".

  2. Nastya :

    To me how much they deduced Paraplus - did not help. And then they bought kerosene and miraculously helped. Very during the treatment it sneezed, but I did not sneeze, because the packet would tear and pound through the hole. Of course they climbed on the neck, but they put me back there thrust. And everyone was sick, I was very pleased. Many write that the hair is scorching, but I'm fine and my hair is silky. I'm happy with the result.

    • Anonymous :

      Nastya, how could the package break through when sneezing from kerosene? To do this, you need to close the package and nose and breathe kerosene?

  3. Anonymous :

    Paraplus, kills lice only after 30 minutes, keeping on his head ... After 10-20 minutes lice climb on the head alive)) Nits do not kill, we have been treating lice for 2 months, but every two weeks, a full head.

  4. Anonymous :

    I will add: the hair is thick and very long. We will shave nalyso, there is no other way out.

    • Anonymous :

      We shaved a bald son, a year and 10. It helped (our hair was very thick, and was not given).

  5. Violetta :

    And do they sell Para Plus in Buinsk?

  6. Oksana :

    The first time, like, helped. A week later made a control. They burned the scalp. We went to the kindergarten. After 1.5 weeks I get a call from the kindergarten and they say that we have lice again. A chicken-feed this all! Now you have to buy something else.

  7. Anonymous :

    How much to keep a pair of Plus on your head?

  8. Vyacheslav :

    Kills live lice, nits remain. A few days later, new lice (small ones) appear, and a new treatment is needed.

    • Karina :

      If you sit and do nothing, then, of course, the nits will hatch. To comb out it is necessary a crest special for couple of hours! They hope for a miracle, ish.

  9. Elena :

    Nothing it does not help. A chicken-feed all this. It is necessary to search for something other than to cure.

  10. Mach :

    We washed the first day with paranitol, on the second day - with pediculicide shampoo, left for three hours on the head and then washed off. On the third day, they washed it with an anti-bitter, rinsed it with vinegar, straightened it straightened out to set it on fire. I do not know what else to do.

    • Anonymous :

      Wash the seabed with water. Still helps benzyl benzoate, something like that. Only need to process three times with an interval of about seven days. Things, towels and then rewind, and yourself treat the head.

  11. Aziza :

    Very, very help! I advise everyone. She held about 15 minutes, washed her head, everything is fine! It does not itch. Many thanks to the creators of this drug. For a long time I use it, in all cases I helped.

  12. Galina :

    The pair plus kept on a head of minutes 40. Lice all have died, and nits from hair then chose. So half the living.

  13. Anonymous :

    Be sure to treat the head 2 times with an interval a week and comb out. You can also choose with your hands, and it is better to cut the boys nalyso.

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