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Folk remedies against lice and nits: we are treated at home

Знакомимся с популярными народными средствами для избавления от вшей и гнид

Folk remedies for lice were used even when people knew less about lice themselves than they did today, but they met with them more often and suffered more from them. As a result, proven folk wisdom left us with recipes that really give results.

Today it is known that practically all folk remedies for lice and nits are inferior in efficiency and ease of use to lice preparations with synthetic modern insecticides. However, many folk methods and means are much more accessible and are especially suitable for treating parasites for those who love everything natural, as well as for people who are prone to allergies.

Specificity of combating different types of lice

Before you get rid of lice and nits folk remedies, first of all you need to choose the most suitable drug. The choice of folk medicine is directly related to the type of lice to be destroyed.

For example, pubic lice are most often excreted with kerosene, black cumin, mercury ointment, the root of the doe and the white chamois.

Leading out head lice with folk remedies involves the use of peppermint and pomegranate juice, black cumin, geranium oil, burdock, cranberry juice, vinegar with salt, onions with garlic and all the same kerosene.

Прежде чем выбрать народное средство, надо понять, каких именно вшей придется выводить

The louse is displayed by the treatment of bed linen and clothes with detergent powders, and also by washing at maximum temperatures. If there is no possibility to wash clothes in very hot water or steam off, you can simply hang it on the balcony. For a week or two, lice die from lack of nutrition.

Mercury Ointment and Its Analogues

Mercury ointment and its analogues - this is perhaps the most effective folk remedy for lice and nits in the home. Use it mainly against pubic lice according to the following pattern:

  • Before starting treatment, the affected area should be shaved
  • Wash thoroughly with household soap and warm water.
  • the ointment is applied in a thin layer and rubbed.

Лобковая вошь

The procedure should be repeated 2 times a day for a week.

It should be borne in mind that the mercury ointment contains toxic mercury compounds, so today it is practically not used in medicine. However, it is the toxicity of mercury compounds that makes this agent very effective against lice and their eggs (nits).

Instead of a mercury ointment, you can take a 5% boric ointment, but it is a little less effective. The way of application remains the same.

Борная мазь не так эффективна для избавления от вшей, как ртутная, но и не такая токсичная


"They say pubic pediculosis is difficult to cure. And I was helped by an ordinary penny ointment - 5% boric. The only thing you need to shave your hair before use, but it will not be of any use. "

Anna, Yaroslavl


Kerosene - a combustible product of oil refining, and also once the most popular folk remedy for lice and nits. To reduce the harmful effect on the skin, kerosene must necessarily be mixed with any vegetable oil in a proportion of 1:10.

After this, the resulting solution is applied to the hair, which is wound with wax paper (sometimes simply covered with a plastic bag). From above it is necessary to put on a kerchief or a hat. It is best to leave this pediculicide pack on all night - so you can achieve a reliable effect.


Kerosene, especially undiluted, can cause a strong burning sensation of the skin, as well as lead to redness. Therefore, if you decide to use this tool, then you need to do this very carefully, necessarily evaluating your feelings and immediately stopping the process in case of severe discomfort.

On children, this tool modern pediatricians do not recommend.

In the morning, hair is washed with ordinary soap and combing dead lice with a scallop. Before the procedure, the comb can be dipped in table vinegar - this will help to remove the nits from the hair more easily.

Вычесать мертвых вшей и гнид поможет качественный гребень

Before using the kerosene compress, you need to tie a towel or scarf on the hair growth line - this will prevent kerosene from getting on your face.


"In our childhood, lice were often taken out with kerosene. Therefore, when the granddaughter this attack appeared, I did not think for a long time - I bought kerosene in the hardware store, mixed it with sunflower oil 1 to 10 and properly smeared it. Of course, the little one complained of a strong smell, and then the hair had to be washed after a week after the oil, but it kind of helped, then it was only to comb out the dead nits and everything went away . "

Sofya Nikolaevna, Tver

Vinegar and salt

Table vinegar and table salt - also quite effective folk remedies for lice, it is important only to properly use them.

Уксус - веьсма действенное народное средство для размягчения крепления гнид к волосам

С помощью смеси из уксуса и соли  можно избавляться от вшей на голове за пару-тройку процедур

To get rid of head lice, you need to mix a glass of diluted to 3% concentration of table vinegar and 43 grams of table salt. Then another 5 ml of 96% alcohol should be added to the well-mixed solution.

On washed, towel-dried hair, it is necessary to apply the prepared preparation. For two days, you need to repeatedly update the compress, wetting the solution with hair. Then the head needs to be washed and combed out with a frequent comb.

It is worth noting that this folk remedy for lice also helps to remove the itching, which occurs with a strong pediculosis.


"The lice found out after a long drive in someone else's car. Since they were on vacation, it was simply nowhere to buy a normal preparation for pediculosis. Mom suggested to try a folk recipe - she said that vinegar helps against lice , if you mix it with salt. Well, what can I say? For two days I had to stay at home, because my head looked like a crow's nest. But when washed away, the lice became much less. But in 5-6 days everything had to be repeated. So all the vacation and was treated. Next time I would take something from the pharmacy, more reliable. "

Veronika, Kharkov

Broth agrimony against lice

Burdock has long been known for its insecticidal properties, so it can also be used as a folk remedy against lice. To prepare the medicine you need to take a dry or fresh plant, rinse it and pour boiling water. After an hour, the infusion should be filtered and used for washing the head.

Отвар репейника обладает инсектицидными свойствами, поэтому будет эффективен в борьбе со вшами


"My daughter recently had lice - or in the kindergarten she caught them, or on the street. I decided not to run to the chemist for chemistry, since she is allergic to me. Grandmother advised to take the usual infusion of thistles, which is usually used to strengthen hair. With this infusion, I washed my daughter's hair (without soap) every day, and then sat and combed the nits with a scallop. I do not know if the burdock helped or not, but many lice fell dead, and the nits were easily separated. So quickly and healed. "

Ira, Pskov

Black cumin

Treatment of lice with folk remedies in the East is often carried out using highly smelling spices. Most often for this purpose use ground seeds of black cumin, combined in equal proportions with apple cider vinegar.

Семена черного тмина - довольно экзотическое, но тоже действенное средство от вшей, если сочетать его с уксусом

Яблочный уксус вместе с размолотыми семенами черного тмина поможет избавиться не только от вшей, но и от гнид на голове

The resulting "lotion" rubs the hair on the head or pubic, and then for about 20 minutes exposed the affected area to ultraviolet (stand in the sun). Do this therapy every day for a week.


"And here I" zavshvel "after spending the night in Indian hostels. All anything, only to buy a normal preparation from lice then it was not possible. A familiar Indian helped: he prepared a mush of black cumin and vinegar, advised her to smear her head, and then in the sun for half an hour to stand. I took this method with irony, but in vain: a few days my head was clean, and I finished combing the dead insects. "

Anton, St. Petersburg


Combating lice with folk remedies is often associated with the use of medicinal herbs. And one of the most effective recipes is the infusion of the root of elecampane.

Настой корня девясила также издавна используется в народе для борьбы со вшами

For its preparation fresh or dried grass and roots should be poured with boiling water, insist for 1 hour. Use for washing hair.

The root of the angelica and the white bird cherry

From the roots of angelica and white bird cherry, it is possible to prepare an ointment - also a very effective folk remedy for getting rid of lice. For this, it is necessary to take shredded herbs in equal quantities, mix them with pork fat and combine them in a glass container.

After a few days, the ointment will be ready. It should be rubbed several times a day in an infected place.

Geranium oil

The essential oil of geranium is known for its odor, which repels insects. This also applies to lice - they just do not tolerate a characteristic flavor. You can add a few drops of oil in the shampoo or mix it with the base burdock oil.

Масло герани можно добавлять в обычный шампунь или смешивать с репейным маслом

After such an impact, the number of lice should be sharply reduced.

Mixture of mint and pomegranate juice

Folk remedies for lice and nits at home can be somewhat exotic. One of these recipes suggests boiling mint leaves in a glass of pomegranate juice, then rub the resulting mixture into the affected areas.

Размолотые листья мяты смешиваются с гранатовым соком и втираются в голову

Гранатовый сок - популярное народное средство от вшей

As practice shows, essential oil of peppermint and pomegranate acid really contribute to the destruction of lice and easier combing of nits (the acid softens the sticky secret with which the nits are attached to the hair).

Cranberry juice

The substances contained in cranberry juice make it an excellent folk remedy for lice. For treatment it is necessary to squeeze out juice from 1-2 handfuls of berries, mix it with a teaspoon of honey and rub it into the roots of the hair. Juice kills live lice and reduces the number of larvae emerging from nits.

Особые свойства клюквенного сока способствуют уничтожению вшей и снижают количество выводящихся из гнид личинок

It is worth saying that treatment of lice with folk remedies will not always be sufficiently productive. This is due to the fact that none of these tools can not fully affect the nits, and destroys mostly only adults.

To obtain a reliable result, lice should be disposed of in two stages with a break per week. In this case, during the first persecution adult insects and larvae are destroyed, and at the second - young larvae that have emerged from the surviving nits.

Folk recipes have proven themselves well as a preventive measure against lice . Essential oil of geranium or tea tree, as well as decoction of burdock when applied to hair, scare off lice and reduce the risk of infection in crowded places. We can say that as a preventive measure, folk remedies for lice are more convenient and easier to use in many artificial drugs.

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  1. Vikusya :

    And why cranberry honey add?

  2. Surgeon :

    Veronika Zhurenko, 15 years old. In 2011, when the head was treated with kerosene (to get rid of lice), her hair was inflamed. Has transferred 3 operations on a transplantation of a skin of the face.

    Do not use kerosene to fight lice, medicines will cost much less.

    • Lily :

      That's the truth, why write such advice in the article, if it can be dangerous to health? It seems to me that all these folk methods are a waste of time. And with pediculosis it is necessary to fight at once, so that this rubbish does not breed. As soon as I noticed the baby lice, immediately turned to professionals. Left an application for a call to a specialist at home. Why make something tricky, if there are specially trained people for the removal of parasites)

      • Anonymous :

        I tried everything, and kerosene also. You plant, you rub. As it will be baked - wash off time.

  3. Said :

    We were helped by a medicine for bathing animals.

  4. Nick :

    Do daughter lice! Which method is more effective?

  5. Cyril :

    It is best to buy a shampoo "Pedilin" in a pharmacy ... It is dispensed without a prescription, and quite inexpensive.

  6. Dilnara :

    Does he help?

  7. Sofia :

    What is more effective?

  8. Tatiana :

    Nothing helps us, tell me directly. Just hope is lost.

  9. Anna :

    Nyuda is a shampoo.

  10. Anastasia :

    The school said shampoo and vinegar, I tried it, but nothing helped. What else can you deduce? I spent the night with my friend.

    • Anonymous :

      Sand - the culprit of your appearance ... Do not pour sand on your head. Do not lie without a headdress on the sand, and if this happens, then wash off with shampoo immediately, combing the comb with sand from the head.

      Maybe your friend is not involved. Good luck.

  11. Sergey :

    A good remedy is a dust soap!

  12. Anya :

    Found a baby nit! Tell me, please, what to do?

  13. Natalia :

    Can be removed with hair dye.

  14. Julia :

    When the daughter went to the garden, 4 times were nits. I did not see lice themselves. Are they laying eggs and that's all? Brought them, by the way, Para Plus.

  15. Anya :

    It is very difficult to get rid of lice. I tried everything, a couple of plus is not the same as before. And the vinegar did not help. What to do?

  16. Asel :

    We can not get rid of these creatures. Everyone tried, except kerosene, because it is very dangerous. We decided to try burdock oil. Then we will say the result.

    • Tatiana :

      In the pharmacy, a lot of drugs from lice, but in cases where there was simply no opportunity to get shampoos from pediculosis, we were saved by drops from fleas ... In ampoules, for cats. They are applied only to the roots and scalp, pointwise, it is not necessary to smear all over the head. And there is no smell of wild, washed away without problems in a couple of hours ... You can keep it longer.

  17. Albinochka :

    Kerosene is very painful to treat against lice, the head bakes for two hours, and after 5 weeks the skin is heavily oblabite. But vinegar and salt help, but where will I take your comb?

  18. Raisa :

    I always bring out these creatures with kerosene. 30 minutes, and that's it, the question is exhausted. But you need to repeat a week ... The main thing - do not approach the fire :-)

  19. Diane :

    I have lice, what do you advise me to do? Soon the study, but nothing helps: no vinegar, no drugs, such as Lavinal, Pair plus, etc. What to do, help, pliz ((

  20. Anonymous :

    First, the drug from the pharmacy, combed with a special comb, namazes richly balm for the hair, and at the end painted with paint in the color of hair - this is for sure. Summer passed, the school began and again brought home friends ...

  21. Katya :

    Where to get a dust soap?

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