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Remedy for lice Medifox and reviews on its use

Медифокс - препарат от вшей. Попробуем разобраться, действительно ли это средство эффективно и как о нем отзываются люди...

MediFox is a widely known and often used drug against lice . His production is handled by the Moscow company OOO SPC "Fox and Co", and today the drug has earned a reputation for sanitizing highly infected persons with lice, as well as the most convenient means for use in special detention centers (this alone shows the high effectiveness of the drug).

Медифокс применяют даже для обработки лиц, сильно зараженных вшами, в том числе бельевыми

Nevertheless, MediFox can also be used in everyday life, including for breeding lice in children. But in all cases, you must strictly adhere to the rules of the drug.


"When I first encountered lice in my life, it was MediFox that etched them. I then studied in the residency and a month volunteer at the point of assistance to homeless and needy citizens. There, of course, seen enough. Even such shots came, after which lice and fleas sprinkled. I worked from the first day, and we were not ready for this, but we had a shower for everyone. It was necessary to buy money urgently, it was MediFox from lice and bought, after listening to reviews from the receiver in Novosibirsk. I then had nothing to compare, and in general the drug for lice acted, especially those who were severely infected. There were even two handsome men who had dermatitis due to parasites, so after three weeks of one treatment a week their lice completely disappeared. Now five years have passed, my daughter last year picked up lice in the kindergarten, but I treated her with Paranita. The effect was the same, but Paranit seems not so dangerous for children. "

Lilia, Yekaterinburg

Available in two forms:

  1. In the form of a gel in a tube for 50 grams.
    Медифокс в форме геля
    Так выглядит Медифокс-гель в тюбике на 50 граммов
  2. And as a concentrate for the preparation of emulsion (in a bottle of 24 ml).

Медифокс-концентрат для приготовления эмульсии

The effectiveness of both forms is approximately the same, and they should be chosen only for reasons of convenience: it is better to use an emulsion for treating the head, and the gel for the destruction of pubic lice.

Composition and active components of MediFox

The active substance of MediFox is permethrin - a powerful insecticide of the pyrethroid series. It is a synthetic analogue of pyrethrins - substances obtained from the colors of Dalmatian chamomile.

Permethrin exerts a nervous-paralytic effect on lice: first, peripheral nerve endings are affected, and then, because of disturbances in the nervous system as a whole, the insects are completely paralyzed and die from the stoppage of blood and lymph flow.

Инсектицид перметрин в составе Медифокса быстро парализует вшей

For a person, permethrin is low-toxic: all mammals in the digestive tract produce enzymes that neutralize this substance. However, to side effects such as allergies permethrin is still able to lead, and therefore use MediFox against lice follows strictly according to the instructions.


"MediFox did not help us from lice. Lice from him, of course, die, but not all. In addition, from him a small allergy began. We were treated with him together (my husband was bled, he was on a business trip), but they threw myself at me. So I had nothing, and the subject was sprinkled on my head and neck. Two lymph nodes in his bloated. What efforts did I make to get this remedy, and the lice were not killed. After a week, my head started to itch again, and how. For these horrendously spent half a day the child combed himself a lot of wounds. It ended with the theme shaved, and I etched two more times. "

Elena, Astrakhan

Additional components included in the composition of MediFox - castor oil, alcohol and butyl acetate as a flavor (reports fruit flavor). Castor oil is added to soften the effect on the skin, and alcohol - as a cosolvent.

Instructions for use

Concentrate of the emulsion Medifox from lice before use should be diluted with respect to 100 grams of Medifox per 2.5 liters of water (the bottle should be diluted 1-1.3 liters of water). This solution should be applied to the hair and skin with a cotton swab and gently rubbed into the skin at the roots of the hair.

Приготовленную эмульсию препарата Медифокс необходимо некоторое время втирать в голову

After treatment of the entire surface of the head or pubic, the product should be allowed to stand for 20-30 minutes and rinse with plenty of running water with soap or shampoo.


"If you have a lot of lice, buy MediFox. An excellent remedy, and in comparison with other drugs is not expensive. The head needs to be processed twice, because MediFox does not work on nits, but after the second time (if everything is done by the mind) nothing remains to the head. "

Tamara, Moscow

After hair treatment, while they are still dry, they should be carefully combed, preferably - a special comb from lice. This procedure should be performed on a bath or a white sheet, since after treatment with MediFox, a large number of dead and paralyzed lice fall from their heads.

После обработки Медифоксом стоит провести вычесывание волос гребнем от вшей

Погибшие и ослабшие вши, вычесанные из волос, особенно хорошо видны на белой ткани

The gel is applied in the form in which it is sold (without dilution), by simply rubbing your fingers into the skin in the infected areas. After half an hour after application, it should be washed off thoroughly.

After 7-9 days after the first treatment, it is desirable to repeat the procedure. This is absolutely normal: MediFox has little effect on nits, and therefore, after the first treatment, larvae continue to hatch from them. Repeated careful processing can also destroy them.

Средство Медифокс слабо воздействует на гнид, поэтому может понадобиться повторная обработка через несколкьо суток после первой


"MediFox helped us the first time. My daughter contracted lice in the kindergarten, and started complaining when they were already very many. We processed it with MediFox, left to sit for half an hour, three times afterwards washed our hair. And then she combed it for two more hours. The hair is curly, while each strand is combed, the child cries. And there were a lot of dead lice. The remedy in a good way is to treat the hair in a week, but only if the head appears again with lice. We did not show up, maybe a couple of nits were found within a week, that's all. MediFox helped from the first time. "

Tatyana, Volgodonsk

"MediFox did not help us. As it was said, two times they were poisoned, but without success. The lice were smaller, of course, but all did not die. I had to do everything in the old manner, comb it out and pull it out with my hands. "

Ilya, Nizhny Novgorod

Contraindications, side effects and safety

MediFox can not be used to remove lice in children under one year of age, as well as pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Медифокс не применяют при беременности и грудном вскармливании

Before using Medifox, you should apply a drop of the drug on the skin behind your ear and hold it there for a few minutes. If there is individual sensitivity to the components after washing off on the skin, redness will remain. In this case, MediFox can also not be used.


"In our village, in addition to MediFox, we bought especially and there was nothing to do. It is now on the Internet, anything you can order. And eight years ago, only MediFox from lice and sold. The whole family of lice was taken out when a small one was brought from school, and other parents either used it or kerosene. One boy in the class after that had an allergic shock, he was taken to the intensive care unit, he lay under a dropper for a week. And the others did not happen. My head was itchy after him, but not for long. "

Love, Khotkovo

Side effects after the use of MediFox can be allergy, itching at the site of application, swelling of the mucous membranes in the nose and throat. Usually they take place within a few hours or days. For more prolonged manifestation of side effects, as well as for their considerable severity, the doctor should be seen.

Cost of MediFox and where to buy it

Today MediFox can be bought anywhere: in online pharmacies, in simple urban pharmaceuticals, in the market.

The price of a 50-gram gel tube averages about 350 rubles, a 24-ml bottle - about 400 rubles. The cost can significantly vary from pharmacy to pharmacy and increase when paying for delivery from the online store.

Similar to the composition of Medifox and the effect on lice have a Para-Plus aerosol and Nittifor. Also very effective are Pedilin shampoo, Nyuda spray and Pelikulen-ultra spray, and you should choose from these funds with an eye on the budget of the alleged treatment for lice.

Шампунь Педилин можно рассмотреть в качестве аналога Медифокса при обработке от вшей

In any case, and with the use of any preparation, it is highly desirable to buy a special comb from lice, which will greatly enhance the effect of the use of a pediculicide drug and reduce the likelihood of repeated appearance of parasites.

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  1. Tsareva Anna :

    My child brought lice from the garden, I destroyed them in time. There were not many of them, only three adults and a few nits. Has bought or purchased in a drugstore a spray "NUDE", has put and in 45 minutes of sense, has combed a special comb. In the morning I looked, my head was clean, neither nits nor lice. But I for a preventive maintenance have put or rendered once again for confidence.

  2. Nick :

    Only Pedikulen Ultra and Pedilen helped!

  3. Marianna :

    I used kerosene and he helped me. Three days later the lice disappeared.

    • Anonymous :

      Marina, maybe they ran to you)) I'm kidding. We also just scraped our heads!

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