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Does tea tree oil help lice and how to apply it?

Попробуем разобраться, имеет ли смысл использовать масло чайного дерева для избавления от вшей и гнид в волосах

Essential oils of some plants are widely used against lice for a long time. Some of their effectiveness in the fight against various insects is generally explained by the sharp aroma that most types of parasites can not tolerate.

However, lice - insects are not the most common. First of all, because even when processing the head with essential oil, lice can not leave the processed part of the body - in this case they simply would have remained without food. Secondly, dense chitinous cover of lice makes them resistant to the action of aggressive environmental factors and even to the action of some insecticides.

Плотный хитиновый покров вшей делает их устойчивыми к действию агрессивных веществ, в то числе и некоторых инсектицидов

Some recklessly believe that tea tree oil from lice is effective in large part due to the fact that in addition to a strong smell is at the same time quite toxic, and therefore, unlike many other essential oils, not only scares off parasites, but also can poison them .

Can this property of tea tree oil be used to effectively fight lice? Let's understand ...

Is tea tree oil effective against lice?

Tea tree oil is really known for its toxicity. It is believed that it can cause serious poisoning when ingested in the digestive tract of humans and animals.

On the other hand, this same oil is widely used in cosmetology for cleansing the skin and combating its various defects - acne, inflammation, viral, bacterial and fungal infections.

Масло чайного дерева давно известно своими антисептическими свойствами

Perhaps, on the wave of enthusiasm for this remedy, people have for some time begun to actively apply tea tree oil against lice. Without special, however, the result.

The point here is that the tea tree oil exerts its toxic effect only when it gets into the biological organism, whether it's a human or an insect. Lice can not physically use it inward through the oral apparatus: everything that they consume is the blood of a person.

Вши не смогут употребить масло чайного дерева внутрь по той простой причине, что они питаются только кровью

The amount of essential oil that is able to penetrate inside the insect through its chitinous cover is too small to have a reliable poisoning effect.

Accordingly, it must be understood that tea tree oil will not poison all lice on the head at once, although it will create uncomfortable conditions for their existence and can generally weaken insects. Moreover, tea tree oil from nits will not help - it basically can not poison them due to a dense protective shell.

У гниды настолько плотная оболочка, что масло чайного дерева просто не сможет проникнуть сквозь нее

On a note

The composition of tea tree oil does not include any component capable of having a contact poisoning effect, that is, poisoning or damaging lice, being on the outer covers of their body.

Прямого отравляющего действия на вшей масло чайного дерева не оказывает

On the other hand, the constant treatment of hair with tea tree oil can to some extent inhibit the reproduction and development of lice , since in the atmosphere of this substance parasites will remain in a weakened state (as is, however, observed with many other means - hair lacquers, colognes, herbal decoctions). However, to achieve complete disappearance of them only with the help of essential oil can not.

How oil is used against lice

Most often, tea tree oil from lice is used in various combinations of it with other substances. Usually it is added to shampoos or mixed with alcohol tinctures.

Само по себе масло чайного дерева будет малоэффективным против вшей, поэтому его лучше сочетать с другими средствами

Часто масло чайного дерева можно увидеть в составе шампуней и косметических средств

Practice shows that, together with the shampoos, the effect of oil almost does not give. With alcohol, it can destroy lice, but destruction occurs precisely due to alcohol, which actively acts on the outer cover of insects. The oil here is used more to "aromatize" the whole procedure, creating an uninformed person feeling a pleasant treatment from lice a natural remedy.

Actually the means for deducing lice is prepared as follows:

  1. In 50 grams of pure alcohol, 30 drops of oil are added. Для выведения вшей можно попробовать самостоятельно приготовить средство на основе спирта и масла чайного дерева
    На 50 граммов этилового спирта достаточно 30 капель масла.
  2. Then the mixture is shaken and 50 grams of distilled water is poured into it. В смесь из спирта и масла чайного дерева необходимо также добавить дистиллированную воду

It is assumed that after this, the resulting solution must be wetted with hair and scalp, then rinse with warm water. This is done at least 5-6 days in a row, in the ideal case - until the lice are completely removed.

On a note

Earlier, even in tsarist Russia, a recipe was used against lice: 20 drops of tea tree oil were added to 4 drops of clove oil, and the whole mixture was diluted with a quarter of a glass of mineral water. However, there is no evidence of the effectiveness of such a recipe.

Finally, very lazy wrestlers with lice simply add oil to any shampoo and diligently wash their head.

Масло чайного дерева можно также добавить в свой любимый шампунь

Полученную смесь из шампуня и масла чайного дерева нужно просто нанести на волосы и вспенить

Of course, it is not necessary to count on any reliable result in this case.


"I had lice about two years ago, I picked them up in the camp, and tried to get them out with all sorts of folk remedies, tea tree oil, wormwood. But they did not get out until they got home. She already bought herself a normal shampoo from lice and at one time brought them out. "

Oksana, Moscow

Safety and side effects

Despite the old traditions of applying tea tree oil in the fight against lice, the results of modern studies not only do not confirm the effectiveness of this drug, but also indicate a large number of contraindications to its use.

So, if tea tree oil gets into the digestive tract, it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, hallucinations, headaches and stomach pain. When treating the skin with oil, a serious allergic reaction and simple irritation can develop, which is especially characteristic for children.

Масло чайного дерева может оказаться сильным аллергеном, особенно для ребенка.


"We used lice and tea tree oil. Special effect it does not give, but here the skin both at me, and at the child after that coarse, was shelled, at a daughter even the allergy was. Compared with him, even the same Nyuda, who lice directly mow, generally harmless. "

Catherine, Tula

It is not surprising that in the United States and some countries of Western Europe, tea tree oil is not recommended for medicinal purposes because of insufficient knowledge of its effect on the skin and the side effects caused.

How will the oil work for sure?

The most effective will be the use of tea tree oil along with special insecticides. In this case, the drug itself will destroy lice, and the oil will slightly soften its flavor.

При уничтожении вшей ориентируйтесь прежде всего на качественные педикулицидные препараты, а масло чайного дерева лишь их дополнит.

Suitable for this are sprays from lice Nude and Paranit, safe enough and not containing toxic components for humans. When used in accordance with the instructions, you can also use Parasidosis and Pedilin shampoos, Nyx cream and some other products.

Крем Никс является достаточно безопасным средством от вшей

However, tea tree oil is why it is used, that it is considered a natural and harmless for the body means, than "chemical" insecticides can not boast. To maintain complete naturalness and safety of lice removal, tea tree oil should be used together with special combs such as NitFree, LiceGuard, AntiV and others. In this case, the oil will provide a certain inhibition and weakening of parasites, and comb out their comb will be much easier.

Для вычесывания ослабленных и погибших вшей и гнид из волос используйте специальные гребни

In general, tea tree oil is best used only as a preventive measure. If there is a risk of contact with infected lice people, oil should be moistened by the skin behind the ears, whiskey and top, and once a week when bathing add it to the shampoo. So you can significantly reduce the likelihood of infection with lice and prevent the reproduction of randomly falling on the head of single specimens.

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  1. Alfia :

    I could not get rid of lice for half a year, which was not tried, all for nothing. But my mother bought butter tea tree, washed his head every day for a week. It helped a lot, I advise.

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