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About pubic lice and treatment from them with the help of modern drugs

Лечение от лобковых вшей имеет свою специфику, и далее мы рассмотрим основные препараты, которые используются сегодня для борьбы с этими паразитами.

Pubic lice , they are also ploschitsy - quite an independent kind of insects, which have a number of significant differences from head lice. However, the biology of both these species has much in common, so often drugs for treatment of pubic lice can be used to fight head lice, and vice versa.

На фотографии слева показана лобковая вошь, справа - головная

However, treatment for pubic lice has some specificity:

  • pubic lice, in addition to the actual hair cover in the genitals, can infect other areas of the body, sometimes quite unexpected - eyebrows, eyelashes, hair underarms;
  • Pubic lice less resistant to starvation and negative environmental factors (compared with the head "relatives");
  • the pubic louse causes the same pediculosis (in the common sense - lice) in the same way as the head lice, but because of the localization peculiarities, infection with these parasites is considered a venereal disease , which is associated with certain ethical and psychological problems in the infected.

Ploschytsy not able to leave the body of the owner, inactive and strongly attached to the hairline. This simplifies the treatment of pubic lice.

Лобковые вши способны жить лишь в волосяном покрове человека, что упрощает процедуру лечения

On the other hand, pubic lice, as well as head lice, lay eggs called nits, which are very resistant to low and high temperatures, many insecticides, as well as to mechanical influences. This makes deducing pubic lice a fairly time-consuming process. Therefore, treatment of pubic lice in the home can often stretch for a long time, especially when there is a lack of information on effective approaches to solving the problem.

It is interesting

The main features of the biology of pubic lice were known to people since antiquity. For example, in ancient Rome, it was known that the pubic lice can be treated with a decoction of tansy; At the same time for treatment of lice in the home and used chinese water . It was also known that lice can live only on the areas of the body covered with hair. Accordingly, a complete shaving of the hair in times of many wars was the main way to remove lice .

Ways to get rid of pubic lice

Methods for treatment of pubic lice can be divided into two groups:

  • chemical, in which lice are affected by the use of strong insecticides
  • mechanical, in which the lice get rid of by shaving the hair
  • and, finally, folk methods of treatment.

Of these methods, the chemical is the most popular today - when the parasites are first detected, their host immediately tries to find some cream or ointment from pubic lice. The same funds are most often recommended in pharmacies and clinics.

Средства в форме кремов и мазей особенно удобны при лечении лобкового педикулеза

Advantages of the chemical method - the speed and simplicity of the treatment procedure: a good remedy for pubic lice can destroy parasites in one treatment for about 1 hour. The main disadvantage of using insecticides in the treatment of pubic lice is associated with the risk of all sorts of side effects, from allergies to human poisoning.


"Once I had this muck when I was still swimming and somewhere in South Africa, or in Namibia I hooked up pubic lice. Immediately they do not feel, and they begin to torment in a couple of months. By that time I had already returned home. This, of course, is terrible: neither go to the club for a walk, nor talk to a girl. Plus, I was still brewing another contract, and at the medical board could have noticed. And anyway, to walk around like this in the city and scratch yourself all is not very beautiful. And their hands do not vykovyrnesh. I bought a can of Paranit then. First he sprinkled on the instructions, then repeated three times, in a day or two. Good thing, it helped me. Within a week there were no insects. The medical board passed, and then just shaved off everything and forgot about this matter. "

Dmitry, Petrozavodsk

Get rid of pubic lice by mechanical means can only by completely shaving the hair, infected with lice. The use in such cases of special combs for combing lice and nits is much less effective than when removing head lice.

Специальные гребни эффективны лишь при вычесывании головных вшей.

As for the complete removal of lice infested with hair - it is fast, cheap, safe and in the absence of parasites in other areas of the case is very effective. To prevent hair from shaving should be a few months, after which the lice are guaranteed to disappear.

However, if pubic lice are infected with eyebrows and eyelashes, it is more appropriate to refer to special pediculicidal drugs.

Лобковые вши могут заражать ресницы и брови человека.

На фотографии хорошо видны вши и гниды на ресницах

Insecticidal products for fighting pubic lice

Means from pubic lice based on insecticides are quite numerous and are distinguished by a wide variety of forms of release. The principle of action of many of them is the disruption of the normal functioning of the nervous system of the parasite, as a result of which the pubic louse perishes from paralysis.

В состав многих современных средств от вшей входят инсектициды, в частности циперметрин

There are also drugs whose action is based on licking the lice with a thin air-tight film, which leads to strangulation of the insect.

On a note

Most of the insecticides used in lice fluids are relatively safe for humans - in the body of all warm-blooded animals, these substances are easily split to harmless compounds. However, many insecticides are quite capable of causing an allergic reaction.

There is another type of remedy, for example, based on Dimethicone. This substance (liquid silicone) clogs the airways of lice and leads to strangulation. For a person, Dimethicone is completely safe, and in some diseases it is even prescribed for ingestion.

А вот принцип действия Диметикона существенно отличается от инсектицидов: силикон обволакивает вшей и тем самым удушает их.

Below are the main forms of release and the names of some products for fighting pubic lice:

  • Creams and ointments - Nittifor, Nix. Tough enough in the application, but give a good result. Benzyl benzoate, an ointment designed to combat scabies, is also good, but it also destroys lice as efficiently (after lice are applied to the hair, lice die within 3-4 hours, but this does not work on eggs). Крем от вшей Ниттифор
  • Shampoos from lice are easy to use and effective enough. The most famous Parasidosis, Pedilin, LiceGuard. Шампунь для лечения педикулеза Педилин
  • Sprays - in addition to insecticides, Dimethicone is often used in them (for example, in Nyuda and Paranit sprays). Спрей от вшей Паранит - вполне может применяться и для лечения лобкового педикулеза
  • Concentrates of emulsions for breeding - perhaps the most effective, but also the most dangerous when not used correctly (MediFox, Medilis, Avicin).

Препарат от вшей Медилис Супер

Before treating for pubic lice, it is useful to first carefully examine the contraindications of the appropriate drugs and only then choose what to bring out the parasites. For example, a good result can be given by shampoos from pubic lice Pedilin and aerosol Paraplus (they contain malathion, which destroys not only adult lice, but nits), but these drugs do not fit everyone and not for every age.


For each lice remedy, there is a restriction on the minimum age of the child from which this remedy can be used. Carefully read the instructions!

Folk remedies for pubic lice

Folk remedies for pubic lice can be divided into two types: really effective and simply deterrent. The action of the first resembles the effect of synthetic insecticides, while the latter simply have a specific smell, which creates lice uncomfortable conditions of existence.

Существует много народных средств для лечения от лобковых вшей, но далеко не все они эффективны.

Obviously, since lice can not leave hair on the host's body, scare them off as a whole is pointless: they will not escape anywhere (except that new lice do not crawl into the body). Therefore, various essential oils, as well as birch tar for treatment of pubic lice are not suitable.

Effective folk remedies for pubic lice are kerosene, methylated spirit , vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, dust soap , chinese water, decoction, and, to a lesser extent, sulfur ointment. Insecticidal drugs, many of them are significantly inferior to the safety of use. So, kerosene, vinegar, industrial alcohol and hydrogen peroxide so strongly affect the human skin, which can easily lead to a burn. A dust soap contains DDT - one of the most dangerous insecticides for humans, capable of stimulating the development of cancer tumors and genetic mutations.

Несмотря на эффективность дустового мыла от вшей, применять его сегодня крайне не рекомендуется


"I do not advise anyone to poison pubic lice by denatured alcohol. I was so young in the village that I picked up this infection on student practice. So my local grandfather recommended me to smear everything with alcohol and sit. It's such a pain that it's better to tolerate lice. As if by acid all is burned out. Lice, of course, burned everything, the hair became white, like gray. But today, probably, a lot of money is, which you can replace such old-fashioned methods. "

Roller, Mytischi

Of folk remedies, it is worth paying attention to cranberry juice and chinese water - these substances do not cause side effects, but have more or less pronounced efficacy in the destruction of lice and softening of the nits.

Чемеричная вода - вполне безопасное и достаточно эффективное народное средство от головных и лобковых вшей

Typically, in most cases, treatment for pubic lice occurs at home. In this case, many people think that the longer each remedy is on the hair, the less chance your chances of surviving.

This is true, however, on the other hand, a prolonged exposure of the agent can lead to various side effects. Therefore, for safety reasons, each preparation should be used strictly in accordance with the instructions, but with severe signs of irritation, discontinue the procedure and wash the drug until the end of the recommended exposure time. In extreme cases, the treatment can be repeated after a few days or buy another product.

And finally: the pubic louse today is rapidly disappearing. The reason for this - the craze for maximum open swimsuits and total shaving of intimate zones. Parasites simply remain without the places of their habitual habitation. Therefore, if you do not want to bother with insecticide drugs, you can always make yourself a "bikini" haircut, and lice will disappear with hair.

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  1. Valya :

    I can not get rid of the second year from the household way of acquired pubic lice. Nothing helps: I used all sorts of money. However, I realized very late that it was lice. Already on the whole body and on the head. Today I took off the black living worm from my eyebrow, and before that I brushed out of my head a white little living creature. Just do not want to live. And in the dispensary and paid doctors do not see anything ...

    • Tata :

      Valya! I have the same. In KVD was sent to a psychologist. I treat it once a week with Spregal.

  2. Olya :

    If you shave all the time pubis, will pubic lice disappear?

  3. Olya :

    How effective is sulfuric ointment from pubic lice?

  4. Andrew :

    Earlier I picked up this muck, the venereologist prescribed some emulsion "pre-revolutionary", very inconvenient and inefficient. I began to look for the most modern means in pharmacies, as a result I found the French spray "Spray Pax" - it helped immediately! Now again it is necessary, but nowhere can I find it. It was expensive, and the bottle was small, it was used all at once, but it was not necessary anymore. Against pubic lice most!

  5. Anonymous :

    How to get rid of them?

  6. Chamran :

    Pax is the most effective.

  7. Ivan :

    Today I discovered that I have pubic lice ((Since not the first time already, I washed myself with Pedilin shampoo (I advise it to everyone who got into trouble), I climbed into the tub, showered it on all habitats, lathered with shampoo and 10 minutes they began to die (when you wash off, you can see them).

    • Inga :

      The pediculum? Or is it not a typo? Just a daughter of ordinary lice it was Pediculene shampoo.

      • Olga :

        Literally the other day I took out lice, took a set of Pediculen Ultra with shampoo, for half a day they managed. I laugh now - it's easier to get rid of lice than from the common cold.

      • Ivan :

        Pediculitis is ultra, he is number one from head lice, but I did not ask myself whether it is possible to treat them and the pubic part.

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