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Review of drugs and drugs for the elimination of lice and nits

Сегодня существует множество препаратов от вшей и гнид, однако далеко не все они одинаково эффективны и безопасны для человека...

Usually it turns out that the need for a medicine for lice and nits arises suddenly: as soon as lice are found in one of the family members, they immediately try to treat something as soon as possible (sometimes they are treated with kerosene and vinegar , even hydrogen peroxide is used).

Rarely will anyone even think of calling the nearest pharmacy and asking what kind of preparations there are for lice. Moreover, it's not easy to get through to the pharmacy, because pharmacists are unlikely to answer you immediately, since they may have some other things to do, besides rushing headlong for every phone call. And if you already show miracles of patience and after all get through there, then for sure you will name at least ten names of medicines for lice.

However, in such a hurry, it's easy to forget that not all drugs are equally effective and safe to use. Therefore, it is useful to get acquainted with at least the main types of funds from lice, than we will do next.

Не все препараты, которые эффективно воздействуют на вшей, безопасны для здоровья.

So, when choosing a medicine for lice and nits, first of all you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • safety of use - a cure for lice should not cause serious side effects;
  • effectiveness - at least the drug should kill adult lice, and in the optimal case - also nits;
  • Availability - to be available in pharmacies and stores and not too expensive;
  • convenience of use.

It is because of the fact that combining all these qualities "in one bottle" is rarely obtained, drugs from lice breed on the market like mushrooms after rain. Some of them are safe, but do not give the desired effect, others are very powerful, but cause serious allergic irritations on the skin. The third ones are both effective and safe, but they require considerable effort and time for application.

Некоторые препараты слишком слабо воздействуют на вшей, а другие - весьма токсичны для человека.

As a result, it is usually necessary to sacrifice something with the choice of the optimal medicine for breeding lice .

At once we will note: further in the article the chemical preparations against lice and nits are considered. In comparison with pediculicidal ridges, such preparations are easier to use and allow you to get rid of lice and nits for one or two or three doses, and do not require a constant multi-day combing.

Shampoos from lice

In general, pediculicidal shampoos are quite effective anti-lice drugs and, perhaps, of all the similar agents are the most convenient in use. They are applied to the head in the same way as conventional cosmetic shampoos, and after the formation of foam are maintained for some time (different, depending on the specific preparation, usually - about half an hour).

Педикулицидные шампуни - одни из наиболее удобных в применении препаратов от вшей.

Such shampoos are easily washed off, usually either do not have a smell, or are flavored with special odors. Of these, the following are most known:

  1. Pedilin - a drug from nits and lice based on insecticide malathion. One of the advantages is ovicidal action - shampoo successfully poisons not only adult parasites, but also kills embryos in nits. The drug is not suitable for treating children under the age of two , and in adults, when ingested large amounts of inside, it can cause cyanosis, allergies, nausea, vomiting and muscle cramps (it sounds scary, but in reality it will have to drink at least a bottle of shampoo). Pedilin is good as a cure for pubic lice. The price for it is about 250 rubles per 100 ml bottle. Препарат Педилин воздействует как на вшей, так и на гнид
  2. Parasidosis - a shampoo based on phenothrin, is sold complete with a comb, which is convenient to comb out poisonous lice. The drug may cause allergies and is not recommended for children younger than 2.5 years. As a medicine against lice, Parasidosis is applied twice with an interval of 24 hours: it is applied to the head for 5-10 minutes, after which it is washed off. Sold in bottles of 60 and 100 ml, the last is about 300 rubles. Удобно, что в комплекте с Паразидозом сразу идет гребень для вычесывания паразитов.
  3. Shampoo NOC - also quite effective medicine for lice on the basis of Permethrin. Widely used in special detention centers. The price of a 50 ml bottle is about 75 rubles.
  4. Shampoo LiceGuard - will approach not only from lice, but also as a cure for nits. Its main component softens the sticky secret, which nits are attached to the hair. After applying shampoo, the head must be carefully combed out with a comb. 120 ml of LiceGuard shampoo are around 800 rubles. Шампунь LiceGuard трудно назвать эффективным лекарством от вшей, но он ослабляет крепление гнид к волосу, что позволяет легче их вычесывать.

It is shampoos that are most often used to exclude lice in school-age children. However, they are not the safest drugs for head lice, yielding to this criterion some sprays.

Pediculicidal Sprays

Sprays from lice are good because some of their products do not contain any insecticides at all, but they effectively destroy lice.

Многие спреи от вшей достаточно эффективны против паразитов, причем некоторые из них вообще не содержат инсектицидов.
For example:

  1. The drug from lice Nyuda acts at the expense of Dimethicone (liquid silicone), clogging the respiratory tract of parasites. The same Dimethicone in other medicines is used as a remedy against flatulence and to improve the condition of the skin. Nuda is applied to dry hair until it is completely moistened, then after 45 minutes the hair is combed with the comb coming in the kit and the product is washed off. Nyud spray is widely used as a cure for lice for children, but in general it is contraindicated for use for children under 3 years old, pregnant and lactating women. The price is about 350 rubles per 50-ml bottle. В составе спрея от вшей Нюда нет инсектицидов, только диметикон.
  2. Spray from lice Paranitis also contains Dimethicone and mineral oil, suitable as a drug against lice for children. In general, Paranitis is a good remedy for lice, but against nits does not help at all, because of this, after a week or two after the first treatment, the treatment should be repeated (in order to destroy the larvae that will be hatched by the surviving nits). Спрей Паранит является хорошим лекарством от взрослых вшей, но на гнид он почти не действует.

On a note

The specificity of Paranita and Nyuda is that Dimethicone is a hydrophobic substance and does not dissolve in water. Judging by the reviews, many parents complain that Paranit is very heavily washed away.

  1. Pediculum Ultra contains aniseed oil, considered a good cure for lice. However, the drug is not recommended for use in children under 5 years. Препарат для выведения вшей Педикулен Ультра
  2. A-Par: according to many reviews - almost the most effective drug from lice. But it can not be applied to the body, since it is intended only for processing premises, furniture and clothing. If the instruction is violated, it can cause poisoning and hallucinations. А-Пар - лекарство от бельевых вшей


"I did not know what remedy for lice on lice you need to buy, what - on clothes. I bought A-steam, processed, well, shorter than me. At first, I started to puke, then hallucinations began, for two days I was in an astral. However, lice as a result did not become. A good drug from nits - withdrawn all that was. However, I do not recommend this to anyone. "

Maxim, Barnaul

In general, it is precisely among the sprays that a tool should be found that would suit the most demanding user, who is afraid of "all toxic chemistry".

Creams and their use

Creams from lice are nothing special among other means. Often they use the same insecticides that are used in pediculicide shampoos.

For example, Nicks cream is considered though very effective, but rich enough for various side effects of the drug.

При достаточной действенности у препарата Никс есть и ряд побочных эффектов.

The drug from lice Nix is ​​not recommended for children under 2 years of age, pregnant and lactating women. It is applied to dry hair along the entire length, washed off after 10 minutes. If necessary, the procedure is repeated in a week.


"We could not decide for long, took what was - a cure for lice Nyx. Otherwise, they would not take me to the hospital. He does not kill nits, lice die. We almost had to scratch the comb around the clock after being smeared with Nix once. But in three days everything disappeared, which was, even a week later did not have to be processed a second time. "

Tatyana, Kamyanets-Podilskyi

You can also pay attention to benzyl benzoate from lice in the form of a cream - also quite effective, although somewhat outdated.

Concentrates: all for and against

These products are concentrated solutions of insecticides. Sufficiently effective against all types of lice, but most often used as preparations from pubic lice.

Лобковые вши на теле

Педикулицидные препараты в виде концентратов чаще всего используются против лобковых вшей.

Among the pediculicide concentrates, MediFox and Avicin are particularly popular among doctors and disinfesters in special detention centers. The first is dissolved in the concentration of a third of the vial per 100 ml of water, and the second - 10 ml per 1 liter, after which the prepared solution is treated with infected areas.

Медифокс - серьезное лекарство от вшей, и применяют его в основном в спецприемниках.

These same drugs from lice allow you to remove parasites and clothing. Not recommended for use in children and pregnant women, but they allow you to dilute the original solution in any concentration, which is convenient.


"Use MediFox only on instructions - it's still a drug from lice, not cologne. I just poured a causal place out of the bottle, then sprinkled everything from my knees to my chest with an allergy. But the lice disappeared immediately. Powerful thing. "

Pavel, Nizhny Novgorod

Folk remedies for lice

Folk remedies for lice are generally considered to be the least effective and most dangerous to use.

Among them the following are known:

  • Kerosene, a poisonous lice, softens the shell of nits, but can lead to severe skin burns. Керосин способен размягчать оболочку гнид, но также может привести к ожогам кожи.
  • Vinegar with a similar kerosene effect. Уксус, как и керосин, может ослаблять крепление гнид к волосам.
  • Hydrogen peroxide, which, in addition to exterminating lice, discolours the hair and can severely burn the skin. Применяя перекись водорода в качестве лекарства от вшей, нужно помнить о его вреде для волос.
  • Cessation water , which destroys lice, but rather toxic with accidental ingestion into the digestive tract. Такой препарат от вшей, как чемеричная вода, может вызвать серьезное отравление у человека при попадании внутрь.
  • Cranberry juice, effectively softening the nits. Клюквенный сок является натуральным народным средством от вшей и гнид в волосах.

In addition to these funds, folk healers are often advised to use decoctions of lice and infusions of wormwood and tansy, essential oils of various plants such as lavender and aniseed semen. But such drugs in practice in most cases do not allow you to get rid of lice, but only protect against infection with new parasites.


"When a daughter from the school brought this muck, we did not look for lice tablets, but in the old manner poured kerosene on the head and covered it with a packet. After 15 minutes, my daughter began to complain that she was baking. I quickly took off the package, washed my head, combed it. God, how many there were parasites! All the bathroom was in them. Little behind the ears of the child was red, but two days have passed. And I saw other children have such burns made with kerosene, that it's better to buy some shampoo. "

Anna, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

There are cases of inflammation of kerosene on hair in children when working with it near sources of open flame.

Choosing which medicine for lice is better, more effective and safer, it is necessary to remember about the haircut naked. To combat pubic lice, this is especially convenient: it is because of the fashion for shaved pubis today in the entire civilized world pubic louse rapidly disappears. And if such an opportunity exists, there is a reason for half an hour to remove all the hair, give the skin breathe a few weeks and at the same time get rid of parasites.

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