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How to drive lice with kerosene and whether it helps to get rid of nits

Хотя керосин все еще остается довольно популярным средством избавления от вшей, использовать его надо крайне осторожно

Despite many of its shortcomings, kerosene still remains one of the most popular folk remedies for lice . A lot of citizens - perhaps most - remember how parents raised them in a bath in the childhood, smeared their hair with kerosene, put a bag on their heads and forced them to hold it for half an hour while the head uncomfortably itched and the skin under the hair seemed to warm up.

Although in our time this method of removing parasites is obsolete, you still have to give it credit - kerosene from lice and nits really helps, and so even today, with the abundance of more delicate and more effective means in the market, it is still being used. However, taking into account the aggressiveness of kerosene and the many side effects from its use, it is necessary to know well how to properly remove lice and what precautions should be followed.

But first let's see why kerosene is effective against lice . The reason lies in the complex effect of it on parasites:

  • kerosene poisons adult insects and larvae
  • also it weakens the attachment of nits to the hair
  • In addition, kerosene frightens off lice with its sharp odor.

Керосин проникает сквозь хитиновый покров вши, а также закупоривает дыхальца, чем эффективно убивает паразита

Прочное крепление гниды к волосу может быть ослаблено при помощи керосина

Unlike modern insecticides, which exert a primarily nerve-paralyzing effect on parasites, kerosene leads to rapid intoxication of insects and suffocation. Well moistened chitinous cover of lice, it is able to penetrate deeply into the spiracles, clogging them and blocking the access of oxygen.

However, the high ability of kerosene to penetrate into fatty tissues can lead to unusual skin burns and, in general, deterioration of hair and hair follicles. That is why it is so important to understand well that improper removal of lice with kerosene can present a real danger to a person, especially if it is a small child.

On a note

It's not correct to talk about "treating the lice with kerosene". The disease caused by lice is called lice in the people, in the scientific environment - by pediculosis. It is his - pediculosis - and treated, including kerosene.

Removing lice with kerosene is effective against ordinary head lice as well as against pubic and lice. However, the fight against each type of parasite has its own characteristics, which we will consider below.

Does kerosene help from nits?

Practice shows that kerosene kills nits, but not so reliably as adult lice. The point here is that the nit itself is well protected by a dense shell, and its breathing proceeds much less intensively than the lice themselves breathe.

Благодаря защитной оболочке гнида зачастую остается жива даже после воздействия керосином

As a result, in order to destroy nit with kerosene, it is necessary to act on them with a substance of high concentration (pure kerosene), and for a long time (several hours). In this case, the risk of obtaining a severe chemical burn with further peeling of the burned skin and hair loss is great.

Accordingly, for the excretion of kerosene nits in real conditions, a special method of step destruction is applied. Knowing how to get rid of lice with kerosene using this method, you can completely withdraw both the parasites themselves and the nits in just two or three procedures.


"I tried Nit Free - it did not help. MediFox bought, me from it terribly sprinkled. Has tried or tasted vinegar - have remained nits even after two times. I thought it was possible to take out lice with kerosene, everyone was talking about him. I tried it. It turned out that kerosene is much more effective than all expensive shampoos! Twice with an interval of 8 days, she treated her head and forgot about this attack altogether. Just remember to use kerosene from lice, you need to properly comply with the recipe. And then you can burn yourself out with all your lice. "

Anna, Novorossiysk

How to remove lice with kerosene

Before removing lice with kerosene, it is necessary to prepare the liquid itself for use. It is advisable to take lighting or technical kerosene for this. Avtotrakorny and aviation are less preferable because of greater aggressiveness and possible presence of foreign additives.

Осветительный керосин

For a single treatment, enough glass of kerosene.

In the simplest case, kerosene is applied to the hair and scalp with a cotton swab. The hair should be dry at the same time. The most hairy part of the head, eyebrows, neck, men and sideburns are processed as thoroughly as possible. When deducing pubic lice kerosene is applied to the hair on the pubic, groin in general and in the anus.

Фото лобковой вши

To reduce the harmful effect on the skin, you can also add a spoon of kerosene to the shampoo, which then carefully soaped wet hair - in this case, the treatment is, in fact, an emulsion of kerosene in a detergent. In the treatment of pediculosis in children, kerosene must be diluted either in the indicated manner or in vegetable oil (see below).

There are several folk recipes based on dilute kerosene, which makes it possible to lead lice without serious damage to the skin:

  • Two teaspoons of olive oil are taken one tablespoon of kerosene and a teaspoon of shampoo. This combination significantly reduces the corrosive effect of kerosene on hair and skin.
  • For three tablespoons of honey, take a teaspoon of kerosene, a teaspoon of shampoo and four tablespoons of hot water, everything is mixed and applied as soon as possible to the head.

Для приготовления керосиновой смеси для уничтожения вшей понадобится оливковое или другое растительное масло

On a note

People of the "old tempering" often recommend the first treatment of the head to produce necessarily pure kerosene, and the second one - the control mixture - with a mixture of oils. However, one must understand, this approach carries a serious risk of burning the skin.

After applying kerosene, you should put a plastic bag on your hair and wrap it on top with a towel. Keep kerosene from lice on your head for 1.5-2 hours. With a smaller exposure, it is possible to preserve live parts of lice.

After this period, the towel and the package are removed, and the head is thoroughly washed several times with shampoo. It is also effective to wash the hair with a weak solution of acetic acid - this further weakens the attachment of nits to the hair.

Children with their delicate skin should keep kerosene for no more than 1 hour. Three days after the first treatment, the hair is treated with a mixture of 50 grams of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of kerosene. The mixture also keeps on the head for about an hour, and then washed off with water with a small amount of vinegar or citric acid. Then the head is washed with shampoo.

Керосиновую смесь нужно как следует смыть шампунем с головы ребенка

Обязательно промыть волосы чистой водой несколько раз, избегая попадания промывочной воды в глаза

After another three days, repeat the treatment with a solution of oil or honey. With such a step-by-step treatment, the skin on the child's head will not suffer, and lice die.


"They tried to poison the lice with kerosene from a small one. It was something. The child screams, the stench is unbearable, this muck from the head immediately begins to disintegrate. They only held for half an hour, but it was screaming as if Masha had been put in a frying pan. It is interesting that the second time nothing had to be done - the lice died out all at once. "

Inga, Tver

To remove lice, contaminated clothing is soaked in water with a significant kerosene content - one liter of kerosene should be taken on a 10-liter water basin - and it lasts for half a day. After that things are washed, dried and ironed.

Precautions when using kerosene

The main danger from using kerosene is the risk of getting a skin burn. When using pure kerosene, such a risk increases, and therefore keep the substance on the head or other part of the body for longer than two hours can not. In people with sensitive skin, damage can occur in half an hour.

On a note

You can check the sensitivity of the skin to kerosene in advance. To do this, it is sufficient to apply the substance to the elbow bend and hold it for half an hour without flushing. If red spots or rashes appear on the site of application, it is better to refrain from removing lice with kerosene.

Если на локтевом сгибе появились высыпания после пробы на керосин, то использовать его для выведения вшей нельзя

Kerosene also leads to burning and loosening of hair. Sometimes their discoloration may occur. If the hair is often painted, they should not be treated with kerosene - they can become brittle and begin to pour.

In any case, when removing lice and nits with kerosene, one should avoid getting into the nose and the mucous membranes of the eyes and mouth. If this happens, the mouth, eyes or nose should be rinsed with plenty of clean water.

Also remember about the flammability of kerosene and not work with it near open flame sources.


"Do not use kerosene! We once treated our child with a head, we were told that kerosene helps against lice. An hour later - a chemical burn of the scalp and pieces of flaking skin, and then - a month of treatment with a dermatologist. So do not be stingy and take a normal shampoo from lice. "

Alla, Kiev

Additional enhancement of the effect of kerosene

After treating the hair with kerosene, it is highly recommended to comb out the hair with special combs from lice. This will remove not yet lost, but weakened parasites and part of the nits that have come loose from the hair.

Специальный металлический гребень от вшей и гнид поможет избавить ребенка от оставшихся в волосах паразитов

At children at careful combing of hair right after processing and during the next two-three days it is possible to completely remove parasites from a head and not to conduct repeated processing by kerosene.

If the child exhibits a noticeable allergic reaction to kerosene, you should not save and buy a reliable pediculicide shampoo against lice. Such shampoos are more effective than kerosene and are almost always safer.

Also do not forget (especially if there is no money and there is no kerosene), that the most effective way to get rid of lice is to shave your head naked. It's simple, and safe, and reliable.

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  1. Elmira :

    Hello everyone, girls, do not poison yourself with chemistry, buy only products that have proven themselves, without toxins and pesticides. Products Nit Free: Comb Nit Free, well, just perfect, combs just fine lice and nits, if you comb well, then for half an hour you can get rid of lice and nits! And no chemistry. A shampoo, mousse and spray of this product, contains in its composition only natural ingredients that do not harm the health of neither children nor adults.

  2. Sasha :

    They excised lice with Paranix 4 times. Did not help. Paint - once all the lice were killed, but the nits remained. Now try kerosene. To the child of 11 years.

    • Mari :

      All greetings, it's really attacking some this year ... Daughter brought from school, the third class, a universal epidemic. Periodically appear, just horror, all summer long hair. All have tried, hair is fading, and the effect is zero. Today, kerosene!

      • Anonymous :

        All the same, no means help us, I'm already tired of fighting. Today, kerosene.

  3. Arina :

    How much can you write about kerosene? Is someone else using it? This is mockery of children! Now a lot of modern tools, and cheaper and more expensive. But about the comb, Antiv agrees. Firstly, it is absolutely harmless at any age, and secondly, it really helps. We, however, still ordered a special balm, with it, combing was easier. And he seems to be freezing the lice. In general, for two times combing our son from this infection was saved. I advise these funds now to all friends and mothers in school.

    • Irina :

      Nothing else helps. A crest of this is not for sale with us.

    • Anonymous :

      Yes, kerosene is better by 50 times, 4 times with a pediculist was taken out - there's no sense in it.

    • Anna :

      Yes to hell these preparations. Has bought or purchased shampoo for 1000 rub, ostensibly for 2 applications all removes or takes out - horse-radish! I already despaired, I thought I could cut my hair to the skull to kill these creatures, but my mother thought of kerosene. I will use it in the coming days. And all these drugs, it seems, only reduce the amount, but do not remove them.

    • Christina :

      Those funds only make things worse, there is no sense from them.

    • Anonymous :

      To us yesterday at reception the young dermatologist has told or said: "I do not believe in these or it all all shampoos and newfangled agents. Process kerosene in half with ordinary vegetable oil. Hold for 25 minutes in a bag and under a towel. A rinse, rinse with water and vinegar. "

      I confirm. If the hair is not thick, then shampoos help. My daughter has a braid with an adult's thick hand (was). Shampoos for 2-3 months head washed every two weeks - not withdrawn, no matter how comb out afterwards. Kerosene - at a time. Yes, and in the sports camp we always poured kerosene without any oil. But then the whole summer, not a single infection caught. The smell, you see, scared away))

  4. Vladimir :

    There were lice from your beloved woman - adults will understand, i.e. she was walking on the side, and somewhere I was hooked, a goat. But I am glad - there would be no lice, I would not know about treason, I was cured at once by kerosene, a thing is excellent! So lice are also needed, they are like a barometer for cleanliness and loyalty.

    • Jessie :

      And why just walked? You can pick them up even at work, if you hang your outer clothing next to the things of the carrier. It is enough one creep and all - the process poper.

  5. Tatiana :

    I want to try to bring the baby lice with kerosene. I believe that this is the most effective way of removing them! My daughter is 7 years old.

  6. Julia :

    I'm suffering for a long time! To me 13. In the summer there were lice, somewhere 1 month, I that only did not do or make. And a couple of plus, and shampoos, and many more different means. And kerosene! But there were nits left, and I processed it again. But then I got infected again, and I was prompted to buy a remedy for lice for cats. And it helped - 30 minutes and kept everything, no nits, no lice. Kerosene helps very well, but you have to suffer to squeeze out)) Good luck to all!

  7. Jessie :

    My child "brought" lice from school. We have been fighting for 3 weeks than we can. Shampoo "Chigiya" did not help. How crawling, and crawling. I'm not talking about nits. Bought another - "Veda", the same garbage. I comb out every day. I do not know what to do. Probably, there was kerosene. Our ancestors, too, were not stupid. After the war, it was taken out only with kerosene. Maybe you should try it, too?

  8. Jessie :

    By the way, vinegar against nits also does not work, we tried, we know how they clicked and clicked.

  9. Irina :

    The child was brought from the garden. She gave it to me. My husband and son - nothing, my hair is short. Tried "Nyuda", "Para-plus", then found live lice. There was kerosene ...

    • Madinah :

      Hello, you tried kerosene. How should I use kerosene, what should I add?

      • Anonymous :

        No need to add anything, clean kerosene spread on dry hair, wrap tightly with a polyethylene bag, on top with a towel and hold for two hours, and then rinse well and comb with a comb.

        • Anonymous :

          I would like to take a look at this. I only survived 25 minutes. Two hours is POWER!

        • Natalia :

          Kerosene helps very well, but you need pure kerosene. And now everything with additives - do it carefully. Mix 1 spoon of kerosene, 1 spoon of sunflower or olive oil, 1 spoonful of shampoo. Head in a pack and for 30 minutes. But watch that it does not burn, or you can burn your scalp.

  10. Lyolya :

    Kerosene is cruel, but effective. The main thing - be careful, do not burn your head.

  11. Madinah :

    I do not know already what to do. My daughter is 4 years old. We have been fighting for 1 year already. She bought chemistry and a solution, she forgot the name. Yesterday I smeared the solution, held for 40 minutes, there was also no sense. And lice, and nits also live. Here louses at first were big, now small, but a nit on the head is a heap. It remains only to try kerosene. And I also got infected. My daughter's hair is long, I trimmed her yesterday on a pop cane.

    • Natalia :

      There is another way - paint the head with paint. On the painted they do not settle, but die from the paint.

  12. Nick :

    For two weeks now I can not bring Paranit, they ran and ran. I'll try it with kerosene.

  13. Ivanna :

    Tried a pair plus and a paranix shampoo - reactions a zero. They say that dust soap and kerosene works best.

  14. Marina :

    Use kerosene with cotton wool to avoid burning your head. On short hair has put or rendered for 15 minutes and like has helped or assisted. It remains only to comb the combs of dead lice.

  15. Alya :

    Horror is simple! Nothing helps, I cut my hair, even dyed it, tried Pediculen 3 times, Full Marx 2 times, Couple plus, Veda and A-steam. I do not know what to do anymore, my hair is long, sorry. Read about kerosene, the last hope ((

  16. Anna :

    In general, my friend advised one more old way, as it turned out, he is more effective. Just exhausts both hair and man. Turn on the hot water on the maximal, which you can withstand (the hotter, the better), and point to the head (for children, of course, this method is not suitable). It should be literally seconds 5-10 so hold. And if you still apply with spets. shampoo, the effect is 100 times greater. I did the first time before buying shampoo, then a week, or even two did not remember about them. But alas, I was led to persuasion to buy shampoo, as a result, I am suffering for a month. It exhausts all horribly ...

  17. Tamara :

    Has bought or purchased means "Lavinal", not widely advertised, but accessible in the price and with a tolerant smell. Plus in the kit, in addition to the spray, there is a comb and a special. cap. After the first procedure, there was little sense, but after repeated (I also bought a shampoo from the same company and used it to flush out the remedy) - how did it take off! I recommend.

  18. Lyuda :

    Hycia and Pair plus help partially. Which remedy, besides kerosene, is 100% effective? Share comments.

    • Anonymous :

      Kerosene, if pubic lice. You wash yourself in hot water, yes, such that you can hardly stand it. Then shave all the vegetation to hell ... From the waist to the navel, I've shaved so far - cut it two times. Then you twist the bandage with a tampon, moisten it in kerosene and rub it. You put on clean clothes. In one approach, everyone goes to the realm of dead lice! :)

  19. Svetlana :

    What only means did not buy, everything is useless. Money on the wind. Lice have an addiction to this chemistry. I do not know what to do ((

  20. Daria :

    Have tried everything! We have been suffering for a month, nothing helps. Dostum was used 2 times, lice kills, but nits remain, and combing them is very painful! Tried Hitchia 3 times - it did not help. The last hope for kerosene ... (

  21. Eugene :

    They say that tar oil helps. I was helped by kerosene, nothing was after the first application. And more chinese water helps, like this.

  22. Alla :

    I do not know what to do. I tried with dust, it does not help.

  23. Anton :

    Paranix does not help at all, only wasted money.

  24. Olga :

    Too much has been tried, but only kerosene helped.

  25. Svetlana :

    To my daughter of 12 years, two months ago somewhere has picked up lice, hair long up to buttocks ... We that only did not try, probably, all preparations of a drugstore. And every time it seemed that everything was gone, cured, but ... no! I had to cut off the third part of my hair. And so I found a recipe with kerosene: 2 te. lemon oil, can be olive, 1 tbsp. kerosene, 1 tsp. shampoos. Our length required the 4th dose. The result is excellent!

  26. Lucille :

    I brought my daughter and myself "FulMarks" - it did not help. Then a soap with a dust - for a year have forgotten about this infection. A week ago they returned from the hospital with "friends." Daughter on the whole head looked 2 times, killed both lice and nits. Itself I sit under kerosene, I hope, will help ...

  27. Natalie :

    We have the same attack in our family. Tried all sorts of money, but nothing. There remained the good old kerosene. The skin of the head, of course, will burn, but it really helps! A lot of minuses: a terrible stench, tears, the scalp will come off with scraps, neurosis. But the first time it HELPS! And do not need to cut long hair))

  28. Nastya :

    I am 12 years old. I thought, from whom I typed. It turned out, from no one. Tried anything, does not help. And kerosene helped immediately. I advise you as well. Although I advise you to be more cautious, do not recruit friends.

  29. Natalia :

    To the child of 5 years, have picked up in a garden. No shampoos help. Hope only for kerosene, long hair ((Cut it is a pity.

  30. Elena :

    Neither vinegar, nor a lot of shampoos and sprays do not help. We are fighting for the second month. One hope for kerosene. I hope that helps.

  31. Natalia :

    Helps only kerosene! Kerosene + oil + shampoo. I advise.

  32. Svetlana :

    To us, too, only kerosene helped, nothing else helped. Pharmacy muck only severely cut hair. And even the essential oil of ylang-ylang and rosemary can also clove droplets somewhat in shampoo. In ladoshki drip, smear the head well and walk with the package on your head for as long as possible. When I washed my daughters, the beetles themselves went to the bathroom and began combing it with a comb. I caught it on my head, were sleepy.

  33. Eugene :

    I'm for kerosene. We have at school just an invasion of lice. Now a daughter in the third grade, that's all three years and we are at war. (Previously, paranix helped, but, unfortunately, does not justify itself, and the cost is about 150 UAH.

    Today treated with pure kerosene, for convenience of use poured into a bottle from under Paraix. When finished, the lice were combed out with the usual comb, after 30 minutes the exposures began to be washed off. And lice are darkness.

    With nits more difficult, chose, some clicked. It is necessary to buy a "vaunted" comb. All good luck in hard struggle and patience.

  34. Natalia :

    We just did not try from these creatures, nothing helped. Now she has poured herself and her two daughters with kerosene, this is the last hope to get rid of them ...

  35. Marina :

    For a month now we are fighting these parasites, I have 2 daughters, 9 years and 2 years old, the eldest brought from somewhere. I bought a shampoo for Veda, we worked on the heads, adults died instantly, but there are nits, and after a few days they grow up and start biting. (I've already processed it 3 times, my hands go down. I read about kerosene, tomorrow I will buy it, the last hope remains.

  36. Yuri :

    Good day to all. My daughter also brought lice from the camp. I tried all modern tools, but the result is negative. From his childhood he remembered the dust and kerosene. In two stages, after 4 days, the lice and the nit were completely removed with kerosene.

  37. Mohira :

    How to get rid of the smell of kerosene?

  38. Natalia :

    Shampoos were tried, but there is no sense. Only kerosene helped. The daughter has long hair, cuts miserably, once with kerosene, smeared, burned - suffered 10 minutes, washed thoroughly, a week later repeated and already withstood 20-25 minutes, washed away. We do not remember more about lice. Kerosene is the best remedy, if used carefully, lice simply burned. By the way, not one hair from the head fell out, and the disadvantage - only the scalp was dried, dandruff ... Well, but do not bite.

  39. Gulya :

    All summer we struggle with lice, not a single medicine has helped. Today we will use kerosene.

  40. Julia :

    Oh, oh this kerosene! In a good way) Previously, the whole country used this burning agent, the effect is very good. They smeared, 20 minutes did not pass, they ran to wash off. Shouts, oeyoy! But the result is worth it. The skin was not strongly affected by the burning, but the hair became more neat and with volume. I recommend!

  41. Anonymous :

    Nyuda does not help, processed the second time yesterday, the sense of zero. Other pharmacies also do not help, and the price does not matter. Three years ago, the skin was burned with pure kerosene in three minutes of a wild ora, while warm water was directing (we had a village), but the lice were taken out just as quickly. Today the child asks to treat again with kerosene. Let's try to dissolve the oil very much and at the elbow bend the sample will be held beforehand.

  42. Anonymous :

    Tell me more ways, have already tried a lot: from kerosene to expensive drugs, and they come back. For a year we can not withdraw. Three times I tried kerosene (clean-up), but zero sense.

  43. Galya :

    I also contracted lice in the school, I scratched my head for a week, I did not expect lice to appear. I bought a pair of Plus, sprinkled - no use, nits remained. Here, anointed the head with kerosene, waiting for the effect, I hope that will help :)

  44. Mila :

    My children brought lice from school. My mother always used cold water for lice. Second time every other day, just in case.

  45. Marina :

    Kerosene is the best. I recommend!

  46. Lily :

    Bought a little water, it did not help. Tell me how much time to keep the child 8 years old kerosene? Hair up to priests.

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