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How to get rid of lice and nits: a review of effective methods and tools

Рассмотрим наиболее эффективные методы и средства, которые позволят быстро и безопасно избавиться от гнид и вшей на голове.

Parents who first think about how to drive lice out of their child, usually carry out this procedure in great haste, almost in a panic. Often the case comes almost the first available remedy for lice, which is found in the pharmacy, and in the worst case - according to the advice of grandmothers, even kerosene or vinegar.

Therefore, first of all you need to calm down and approach the solution of the problem deliberately and carefully. After all, it is important not only to withdraw lice and nits, but to do this as safely as possible for health and taking into account all contraindications to the specific chosen remedy (there are numerous cases when an incorrect fight with parasites led to incomparably more serious health problems than the lice themselves could cause) .

Иногда средства, применяемые родителями необдуманно, могут нанести даже больший вред ребенку, чем сами вши.

In addition, in most cases, it is necessary to remove lice not only from a person who suffers from them, but also from all those who have been in close contact with the infected.

  • Lice are very easily transmitted from person to person with close contacts.
  • They quickly develop resistance to various insecticides: it often happens that people who seem to already know what to do with lice are unpleasantly surprised to find that their favorite remedy does not work anymore.
  • In their reproduction, lice undergo a stage of nits - eggs in a shell, tightly attached to the hair. Such nits have increased resistance to different drugs, and therefore withdrawing nits is a more difficult task than removing adult lice and larvae. Вывести гнид гораздо сложнее, чем самих вшей
  • It is also important to remember that lice can cause dangerous infectious diseases in addition to severe itching and skin damage, for example, typhus.

So, before deducing lice, it will be useful to understand the characteristics of the drugs of different groups, and only then to choose one that will be both effective and safe to use.

On a note

The very infection with lice is a parasitic disease, commonly called crookedness, and in medical practice - by pediculosis. Accordingly, anti-lice drugs are called pediculicide. If the drug is additionally able to kill nits - they say that it has an ovicide effect.

Methods of deducing lice

During the man's acquaintance with lice, many methods of removing lice were tested. Today it is known that the most effective of them are the following:

  1. Destruction of lice with preparations containing insecticides in their composition. Such substances include, for example, Permethrin, Cypermethrin, Fenotrin, Malathion, Piperonyl Butoxide and some others. Thus, choosing, rather than withdrawing lice, you can fully target the means with the content of these substances. The use of insecticide-containing agents is generally effective, but can lead to side effects. В состав современных средств от вшей и гнид иногда входят сразу несколько мощных инсектицидов
  2. Elimination of lice and nits means that are not typical poisons, but, nevertheless, also leading to the death of parasites - kerosene, vinegar, methylatedium, hydrogen peroxide and some others. Methodically, this method of removing lice on the head (or other parts of the body) does not differ from the previous one. However, the side effects when using such drugs are much more severe than in the previous case, and if used incorrectly, severe skin burns and hair loss are possible . Побочные эффекты от неправильного применения народных средств от вшей и гнид могут быть гораздо хуже, чем присутствие самих паразитов
  3. Scraping of parasites from the hair - for this special crests are used from lice, very thick and strong. But a simple comb, even with frequent teeth, you can not remove the parasites. In general, the method of combing lice and nits with special combs is one of the safest ways to get rid of parasites, but it requires some effort and time. And the ridges themselves are worth a lot. Для вычесывания вшей и гнид с волос можно использовать специальные гребни
  4. Referral to special sanitary services. Services to remove lice are provided by special detention centers, city SES, some clinics and even separate pest control services. The method is very effective, but because of the use of powerful insecticides, it is fraught with the appearance of side effects.
  5. And, finally, the temperature treatment - lice die almost immediately at temperatures below minus 13 ° C and above + 56 ° C. And if the low temperature safely handle the head and other parts of the body does not work, then special hair dryers quite allow to destroy lice with warm air. This method is especially suitable for removing lice from contaminated clothing or hats: things are simply washed at a water temperature of about 60 ° C. A special hair dryer can blow out hair, side effects this method does not have, but in our country there are no such hair dryers (in conventional hair dryers it is difficult to regulate the temperature, there is a risk of getting a burn or, conversely, not getting the desired result). Специальный фен для уничтожения вшей не так просто достать в нашей стране

And, of course, the simplest, cheapest and most effective way to quickly remove lice is simply to shave the infected part of the body (the pubic and head louse live only on the hair).

Самый простой и эффективный способ избавления от паразитов в волосах - бритье зараженных участков тела.

If there is no hair, then there is no lice or nits. In the case where lice are needed in men and boys, this method should be preferred to everyone else.

The right choice of insecticides

Effectively withdraw lice can be different types of means, which include:

  • pediculicide shampoo
  • sprays from lice;
  • combs;
  • creams from lice;
  • pediculicidal emulsions and concentrates;
  • as well as traditional medicine.

Perhaps the most popular today, insecticide drugs against lice are pediculicide shampoos, most of which allow lice to be taken out in both adults and children.

Педикулицидные шампуни позволяют эффективно выводить вшей как у детей, так и у взрослых.

Sprays from lice are in many cases more effective than pediculicide shampoos, but they often irritate the skin and can cause some side effects. Most often, dermatologists recommend using sprays to remove pubic lice.

Лобковая вошь

There are also special aerosols that should be sprayed on parasitized bed linens and things: lice in humans can also be removed with such means, but due to the increased concentration of insecticides this can be dangerous for the skin - it is important to remember this.

The combs for combing lice and nits cause absolutely no side effects and are very safe for human health. However, usually lice are withdrawn with their help long enough and difficult: the hair comb must be combed for at least a week.

Для полного выведения вшей с помощью одного только гребня придется вычесывать паразитов каждый день в течение недели.

Creams from lice are mostly similar in composition to other insecticides, they are simply presented in a different dosage form, convenient for sanitizing the affected parts of the body. It is not much harder to get lice on your head with creams than with shampoos or sprays, but most of all they are suitable for fighting pubic lice.

Педикулицидные кремы представлены в удобной лекарственной форме

Of the folk remedies, the most commonly used to exclude lice and nits are the following:

  • vinegar
  • kerosene
  • cranberry juice
  • crooked water
  • tar soap
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • sometimes - a garlic mask
  • decoction of wormwood and tansy

and other means.
Хотя дегтярное мыло не слишком-то эффективно против вшей, но многие продолжают использовать его для выведения паразитов.
Kerosene, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide do help to remove head lice, but often lead to severe chemical burns and allergic skin reactions. In this respect, the use of lice (it is really effective and relatively safe) from lice appears to be more preferable, as well as cranberry juice combined with a crest.

чемеричная вода при правильном применении не менее эффективна против вшей и гнид, чем дорогие средства.

Вычесывание гребнем вшей и гнид - непростая, но достаточно эффективная процедура

As a result, children can be recommended to remove lice using pediculicide shampoos and then comb out the parasites and nits with the help of a comb. People with pronounced allergic or asthmatic reactions should only use the crest.

Crests are the safest way to remove lice

Especially well combs are suitable for breeding lice in children - it is in childhood that insecticides most often cause side effects.

The best ones are the combs AntiV, LiceGuard and RobiComb.

Наиболее популярные гребни для вычесывания вшей и гнид - AntiV, LiceGuard, Robi Comb

They need to comb their hair with locks from the roots, and before removing the head lice you need to get a little wet. The procedure should be carried out daily until the parasites completely disappear from the hair. With the parallel use of cranberry juice or Chigia shampoo with the help of ridges, you can bring out louse eggs even before the larvae hatch from them.

On a note

Do not particularly chase the electronic combs, which, according to the manufacturer, also destroy the lice with an electric discharge. These funds have not proved their effectiveness, but are much more expensive than simple ridges.

Applying shampoos to lice

With pediculicide shampoos, head lice are easy to remove: it is applied to the head like a normal shampoo and left on hair for 30-40 minutes. Then the hair needs to be washed and combed out with a thick comb (sometimes such a comb comes complete with the shampoo itself).

One of the most effective shampoos from lice on your head are Pedilin and Chigia - they help not only to remove lice, but also help to get rid of nits. Pedilin contains Malathion, which penetrates through the nitric membrane, and Khygium - acetic acid, which helps to remove nits from the hair.

Шампунь Хигия помогает не только уничтожать вшей, но и способствует отделению гнид от волос

Фотография гниды

Other shampoos - MediFox, NOC, Lauri - as an effective ingredient contain Permethrin, effective against lice, but not giving effect against nits.

They are usually taken out of lice in adults, carrying out treatment twice with a break in a week. With a single treatment, there are situations when lice are not completely removed: larvae hatch from the surviving nits within a week, which again begin to infect the infected person.

How to drive lice with special sprays

Sprays against lice are usually produced in small aerosol flasks with a capacity of 30-50 ml and are very convenient to use, because they are easily applied to the affected areas of the body. The volume of the bottle is enough to handle even long hair.

You can remove the lice of the house with the help of sprays by washing your head, drying your hair with a towel a little and spraying them on the entire length. After this, you need to hold the product on your head for 30-40 minutes, and then wash it off.

После обработки головы спреем от вшей и гнид средство нужно тщательно смыть.

Among the sprays the most famous are Nyuda and Paranit - these are the products based on Dimethicone (liquid silicone).

Средство Нюда не содержит инсектицидов, а действующим веществом в нем является жидкий силикон - диметикон.

Dimethicone, unlike many chemical insecticides, is absolutely safe for humans. In the treatment of flatulence, it is even used inward, but lice destroy this substance with the same efficiency as specialized insecticides, but the mechanism of action is different: silicone envelops the chitinous cover of insects with a thin film, clogging the airways and leading to strangulation of parasites.

Диметикон обволакивает вшей , не давая им дышать

The disadvantage of most sprays is that with their help it is impossible to withdraw nits, and for complete removal of lice, hair treatment will have to be repeated.

Creams and lotions from lice

Lice from lice are insecticidal emulsions or concentrates on an aqueous or alcohol basis. Depending on the concentration of the active ingredient, the lotions can be used for sanitary treatment in ready-made form or require dilution with water.

Концентраты, подобные Медифоксу, требуют разведения водой согласно инструкции.

Both creams and lotions are most rational to use to fight pubic lice, since it is problematic to spread hair on your head with a cream or insecticide solution with thick hair. The lice are removed by carefully treating the infected area of ​​the body with a means and sustaining it for as long as the instruction requires.

The most known concentrates are Medifox, Medilis, Focsilon, and from creams - Nix, Nittifor and Benzylbenzoate from lice.

Folk remedies: apply with extreme caution

All folk remedies for lice can be divided into two groups:

  1. Kerosene, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, methylated water , which destroy lice and nits are sometimes even more effective than special insecticides, but they require great care in the application, since they act on the human skin just as hard as on themselves lice. Средства от вшей вроде перекиси водорода способны сильно воздействовать не только на паразитов, но и на кожу человека
  2. Various essential oils, decoctions and infusions of wormwood and tansy, tar soap are a means that have an unpleasant smell and repel them, but with the infection that is not capable of destroying the parasites. It is when they are used most often there are complaints that lice are not output. К сожалению, эфирные масла лекарственных трав способны только отпугнуть вшей, но уж точно не вывести их.


Hydrogen peroxide, in addition to the burning effect, also discolours the hair, and therefore, when using it, you should be ready to change the color of your hair.

Withdraw lice using folk remedies usually seems cheaper than using more expensive modern drugs. But, you see, you should not save on health. The risk of causing serious burns to yourself or your child is not worth the dubious benefits that at first glance promise easily accessible folk recipes.

Be healthy!

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  1. Antonina :

    Lice daughter was withdrawn with the help of the French remedy Parasidosis +. Has advised the pharmacist in a drugstore. After reading the instructions, I decided to take it exactly as it is absolutely harmless, since it does not contain insecticides. And besides, it is effective not only against lice, but also against nits. In addition, this emulsion is sufficient for several applications. And really, after the first application, we forgot about this annoying problem.

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    I made it easier, shaved all over, legs, pubis, chest, hair left, waiting for the effect.

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    How can you remove louse eggs from the girl's hair?

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    Only careful combing will help to drive lice. After all, shampoos do not remove nits! We are very pleased with the comb Anti. We bought it two years ago, when our children were simultaneously combed. We combed for hours, because you can not miss a centimeter. Three times repeated the procedure every other day, but this problem is not remembered. This crest lies in the medicine cabinet for every fireman.

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    And how much does this crest cost, and where it can be bought?

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