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How to clean nits from hair: practical advice

Попробуем разобраться, какие методы удаления гнид из волос являются наиболее эффективными и при этом безопасными в использовании.

Remove the nits from the hair - a task, generally speaking, more complicated than simply to etch the lice on your head. If adult insects relatively quickly die of insecticidal shampoos, sprays and creams, the nits are not only resistant to most of these drugs, but, in addition, even with direct mechanical action, only with great effort can be torn from the hair. The fact is that over the long centuries of evolution and parasitism on a man, lice have learned to attach the nits to the hair so tightly that it is more difficult to tear them apart than to rip out the hair itself. Such reliable attachment of eggs substantially increases the chances of future offspring of parasites for survival.

To remove nits can be problematic even for the reason that even with the use of powerful insecticides that can kill the embryo of the louse in the egg, the nits themselves do not fall off their hair from the hair. Even being dead, they continue to hang on their hair and create an untidy look.

Даже мертвые гниды придают волосам весьма неприглядный внешний вид

Therefore, you need to be ready, that even after applying highly effective means against lice, it is necessary to remove the nits from the hair mechanically. But do not be scared - this work can also be greatly alleviated.

It is interesting

In the photo below, you can clearly see what nits are. This egg is in a special capsule, enveloping hair over a long length. Such a capsule is formed from a special mucus secreted by the oviduct of a female louse and rapidly frozen in air. Even when the larva from the nits hatch, the membrane (dry nits) continues to hang on the hair for a very long time.

Самка вши очень прочно крепит гниду к волосу при помощи специального липкого секрета

Даже когда личинка вши покидает гниду, оболочка продолжает висеть на волосе (сухая гнида)

So, let's look at several effective ways that can greatly facilitate the removal of nits from the hair.

Mechanical method: a thick comb

Remove lice and nits from the hair with a special thick comb. This method is considered the safest for health, since it does not involve the use of chemical preparations, but it requires the greatest expenditure of time and effort.

For mechanical removal of parasites, damp hair is divided into strands, which one by one carefully, from the very root of the hair are combed several times by the comb. The whole procedure is carried out over the bathroom or over a white sheet, from which it will then be easy to shake out lice and nits on the street.

Если вы выбрали механический способ удаления гнид, нужно вычесывать волосы очень тщательно, прядь за прядью

На фотографии показаны вычесанные гребнем вши и гниды (они хорошо видны на белой ткани)

There are a lot of crests available today: in Russia there are combs RobiComb, NitFree, LiceGuard, AntiV. In addition, some pediculicidal shampoos and sprays are supplied with branded combs - just for combing insects and nits.

На фото представлены примеры специальных гребней для вычесыания вшей и гнид

On a note

The most popular crest in our country today is the AntiV, in many respects due to the high quality of the product and effective design, and partly due to the massive advertising. In general, LiceGuard and NitFree combs are not inferior in performance either.

Do not rush to buy widely advertised electronic ridges to remove head lice: practice shows that the effectiveness of these products does not exceed that for simple combs, but the price is much higher. In addition, the electronic ridges in most of them have a narrower fabric, which complicates the task of fully working the hair strands.

Электрический гребень Robi Comb Pro

Crests can be used as independent means for removing lice and nits, and in combination with insecticides.

To conduct an "anti-virus campaign" only by combs, the combing procedure should be carried out daily, preferably twice a day, for 10-12 days. After the first combing out, it will be possible to remove the lice and nits in the largest quantities, but there will be very few live nits among them.

Then, as the young larvae emerge from the nits, they will be removed from the hair every day. Considering that the period of development of nits is about 7-8 days, for 10 days of daily combing out of hair it is usually possible to remove all young growth of parasites.

Method of chemical: we use modern technologies

To remove lice from hair is easiest with the help of modern pediculicide drugs. Among them there are sprays, creams, shampoos, lotions, emulsions. However, most of these drugs do not have an effect against nits, except for certain preparations, which contain insecticides of a specific action - such substances penetrate the nitric membrane and destroy the embryo in the egg.

Среди современных средств от вшей лишь немногие способны уничтожить именно гнид

The drugs effective against nits include, for example, Pedulin shampoo, Para-Plus aerosol, Medilis Malathion emulsion. Before destroying lice and nits with these tools, you should carefully read the instructions for use and comply with all safety requirements.

Шампунь от вшей Педилин

Chemicals from lice are applied to hair in the manner that is implied by their shape. The drug is aged for the time allowed by the instruction and then washed off. Typically, this treatment has to be repeated in a week to destroy the larvae that are removed from the nits, which survived after the first treatment.

On a note

Some creams and shampoos from lice may not wash off the first time, and the head must be rinsed repeatedly.

More effective is the combination of chemical and mechanical methods: after the first treatment with any preparation, the wet hair after combing is combed out with a comb.

После мытья головы специальным инсектицидным шампунем, желательно дополнительно вычесать вшей и гнид гребнем

So from the head are retarded (weakened), but not dead lice and some nits. If after a single treatment with the drug the head is combed for three to four days, it is usually possible to avoid repeated use of the drug.

In general, it is necessary to understand that any pediculicidal drugs only destroy lice, but do not remove dead insects from the hair. Remove the dead parasites from the head you need or comb (you can simple, but thick), or frequent hair washing for a week.

The way is traditional, folk: grandmother's methods still work!

Among folk ways to fight against lice there are a number of quite effective remedies that really help to remove adult lice and nits. For example, kerosene, vinegar, chlenic water , cranberry juice and hydrogen peroxide - these products, in addition to toxicity for adult insects, also soften the shell of nits.

Выбирая бабушкино средство для уничтожения вшей и гнид, соблюдайте все меры безопасности.

Even if the nitus survives after this, it will simply fall off the hair. After that, you can shake it off your head, wash it off or comb it out.

However, almost all folk remedies have serious contraindications and can cause harm if misused. For example:

  • Kerosene and vinegar with prolonged exposure to the skin cause chemical burns, and the hair after them unpleasantly smells and may begin to fall out.
  • Hydrogen peroxide with a short exposure leads to discoloration of the hair, and with prolonged action can cause allergies and burns.
  • The simian water is considered to be quite allergenic.

But such means as decoction of wormwood or tansy from lice are not very effective - they do not destroy parasites, but only repel them, and therefore can only be used to prevent infection.

Against nits, an effective combination of folk remedies with combs can be effective when nits are crumbled after the dissolving action of the remedy, and then - combed out with a comb.

Практически любое средство от вшей и гнид следует комбинировать с вычесыванием паразитов при помощи гребня

Folk remedies, perhaps, have a single advantage over specialized drugs from lice - they are inexpensive.

Security is above all!

When deducing lice about the safety of the procedure for their destruction, one should always think more carefully than how to quickly remove lice and nits from hair: sometimes it makes sense to treat the hair twice, but do not damage either them or the scalp.

In general, in order to avoid any trouble in the removal of lice should consider the following points:

  • strictly follow the instructions for the use of a particular drug;
  • if possible, use individual protective equipment - gloves, headscarf, cotton-gauze dressing; Применяя инсектицидное средство от вшей и гнид, пользуйтесь перчатками для защиты кожи рук
  • if there are forces and time, prefer crests to chemical agents; Гребни AntiV для вычесывания вшей и гнид
  • thoroughly wash off the hair after the treatment;
  • Before processing the hair, check to see if the product causes an allergy. To do this, just drop it on the skin behind your ear for a few minutes and wash it off. If the skin has turned red at the application site, it is not worth using.

Especially cautious should be when using folk remedies - reviews of various side effects, as well as accidents after their use is very much (kerosene can ignite on the head, vinegar can cause severe burns with blisters).

It is also useful to remember: in order to guarantee lice without risk, serious costs, harm to health and constant combing out, it is enough just to shave the hair at the site of infection. According to scientists, it is because of the fashion for shaved pubes today that the pubic louse practically dies out as a species. So what prevents the same way to destroy the head louse?

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  1. awash :

    How to remove lice from hair?

    • Anonymous :


      • Marina :

        People! We live in the 21st century. Nobody after all is not looking for advice on the forums "how to get a haircut on your own". Everyone goes to the hairdresser, where quickly and skillfully you cut the professionals. Now there are services that help to comb out the hair is absolutely harmless and the main thing is to save you from parasites at a time. And then the guarantee will also give a certificate. We have the services of Nit Free and Laius Evei.

    • Irina :

      Couple plus. Spray.

    • Anonymous :

      Nuda should be applied to the head for 45 minutes and wait. Then you comb out, if you do not have enough, then about 1 hour. But if a lot, then 2-3 hours.

    • Maria :


  2. Anonymous :

    No, it's better not to use kerosene. The article was a video of how the girl suffered from kerosene. It is better to use the comb and chemical. substances.

  3. Anna :

    Handles, pens to choose - the most effective means, and not chemistry.

  4. Lily :

    From nits you can get rid only mechanically - or choose them with your hands, that is very long and disgusting, or comb out with the medical comb Anti. This is much faster and more efficient. In combination with the Antivo Duo balm the process of parasite removal generally does not take much time. It turns out not cheap, but 100% effective. All my acquaintances, who so took lice to children, were satisfied.

  5. Vic :

    I excreted lice, and there were no nits left. But the dead hang, it's annoying. And I'm going to the camp soon, they'll check there, and I'll be ashamed that I just have dead people hang.

  6. Anya :

    I have not been able to take these parasites out for a month, I used to get rid of them quickly (dichlorvos). And now it is simply impossible already.

    • Dasha :

      I, too, can not get these parasites out, I'm 2 years in school.

  7. Zulia :

    We bought Antiv Comb, they are easy to remove lice.

  8. Margarita :

    We tried many ways, the nits are dead, but we can not take them out of our hair. Advise, please.

    • Elvira :

      Dead nits themselves are difficult to clean. Try to contact the Nit fri service. They will help you get rid of them.

    • Victoria :

      Capricorn water, Dichlorvos, cranberry juice, Nyuda medicines, hydrogen peroxide, Pedilin lotion, Paranit.

      • Anonymous :

        It does not bake?

      • Anonymous :

        Excuse me, but do you simply buy and remove cranberry juice? Or need a special one?

        • Lera :

          How can you remove these lice from your hair? I'm afraid to tell my mother that I have lice. Is there any home remedy?

          • Maria :

            I advise you to tell your parents, otherwise it will be very bad. I did not tell my mother, and the whole family got infected. And try Nyud's remedy, it helped me a lot.

    • Anonymous :

      It is necessary to apply Nyuda for 40 minutes and wait. Then wash your hair well with shampoo, as always. But most importantly, close your eyes and mouth, so that everything was fine. And then you comb out in the morning about 2-3 hours, then about the same in the evening. If you do not get rid, then repeat a few more times. And everything can pass. If it does not, then do not be offended, I'm still a child and I also fight with them.

  9. Oksana :

    Try your hands, we already pulled them out. I did everything I could, but 3 hours of torment gave good results.

  10. Christina :

    I already understood lice, how?

  11. Didi :

    Funds from the pharmacy do not help at all. I washed the head of my daughter with a remedy for lice for cats, it's gorgeous, at once all lice withered. And after that the second month is clean for us. And before that, the whole pharmacy was buying up and selling zero!

  12. Alina :

    And in time they will fall down or just stay hanging?

    • Pauline :

      They will stay on their hair, and will hang at least 100 years, until they are pulled out. They are well attached to the hair.

      • Masha :

        Are you from the pluton or what? If you have dead nits in your head, in a couple of days they will dry up and fall. The lice themselves and the nits survive only a month.

  13. Anonymous :

    How to make the nits themselves disappeared?

    • Eugene :

      There is a remedy that dissolves the glue with which nits are attached to the hair. It is called mousse Nit Free. It greatly facilitates the removal of nits.

    • Anonymous :

      No way

  14. Katya :

    My nits hang dry and my head is very itchy. I'm going to the camp in August, I do not really want everyone to know about this, but I do not know how to remove them. I live in Lithuania. Help me, how do I remove them?

  15. Angelina :

    Help me, please, I can not withdraw them for two months now, a full nit head, and soon to school, they will check their heads. It's a shame that the 9th grade girl has parasites in her head. Please help me, please. And to pull out nits there is no time, it is borrowed or occupied very much, I shall be very glad ((

  16. Nastya :

    Today I went to honey. pre-camp inspection. They said that I have nits over my left ear. I was horrified! They told me to buy some spray in the pharmacy, apply it, wait 20 minutes and wash my hair. I now even disgusted to touch the head ((

  17. Yana :

    Dry nits are afraid of acid. Wash your head with vinegar with diluted warm water every day, then carefully wipe your hair with a towel. My daughter helped.

  18. Natalia :

    The most excellent tool is Para Plus. Daughter brings from school not the first year of lice. I use only them. Shampoos did not help. Let it be expensive, but one treatment with this spray - and lice die right away! I clean my nits with a scallop.

  19. Christina :

    Help, I picked up from a friend of lice, and found out this one week later. I was in complete horror, I'm 12 years old. I tried Para Plus. It was very hot, but the lice killed right away. But the nits remained, my mother checked, they seem to be empty. I went to bed with relief. In the morning, waking up, my mother began to check her head, looked, and they are alive. Mom bought a scallop and started combing it. But the comb did not help. Mom started picking her hands, chose pieces of 50, I was horrified, she chose hours 3 :( What should I do, because the school is coming soon. Advise something, please.

  20. Tatyana Kirienko :

    Mom, be careful with the remedies on the permethrin and malathion! With gasoline and kerosene too - do not poison children with toxins and everything that the skin eats away! Now in pharmacies are excellent products with mineral oils and silicones, such as Paranit, for example, with metal combs in the kit, with air conditioners for easy removal of nits! Not enough for an air conditioner - I advise you to rinse your hair after treating it with water with vinegar or lemon juice - it dissolves the adhesive substrate that clings nits tightly to the hair. Hair needs to be divided into small strands and alternately combed with their comb, paying the most attention to places behind the ears and on the back of the head.

  21. Ivanna :

    I can not get rid of dry nits, and soon the school will check the head, there will be a shame in the 5th grade. Help me please!

    • ioanna :

      Alcohol or vodka, water on your hair, then wrap in a towel. After an hour you wash it off and comb it with a hairdryer. And so every day. Careful not to get on the skin and eyes. Hair rinse with vinegar to again do not cling to others, and eat garlic. If you can not eat, swallow the whole, like a pill.

  22. Tanya Smagulova :

    Ivanna, choose. Let someone help

  23. Alia :

    My sister and I also found lice. My sister had a dime a dozen, I have a little less. She bought a shampoo with a comb AntiBit, and I'm Leading. Every day, they washed their hair and combed it with a comb, but the lice still remained. With them we fought for about 1.5 months, dyed hair, washed with these shampoos, combed and straightened. And we got rid of them!

  24. Nastya :

    Guys! Go to a veterinary pharmacy, buy an ampoule of a drug called Butox. It is very cheap, about 10 UAH. for the ampoule. Dilute it with water. 1 liter of water per 1 ampoule (1 ml). Squirt your hair. More precisely, they completely soak them. Can be sprayed. Then put a bag on your head and wrap it on top with a towel. Sit for about 20-30 minutes.
    Attention! Butoks is very toxic. It's poison. But it is incredibly effective. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, etc. Therefore, when you wrap your head, it is desirable to open the windows in the rooms for fresh air. Then start combing your head from dead lice and nits. Then wash the head with a usual shampoo. I recommend such treatment: treatment 1 day, 7 day, 14 day.

  25. Katya :

    Very good helps chalk from cockroaches, Masha is called. It is necessary to completely draw on the hair, after two hours, wash it off. When I was still at school, I checked myself.

  26. Alain :

    Also only nits. How to get rid, I do not know, help!

    • Elizabeth :

      Lubricate the hair with sunflower oil, then they will slide through the hair. For one finger sticking up to 20 nits can be removed, checked.

  27. Tanya :

    Chalk from cockroaches is a cool way :) I've never heard of this before. In general, we lissed the child in the center of Lys Evey. Their specialist came to our house and combed her hair with a special denture that helped the nits to peel off hair. Means, by the way, completely non-toxic (I personally read the composition). In general, within a few hours we got rid of lice and nits without special difficulties. Moreover, we were given a guarantee for a whole week: if we find something in our hair during this time, then the entire procedure will be carried out anew free of charge. I believe that you can pay for such a quick and high-quality result. Moreover, treatment is not so expensive. On shampoos different from lice, you can spend more!

  28. Olga, Ukraine, Krivoy Rog :

    At the daughter dry nits, prompt, how to deduce or remove?

  29. Katya :

    I have been suffering with them for a week, bought two funds, we'll see how it will be.

  30. Lyuda :

    In addition to combing out you can not put out nits: neither dry nor alive. Therefore, buy a scallop and comb out until nothing remains. Well or to experts can address. For example, in the same center Laiys Evai. We, as soon as we contracted lice, immediately called them and the same day their specialist came and we all (me and my daughters) combed my hair. After that no lice, no nits, I did not find any of us.

  31. Yulya :

    Yes, you wrote about the scallop. We tried three remedies for lice based on different ingredients. The result - the lice did not disappear even after a month and a half. Rather, at first they disappeared, and then reappeared. So we were able to help only experts Laiys Evey. She did not want to comb her hair, and so much time was lost. And then one day and everything is clean!

  32. Victoria :

    And I did not even try anything when the kids had lice. I read the forums and decided that, most likely, we will not be cured of lice. Therefore, also in Laiys Eva called and invited their specialist. As for me, it's better to give money for a guaranteed result than to go through the preparations one by one in the hope that they will help. And I do not have time to mess with lice for a month or more.

  33. Anonymous :

    Where to buy a comb?

  34. Olya :

    In the pharmacy, online stores. In my opinion, there is not such a big problem in buying ridges. They are even sent by mail to the Russian Federation.

  35. Hadya :

    Nittifor in the pharmacy is a good tool.

  36. Vladimir :

    Yeah. I'll call Laiys Evai, let the experts do their thing!

  37. Alexandra :

    The child only dead nits, lice can not be seen at all. What does this mean, tell me, please.

  38. Vic :

    How to get rid of nits? I was tortured, tried all medications in the pharmacy.

  39. Nastya :

    I am Nastya. I am 8 years old. How to get rid of nits?

  40. Albina :

    I remember when I went to school, on the same day we had a head check, I thought that everything would be a shame. And it turned out that when my head was checked from me, neither the nits nor the lice were found. It's good that the hair is darker to the head, and the nits merge with the hair. It was when I went to first grade. Now again appeared. Tried with chinese water - there are no lice, only live nits.

  41. Elena :

    The lice kill the lice. I was looking for a cheap product, for the child and so that the hair does not spoil. She was pleased, her hair shone as well. Apply to damp hair, put on a light cap in the skin, leave for 30 minutes. Then the dead lice should be washed off with warm water and shampoo. The nid should be combed and mechanically cleaned. To apply the conditioner it is plentiful on damp hair and to comb nits scallop with frequent prongs or special. Rinse off with water. If all are not removed, then the others shoot manually.

  42. Eugene :

    How to call a doctor at home and how much is it?

  43. Karina :

    I contracted lice, I'm 12 years old, I have it in the first. And I was confused, my father went to buy a remedy, it is called parainite spray, it costs 600 rubles. I know it's expensive, but it helps effectively. This spray helped me a lot, I lost all the lice, but there were nits. I combed them with a comb that was in the kit with the spray! I did not want to cut my hair, because I only grew it, but the spray helped me. And the crest still helps, I just noticed lice only the day before yesterday. INSTRUCTION: you need to spray the spray on dry hair, close it with a bag or a rubber cap and wait 15 minutes, then wash it off hair, wash your hair with tar soap, and then comb it out with a comb.

  44. Anonymous :

    Girls, from lice can get rid of tar soap. Apply it abundantly on the head, try not to pass a centimeter at the roots and along the entire length of the hair. Then put the bag on your head and walk for 2 hours with it, then rinse well. There remains a smell, but there will not be lice, but to make the smell disappear, wash your head more often. And a week later repeat the procedure.

  45. Leila :

    Prompt the most effective remedies for these parasites, have been struggling with them for 5 months, and the effect is 0!

  46. Yana :

    Good afternoon. On her daughter tried first Lavanal spray and shampoo, there were constantly insects. Then I bought the shampoo from Hycia, it helped me even worse. Then she tried olive oil on her hair for 30 minutes. Then she combed it well with a scallop, then washed off with water and vinegar and dried her hair with a hair dryer. First time combed out a lot of living lice and nits, and for the second time only 3 nits and everything, the head is clean. I'll repeat the treatment in another day and check it again. So try it! We have long hair, shoulder blades.

  47. Alain :

    There is such a cheap money in the pharmacy - water is cynical. Nits do not kill, but lice are 100%. Just a week later, you need to repeat the procedure, when from the nits will appear small lice.

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