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How and what can kill lice and nits on the head

Рассмотрим несколько эффективных способов, которые позволят убить вшей и гнид на голове, причем сделать это безопасно для здоровья.

Kill lice and kill nits - two tasks that differ significantly in complexity, and it becomes clear usually only in practice. Like, and the drug is effective, and dead insects almost fall off the hair after it, but here are the nits as were, and remain in the hair. And in a week or two of them, young larvae of parasites hatch, and everything starts again ...

Даже после применения, казалось бы, эффективных от вшей средств, всех гнид убить обычно не удается, и из них со временем вылупляются новые личинки.

The matter is that adult individuals of lice and their larvae are quite vulnerable insects, dying from the effects of many insecticides. But nits are louse eggs well protected from negative environmental factors by a dense protective shell and therefore resistant to most pediculicidal drugs.

Гниды вшей защищены особой оболочкой, поэтому убить их не способны даже многие современные средства

So, for example, many modern pediculicidal drugs that ensure the destruction of lice, affect their nervous system and lead to paralysis of the insect with a subsequent fatal outcome. Such a means can penetrate the body of lice through the respiratory tract (spiracles), and into the nervous system itself enter with a blood stream. In nits, the insecticide is not so easy to penetrate, and even dipping the nits into a solution of the same permethrin (a powerful modern insecticide) does not necessarily destroy it.

Даже погруженная в раствор мощного инсектицида перметрина гнида может остаться живой.

Фотография гниды под микроскопом

Therefore, in order to kill nits, one should choose for this purpose such means, which have an ovicidal effect, that is, they poison the louse eggs. Or you can destroy nits mechanically by combing them with a special comb - this, by the way, is not as laborious as it might seem at first glance.

Зачастую густой гребень остается наиболее действенным средством и от вшей, и от гнид

On a note

Means that destroy nits, almost always destroy the adult lice themselves. This means that by correctly choosing a drug to fight parasites, you can kill nits and lice, as they say, with "one stroke". It is important only to carefully read the instructions for such drugs, since many of them have contraindications and if used improperly can be dangerous to humans.

How to kill nits with special medications

Perhaps, the most effective drugs for nits today are nitrates, which are based on organophosphorus compounds. Such substances include, for example, carbofos and chlorpyrifos. Incidentally, the well-known dichlorvos also belong here. It is important only in this case not to confuse it with modern Dichlorfos that have long had nothing to do with the "Soviet" insecticide of the same name (modern Dichlorfos of different brands use safer insecticides from the group pyrethroids).

В состав современного Дихлофоса уже не входят фосфорорганические вещества, как было раньше.

These organophosphate insecticides are generally considered quite toxic to humans. In addition, they often cause various irritations in contact with the skin, and therefore against lice are usually no longer used.

However, carbofos in certain concentrations is still used to kill lice and nits in, for example, the following preparations:

  • Aerosol for lice and nits Para-Plus - here carbofos is part of the preparation together with additional insecticides permetrin and piperonyl butoxide. All these three chemicals have a neuro-paralytic effect on lice, but only carbophos can penetrate through the nitric membrane directly into the body of the larva developing in it. Aerosol is applied to the hair along their entire length, as well as to the scalp, spreading their hair with their fingers. After this, the product should be allowed to stand for 10 minutes and rinse with running water. Аэрозоль Пара Плюс (Para Plus) способен уничтожать гнид и вшей
  • Shampoo Pedilin - based only on carbofos and somewhat more simple to apply than Para-Plus. Pedilin is applied to the hair, like any other shampoo, is aged for about 20 minutes and washed off. During this time the insecticide manages to kill not only lice, but also a significant part of nits. В состав шампуня Педилин также входит карбофос, но использовать его даже удобнее, чем спрей Пара Плюс

It is interesting

The principle of action of carbofos (it is also called malathion) is that it blocks the work of the cholinesterase enzyme, which, in turn, is designed to block the excessive release of acetylcholine. The latter is a neurotransmitter that causes a contraction of muscles when exposed to nerve receptors.

Accordingly, when carbofos blocks cholinesterase, acetylcholine accumulates in the body in significant amounts and causes a reduction (spasm) of the muscles of the insect. Just a few minutes after getting carbofos into the body of a louse, the insect is completely paralyzed, after which it dies pretty quickly.

Карбофос (другое название малатион) способен вызывать быстрый паралич и гибель вшей

And Para-Plus aerosol, and Pedilin shampoo can not only destroy lice and nits, but also lead to the development of side effects. Immediate danger to the human nervous system, carbophos in the composition of these drugs is not, because it is quickly neutralized in the body (in insects such "neutralizing" substances are not produced).

However, both agents can cause allergies and irritations on the skin. For this reason, both Para-Plus and Pedilin are not recommended for the eradication of lice in children under 3 years of age, as well as in pregnant and lactating women.

We destroy lice and nits with folk remedies

To destroy lice and nits, you can also look at folk medicine. Some of them are good in that they are equally dangerous both for adult insects and for their eggs.

Некоторые народные средства вполне можно использовать для уничтожения взрослых вшей и их личинок

Однако далеко не все народные средства способны уничтожать гнид

The disadvantage of many folk remedies for lice is their increased danger to humans, especially when used improperly. For example:

  • Kerosene, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide can literally burn out lice and nits on the hair. But when using them, there is always a significant probability of getting a chemical burn, much more dangerous than the parasites themselves. Hydrogen peroxide, in addition, also discolours hair: it is almost impossible to kill lice on the head with its help without changing hair color. With regard to the use of kerosene - there are cases of its ignition on the head in children when working near the source of an open flame. No less deplorable are the results when little-parent parents incorrectly dilute the vinegar essence and treat the hair with such a solution in the child. Керосин, уксус и перекись водорода эффективно убивают вшей, но могут вызвать серьезные ожоги кожи при неправильном применении.
  • Cranberry juice allows you to loosen the attachment of nits to your hair, but you can not completely kill them. Well shown is the combination of this remedy with combs for combing lice. Клюквенный сок может только ослабить крепление гниды к волосу, но убить ее он не способен.
  • Potemkin water is also toxic to nits, as for lice. Perhaps, it can be considered one of the best folk pediculicidal means: if you carefully watch that the drug does not hit your mouth or nose, it will not cause harm. Чемеричная вода эффективна для уничтожения вшей, но довольно токсична при попадании в желудок.

Means like essential oils and decoctions of various herbs against lice and, especially, against nits are mostly ineffective. Such substances discourage insects, but if parasites have nowhere to go from their heads, they will survive the treatment.

What if ... do not kill the nits?

There is also a very effective approach in which nits are generally ignored, and the effect is only on vulnerable adult lice and their larvae. This treatment is in good agreement with the development cycle of parasites:

  • First, the destruction of lice with the most safe means, for example, based on Dimethicone (Nyuda spray or Paranit), is made - this substance is safe even if accidentally ingested. On the hair, only nits remain alive. Диметикон является жидким силиконом
  • After such treatment, a pause of 10-12 days is maintained, during which time all larvae are excreted from all the nits.
  • Then a repeated procedure is carried out to remove the young generation of lice by the same means. Usually in this case it is possible to kill lice almost completely without the use of especially dangerous preparations.

The minus of this method is its duration, but in general this approach justifies itself.

Safe ways to kill lice

And, finally, you can kill nits and lice in an old fashion, mechanically removing them from your hair. If you use special pediculicidal ridges, this process can be greatly facilitated and accelerated: combs such as NitFree and AntiV comb out more than 90% of lice from hair.

Гребень для вычесывания вшей и гнид AntiV

Благодаря специальным насечкам, гребень Nit Free имеет повышенную эффективность вычесывания вшей и гнид

Remove nits from hair can be, after loosening their attachment to the hair cranberry juice or LiceGuard shampoo, then comb out with a comb over the bath and wash off.

Ослабить крепление гнид к волосам можно с помощью шампуня LiceGuard

Густой гребень поможет вычесать оставшихся на голове вшей и гнид

Also abroad today is actively promoted the method of thermal destruction of lice and nits with special hairdryers, but so far the Russian market has not yet presented equipment for the application of this method.

Специальный фен помогает убивать вшей высокой температурой

And, of course, the easiest and most affordable way to get rid of lice and nits is to destroy their habitat. To do this, simply shave the infected hair. If this approach is possible aesthetically and stylistically, it is more rational and easier to use it.

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  1. Anonymous :

    The trouble! And Ful Marx did not help with his "miracle" crest. All the cat under the tail. We will try the Couple plus, but how? How to comb out all these nits? And my hair is up to the waist ... And my daughter will not let me cut off. Oh, trouble ...

    • Tatiana :

      The couple did not help us at all! He killed lice, of course, but nits almost every day. After the first treatment, I thought that it was over. The next day I look at my head, crawl small, only hatch. Again I worked on this Para-plus. Then, after 4 days, I look - the little ones are crawling again! She again processed ... She did not wait any longer, she cut the child very shortly.

  2. Daria :

    I also had lice. I tried everything, but then I painted my head under my hair color. After that, lice and nits disappeared forever!

  3. Diane :

    Well, it's a misfortune (Everything has been tried in general, nothing has helped: kerosene, vinegar, and ultra pediculum.) We all do it at 1 glance, but the head starts scratching again in a week, and lice appear again. I do not know what to do already, but soon I'll be ashamed of school, when I find it. Tell me, what should I do?

    • Lesya :

      We ourselves with seams and ignorance, what to do, how to destroy them?

    • Natalia :

      In addition to treating the head, you need to make sure that there are no lice on the objects with which the head contacts. This: a hairbrush, hair clips, elastic bands, etc., hats, scarves, clothing collars, hoods, etc., pillowcases, blankets, sheets.

      Clothes should be washed at a temperature of 60 degrees or higher. If the frost in the street (more than -5), then freeze.

      Another option - after the treatment head to wear only those clothes (from the list above), which you did not wear more than 2 days. Lice without food (at room temperature) die of hunger for 2 days. If the temperature is lower, then without food can live longer. All information is on this site. Good luck!

    • Ales :

      Diane, try Capricorn water. My son helped. And other medicines - one continuous garbage.

  4. Tatiana :

    My son brought lice from the village, there are so many of them ... Just tin! The pair plus garbage does not help. I bought Lavanal spray, lice killed lice, but nits are clicked, meaning live :) I comb out with a scallop, it helps, pah-pah, otherwise nothing. The main thing is to remove all nits, but it will take a whole day.

  5. Julia :

    I did not try to get rid of nits. Strongly attached to the hair, and different means do not help. The scallop, too.

  6. Anonymous :

    Help, have eaten.

  7. Anonymous :

    Pediculene-ultra does not help at all, a waste of money.

  8. Anonymous :

    Quench the kerosene

  9. Anonymous :

    Alcohol helped us. We bought in a drugstore, medium hair 2-3 bottles of 100 ml was enough. We douse the head, wrap it with a cap or a packet - the main thing is to seal it, min 20-30 is enough. It works on lice, too, then the main thing is to comb the leftovers. The problem is that it is difficult to withstand the processing process, there's nothing to breathe ... We took a thick tube in our mouth and breathed through it, so the kids will not do. Before that, we tried several shampoos - a waste of time and money.

  10. Irina :

    Try Dichlorvos! Like, it helps))

  11. Anonymous :

    NUDA does not help my daughter, since that summer, when she came from the camp. The lice are coming from somewhere! I'm sick of lice, I can not see them anymore. And Nyuda is only spending money.

  12. Anastasia :

    3 years ago from the camp came with lice, so far we can not withdraw. Where they just come from! Nothing helps. Neither dichlorvos, nor crooked water, nor vinegar, nor kerosene, nor crest, nor cranberry. Straightforward there is no power, ashamed. And in the village, some of the lousy boys are called. Help to get rid!

  13. Rainbow :

    I did not have lice for 12 years. Until the sister went to school and brought them. My mom bought full marx, made 1 time. And the second does not want to, she pofigu, she does not understand the consequences. Suddenly I will die ...

  14. Vetta :

    Fucking lice got it, I can not see them. I would kill the assholes if I could.

  15. Diane :

    The son has infected the whole family, struggling for a month! After 3-4 days, everything repeats. Tried an avalanche, a dust soap, a pair of plus, a special comb. The effect is zero, I'm in a panic.

  16. Anonymous :

    Tried an avalanche - like, they all combed out, all the nits clicked. Then again found nits, washed with shampoo HYGIIA, combed the nits, did not click ... Let's see what happens next.

  17. Vavan :

    And what to believe?

  18. Ziyatdinova Alla :

    Only the dust helped really, that's just where to get it now? Veda shampoo is garbage.

  19. Anonymous :

    Like your tips, flamethrower is the best tool. My cat died because of the dust.

  20. Anonymous :

    Horror! What to do, I tried everything, starting with the most expensive means and ending with a simple tar soap. I scratch my head with this crest every day, I do not tear myself off with a scalp, I tore my hair out more than they themselves, probably on my head. The only thing I have not tried is kerosene - I'm afraid of a chemical burn.

  21. Valencia :

    The best advice for an adult is the coloring of hair (preferably a week later, the emulsion is treated with benzyl benzoate). To the child from 3 years only Benzyl benzoate - to rub an emulsion and to hold 30 minutes. Then treat with a solution of vinegar diluted with water 1 to 3, then rinse (this is to make the nits easier to remove). Then wash with normal shampoo. After a week, be sure to repeat. As for the nits - believe me, until their own hands do not choose, nothing will help (I tried everything). It is necessary to wash all things. All mattresses, cushions vacuum. Do not hesitate to tell people around you - believe me, they may not know that the source of lice can be themselves. Especially it concerns a kindergarten and a school. Good luck!

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