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How to get rid of lice and nits: practical advice and recommendations

Давайте рассмотрим, как правильно избавляться от вшей и гнид, а также какие препараты и методы борьбы с паразитами в волосах наиболее эффективны.

There are several effective ways to get rid of lice and vary in simplicity, accessibility and safety for health. However, first of all, when choosing a particular method for fighting parasites, one must always take into account the age and physical state of the infected child, for example, children are more sensitive to various chemical insecticides, and people who have recently had flu can develop a strong allergic reaction to shampoo from lice. Pregnant in general, many pediculicide drugs are contraindicated.

In addition, it is useful to take into account the laboriousness of the forthcoming procedure. So, combing lice with special combs in small children can be quite feasible task, and the same procedure, but a fluffy curly woman with a scythe to the waist will require a completely different expenditure of time and effort.

Withdrawal of head and pubic lice is always a more labor-intensive task than fighting lice with lice. To get rid of clothes lice, it is enough to thoroughly wash your body and boil all your clothes, on which there may be insects. But getting rid of lice on the body in most cases is much more difficult.

В зависимости от вида вшей, с которыми приходится иметь дело, будут различаться и методы борьбы с ними

On a note

Today you can get rid of lice and nits in one procedure lasting only 1,5-2 hours. With a strong sensitivity of the patient to the means of removing parasites, the process can be stretched into two procedures with a break of 7-8 days. Getting rid of lice using combs requires 5-6 times daily combing, but this method is absolutely safe. If someone offers to quickly get rid of parasites on the head by intensive treatment with folk remedies, this is a counselor, much behind the times.

How to destroy adult lice and larvae?

Below are a few common ways to get rid of lice, each of which has its pros and cons:

  1. You can, for example, shave off that part of the body that was infected. This method has only one drawback: not everyone agrees for two months to part with his image. Girls, girls and women - especially. But for all other parameters, this approach is optimal: lice and nits are removed from the body in a matter of minutes, there is no risk of their appearance in the near future, and there are also no side effects. Бритье волос на голове до сих пор является наиболее эффективным и быстрым способом избавления как от вшей, так и от гнид
  2. The use of agents that lead to the poisoning of lice. Today, there are quite a lot of drugs on sale that are toxic to parasites, but harmless to humans. To get rid of lice and nits with their help, you can and at once, but there is always a risk that the patient, especially - small, will show side effects.

    On a note

    There is a whole set of folk remedies for lice, toxic and for parasites, and for the person himself. This they are inferior to modern drugs, but they win in price. With proper application, they also help to get rid of lice quite quickly, but they should be used with great care.

  3. Use of special combs, allowing to comb out parasites without baiting. This effective way to get rid of lice is laborious and time-consuming. But it is guaranteed not lead to side effects and intoxication. Использование специального гребня для вычесывания вшей - трудоемкий, но вместе с тем безвредный способ избавления от паразитов
  4. Lice treatment by temperature. In this case, you can freeze only parasites on clothes, but you can treat them with special hairdryers on your head and pubic hair. At a high temperature, lice are greatly weakened, some die. After treating the hair with hot air, insects need to be combed with the help of a comb. После обработки волос таким феном вши или погибают, или настолько ослабевают, что их легко можно вычесать гребнем
  5. And, finally, we will mention one more way - access to special detention centers - institutions where people are sanitized, today mostly homeless people. This approach will help quickly get rid of parasites, but is associated with extremely unpleasant procedures for processing and communicating with homeless people.

Different ways to get rid of lice can be combined with each other to enhance the effect of each of them. For example, to rid the child of lice can be by single treatment of hair with a special shampoo and then 2-3 times combing out the hair after that.

Для избавления ребенка от вшей можно скомбинировать инсектицидный шампунь с использованием гребня

На фото покзаны вши, вычесанные из волос с помощью гребня

The only completely self-sufficient way to get rid of lice is shaving your hair. This procedure is most effective in controlling lice and nits.


I had lice in the army. So it was a shame to go on time off - like with the beloved you want to meet, but on your head it. And somehow it's childish. I - to praporu, I say, give me some remedy, he began to laugh. I put him on a chair, took the typewriter and shaved it to zero. I have never been shaved so much in my life, I already scared myself in the mirror. But there was nothing more to look for - no head lice left at all on head. Even the girl in the day off did not say about them, came up with something about the order and the teachings.

Dmitry, St. Petersburg

If the decision is made to get rid of head lice with the help of special pediculicide drugs, it is important to be able to choose the right medicine. Let's talk about this further.

On a note

Get rid of lice, dyed hair, you can not. In general, hair dye has a poisonous effect on parasites, but not all the lice and nits die on the head after this procedure, and the remaining ones multiply quickly and restore the population size.

A certain toxic effect on lice has also hydrogen peroxide, which was previously actively used for bleaching hair.

Means for getting rid of lice

The means that help to get rid of lice in humans can be divided into several types. Each of them has its own set of properties, advantages and disadvantages, and it is necessary to choose them individually, in relation to a specific case.

So, we can distinguish the following main types of funds from lice:

  • Shampoos, most, perhaps, sparing from the means. Some of them can be used for one-year-old children. Help to get rid not only of head lice, but also quite effective against pubic. When choosing for a child, one should look at the contraindications and the minimum permissible age for the application. Very well-known shampoos Pedilin, Parazidoz, Khigiya. It is very useful to combine the use of pediculicide shampoo with subsequent combing of hair with a comb. Педикулицидный шампунь Хигия
  • Sprays from lice are also quite handy in treatment, some of which allow you to get rid of nits. In general, sprays are inferior in safety to shampoos, since they can get into the respiratory tract. Today, one of the most famous sprays from lice is Nyuda spray, which does not contain toxic components, but it is not effective against nits. But the Pedikulen Ultra spray allows you to get rid of lice and nits. The most powerful spray is A-Par, it can not be used to treat the body, and therefore it is used only to get rid of the louse. Спрей Педикулен Ультра поможет избавиться не только от вшей, но и от гнид
  • Creams from lice: according to their effect and effect, they differ little from shampoos, but are slightly more complex in application.
  • Concentrates such as Medifox and Avicine are very strong preparations, can be dangerous if they get rid of lice in your head, not observing the rules of breeding. Концентрат средства от вшей Медифокс
  • Folk remedies - kerosene, vinegar, chinese water , cranberry juice, tar soap. In general, they are much more dangerous to use than modern drugs, but they are quite effective. Kerosene and vinegar can lead to severe skin burns , and so if you decide to get rid of lice on the head of the child with their help, you should carefully study the instructions for the breeding and use of each of these remedies. Чемеричная вода
  • Crests with increased stiffness and frequency of teeth (usually metallic). For one application it is effective to get rid of lice and, especially, from nits, with the help of ridges it is impossible, therefore they need to comb out their hair daily for 5-6 days. Гребень AntiV для вычесывания вшей и гнид

Pediculicidal drugs are applied to the head and hair throughout their length for the period specified in the instructions, sometimes after that the head should be covered with a pack or a kerchief to enhance the effect. After a certain time, the product is washed off and the head is washed with a simple shampoo until the product is completely washed from the hair.


"We, probably, three years selected a means, which you can get rid of lice for good. Have not found: even if all lice and nits withdraw, they can reappear in a week or two. But in general, the most effective, in my opinion - is MediFox, they can even take out linen lice. And the safest - the comb LiceGuard. True, there is a lot of trouble with him, but for the child this is the best remedy. "

Ivan, Volgograd

The photo below shows how you can get rid of lice at home - a child with a shampoo treated with a head simply waits in the bathroom until the parents wash away the remedy:

При избавлении ребенка от вшей, нужно нанести на его голову специальный шампунь, немного подождать и затем хорошенько ополоснуть волосы

And on the special video the whole process is described in detail. Here, in addition, shows how to get rid of lice with the help of a comb:

The average price of the task to get rid of lice is about 500 rubles, and the amount depends largely on the chosen means and the number of patients treated.

It should be remembered that after a single treatment with the majority of pediculicide drugs, the living nits often remain on the head. How to be in this case?

Destroying the nits

Nits are louse eggs. They are particularly resistant to the action of various insecticides, because they do not breathe and can not be poisoned. In addition, the nits are very small, and more often than not combed out completely comb.

От гнид бывает трудно избавиться применением одних лишь инсектицидных средств

However, getting rid of lice eggs is quite possible:

  • For example, by using products containing contact insecticides. These include MediFox, Para Plus , Nittifor and some other drugs.
  • Either combining vinegar with the use of combs - folk remedies corrode the nitus shell and promote their peeling off the hair, after which the nits are combed out with a comb.

But in practice, most nits are still not destroyed. After a maximum of 8 days, larvae are removed from them, and after this period it is important to re-treat the hair with an insecticide.

Getting rid of nits is possible with the help of a comb. At the same time due to regular combing, the most vulnerable eggs come off the hair, and the larvae are removed from the rest, which are also combed out.

To get rid of dry nits it is possible for some weeks, carefully washing hair and combing them with dense combs. The photo shows how little nit is in relation to the hair, and why it's so difficult to get rid of nits with simple combing:

Гниды очень малы по размеру, поэтому даже вычесывание специальными гребнями придется проводить несколько раз


"I went to the forum to find out how to get rid of lice in children, and was frightened. 21 century in the yard, and they are still discussing how to properly apply kerosene. And also about some kind of sobering-up stations, or receivers for homeless people tell. Nightmare. I went to the drugstore, bought Nyuda, twice treated the children, and generally forgot about these parasites. More on the Internet for such advice - not a foot ... "

Antonina, Odessa

In order not to get infected with lice again ...

But quickly and effectively getting rid of lice is only part of the task. It is much more difficult not to pick them up again, especially to the child.

It is important to understand that lice are transmitted only from person to person, and not from animals. In kindergartens, schools, summer camps, parasites quickly spread in the collective, causing massive infections. Yes, and adults become infected with lice quite often - in transport (especially in trains), swimming pools, at various meetings, with sexual acts.

To prevent infection with lice:

  • if possible, avoid large and dense crowds of people
  • do not communicate closely with unfamiliar personalities
  • avoid casual sex
  • Do not use someone else's clothes, hats and toiletry.

Be careful, careful and careful, and let the lice always bypass you and your children side!

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  1. Bolivia :

    And what about Paranit? I would also include it in the list of funds from lice and nits. And we need to do a standard procedure - how to apply the product to the hair along the entire length and the scalp, hold the specified time and comb out the already dead insects from the head with the help of the iron comb attached to the device.

  2. Julia :

    Paranita is a theme. To the child of lice have deduced from the first!

  3. Katya :

    My daughter had lice from somewhere in the winter and I had to fight them. I bought shampoos, balms, etc. in the pharmacy, and combed it with a scallop. First it helped, but not for long. After 2 days she again had lice, I was at a loss - where they are from. We fought for 2 years and recently brought them out. In the summer of 2014 we splashed the head of our daughter with dichlorvos several times, and we took them out. I'm so tired of taking them out, I'll give you advice: this is a true story, listen to me!

    • Lisa :

      I have the same problem: we can not take out lice for a year. Have tried all the drugs, do not help. It's just awful.

      • Aigul :

        Is not it easier then just to shave? That you suffer so much, your hair will then grow back, and even fresh, healthy, strong.

  4. Katya :

    We can not withdraw for 5 years. How to do it? Help or assist, I ask.

  5. Zarini :

    My son also appeared, I can not remove them. Please help me, how can I get rid of such lice?

  6. Camille :

    And I just can not get rid of nits, I do not want to shave either! PLEASE, HELP ME!

  7. Anna :

    Wash shampoo for cats and dogs Meadow. Hold for about 20 minutes and rinse. The procedure is better to repeat 2-3 times every 2-3 days. We did this for 4 years. Effectively very!

  8. Sabila :

    Today I'll shave my daughter's head under the typewriter. It's impossible to get rid of nits. I'm tired. It's good that she is 3 years old. The eldest was taken out. And the runaway runs away, does not allow combing out. From the garden they brought.

  9. Anonymous :

    Has washed shampoo a special head, but all were not deduced. I sleep with the child together, I do not have, I straighten my hair every day with a curd, since curly, so the idea came to straighten her. Perfectly worked, I think, at one time the hair did not hurt much. It remains only to comb combs, tk. remain corpses.

    • Anonymous :

      I too deduced to my daughter's daughter and a hot-air dryer.

    • Lucen :

      Anonymous, you are a genius) Two daughters, the youngest from the garden brought. she does not want to cut at all ((Thanks!

  10. Alina :

    I have already the second year they appear periodically! This is some kind of horror, the child has passed to him, he is only a year old. He was shaved, and painted himself. I'll wait for the result. And dichlorvos is not harmful?

  11. Vanya :

    That's terrible

  12. Faith :

    I can not get rid of lice from daughters. Help, what to do? I will be grateful, thank you in advance.

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    Paranitis is a bullshit, even after 2 times the live remains. So much money for the wind ...

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