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How to get rid of underwear lice

Бельевая вошь - одна из трех разновидностей человеческих вшей

Linen lice are, in a simplistic way, a special kind of lice head, the very ones that almost every child has ever brought on his head from school or kindergarten. In this case, linen lice (scientists call them still dressed) do not live on the head, but are adapted to a permanent life on the clothing of a person. Therefore, in order to get rid of lingerie lice, you need to use a slightly different way than when fighting head lice.

It is interesting

A louse is a product of human civilization. Despite the fact that the louse lice cross with the head lice and are just a form of the same species, they are rapidly evolving into a new species, and the reason for this evolution is just the person. Even the adaptation of these parasites to certain types of tissues is an evolutionarily conditioned behavior of a person - for example, louse-heads do not settle on woolen clothes, as people do not wear such clothes directly on the body.

On the photo below - linen louse in the adult form:

Фотография взрослой бельевой вши крупным планом

Larvae of underwear lice look almost the same as adults, but they are smaller.

Бельевые вши, и особенно их личинки, весьма невелики в размерах

Linen lice are human parasites, they feed exclusively on human blood and can not parasitize other animals. In this case, the louse can not long - longer than a few days - dispense with food, and therefore she lives always in close proximity to the body of her master. Therefore, one of the effective ways to get rid of underwear lice is based on a hunger strike of parasites: if clothes contaminated with lice are not worn for about 7 days, then lingerie lice in it will die from hunger.

Несколько бельевых вшей с личинками и гнидами

Reliably enough from linen lice are protected by those people who have an extensive wardrobe and rarely constantly wear the same underwear. Even if the parasite falls in this case on clothes, it dies of hunger until the host does not put on clothes again.

From the above, it becomes clear why almost always lingerie lice are found on homeless people, vagrants, prisoners and simply declassed elements, who usually wear the same clothes without taking them off for several months. From them and the objects that they use, usually there is infection with lice.

Бельевые вши чаще всего встречаются у тех, кто долго носит одну и ту же одежду, не снимая.

In this dependence of parasites on the proximity of the human body, one of the ways is how to get rid of lingerie lice.

It is interesting

Lice avoid settling on silk clothes, smooth and creaking. Optimum substrates for them are flax and cotton. In the photo below - lice on a normal cotton fabric.

Бельевые вши на ткани

Measures to combat linen lice

Effective and quick control of linen lice is almost always based on poisoning them. However, even before you get rid of lingerie, you need to remove all clothes and wash your body thoroughly with special shampoos - for example, MediFox, NOC, Bubil, Lauri, Veda-2. This will be the initial guarantee that there will not be any left on the body of living insects.


"In 2012 I worked as a volunteer at the heating station in Odessa. I admit: 90% of the public at these points are typical homeless people and drug addicts. Only sometimes local pensioners or employees of nearby collection points for recycling came to visit us. On the second day, we sounded the alarm: a shower was installed on the station, and when all this guards went to take turns taking turns ... In general, nervous people can not look at their things. The chief of the point contacted the sanitary and epidemiological station, and from there the next day brought a few blocks of soap from the lice and the means of the NOC. After that, I bought myself one pack of the NOC, as this is a very powerful remedy for lice, so that in case of anything at home, treat yourself and quickly bring out linen lice. But it was carried by, not infected, and the guests themselves had to literally take out their clothes to boil it with this soap! "

Oksana, Nikolaev

After bathing, you can start processing the laundry from lice:

  • It is enough to boil all the things in any dishes for 15-20 minutes. For reliability in the water, you can add Carbofos or an insecticidal insect repellent containing Permethrin.
  • If only one toilet item is contaminated or there is only a concern about infection, you can safely hang out clothes in the fresh air, preferably in the sun, and not take off during the week. During this time, lice die of hunger, and then the laundry will just be enough to wash.
  • In especially neglected cases, clothes are processed in steam-formalin chambers to eliminate all kinds of pests to get rid of lice. Usually such cameras are used by second-hand merchants, and for ordinary users it is easier (and cheaper) to apply for dry cleaning.

Below in the photo there are several tools that allow you to get rid of underwear lice:

В случае обнаружения бельевых вшей можно постирать одежду с добавлением инсектицидного средства от насекомых Медилис Ципер

Бензилбензоат применяется как против вшей, так и против чесоточного клеща

To fight with linen lice as a whole is easier than with other types of these parasites. At least in this case, you do not need to get rid of parasites on the scalp. But in some cases, the louse of the litters also brings a lot of discomfort.


"We had trouble with the lice in the theater. For one performance invited a local barygu, who, like two drops of water, looked like Newton. Like and washed it, from the drinking-bout for a few days brought, and after he once dressed in the Renaissance dressed, everyone began to itch in it. It turned out that these are lice. I refused to take the requisite in the dry-cleaner, I had to take it home with my own home, wash it with Carbophos (there the material is such that it can not be cooked), and artists - carry out hygienic procedures at home with special shampoos from lice. "

Olga Vasilyevna, Pyatigorsk

Means for processing bed and clothes from lice

The most famous and reliable folk remedy for lice , including underwear, was kerosene - you can soak it in it, you can boil it, and lice perish. However, getting rid of the smell of kerosene on clothes will not be easy. Therefore, today more often resort to a simpler and more modern method - before simple washing clothes are treated with anti-neoplastic drugs.

Treatment of linen from lice is most often performed using the following means:

  • MediFox is a fairly well-known and popular remedy for lice based on permethrin - a strong insecticide, relatively safe for humans.
  • NOC - analogue of MediFox, contains the same poisonous substance.
  • Bubil - shampoo for getting rid of head lice, and copes well with ward lice.
  • Pedilin, the effectiveness is somewhat inferior to MediFox, but also less expensive.

Перметрин в составе Медифокса позволяет эффективно уничтожать вшей

Шампунь Педилин применяют для обработки как головы, так и одежды от вшей


We once poisoned the lice with MediFox, when the small one brought them from the kindergarten. Another time I picked up at school, but we did not find MediFox. Bought Pedilin, he was at times weaker. I had to wash for two or three times until all the lice had rested.

Alexander, Tver

You can also remove linen lice with the help of Carbophos or Microfosa, known insecticidal preparations. Processing linen with them may seem expensive, but it will almost always be effective - both drugs are narrowly directed insecticides of nerve agent.

Сильный инсектицид в составе Карбофоса хорошо действует и в отношении вшей

In the people's struggle against lice, vinegar, turpentine, thick decoctions of tansy and tar soap are also often used. Against nits, cranberry juice is very effective.

Know the enemy in person: how not to confuse lice with other parasites?

It is also very important not to confuse lice with other parasites that can sometimes be found on clothes. From other competitors for our blood, lingerie lice differ in some characteristic features:

  • From lice bugs differ in small size and light body. At the same time, small larvae of bugs are similar to lice, but rarely found on clothes and underwear - they are often found under mattresses and beds (see photo):

У бельевой вши тело светлее и меньше, чем у постельного клопа

Личинка постельного клопа на коже

  • Fleas, in contrast to lice, very fast and jump far. In addition, fleas bite mainly for open areas of the body, and lice - just under the clothes.
  • With small mites, lice can be confused only when they are not counted by the feet. The ticks of the legs have 8, and the lice have only 6. In the photo below, there is a typical ixodid tick.

У клещей, в отличие от вшей, 8 лапок

And here is a photo of a linen louse:

Фото крупным планом: бельевая вошь

Sometimes lice are confused with an itch mite. However, the scab itself with an unaided eye is indistinguishable and does not leave bites on the body - it lives under the skin.

Чесоточного клеща можно рассмотреть только под микроскопом, да и живет он под кожей

Bites of lice themselves are very similar to those of bedbugs and fleas, but almost never form the "chains" characteristic of the last parasites. Treatment of bites of lice is based on the treatment of their antiseptic drugs and the use of antihistamines for the prevention of allergies.

In any case, it is always easier and safer to avoid lice infestation initially, than to think about how to get rid of them. To prevent infection, it is necessary to avoid asocial public, places of accumulation of marginal elements, premises with unsanitary conditions. Clothing purchased from the hands should always be washed at the highest possible temperature. With such prevention measures, the risk of contracting linen lice will be minimal.

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    Goosebumps! Brrr ...

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    It's got kind of nasty, biting me and the baby. What is it - I do not know. He only gnaws at his feet, he does not have the strength to endure. How to deal with them? Help.

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    And we do not live in Russia, we rent an apartment. The husband is on a business trip. At the head of the bed on a snow-white sheet are strewn sooo small insects. 3-4 pcs. I sleep across the bed. The headboard is covered with a cloth. Throw away it is impossible, enough new housing and furniture. Under the contract must pass in this form. For a week I worked the steam from the iron. But the effect is not particularly. Today I bought a spray of some kind. Has filled. Stinks. I've read it all, I'm scratching it ... I sincerely wish all those who faced this problem to solve it as soon as possible.

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    This is a complete tin of these lice ...

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    I live in a hostel, bites me at night something, all hands are bitten and legs. Do not bite anywhere anymore, it itchs and swells. I thought, bedbugs, looked at all the mattresses and bedding, but did not find anything. I do not know what it is, but every day a new bite appears.

  6. What problems :

    Leave the apartment for a month, buy two sets of clothes new, take your passport, laptop and a couple of necessary things - until you are, the whole gad knows that it will die. without blood they live no more than a week, as in this article it is written.

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    I found the same in my head, like, I wash, I always clean the house, but where I came from - I do not even know.

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    I do not know how, but I was also visited by this problem, I would even say, a problem. In general, tin, I come home, it was in the winter, on the street, degrees 25-30. Completely undressed and took out all the clothes on the balcony for three hours, he went to the bathroom, washed himself with the usual means. Then he threw clothes from the balcony into the washer, washed with ordinary powder. Well, everything, as if nothing was not, in full earnest.

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    The child was found out today, his wife combed out 2 hours and spets. Shampoo washed, I hope, these creatures and nits will no longer be.

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    I somehow picked up a louse on the train. Clothes in a microwave oven was put in for 3 minutes and there was no lice.

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    With this problem, I came across a change of water. Sister can not change the water, even in the area, not to mention the city. We live in different cities, and it uses a shampoo for pets when changing water. Wildly, but effectively. Means did not help. You can wash things.

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    In the camp it was impossible to wash the laundry, so I put it in a bag. Two months later I found him - he, it turns out, lay open over the things hanging, contact with other things things in the package did not have. I washed them, and, I think, could they crawl to me or not? Tell me please.

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    Advice: do not pursue cheapness.

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