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How to deal with lice

Рассмотрим несколько практических шагов по быстрой и эффективной борьбе со вшами и гнидами

Lice are significantly different from most other blood-sucking parasites. First of all, the fact that their entire life cycle is on the body of people or their clothes, and they have developed many adaptations in order to survive in different situations in which their hosts fall. In addition, practice shows that if there are lice on your head or pubis, many today only vaguely imagine how to deal with them, which gives extra chances to parasites for rapid multiplication and mass infection of others.

When fighting against lice, it is important to consider their high survivability. So, lice survive a many hours immersion in the water, do not freeze when a person is in the frost for a long time. But the main thing: their eggs - nits - are so firmly attached to hair or clothing that it is not easy to remove them manually or to comb out, and they are much more resistant to insecticides than adult lice and their faces.

Гниды платяной вши прикреплены к ворсинкам ткани

Гниды головной вши так прочно прикрепляются к волосу, что проще вырвать волос, чем оторвать от него гниду

That is why the fight against lice often occurs in two stages.

On a note

It is also important that the entire fight against lice takes place on the human body, which means that the means that are as safe as possible for the infected and effective against lice should be used.

Nevertheless, despite certain difficulties, the fight against lice and nits can now be carried out in a very short time: for this you need only to choose the right drug and be able to use it competently.

This is what we are going to do with you ...

Step 1. Choose the best tool

Means for fighting lice are divided into several types:

  • Pediculicidal shampoos, considered today the most popular for fighting head lice. Most of them can be used for children.
  • Sprays from lice are generally considered more effective than shampoos, but they are more difficult to apply to hair and they often cause side effects. It is most rational to use them against pubic lice. Special technical aerosols are often used also for the treatment of clothing that is contaminated with linen lice.
  • Creams from lice - in addition to their consistency, do not differ significantly from previous types of remedies. It is worth saying that there are not so many pediculicide drugs in the form of creams.
  • The combs from lice are remarkable because they have no contraindications and do not cause any side effects. Simply put, lice are simply combed out by them. However, combating lice and nits with the help of combs requires a considerable time and effort. In many cases, the ridges are used as an additional way to increase the efficiency of the remaining means.
  • And, finally, folk remedies for lice , among which dangerous, but effective - kerosene and vinegar, - less dangerous but more difficult to access - chicken water and cranberry juice - and very ineffective type of citric acid and garlic mask. It is interesting to note that in some villages lice and prayer are still actively practiced.

Спреи, в состав которых входит перметрин, весьма эффективны в борьбе со вшами

Педикулицидное средство в виде крема - Безилбензоат

For children, it is best to choose a combination of shampoo and comb. For people with very sensitive skin, asthmatics and allergies - just combs from lice. With limited financial resources, people's means can be used, but at the same time act with extreme caution.

On a note

No matter how numerous the different methods of combating lice and how many supporters they have, the most effective option has always been to remove hair on the infected part of the body. At the same time there is no risk of side effects, and the procedure itself does not require serious financial costs.

Step 2. Destroy adult lice and larvae

Fighting lice and larvae is usually more simple (and effective) than fighting with nits, and the stage of the destruction of insects takes no more than an hour and a half.

Самих вшей, в отличие от гнид, уничтожить достаточно просто

Depending on the means of the procedure is carried out in different ways:

  • When using shampoo, the head is first washed with a simple shampoo, after which the shampoo from the lice is applied to wet hair. The remedy should be kept on the head for a certain time specified in the instructions. Then the shampoo is washed off, and the head is thoroughly washed with running water.
  • Sprays are applied to dry hair until they are completely wet. They keep on the head strictly according to the instructions, then they are washed off.
  • Creams are usually applied to slightly damp hair and carefully rubbed into the skin.
  • The rules for using folk remedies are different, but in most cases they last longer on hair than specialized insecticides.

To improve the effectiveness of funds in the fight against lice, it is desirable to cover the head with a headscarf, a plastic bag or a swimming cap after applying the drug to the hair. However, for some means, such a shelter is unacceptable, and this is additionally indicated in the instructions.

Нужно или нет накрывать голову шапочкой при борьбе со вшами, скажет инструкция к препарату

On a note

Practically all the folk methods of combating lice involve the concealment of the head. When using kerosene and vinegar, especially in children, every few minutes, check the skin condition to prevent the occurrence of burns.

It is necessary to fight with lice using the comb by diligently combing the strands of hair from the root itself. To do this, usually used special hard and thick metal combs. Some of them are supplied complete with shampoo or spray. As a rule, all lice are combed out for three to four days of procedures.

Вычесывать вшей с волос лучше всего при помощи специального гребня

Вычесать вшей и гнид, ослабленных после применения педикулицидного средства, можно за несколько раз

The fight against warding lice requires the application of funds to the infected things and the packing of sprayed items in packages for several hours. Effective for removing parasites is also the washing of things at temperatures above + 60 ° C or hanging clothes for frost (below minus 10 ° C).

Step 3. Remove the dead and surviving lice and part of the uncovered nits

At this stage, dead and weakened insecticide lice are mechanically removed from the head, as well as those nits whose attachment strength to the hair has been reduced by the means. This stage of the fight with lice and nits is done with the help of special combs. The usual plastic or wooden comb for this procedure is not suitable, because the distance between their teeth is too large, and they do not comb out the nits.

Не стоит пытаться бороться со вшами и гнидами обычной расческой - ее зубья абсолютно не подходят для этого

On a note

Completely remove nits often do not help even special combs - between the teeth and they slip individual eggs. Nevertheless, in practice it turns out that after a few combs the lice on the head completely disappear.

To comb out hair it is necessary right after processing by their pediculicidal means and some more times within the next three-four days. Such control measures against lice in 95% of cases allow avoiding repeated hair treatment with an insecticide.

The ridges with long teeth were the best ones. Wide ridges with a short blade in practice give a less pronounced effect. But there is no statistically proved evidence that special electric ridges destroy lice more effectively than simple ones.

Практика показывает, что электрические гребни не намного эффективнее по сравнению с обычными в борьбе со вшами

To comb the lice follows the bathroom or a white sheet spread out, so that after the procedure, it is easy to wash off the parasites with water or shake it out into the toilet.

Step 4. We are getting the parasites finally

In severe infection, fighting with lice usually requires re-treatment of the affected area. To do this, after 8-10 days, the second step of the whole procedure is repeated.

The need for this step is usually due to the fact that not all nits are destroyed during the first treatment, and larvae are removed from the survivors within a week. They are also destroyed by re-treatment.

Для полного уничтожения вшей лучше всего провести повторную обработку

If a two-fold processing is initially planned, the comb for combing can not be used.

On a note

Some shampoos and sprays have an ovicide effect, that is, they destroy both nits and lice. They are usually very expensive and quite aggressive. Among them, for example, is Pedikulen Ultra on an alcohol basis.

In the description of this or that remedy, it is always indicated whether it destroys nit.

Средство Педикулен Ультра

After this step, only empty shells from old nits can remain on the head. They quickly enough crumble with regular washing of the head.

Step 5, preventive. Avoid infection with lice

All measures to combat lice may not be useful if you correctly and consistently avoid infection with these parasites. To do this, you should:

  • avoiding people with obvious signs of pediculosis - constantly combing the head, having white dots on the hair, clearly not observing the rules of hygiene
  • not to use other people's things, headdresses, combs
  • avoid casual sex
  • be cautious in public places
  • in swimming pools use a swimming cap
  • Watch out so that children do not play with dysfunctional peers.

Для профилактики педикулеза старайтесь не контактировать с людьми, у которых явно имеются вши

If these measures are observed, infection is unlikely to occur, and you will not have to fight against lice. Nevertheless, even if you omit one or two steps in the above instructions, lice can still be withdrawn. But it will take a lot of effort and time, and sometimes - more procedures. Therefore, it is most reasonable to act consistently, comprehensively, once and for sure.

Be healthy!

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