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Remedy for lice Ful Marx

В комплект для борьбы со вшами Фул Маркс входит не только сам раствор, но и удобный гребень для вычесывания вшей и гнид

Full Marx from lice is a set of two drugs, each of which complements the action of the other and provides the maximum effect in the fight against parasites. Feedback on this kit, which includes insecticide solution from lice and a special comb, indicate that this combination is generally quite effective and requires less time to fight head lice than any other remedy used alone.

It is not surprising that, despite the relatively high price, Full Marx (also called FullMarks) from lice is considered today as one of the most purchased imported anti-pediculosis drugs.

Средство Фул Маркс подходит для детей от 5 лет

Раствор Фул Маркс от вшей


"For three years, while the child goes to school, probably tried all the means from lice. It's a nightmare of some sort. While living in Germany, did not even know that such a misfortune exists. First we took shampoos, but they have to be used twice with a break in a week. Once they tried to buy a special comb. A very good thing, but it's troublesome to her. We must comb out the child carefully for a minimum of three days, then squeeze or pour all these parasites into the toilet bowl. But if you combine these funds, it turns out cool. Today even such a complete set is sold, FullMarks, very convenient - it has a special gel and a comb. If you use the instructions, then the lice are displayed faster and easier all ".

Daria, Syktyvkar

Products Full Marx - comb and pediculicide solution

The complete set of FullMarks from lice includes an oily pediculicide solution and a special hard, frequent crest.

Гребень FullMarks для вычесывания вшей и гнид можно также приобрести отдельно

Their joint use ensures a reliable destruction of the population of lice on the head and the prompt timely removal of both dead and simply weakened parasites and most of the nits from the hair.

Именно сочетание средства от вшей и последующее вычесывание насекомых и гнид из волос дает особенно сильный эффект при борьбе с паразитами

Practice shows that when using only pediculicide solutions or shampoos, only adult lice and nymphs die. On nits, most insecticides do not work, because the poison does not penetrate the egg through the protective shell.

And if during the first processing of the head adult adults die, then in a few days larvae are hatched from the nits, which are quite capable of giving rise to a new population of head lice. Therefore, a few days after the first treatment, the head needs to be reworked in order to get rid of newly appeared larvae.

Через несколько дней после обработки волос средством Фул Маркс стоит провести еще одну такую процедуру для профилактики

The use of combs alone for combating lice is very laborious because of the high tenacity of parasites and the inability to comb out all lice, and even more so firmly adhered to the nits' hair at a time. Therefore, the comb has to comb out the hair for 4-7 days for complete removal of lice.

On a note

No comb allows you to completely comb out the nits from the hair . In size, nits hardly exceed the diameter of the hair itself and therefore easily slip between the teeth of the crest.

A set of Full Marks from lice allows you to obtain multiple amplification of the effect due to the simultaneous use of an insecticidal drug and a comb. After applying the solution from hair, it is easy to comb out dead lice and those that are still alive, but weakened due to intoxication.

После обработки раствором Фул Маркс значительная часть вшей гибнет, а выжившие сильно ослабевают

На фото - головная вошь на волосах

In addition, the components of the solution included in the set of Full Marx, soften the substances, due to which nits are held on the hair, which greatly facilitates their combing comb.

The testimonies indicate that due to this effect, it is possible to completely get rid of lice in about three days or in two steps.

For sale, there is both a solution and a spray for applying funds to the head. Their effectiveness is approximately the same, but the spray is more convenient to use in accordance with the instructions than the solution.

Спрей Фул Маркс более удобен в использовании, чем раствор, но работать с ним нужно особенно аккуратно


"They used FulMarks from lice once. In general, it is convenient, but there are also drawbacks. The solution itself is not comparable in effectiveness to Para-Plus or MediFox. After processing the child's hair and half an hour of sitting with a package on his head, half of the lice are still alive. But the comb is cool, he combs lice better than AntiV. I do not know how they can comb out curly hair - it's too thick, but our Andryusha used it quite easily. Even such small lice were combed out, which you can not even see on your head. A large half of the nits are removed. Another disadvantage is that the solution is oily and does not wash off the hair. Five times you need to wash your head with shampoo for oily hair, and then only the next day your hair will be the same. But in general I liked the complete set of Full Marx. "

Alain, Alma-Ata

Composition and principle of action of the Full Marx solution

Remedy for lice Ful Marks is an oily solution of Cyclomethicone - a volatile silicone, which, getting into the body of lice, blocks their respiratory tract and leads to the death of parasites. Additionally, the composition of the drug includes Isopropyl myristate, designed to reduce the fat content of the lotion.

В составе раствора Фул Маркс - циклометикон и изопропилмиристат

The product has practically no contraindications. The main active ingredient of it is not toxic to humans, it is not absorbed through the skin in the blood and does not affect the health of the hair (you only need to consider that at first, after treatment, the hair may seem fat). At the same time, the oils that make up the product help moisturize the skin and increase its elasticity.


My oldest daughter went to a summer camp and brought lice from there. Her hair is long, you can say "before the priests." When I discovered them, my first reaction was a real panic! What to do, late evening in the yard, pharmacies are all closed, and indeed what to buy?

I went online and read reviews. There are a lot of "custom-made" opinions about some kind of miracle crest. Already closer to the morning I stopped on the preparation of FUL MARX.

I found it right away in the first pharmacy, although there were doubts that it was not sold in our city. Has bought or purchased at once 2 vials or flasks - for the daughter, on me and on the grandmother. There, the comb immediately comes complete, with iron teeth and very comfortable.

The drug is oily, but it is then washed off normally. All the lice that were combed out were dead. On long hair, combing was very long and painstaking, but it did not take anybody else to repeat the treatment.

Now we sometimes use that comb for preventive combing. It is sold separately for 40 rubles.

Instructions for removing lice by means of Full Marx

In accordance with the instruction, use the FullMarks tool to remove lice as follows:

  1. First you need to comb dry hair and get rid of tangled curls.
  2. Then apply to dry hair a solution of Full Marx, carefully rub it into the hair along the entire length. Typically, this requires about 50 ml of the solution, but for very thick and long hair the dose can be increased.
  3. Hold the hair in the treated condition for about 10-15 minutes. It is advisable at this time to cover the head with a kerchief or a plastic bag.
  4. Then you need to comb the hair from the roots with the comb of Full Marx. It is best to do this on individual strands, separating them from the pre-tightened rubber band, if it is possible to make their length.
  5. After combing, it remains to wash the solution with shampoo. If necessary, rinsing is carried out several times.

Гребень Фул Маркс от вшей

A week later Ful Marx comb should re-comb his hair and check for lice. If there are nits or small larvae on the crest, the procedure should be repeated. However, with a careful first treatment in this often no longer there is a need.

Contraindications, side effects and precautions

Solution from lice Ful Marx has no contraindications. In rare cases, it may cause allergic reactions of the body. In such situations, further use of the solution should be discarded.

Если кожа склонна к аллергическим высыпаниям, то Фул Маркс надо использовать с осторожностью

If the solution gets into the eyes, they should be rinsed with clean water.

It is important to remember that the Ful Marks solution is not a shampoo. When using it, you should not smoke, and the treatment itself should be done away from the source of open flame.

Prices and Ways to Buy a Remedy for Lice Marks

Today you can buy a pediculicide kit Ful Marks in online stores. Sometimes it is delivered in small lots to pharmacies in large cities, but it usually does not occur in them.

The price of Ful Marx from lice is:

  • about 40 rubles per crest
  • 300 rubles per 100 ml solution vial
  • about 420 rubles for a 150 ml bottle of spray.
  • A combination of a solution and a comb costs about 330 rubles.

Полный комплект средства Фул Маркс

When buying through online stores should check that instead of the solution the seller accidentally did not send the spray, and vice versa.

Keep drugs Full Farm should be where they do not reach children. It is undesirable to store the solution at too low temperatures. Shelf life is 3 years, the comb can also be used until it breaks.

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  1. Anonymous :

    It is necessary to try, I think, will work.

  2. Tatiana :

    How can I order this product?

  3. May :

    I advise you to buy a comb Anti.

  4. Olga :

    Does the spray Full Max help the baby?

    • Elizabeth :

      Helps, even as it helps, my daughter had 3-4 times already, used it, very effective.

  5. Sandu :

    My daughter was 2 years old, she found lice in her morning, she decided with her husband and shaved nalyso, and started with me. Full Marx bought at a pharmacy for 1400 tenge. And she did not regret it. After the procedure according to the instructions, I was just terrified of what I saw, I'm still shaking. Very well helped, the first time, and I wonder - how many times can I treat my head in one day?

  6. Irina :

    Today I tried it. So many combed small lice, well, and nits were. Nightmare. It seems that the tool is nothing, the comb is good.

  7. Anonymous :

    My daughters were also brought from the camp, we must try.

  8. Alina :

    I also bought this product for 270 rubles. Found out lice half a year ago, the remedy helped. But a year later my head began to itch again. Checked the crest - and again these lice. I was not at a loss, because I had half a bottle of this remedy. And today I plan to repeat the procedure.

  9. Veronica :

    I want to buy it, but I do not know how reliable it is. I have a week's medical examination. I want to ask: can I get rid of them from 1 application?

  10. Elvira :

    My daughter went to school this year in first grade. She never faced lice, but a few days later my daughter brought a gift in the form of lice. Was terrified of what he saw, it's good that there were not enough, several pieces, but the nits were already enough. I bought the full marks tool, it helped from the first time, so I advise.

  11. Mandarin :

    Read about the tool, I want to buy. I have not been able to kill lice with "Paranitom" for half a year already, so the cat would not get infected!

    • Xenia :

      Do not worry, pediculosis is an exceptionally human disease, cats have fleas, so you will not get it from you.

  12. Adele :

    In the second grade, my daughter brought lice from school. I was horrified, she in fact and younger has infected! I went to the drugstore and bought "Full Marks", dealt, combed my comb. And the first time it helped! Fortunately there was no limit. But now, two years later, my daughter contracted from a friend. "Full Marks" in our city is expensive, tried to get out kerosene. For several days I was like ... and again. Again, flooded, and all over again! The poor oldest all summer the hair smelled of kerosene. Then they started using Dichlorvos, it helps, only the comb is lost, but I can not find it in pharmacies. But dichlorvos also helps and it is cheaper. So it's also an option, the main thing is that you do not get into your face, well, there in your eyes, in your mouth. But this, of course, by itself. So, as I said, he is also an option!

  13. Marina :

    Very good and effective remedy. At the daughter have got rid of lice for one reception. I recommend to all.

  14. Irina :

    Means good, I do not argue. But to wash it off is quiet horror! I washed the baby's head 7 times with shampoo, and then it's left! In the morning, washed 3 more times.

  15. Masha :

    Guys, help, how to wash this fat off your hair? I am in a panic, such fat hair, 5 times exactly washed with shampoo, does not help.

  16. Irina :

    Awesome tool, I at one time to my daughter removed all nits with a comb, well, louse by itself. Such a head was clean, my joy was no limit. Already tired of fighting these bastards, like the summer, so you have a surprise mom)) We were advised in the pharmacy, bought and did not regret, there is still a remedy, so if something happens, we will get rid of it very quickly.

  17. Natalia :

    Today they discovered a gift from a kindergarten, a panic ... Last year there was an epidemic of pediculosis in the garden, but somehow it turned out that this year, apparently, no. Last year, I bought a full Marx just in case. Has processed herself, and daughter and husband. The nits were removed easily after treatment and one dead louse. Hair, of course, after the treatment was greasy, soap three times. Then I remembered the remedy for AOS dishes, went washed, my hair soft, fluffy and not greasy. About the effect of the means until I can not say, we'll see in a week.

  18. Natalia :

    Excellent result, helped with the first time, I advise))

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