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Is it possible to withdraw lice and nits Dichlorvos

Попробуем разобраться, есть ли риск для здоровья при выведении вшей и гнид с помощью Дихлофоса и насколько эффективно это средство в данном случае.

It may seem strange, but many infected people think about using Dichlorvos for lice and nits. Usually in such situations, dichlorvos is used only in three cases:

  1. When a person does not even suspect that the product can be dangerous to use when applied directly to the hair and skin.
  2. And also when a person does not trust other means with more modern names and actions directed specifically against lice, or are already disappointed in their use.
  3. And, as practice shows, when Dichlorfos is banally called any insect repellent, requiring spraying. Including special pediculicidal sprays.

По старинке многие называют Дихлофосом любые аэрозольные средства от паразитов и спреи.

In fact, the same Dichlofos, who was poisoned with cockroaches and bedbugs in the midst of Khrushchev's thaw, is currently not on sale : named after the organophosphorus active substance, this drug proved to be less effective and more toxic than pyrethroids, which were later launched into production. As a result, true dichlorvos ceased to be produced for a long time, and current preparations with the same name contain completely different insecticides.

В современных Дихлофосах вместо фосфорорганических инсектицидов используются более безопасные пиретроиды.

On a note

If, under the word "Dichlophos", which today has become a household name, is simply a sprayed drug with an insecticide filling, especially a special spray from lice like Nyuda or Paranita, then this kind of "Dichlofos" from lice can and should be used. We will not dwell on the description of these facilities - they are described in detail in the relevant articles on our website (see "How to get rid of lice"). Next, we will talk about drugs that have the actual inscription "Dichlophos" on the package.

Спрей для выведения вшей и гнид Паранит

Use Dichlorvos from lice is a big adventure. This drug, although it has no pronounced toxic properties for humans, however, when ingested on the skin or inside the body (especially in the respiratory tract) can cause severe side effects.

Попадая на кожу и в дыхательные пути, Дихлофос способен причинить здоровью человека даже больший ущерб, чем сами вши.

That's why even the treatment of dichlorvos should be carried out in personal protective equipment (respirator, rubber gloves).

To put it on the body is strictly prohibited , and if the user violates this instruction, then takes full responsibility for the consequences only on himself.


"I picked up the lice in the village. Summer, two months of rest, discos, you spend the night not clearly where and it is not clear with whom. In general, a week before he left as he saw this muck, he already sat down. They also itch wildly. Pharmacy for the whole village alone, and in it to say that he picked up lice, ashamed. I bought it at the hardware store Dichlophos, said that it was a type from cockroaches. I did not know whether it was possible to poison lice with Dichlorvos, but I thought that if he takes other parasites, it means that he will take these too. I went with him to the shower, splattered and began to wait. I do not know how the lice, but I sprinkled right away from him and sneezed even more wildly. Her skin reddened and began to burn. Although he does not stink of Dichlorvos, because a new one. I soon washed it off, there really was less lice. A couple of days, everything was very hot, then it passed, but a rash appeared on my stomach. The result - Dichlorvos from lice helps, but it's very unpleasant for them to remove. It's impossible to pour it on his head. "

Ilya, Saratov

Different Dichlorvos - different compositions

Old Dichlophos, smelly and demanding a few days to ventilate the apartment, has long been a thing of the past. Present Dichlorfos smell practically do not have.

Некоторые современные Дихлофосы практически не имеют запаха

The reason for this is different active substances of these preparations:

  • Classical dichlorvos contained, as an active ingredient, a dichlorphos-organophosphorus compound, capable of penetrating the insect's chitinous cover into the interior of the organism and affecting its nervous system. The same compound caused allergies, severe poisoning and nervous disorders in people who were inhaled in large quantities with the drug.
  • Dichlorvos Eco contains cypermethrin and natural pyrethrins - substances extracted from Dalmatian chamomile flowers. Together with them the composition of the drug includes lavender flavor, which provides a pleasant smell of the product itself. В составе Дихлофоса Эко - циперметрин и приятные ароматизаторы
  • Modern Dichlophos Neo also retained from its predecessor only a famous name that does not require advertising. It contains in its composition piperonyl butoxide, permethrin and cypermethrin - three effective insecticides, affecting the nervous system of the insect, but relatively safe for humans and not having a persistent unpleasant odor. В составе Дихлофоса Нео сразу три инсектицида, при этом средство не имеет сильного запаха

Инсектициды в составе современных Дихлофосов довольно эффективны против взрослых особей вшей и личинок.

However, even Dichlophos Neo and Dichlophos Eco require great care in handling. When they are used indoors, personal protective equipment should be used, and if they get on the body, rinse them thoroughly (if necessary, consult a doctor). Therefore, before deducing lice Dichlorvos, you should carefully weigh all the pros and cons.

Efficacy of dichlophos from lice

Against the lice sold today, Dichlophos really effective. All modern versions of the drug contain substances that in one way or another affect the nervous system of insects and cause complete paralysis. And this happens all in a few minutes.

Новые инсектициды вызывают быстрый паралич и гибель насекомых

Moreover, any Dichlophos is produced primarily as a means for treating premises, and therefore the concentration of insecticides in it is much higher than in pediculicide shampoos and sprays. Accordingly, when treating the body, dichlophos, in general, helps the lice faster and more efficiently than special agents, which to some extent contributes to its fame as a non-standard means against lice . However, always remember the potential danger of high concentrations of insecticides for the person.


"We came for the children to my mother, and they have both heads, like the balls - shaved naked. Began to find out, it turned out, picked up from someone from the village lice. Terrible, of course, but my mother in the old manner tried to sink them with Dichlorvos. Sasha does not have anything, and the Theme has a rash all over the neck and back. I asked, they say, the lice at least withdrew? It turned out that no. Well, in order not to fool, dad of both of them was a typewriter and cheated. "

Maria, Volgodonsk

But from nits Dichlophos does not help at all. All components of modern versions of the drug do not have a toxic effect on them and can not penetrate through the protective shell of nits.

А вот против гнид Дихлофос будет бессилен

Like many specialized pediculicides, Dichlorvos acts only on adult insects and their larvae.

Why not use dichlorvos against lice?

Despite the fact that Dichlorfos can indeed remove lice, it can not be used for these purposes for safety reasons.

As active substances, dichlorvos contain sufficiently strong insecticides in concentrations that allow it to be effective even against fleas in open spaces. If they get into the respiratory tract or the digestive tract of a person, these substances can cause poisoning, the appearance of a rash on the body, dizziness and vomiting.

Сыпь на теле - лишь одно из последствий, которые грозят при попытке вывести вшей с помощью Дихлофоса

In some cases, when applied to a particularly sensitive skin, insecticides lead to a pronounced allergic reaction, itching and prolonged irritation. Perhaps even the development of generalized allergy with an increase in lymph nodes, an increase in body temperature and fever.


"As I saw my daughter's lice, went immediately to the pharmacy, they showed me several funds for 250-300 rubles. I was taken aback, and the apothecary told me that, they say, Dichlorfos can be used to drain them. I remembered how we travnulis a couple of years ago with her husband, when Dichlorvos bugs were taken out, so immediately bought a special shampunchik for 260 rubles and did not take risks. "

Lilia, St. Petersburg

At the same time, the same substances that are part of Dichlorvos , only in lower concentrations, are contained in many special means from lice, highly effective, but at the same time safe and intended for both adults and children.

Alternatives to dichlorvos: safe and effective remedies for the same money

The main advantage of dichlorvos in comparison with other means from lice is its low price. About 60 rubles per bottle, which if desired and due adventurism can be treated by an entire family - it's very inexpensive.

For example, based on permethrin lotion Nittifor is about 250 rubles per bottle for 115 ml. But at the same time the concentration of permethrin itself is lower in it than in the same Dichlorfos Eco, and therefore, with proper treatment of the head, Nittifor in most cases does not cause side effects.

Ниттифор - гораздо более безопасная альтернатива Дихлофосу.

But close to the powerful Dichlorfos Neo, the Para-Plus aerosol (it contains permethrin, piperonyl butoxide and malathion) costs about 400 rubles per 115 ml bottle. This remedy is quite effective against lice and nits and is much safer than dichlorvos: Para-Plus can be used even for children with a minimal risk of complications.

Аэрозоль ПараПлюс - уничтожает вшей и гнид

In any case, if possible, you should opt out of Dichlorvos and prefer a special remedy for lice. And even if there is no choice, it's best to not use dichlophos from lice, but just shave off your hair or remove parasites from any of the folk recipes.

To the record "Is it possible to withdraw lice and nits Dichlorvos" left 18 comments.
  1. Victoria :

    The daughter from the kindergarten has brought lice, I am tormented for two weeks, I can not withdraw, only I myself picked up. Tried and Para Plus, and Paranit, and folk remedies, and combed the comb, all is useless. One hope for Dichlophos has remained!

    • Nastasya :

      Tried with dichlorvos? Withdrew?

    • Anonymous :

      Well, did you still get dihlophos?

    • Meronova Victoria :

      Did it help?

    • Anonymous :

      My child had the same problem. Have tried a lot of shampoos and emulsions from yours. Nothing helped. Dichlorvos Neo helped with two times, the interval of 3 days. There was no allergy. But at all an organism different.

  2. Anonymous :

    Yeah, we, too, brought these creatures from the camp, now I do not know how to get rid of them. Here too I think about Dikhlofos. Daughters 3.5 years old, she has atopic dermatitis, and now I do not know how to be. Is dichlorvos applied or not?

  3. Svetlana :

    What an abomination these lice are!

  4. Anonymous :

    Do not use dichlorvos on children! To me 24 years, has tried already practically everything, beginning from chemist's agents, and finishing with peroxide of hydrogen. Vinegar 9%, kerosene is pure - all these means burns, then the skin slices. And shaved off everything under the machine, I still can not get rid of it! Lice caught in the sauna, though pubic. I can not almost get out the year already. I'm testing dichlorvos today! Already I can say, this is a terrible tool, everything burns, that I can not even fall asleep.

  5. Anonymous :

    Today tried Dichlofos Neo, everything is fine, nothing burns.

  6. Margot :

    Yes, dichlorvos is a horror, somehow you do not want to go bald! ))

  7. Julia :

    Almost 2 years ago, lice were dyed with dichlorvos neo, my daughter's hair was thick. At once everything disappeared on the same day, you just need to cover your skin so that there is no irritation.

  8. X :

    Do not listen, dichlorvos helps.

  9. Anya :

    Dichlorvos or liquid soap with kerosene 50/50. And it is necessary to wrap your head. It helps 100%. Even all nits are dead.

  10. Anna :

    Caught my sister, and she - on the robot. Tried different means, did not help. Dichlorvos decided to try, sprinkled, everything is fine, it does not burn, lice die, skin is fine.

  11. Anna :

    Modern dichloride does not help. Lice, of course, kills, but the nits and remain healthy and zhivehonkimi. I tried dichlorvos with the smell of lavender, then dichlorvos without a smell, then I washed vodka into my hair, and then it was crooked water. And the nits after repeated treatment are still alive and healthy. And in Soviet times, from Soviet lice, dichlorvos were disposed of at one time, and the nits after it were all dead.

  12. Elena :

    I poisoned with drugs from the pharmacy, shampoos, sprays different, a week every day. Peroxide of 3%, then diluted with vinegar, held an hour, one by one, and squeezed nits. I washed the bed, clothes, then I still found live lice on my head, but there were also dead ones. Squirted dichlorvos and held under the package for 40 minutes, my head burned. Then, washing off, terribly stank, again I found one living. I'm horrified, how can an insect survive from dichlorvos? Now, at night, she sprinkled her hair with a triple cologne, under the bag. I will every night to sprinkle with vinegar or cologne, you can still spirits. One pleases - they are already less.

  13. Oksana :

    When I was 12 I brought it from the countryside, in the 90s, you will not run very far. Mom sprinkled dichlorvos into the water (three times she cried) and washed my head with it. I was helped from the first time, but I think that it's not worth trying on very young children.

  14. Medina :

    Dichlorvos helps! I myself cleaned my niece's head. Just need to use it carefully, it helped us the first time.

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