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How to get rid of lice

Quick disposal of lice and nits at home for 1 procedure: enough already to suffer!
Быстрое избавление от вшей и гнид на дому за 1 процедуру: хватит уже мучаться!

Sometimes people for months can not get rid of lice and nits in the hair: it would seem that a variety of pediculicidal drugs from the pharmacy have already been tried, and even folk remedies like kerosene and vinegar, but nothing helps. Why it happens? And, most importantly, how to get rid of parasites? In fact, today this problem is solved quite simply - you can get rid of lice and nits very quickly, in just 1 day, even without leaving your home. We will continue to talk about how to do this ...

Application of anise oil for removing lice
Применение анисового масла для выведения вшей

Anise oil is sometimes used as a famous folk remedy for lice. However, physicians are very skeptical about its use against parasites: this remedy does not have pronounced anti-parasitic activity. However, this does not interfere with the use of anise oil in everyday life by many people to get rid of lice, as well as when trying to get rid of nits in the hair. On whether it makes sense to use anise oil with these objectives, we will continue to talk ...

About pubic lice and treatment of them with modern drugs
О лобковых вшах и лечении от них с помощью современных препаратов

Pubic lice are inferred by about the same set of tools and methods that are effective in combating head lice. But there are pubic lice and its specific features, because of which the standard methods of dealing with head lice need to be slightly adjusted, in order to surely remove lice from the genital areas. Next, we will take a closer look at what the treatment for pubic lice should be and what you need to know in order to bring them out quickly and with minimal effort.

Does tea tree oil help against lice and how to apply it?
Помогает ли масло чайного дерева от вшей и как его применять?

Among the folk remedies there are many of those who really want to use against lice. For example, essential oils - they smell good, improve the condition of the hair and scalp in general, and at the same time, according to rumors, it is extremely unpleasant for lice. It is not surprising that some housewives who have accidentally infected with lice or have infected children prefer to treat them with tea tree oil or its analogs instead of using smelly kerosene or vinegar. But is tea tree oil really as effective against lice as it is being said? ..

Can I use dust soap from lice and nits
Можно ли применять дустовое мыло от вшей и гнид

Dustov soap from lice - it is about him that grandmothers often remember when grandchildren bring them from school the full head of swarming parasites. And it is against derust soap that all dermatologists and parasitologists of the country are actively protesting today: the remedy is effective, but it is so rich in contraindications that it is easier to find a replacement for it than to remove lice without consequences. So is it possible to use dust soap to combat lice, how people respond to it and what precautions you need to follow - try to figure it out together ...

Combs for combing lice and nits
Гребни для вычесывания вшей и гнид

Combs from lice are becoming more and more popular. No matter how difficult and time-consuming their use, a significant number of people trust these funds more than any modern pediculicidal shampoos and sprays. Let's try to figure out how effective the combs are when combing lice and nits, and whether it is possible with their help in a relatively short time to completely remove the parasites from the hair.

How to get lice and nits: a review of effective methods and means
Как вывести вшей и гнид: обзор эффективных методов и средств

A rare parent is not faced with the problem of infecting a child with lice. And adults themselves often catch these parasites. Lice and nits are found in the hair not immediately, but only after breeding and when they begin to cause serious anxiety with their bites. It is always necessary to remove lice immediately after their detection: a child with lice will not be allowed to go to kindergarten or school, and the parasites themselves do not allow to sleep, they cause allergies and may even be sources of serious infections. And here's how to properly display lice and fight nits in the hair, we will continue with you and talk in more detail ...

How and what can kill lice and nits on the head
Как и чем можно убить вшей и гнид на голове

Can not kill the nits on the head, even after careful processing of special drugs? And even the comb can not comb them out of the hair? It only means that really effective means that can be found in almost every pharmacy have not been used to destroy nits and lice. You just need to know what to look for and what to do to reliably and completely get rid of not only the living and dead nits, but also their dry shells (the so-called dry nits). Let's deal with these questions in more detail.

Review of the most effective shampoos for lice and nits, including for children
Обзор наиболее эффективных шампуней от вшей и гнид, в том числе для детей

The right choice of shampoo from lice and nits is the key to quick and successful removal of parasites. However, for such a choice it is not enough to simply look at the advertisement or read about the preparation on the manufacturer's website - such information is often biased and condemns involuntary fighters with parasites to frustration, repeated treatments and extra efforts. So that when using a louse shampoo there are no unforeseen cases, the features of the most famous of them should be studied in advance.

Review of drugs and drugs for removing lice and nits
Обзор лекарств и препаратов для выведения вшей и гнид

Medicines for lice and nits today are very numerous and varied both in their properties and effectiveness, and in safety and cost. Typically, the need for such drugs occurs suddenly: after the detection of lice they are trying to withdraw as soon as possible, which leads to a strong rush when choosing a remedy. Nevertheless, even in such a situation it is useful to devote time to a careful study of at least the main types of medicines for lice and nits, because not all of them are equally effective and safe to use ...


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