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The use of chinese water for the removal of lice: instructions and reviews

Чемеричная вода является все еще довольно популярным средством борьбы со вшами: о том, как ее правильно применять мы дальше и поговорим...

Of the multitude of folk remedies for lice, chaerical water is perhaps one of the most famous and effective. However, few people think about what this drug is, whether it's chinese water acting on nits and how safe it is in general (for example, for children, for pregnant women). In these and some other interesting questions, we will try to understand further.

Многие люди всерьез рассчитывают полностью избавиться от гнид с помощью одной лишь чемеричной воды

So, the crooked water, widely available today in pharmacies, is a mixture in equal proportions of an alcoholic tincture of Lobel's chieftain (a famous medicinal plant) and water. The main active components of the tincture of the hellebore used to excrete lice are natural alkaloids extracted into tincture from vegetable raw materials.

Настойка чемерицы токсична для вшей за счет содержащихся в ней природных алкалоидов

Alkaloids, which are part of the cynical water, are very toxic for various insects, fungi, bacteria ... and humans. That's why chaerical water proves to be quite effective in fighting lice, but at the same time it is quite dangerous if it is used incorrectly.

On a note

Lubelya is known in the people as a puppeteer or chihhotka and is known as a very poisonous plant. Alkaloids in the juice of its roots and stems when ingested in large quantities can lead to death. Even the inhalation of air with the dust of the crushed root leads to severe irritations of the respiratory tract, coughing and sneezing.

The action of chemic water on lice and nits

Potemkin water has a poisonous effect even with a simple contact with the outer chitinous cover of lice. The presence of alcohol in the solution promotes better wetting of parasites, swelling of the drug in the spiracles and gradual penetration of the internal tissues and organs of the insect. The result of the use of crooked water is the rapid death of virtually the entire population of lice, including adults and larvae of all ages.

Взрослых особей вшей и личинок действительно можно весьма эффективно уничтожить с помощью чемеричной воды.


"I had to treat children from lice three times, and I always used only crooked water. I do not recognize any chemical agents - they are all dangerous and it is not known how they will affect the child. A chieftain against lice is a proven method for centuries. You put it as a simple alcohol, you put a bag on your head, take it off in half an hour and wash it all off - that's all. Only need to comb the lice. I do not know what kind of newfangled shampoo will give the same result. At the same time, neither the daughter nor the son has ever had any irritation or allergies from the chicken water. For the first time my son showed off lice when he was a year and a half - also without any consequences. "

Yana, Mineral Waters

Many believe that the chimeric water kills nits due to the same contact action: first the solution penetrates through the outer shell of the nit, after which it affects the internal content of the egg itself. However, practice shows that even using the crooked water in full compliance with the instructions, it is far from always possible to destroy all the nits on the head (this is also confirmed by the responses of people).

А вот уничтожить гнид с помощью чемеричной воды удается далеко не всегда.

Therefore, be prepared for the fact that even with proper application of crooked water from lice, it may be necessary to re-treat them approximately 1-2 weeks after the first to completely remove them. During this time, larvae from survivors of the first procedure will be withdrawn, and they will need to be destroyed by re-treatment.

Use of chinese water: we destroy lice correctly

Before you remove lice with chinese water, you need to thoroughly wash your hair with a simple shampoo.

Перед применением чемеричной воды следует сначала вымыть голову обычным шампунем.

After this, chinese water is applied to the hair and scalp with a cotton swab. It is important to ensure that the product has been applied to the hair along its entire length - otherwise there is a risk that some of the hair remains untreated.

Средство наносят ватным диском или тампоном по всей длине волос.

Instructions for the use of chinese water from lice recommends that they be carefully treated with the occiput, skin behind the ears and whiskey.


"It's very simple to bring out lice by means of plumage." To do this, you just need to moisten the cotton wool with this product and spread the hair and scalp until it gets wet. Then we put on a kerchief and walk around for 40 minutes. No unpleasant sensations cause this remedy, although one of my acquaintances from the chegerye had red spots on his head that did not hurt and did not itch. Then my head and everything. I so deduced a louse at myself and at two children. Lice die right away, nits too. But her neighbor persecuted, and then she had nits, I do not know why. But after the second time it all ended. "

Irina, Cherepovets

After applying the product, a handkerchief or a simple plastic bag is put on the hair. In this kind of chemically shaped water should be left on the head for half an hour, after which the bag or scarf is removed, and the head is thoroughly washed first with running water, and then with a simple shampoo.

После нанесения чемеричной воды на голову нужно некоторое время подержать волосы под косынкой или шапочкой.

Even wet hair after the treatment must be combed out with a frequent metal comb - so from the hair will be removed dead lice, some nits, and those parasites that are just paralyzed, but still alive. Convenient for this purpose special combs from lice - they allow you to comb out almost all parasites.

Влажные после обработки волосы нужно вычесать гребнем с частыми зубцами.

На фото - вши, вычесанные с помощью специального гребня

If after treatment on the head live lice are found, the procedure can be repeated only the next day. Optimal option will be re-treatment after a week - so will be destroyed, and accidentally survived lice, and larvae hatched from the nerve-racking nits of the nits.

Через неделю после обработки волос следует еще раз обработать их для уничтожения вылупившихся из гнид личинок вшей.


"I can write such a comparative characteristic of cynical water and shampoo Parasidosis. We tried first shampoo, and then - a year later, after another infection - cynical water. So, Parasidosis does not kill nits and almost always they need to process their head twice - the second one a week after the first. Capricious water on nits and lice acts more reliably - it kills everyone at a time. From Parasidosis, the child had a rash on his neck, my husband and I did not have a rash. From the chaotic water everyone had a bit of a headache, but there were no visible irritations. Well and most importantly - the price of chemically water is much less than the cost of any product. The same Parasidosis costs 280 rubles per bottle, and water - only 35 rubles. Parasidosis has only one advantage - the comb comes with it, and it's very good. "

Tatiana, Kandalaksha

Safety and contraindications when applying tinctures

Withdrawing lice, it is important to remember that chaerical water is a very toxic substance. It is believed that getting even 1 ml of it into the digestive tract can cause serious poisoning, and in large quantities it can be deadly to humans.

Нельзя допускать попадания чемеричной воды в желудок в силу ее высокой токсичности.

However, against lice, it is quite possible to use curious water, it is important only to make sure that there are no wounds and scratches on the skin in the treatment area. After applying ethereal water to the hair, you need to control your sensations - if excessive burning starts, itches, feels hot on your head, then you do not have to endure, you need to rinse the product as soon as possible.

Care should be taken to ensure that chimeric water does not reach the mucous membranes, eyes, nose and mouth. If there are wounds on the head, you can not use the remedy.


"When lice were harvested, they themselves travnulas hobier. It seems to be all written, but only my husband and daughter are all right, and me and my son (8 years old) then vomited all night. Then they asked the district therapist, she said that maybe it was because we did not wrap our head in a pack - couples from the chesteress were acting on us. "

Olga, Perm

Due to the high toxicity of the remedy, it is not recommended to use lentil water from lice in pregnant and lactating women.

Беременным и кормящим женщинам лучше заменить чемеричную воду на более безопасное средство.

However, no studies of the effect of this drug on the fetus and infants have been conducted. Official medicine also recommends the use of chicken water from lice for children under the age of 12 years.

If the chicken water is accidentally swallowed, there may be nausea, vomiting, dizziness and allergies. In this case, you should drink a large amount of warm strong tea and show your doctor. In the hospital for poisoning with chegery can appoint holinoliticheskie drugs and funds for the treatment of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

How to lick lice and help hair at the same time

It is known that chinese water not only kills lice and nits, but also helps restore scalp and stimulates hair growth. So, for example, chinese water destroys the fungus, contributing to the appearance of dandruff, reduces the production of sebum, and stimulates blood circulation in the scalp.

Считается, что чемеричная вода не только уничтожает вшей, но и способствует общему оздоровлению волос.

Capricious water is also used in a complex of folk remedies for combating baldness: it has a beneficial effect on the metabolism of hair follicles and stimulates the growth of new hair. To this end, it is added to shampoos in very small amounts and this head is washed 1-2 times a week.

Alternatives to crochet water: from folk remedies to modern medicines

Due to its effectiveness against lice and nits, it is even more superior than many modern pediculicide drugs.

Настойка чемерицы может стать неплохой альтернативой дорогим современным средствам от вшей.

However, in cases where chloe water is allergic or there are wounds and scratches on the treated areas of the skin, less toxic substances should be used instead:

  • for example, pedulin shampoo or Para-Plus spray - these drugs also kill nits, but are less allergenic. Шампунь от вшей Педилин
  • A spray from Nyuda lice - it is good for children, since it does not contain any toxic insecticides at all. Спрей Нюда можно использовать даже для выведения вшей у детей
  • Lice combs as independent means - here you should pay attention to AntiV and LiceGuard (the leaders of this market). Working with them is time-consuming, and the head will have to be combed for several days in a row, but no side effects will threaten them. Вычесывать вшей с волос гребнем LiceGuard - трудоемкое, но эффективное занятие

But the folk remedies for lice such as kerosene, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide are better not to use - they strongly irritate the skin and can lead to serious burns. The hypothermic water favorably differs from them in that, with equal efficiency, it is much safer.

But if the chinese water is not suitable, and synthetic preparations you are afraid to use, you can always use the most reliable, cheap and simple method of removing lice - just shave your hair bald. This procedure, especially carried out in the summer, not only eliminates lice and nits, but also helps to improve the scalp.

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  1. Svetlana :

    I can not get the lice out of a child, how to be, tell me.

  2. Natalie :

    Also suffer from this infection, which only did not. I'll try today with crooked water.

  3. Elena :

    We used chimeric water and shampoo "Veda" (it is probably the cheapest, but effective). Displayed 10 days. But we had a neglected case, about three weeks ago, my daughter and I did not know about lice, we thought about allergies, so they bred. So, the very treatment. First, they washed it with Veda shampoo, after a few hours, they treated the head with cynical water, then every other day with clay water. For a week, every two days, we washed our hair with Veda shampoo. And a week later again with clay water (2 times a day). At the same time, each time they looked, combed, but since basically I just cleaned them from my daughter, and I had no one to remove them, then I added hair to the hair after washing with shampoo and drying hair with a flat iron. Here from him all the nits and dohli.

  4. Paul :

    Buy a FULLMARKS spray with a scallop in the pharmacy, all lice die right away at 15 minutes after application, it is absolutely non-toxic. And do not put any packages on your head ... Nits - still have to be combed, because they are in any way in the details remain, especially if the hair is long and thick.

  5. Natalia :

    Well, a man is generally a specialist in removing lice from thick and long hair! We have been suffering for 1.5 years - all modern sprays and shampoos have tried. Better than the tuberous water, nothing came up.

    • Lisa :

      We, too, have been tormented for a long time, it is better to find no better than chicken water.

  6. Svetlana :

    Paul is right, FULLMARKS is the fastest and most effective way to help.

  7. Victoria :

    But my daughter Fullmarks did not help. We wove a crest, and in the evening all one was found - a living louse.

    • Anonymous :

      We had to change the linen and wash it, then iron it thoroughly.

  8. Angel :

    Capricorn water - just super! Cheap and angry.

  9. Catherine :

    The advice is simple: mothers simply paint the hair with a firm paint. Dite: boy shave, girl smeared with chinese water. Two times with an interval of 7 days. Do not forget to wash all the linen: underwear, bedding, outerwear for the season. Erasers, combs, towels and hairpins are also processed.

  10. Timur :

    My wife has a little nit. The eldest daughter (she is almost 9 years old) is very much. Discovered the days through 5. Many living individuals were, and almost all the head in eggs. And the youngest son, he is 1.3 years old: he has one louse and a little nit. Everyone praises the crooked water. What will advise and how to carry out the procedure correctly? Thank you in advance! At all for the first time.

  11. Christina :

    And Nyuda did not help us absolutely. We bought crocheted water.

    • Anonymous :

      This is for sure, Nyuda did not help at all, although the infection was not extensive. Vinegar does not help either.

  12. Anonymous :

    Potemkin water is very helpful, and even ordinary cranberries. And fullmarks did not help at all. We were so tortured for half a year until my hair was painted.))

  13. Anonymous :

    If you accidentally drank 20 grams of chemically water with water, what will happen?

  14. Anonymous :

    Drunk the water, alive?

  15. Ded :

    My girlfriend is pregnant, bought water chaerichnuyu. How does water work on pregnant women?

    • Lili :

      Do not use it at all! There can be intoxication of the fetus. Do not risk the health of the future baby!

  16. Tatiana :

    Hello, Nyuda - a good tool, but for money is very expensive. I understand that I do not mind paying any money to avoid them, but if this money were ... We bought Nyuda, she helped me and the baby. Well, they told me to repeat it in 3 weeks, but I did not have any money. It seemed to me that they had disappeared, but no, they appeared again. Now what to do, I do not know how to display them. With joy Nyudu would have bought, but with finances very bad.

    • Irina :

      The simmer water is very helpful. Bought a different expensive means, but water is best. Earlier, shampoo "Barrier" for dogs, but this time somehow not very helpful ...

  17. Elena :

    Lovely women, do not spend your blood on expensive drugs, the most effective way - it's crooked water. It is checked up by time, and tried, both children and grandsons treated. Also it helped from the first time, only it is necessary to watch - more often to the children in a head look.

    • Lena :

      Yes this shampoo does not help, only money wasted. And the kerosene was poisoned - it did not help. The last hope for crooked water.

  18. Irina :

    Modern means are all expensive and ineffective. Have already tried enough! Parasites appear again. The simian water is no worse than the expensive means for removing lice.

  19. Svetlana :

    What only we have not tried in a year, all the newfangled means - they still appear. full marks is good, but expensive, here, we decided again to process the water with a cinder. I worked on a small one, immediately helped, was not long, until the school went, for a year, 5 times already withdrawn.

  20. Elena :

    We were a baby 2 years ago and lice were put out by the iron. They did not regret the hair, they turned on the iron and close it all to the head (just straighten it), and combed it well. So did 2 times. And that's all. Pah-pah-pah. And now in an Internet subtracted or deducted, that for growth of hair etheric water, we shall try or taste.

  21. Oksana :

    The child was sick with chickenpox! And the next day, when I smeared the sores on her head, she found lice! Well, that was noticed on time. A son's hair, it should be noted, is very rich - thick hair and a haircut under the tennis ... I bought chemically water, and then only read that you can not use it if there are wounds, and then the whole head in sores! First she cut off the whole of his hairstyle (well, that the boy) and decided to try the crooked water all the same. First, carefully tested - neither burning, nor redness - nothing. Anointed and half an hour under the package.

  22. Sakhyan :

    How to remove lice and nits?

  23. Anonymous :

    Nyuda did not help (

  24. Irene :

    We also thought that the allergy)) And for 2 weeks have bred so that the horror ... The son has a short hair, found 4 lice, the rest is combed out with a comb (bought separately). And she first treated with chicken water, combed all the nits, and there were at least 300 of them. To be better visible, she combed them on a white sheet. In 2 days it was painted with a paint (necessarily in structure there should be a peroxide). I combed the remains and all ...

  25. Tatiana :

    For the first time I encounter such a problem, I thought it would not concern us)) The daughter came from the village and complained, but I did not pay attention, I thought that because of the water change, and today something pushed me to check my head, and I gasped. In the pharmacy I bought Pediculene shampoo, smeared it on dry hair, the effect struck me: when rubbing shampoo into the roots of the hair over the bathroom, lice poured. The worst thing is to comb out the nits, the hair of the daughter is long, curly, tangled. I think I'll comb out or tear off the week with my hair))

  26. Regina :

    I took it 7 times already. What only did not try, did not help :( But then I read about the chaerical water. I'll try. Already can not get away.

  27. Samira :

    Nyuda does not help at all, I bought two bottles for 670 rubles, regretted. Now she took the crooked water, they say that the cheap is more effective than the expensive ones. I do not have much, I immediately noticed them. What I have not tried, the last hope for crooked water.

  28. Natalia :

    I do not understand why you can not take out lice for a long time? We also used a spray somehow, but I immediately turned to the doctors of dermatologists. It seems to us that we all combed it out. And they look under the lamp and magnifying glass! It seemed to me that we already have nothing, and when we came to the reception, I was shown nits through a magnifying glass! Until this is not removed, the effect will not be!

  29. Elena :

    Tell me, please, I'm breast-feeding. Is it possible to use crooked water from lice?

  30. Tamila :

    We are helped, only Dust ... Unpleasant, but for sure, from the first time on the spot.

    The sister uses the Leopard. And all these sprays and shampoos are an extra waste of money.

  31. Anna :

    My daughter helped, she contracted this in school and I decided to try. No lice and nits were present. In Tomsk, we bought chinese water for 20 rubles.

  32. Anna :

    How pitiful are the children who are tormented by these creatures! But they most often bring them home - then from school, then from kindergarten. And if all families of these children are not treated for pediculosis, then it is almost impossible to withdraw - NEVER! If one got rid of them with difficulty and pain, then 20 next and further are carriers of this muck. Somehow it happens ...

  33. Alexander :

    Capricious water is the best remedy, for me this is the only way to fight dandruff, nothing else helps, even the famous Heden Sholders. It's a pity that in the pharmacy it is often not. And I never wash off this water after treatment of the head, I do not feel any poisoning. And, by the way, noticed that the skin after chegorichki is softer and smooth becomes, so it's not just for fighting lice, fungi and dandruff, you can apply instead of face cream.

  34. Pavlenko :

    How and where to buy a comb?

  35. Julia :

    I have two daughters, both have long hair and both go to school. One day, the youngest daughter brought home from school in the head a gift (lice). For two weeks she was silent that she had lice. Than I just did not try to bring them out. No shampoos helped us. I just threw the money into the wind. I called my mom and asked for her advice. She offered me two options: either chaerical water, or kerosene. I'm the youngest daughter and the elder for prophylaxis treated with chicken water, and myself with kerosene. And I checked the difference. I got burns from kerosene, and children from water do not. And now, as soon as the academic year begins, I buy chemically potable water in the pharmacy. And I'm happy with it.

  36. Ike :

    I have lice every year, I'm already tired of taking them out. And the hair is long, it is difficult to comb it with a comb. Which is better: shampoos from nits or chinese water?

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