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Choose a remedy for moths in the apartment

Выбираем лучшее средство от моли в квартире

The best means of moth is a tool that provides the fastest and most complete effect with minimal problems with the acquisition and use. At the same time, it may sometimes be necessary to remove moths urgently, and the cost of the means for this will not be particularly significant. In other cases, gradual protection is required without much labor. For each of these cases, it is necessary to select individual remedies for moths, the best variants of which we will consider below.

При выборе средства от моли необходимо учитывать, как быстро нужно вывести вредителя, а также вид моли (платяная или пищевая)

Any anti-moth remedy can be attributed to one of the following groups:

  • aerosols or solutions for spraying (sprays) - these funds allow you to quickly destroy the moth in the apartment, but do not lack a number of shortcomings
  • fumigators - not everyone knows, but they can be used not only against mosquitoes, but also used as a means against moths, and destroying insects at all stages of development and acting is stretched in time
  • sections from moths designed to repel adult insects
  • folk remedies for combating moth , when used correctly, are also quite effective, especially in combination with modern drugs
  • Traps designed to exterminate butterflies.

If the moth is infected with a wardrobe, it is obvious that it is necessary to immediately destroy all pests - otherwise they will simply turn clothes into a pile of leaky rags. Aerosols that allow the destruction of all adult individuals and caterpillars in just a few hours are best in this case.

Аэрозоли позволяют максимально быстро уничтожить моль в шкафу или в квартире

Aerosols are the most effective means of moths in terms of the rate of destruction, but their use is associated with large time and labor costs. In addition, you will have to breathe insecticides during and after treatment, which is not always acceptable for people prone to allergies.

Fumigators also do a good job of destroying pests, but their effect is stretched in time and the destruction of moths will take up to several weeks. However, they are very easy to use - it is enough to plug the fumigator into the socket (you can stretch the extension cord into the cabinet) and forget about it. In this case, the concentration of insecticides in the air will be lower than with a massive aerosol treatment, so the danger of allergic manifestations will be much lower.

Фумигаторы создают низкую концентрацию инсектицида в воздухе, поэтому действуют медленно

Sections and folk remedies are designed only to repel moth butterflies, and destroy the pest larvae with their help will not work. Therefore, if the clothes are already affected by the larvae, it is useless to scare them away with soap or lavender oil.

Special sticky moth traps are used mainly to destroy butterflies in the kitchens. They do not have a particularly high efficiency, but as an intensifying means in the struggle they will be quite useful.

Aerosols from moths

Aerosol from moth is, in fact, a solution of a powerful insecticide, which is under rather high pressure in the balloon. Being sprayed in a room or wardrobe, such a means of moths in an apartment with air penetrates the respiratory tract of butterflies and pest larvae and leads to their poisoning.

There are aerosols of contact action - they can penetrate into the body of insects even through the chitinous cover.

Аэрозольные средства позволяют уничтожить не только бабочек моли, но и их личинок

On a note

For a person, modern means of moths in the form of aerosols are practically harmless. Only when large amounts of them enter the respiratory tract can they cause side effects such as dizziness, nausea, or an acute allergic reaction. When observing the rules for the use of aerosol products, such troubles are practically excluded.

The use of aerosols is perhaps the most laborious among all other means. When combating a moth, they need to process both the surface of the cabinet, and all clothing, carpets in the apartment and upholstery furniture. Usually one bottle of funds for this is not enough. After several hours (each means has its own validity period), it is necessary to clean the room and wash or ventilate things. Such a treatment, carried out in full accordance with the instructions, will completely remove the clothing, fur coat and furniture moth.

The possibilities of using aerosols against kitchen moths are very limited - they can bring out either adult butterflies, or etch the larvae in foodstuffs and cabinets previously unloaded from food. The places of dislocation of larvae - cans and bags with products - are not subject to processing by these means, since insecticides do not enter food.

Нельзя обрабатывать аэрозолем продукты питания, в которых завелись личинки пищевой моли

When fighting the kitchen moth aerosols, the inner surfaces of cabinets are processed to destroy unnoticed butterflies and larvae. In this case, such funds from food moths destroy only individual individuals and are not a sufficient measure for the complete removal of food moths from the apartment. Still, the main part of the pest population is the larvae in food, and if there remain at least a few individuals, sooner or later the number of moths in the room will be restored.

Aeromol Armol - a known remedy for moths for fur coats, other fur products, coats, wool. Has a pleasant scent of lavender, leaves no residue on clothes and furniture. Suitable for processing carpets, curtains and bed linen, besides moths also kozheedov.

Армоль - аэрозоль от моли

Armol is produced in two versions - simple Armol and Armol Expert. Armol Expert is odorless and can be used for processing textiles in shops and exhibition halls.

The price of one Armol for 165 ml is about 60 rubles, Armol Expert is 70 rubles.


"We have a mole in the apartment from the previous owners. They lavender there in the cabinets laid out, but somehow not particularly effective. But I knocked out all the butterflies from Armol with all the butterflies, and, as I understand it, the caterpillars have been poisoned with them. In general, the best remedy for moths is Armol. Still no one beaten after that I could not find. "

Olga, Tver

Raptor "Protection from moths" has a pleasant smell of lavender and very effectively destroys all active stages of insects - imago and larvae. Designed primarily for the removal of clothing moths.

Аэрозоль Раптор «Защита от моли»

This means of moth today is quite easy to buy - it is sold in all stores and markets, and widely advertised. It is worth a little more than Armolie - about 90 rubles per bottle in 175 ml, its effect is maintained for 12 months or until the next wash.

Mosquitall "Protection from moths" is also a very effective remedy for moths, as Armol has a pleasant scent of lavender. It is used for any fabrics and types of clothes, in its properties practically does not differ from Armol.

Аэрозольное средство Mosquitall «Защита от моли»

The cost of one 200-ml Mosquitol bottle is about 100 rubles.


"We all asked what means is better from moths, we were advised to buy Mosquitol, or sections, or spray. Bought and then, and then. At first, all was sprayed with aerosol, then hung out to prevent the section. And the result is obvious - there are no more moths. "

Andrey, Kharkov

In general , the Clean House aerosol practically does not differ from the other moth aerosols listed above. According to the reviews of those who tested it, it is quite an effective tool, and quite economical - a 150 ml bottle is enough for two-fold processing of things, carpets and furniture upholstery in a one-room apartment.

Универсальный аэрозоль от насекомых Чистый дом

The product has a light herbal odor, one bottle of it costs about 60 rubles.

Extram is an almost complete analog of Armol, but from another manufacturer.

Аэрозоль от моли Экстрамит

It smells of lavender, is easy to use, destroys insects for several hours and remains effective for half a year.

Fumigators for moths

Mum fumigators are used less often than aerosols because their action is stretched in time: complete extermination of butterflies and larvae must wait several days (up to two weeks).

The principle of operation of fumigators is simple: a plate with an insecticide and aromatic substances is inserted into the device, and after switching on the socket it starts to heat up. The poison substance evaporates and fills the room or wardrobe. The concentration of insecticide in the air at the same time is very small to cause harm to humans, but it is sufficient to poison insects.

Фумигатор с инсектицидной пластиной

Sometimes special fluids for fumigators are used instead of plates.

The disadvantage of the fumigator is the need to plug it into the outlet. This complicates its inclusion in the cabinets (extensions are needed), and also limits its use in homes without electricity. But in general, the fumigator is a good remedy for moths, especially when it is not time to do it with aerosols.

DiC-3 is a small device (dimensions - 95x60x50 mm), either refilled with liquid or working on plates, operates at standard network parameters, consumes about 4.5 watts.

Фумигатор ДиК-3

Initially fumigator DiK-3 was developed to fight mosquitoes, but also copes well with the moth due to the use of tablets with a universal repellent. The device costs about 30 rubles, and is long enough. Equally effective against both clothing and food moths, but in kitchens and in canteens it should be used with caution, avoiding the accumulation of insecticide vapors in food cabinets.

The device Mosquitall - almost a complete analogue of the previous device. When working this facility effectively destroys moths and mosquitoes in a room of up to 30 square meters. m.

Универсальный электрофумигатор Москитол


"When we needed to find a remedy for moths in the kitchen, we checked everything and found the main nest on the loggia where we keep all the food. They threw out some old packages with buckwheat and peas, and hung a fumigator for mosquitoes, which we take to the dacha in the summer. One week they collected dead butterflies, several times they threw out caterpillars, and then the whole mole abruptly disappeared. Apparently, this means equally affects all insects. "

Alexandra, Minsk

The device from Raid looks very similar to DiK-3 and works on the same principle, but costs a little more because of the brand's fame.

Фумигатор Raid (на пластинах)

Works on plates. When buying a fumigator and 10 plates, the entire set will cost 120 rubles.

Sections from moths

Some landladies believe that the section is the best remedy for moths. The argument is simple - aerosols and fumigators are chemical agents with strong insecticides. The basis of the same sections - natural essential oils, harmless and pleasant to smell.

Секция от моли для подвешивания в шкафу

There is common sense in this, but at the same time the sections do not allow the destruction of the moth: they only repel butterflies, and the larvae themselves eat and develop peacefully alongside them. Often, from caterpillars, which are accustomed to certain repellent scents, butterflies are derived, also resistant to them.

Важно понимать, что секции от моли не всегда эффективны против личинок

Sections from moths are most effectively used as a preventive agent after the destruction of moths with other drugs.

Sections Raptor - this is a fairly common tool today, which can be bought at most hardware stores. The sections are produced with different flavors, for every 0.5 sq. M. m. The cabinet must be suspended 2 sections. Protects against moths for 4 months.

Секции от моли Раптор


"Raptor has a good remedy for moths. How much I was tormented with this infection, and only after the pendant plate of Raptor it began to disappear. Several times pshikala mezzanine spray, and the plates there hang constantly. It seems to be very good now. "

Nadezhda Georgievna, Moscow

They are produced in several forms - in the form of a plate hanging between clothes on a hanger, in the form of blocks attached to the wall and in the form of bags with dry perfume.

Секции от моли Mosquitall

Cost from 50 to 120 rubles.

Folk remedies for moths in the apartment

By the effectiveness of their actions, the national funds from moths are almost identical to sections, moreover - some sections are made on the basis of folk remedies. They also do not destroy the moth (except for the non-recommended naphthalene), but it is successfully repelled. However, most of these tools are available and inexpensive.

Against moths dried lavender flowers are used - butterflies do not stand their smell. Perhaps the use of lavender oil or perfume, but it is troublesome and expensive. Usually just dry flowers are placed in a gauze pouch and are hung or unfolded in cabinets and chests of drawers.

Высушенные цветы лаванды хорошо отпугивают бабочек моли

On a note

One of the types of Mosquitall moth sections is lavender flowers soaked to enhance the effect of lavender oil.

For a long time it was believed that naphthalene is the most effective remedy for moths. Of all the folk remedies, he alone has an insecticidal effect.

Нафталин сегодня не рекомендуется применять для борьбы с молью

However, due to the constant and large-scale application of naphthalene, some populations of moths have managed to develop resistance to it, and in addition physicians have found this substance to be carcinogenic. As a result, today it is very difficult to buy this remedy from moths, and it is almost never used anywhere.

Against moths can be used as smoking tobacco - butterflies do not like its smell - and live plants of ordinary and fragrant tobacco.

Табак тоже отпугивает бабочек моли

In the first case, dry grass is poured into gauze pouches and unfolded in closets or in pockets of clothing. In other cases, the pot with live fragrant tobacco simply keeps in the apartment.

The strong smell of geranium mole practically does not tolerate. Accordingly, if you keep this bush near the wardrobe, then the mole can get there only if the owner of the apartment with clothes is in a misstep.


Orange peel - a popular remedy for food moths and clothes. They effectively repel butterflies and at the same time do not affect food products at all.

Апельсиновые корки должны быть свежими

In the nightstands and lockers, you should regularly update those crusts that have time to exhaust.

Specificity of the fight against food moths

In general, the food moth is afraid of the same means, from which the clothes are killed. But the fight against food moths is specific because you can not just destroy it with insecticides without rechecking most of the products. Even the best remedy for moths can lead to poisoning when ingested by food or dishes, and therefore eliminating food moths requires carefulness and care.

При борьбе с пищевой молью уничтожать прежде всего нужно ее личинок

The fight against this pest in the kitchen can be carried out according to the following plan:

  1. All stocks of cereals, sugar, macaroni are checked. If a mole is found somewhere, the product is thrown away or, if its specificity allows, is fried in a pan and sieved.
  2. In the cabinets and on the shelves where the products were stored, treatment with antimony aerosols or fumigators (here the means for clothing moths are suitable), deterrent preparations - lavender, orange peel, garlic - are laid out.
  3. Flying moth butterflies are destroyed manually, in addition it is possible to hang sticky tapes from flies.
  4. Complied with the rules of prevention from falling into the moth room.

With the right approach from food moths in the kitchen it is usually possible to completely get rid of in one week.

If you decide to fight the moth yourself, then we recommend using only proven tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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