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Выбирать средство от моли нужно грамотно, ведь каждое из них наиболее эффективно против конкретного вида этого вредителя

In the overwhelming majority of cases, a complex approach, combining the use of several means, is required for successful breeding of moths. Perhaps, only a moth can be withdrawn using one means, but in her case, to further protect clothing, additional use of protective equipment and prevention will be required.

Each remedy for moths at home is aimed either at direct destruction of insects, or at their scare. With the use of funds from the first group, it is possible to achieve the extermination of already existing insects, but they do not provide protection against the appearance of new pests in the house.

Home remedies for moths that repel insects, on the contrary, are good for preventing infection of the premises, but will not allow them to cope with pests, if they already appeared in the apartment.

Consequently, successful struggle against moths at home is a competent combination of both types of funds. And first the mole needs to be destroyed, and then - to prevent its repeated penetration into the apartment. Use for such a comprehensive struggle follows several types of funds.

Aerosol preparations from moths

Aerosol insecticides are one of the fastest moth agents and are convenient for home use. Aerosol spreads with air and settles on surfaces on which butterflies sit or crawlers creep. As a result, insects are poisoned by contact with poisonous insecticides for them.

Аэрозоли эффективны как против личинок, так и против бабочек моли

In most modern methods, insecticides are used, which are relatively safe for humans. If they get into the respiratory tract or the digestive tract, in the worst case they can lead to allergies, but are usually successfully neutralized by the human body or warm-blooded pets. However, for greater safety when using aerosols, you must follow the instructions and apply personal protective equipment.

But to fight with a kitchen moth in the home using aerosols is inefficient. After all, you can not allow these drugs to get into food, and therefore they can only destroy already flown butterflies or individual larvae crawling along the walls. In practice, it is better to destroy such individual insects manually, rather than using an aerosol.

As for the struggle with the domestic moth, the use of aerosol insecticides against it is very effective.

Особенно хорошо подходят аэрозоли для борьбы с платяной молью

For this purpose, special products are produced that do not have a strong odor and do not spoil the tissues. One treatment of an infected wardrobe is usually enough for the complete destruction of insects. And the repeated "control" spraying of the cabinet after a few weeks ensures the destruction of the larvae that have emerged from previously unaffected eggs.

One cylinder of Armolm costs about 100 rubles, and it is enough to completely process contaminated furniture in a medium-sized one-room apartment.

Аэрозоль Армоль

Before you deal with food moths at home using Armol, you need to find a place for the development of eggs and larvae. Usually it is a package with flour, cereals, nuts or dried fruits - it should be thrown away. And the aerosol itself needs to be processed by a nightstand or a cabinet in order to destroy possible surviving larvae and adult butterflies. Thus it is necessary to watch, that the means did not get on food stuffs.

To combat the moth-clad Armol, closets with clothes and clothes are processed, on which pests can potentially be present.

Чтобы уничтожить платяную моль, нужно обработать весь шкаф с одеждой

Advantages of Armol are a pleasant smell and the possibility of using it both in the kitchen and for processing cabinets with expensive luxury clothing. The drug itself does not affect the condition of tissues, furs and skin.


"At the new apartment, we really did not want to throw out even old but strong and beautiful bedside table in the kitchen and a wardrobe in the bedroom. My husband almost insisted on dropping out, when a mole was found there and there. But I managed to save the furniture))) I bought a store in the store Armol and sprinkled them in the kitchen cupboards and around the wardrobe before something was put there. As a result, the mole disappeared and does not appear for a year and a half, although the bottle says that it provides protection for 6 months. "

Julia, Yaroslavl

Clean House - a home remedy for moths to process closets with clothes. When using it, it is important not to spray the product on the clothes themselves, but only to process the walls of cabinets, doors and shelves.

Аэрозоль Чистый Дом от моли

Aerosol has a faint smell, reminiscent of the air freshener flavor.

Aerosol Raptor from moths is similar to the previous means and can be used for processing clothes. Usually a single use of the drug is sufficient to remove moles from the cabinet, and several subsequent applications to the walls - to prevent its appearance.

Средство от моли Раптор

The cost of a 175 ml bottle is about 100 rubles.

Sections from moths

Sections from moths are compact repellents in solid form, with a distinct smell to scare off butterflies. Many believe that it is the sections that are the most effective means of domestic moth, but in principle they are no different from folk remedies such as lavender, household soap or cedar oil.

Средство в виде секций эффективно отпугивает моль, но не уничтожает ее

It is important to understand that you can not destroy a mole with the help of sections, you can only scare it off. After the butterflies are removed from the pupae, they try to leave the place in which the smell of the sections is felt, and therefore, in the long run, with regular use of the sections, they will yield a result.

Секции не избавят от личинок моли здесь и сейчас, но эффективны в долгосрочной перспективе

To get rid of moths here and now these funds will not work.

On a note

The most responsible manufacturers of sections from moths indicate on their products that before using them the cabinets must be treated with aerosol, which will destroy the main part of pests.

The sections from the moth Raptor are small plates that can be conveniently mounted on the walls of cabinets and mezzanines. These means of combating domestic moths work most effectively when placing several sections in one cabinet. Have a light and pleasant scent of lavender.

Секции Раптор от моли имеют приятный запах лаванды

The cost of one plate is about 30 rubles, the validity period is 4 months after unpacking.

Mosquitall sections also smell of lavender, and are available in two versions: in special plastic containers for gluing to the walls of the cabinet, and in the form of plates with convenient hooks for hanging. One section is sufficient to protect the cabinet with a floor area of ​​0.5 square meters. m.

Секции от моли Mosquitall для приклеивания к стенкам шкафа

Секции можно использовать и для борьбы с кухонной молью


"Mosquitall has fields for records, when sections were hung up. They last for six months. If the cabinet is too large or there are several, you need to buy as many sections as possible to cover the entire volume. At me it has turned out expensively because of the big wardrobe and because I with this means also in a kitchen mole frightened off. But the result is obvious. "

Evgenia, Ulyanovsk

Other remedies for moths

Sometimes other means are used to fight moths at home:

  • special electronic fumigators with tablets, quite complex, but with proper use giving the necessary effect; Фумигаторы эффективны не только против комаров, но и против моли
  • ordinary gels and dusts from cockroaches, which from moths practically do not help;
  • freezing or steaming of cabinets or the whole apartment. It can be quite effective, but very troublesome and time consuming.

Among these, there are no serious alternatives to aerosols and sections.

Folk remedies for moths

The amount of funds traditionally used by the people to repel moths is very high, but among them there is no drug capable of destroying pests.

The most common folk remedies for moths are:

  • lavender in the form of dry flowers and shrubs, which is decomposed in cabinets to prevent infection with their butterflies
  • Fresh tangerine and orange peels, which are often used to protect kitchen furniture

Апельсиновые корки - проверенное народное средство от моли на кухне, главное, чтобы они были свежими

  • Economic soap, pieces of which are laid out on the pockets of clothing to be protected
  • live geraniums in the house: not all normally tolerate the smell of this plant, but the moth does not like it either
  • various strongly smelling essential oils, including lavender. When using them, it is important to remember that the smell of each oil is firmly "sticking" to the clothes themselves.

Often people speak of other natural repellents from moths: garlic, horse chestnut and even the smell of fresh newspapers. However, their effectiveness in repelling moths is small, and therefore they have not received wide distribution.

Дольки чеснока иногда используют для борьбы с молью на кухне

One of the most well-known moth-moths - naphthalene - is not recommended for use in residential areas because it is recognized as a carcinogen and can harm a person's health more than things will harm the mole itself. Therefore, in the fight against moths in the apartment should choose those funds that are already in practice proved to be effective and at the same time safe to use.

If you decide to fight the moth yourself, then we recommend using only proven tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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