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Folk remedies against moths

Не стоит недооценивать народные средства от моли, проверенные временем и доказавшие свою высокую эффективность

Folk remedies for moths are numerous and are known to most people better than more effective modern drugs. When unobtrusive butterflies are found in the closet, and unaesthetic bald spots are on the clothes, it is just a kind of national remedy for moth - lavender, orange peel or geranium - the first thing that comes to the owner of the wardrobe.

Only later, in the market or in the store, he learns that high-tech achievements of the chemical industry are often used today against the pest of things. But even such modern drugs in the fight against butterflies are very effectively supplemented with simple and easily accessible traditional means.

The folk remedies against moths differ depending on whether they are used against a pest or against a moth or kitchen moth. At the same time, almost all the national means of fighting the moth are oriented precisely to scaring out pests, but not to destroying them.

At one time, the most effective means against moths was considered to be naphthalene.

Нафталин - хорошо известное средство против моли. Правда, оно также токсично и для человека.

Indeed, he demonstrated the high efficiency of his work and was used so widely and everywhere that he firmly became one of the "people's" means and even gave rise to the idiom "smell of mothballs". However, later physicians discovered the carcinogenic properties of this substance and came to the conclusion that it is no less dangerous for a person than for moths. Because today, naphthalene is practically not used. Fortunately, he has a large number of substitutes.

Orange peel

Orange peel is an ancient folk remedy for food moths . The strong smell of citrus fruits acts as a deterrent to adult butterflies, and therefore in the cabinets and cabinets in which orange, lemon and mandarin crusts are spread, the moth does not lay its eggs. However, if somewhere in the products eggs or larvae of moths have already started, orange peels will not be expelled or destroyed.

Свежие апельсиновые корки смогут отпугнуть моль от пищевых запасов, но уничтожить личинки они не смогут

Application rules: fresh crusts should be laid out around food. As the drying and loss of flavor, they need to be replaced.

Conclusion: this remedy is good for preventing the contamination of clean products and repelling moths from kitchen furniture in general.


"When the little brown butterflies started in the kitchen, I poisoned them with vinegar and laid out orange peels on the cupboards. This did not give any special effect until I found and threw out the packet with old peas, in which the caterpillars were simply swarming. After that, I continued to keep orange peels in the nightstands, and even though butterflies appeared sometimes in the kitchen, they did not infect food. A month or two ago, the mole disappeared altogether, and did not appear again. "

Inga, Rostov-on-Don

Household soap in the closet and clothes

Household soap is a universal folk remedy for protection against moths, which is very effectively used against both kitchen and wardrobe moths. Its main disadvantage is an unpleasant smell: very few people want to wear elite clothes with the frank scent of laundry soap. It deters adult butterflies and severely restricts the movement of caterpillars.

Доступное народное средство от моли - хозяйственное мыло. Однако запах его не из приятных.

Rules of use: pieces of soap (preferably fresh) are laid out in pockets of clothing or in kitchen furniture.

Conclusion: laundry soap is always available and easy to use, it is well suited for protection against moth pantries and closets.


"When I was small, my grandmother used morsels of laundry soap in mans clothes in a closet in pockets of fur coats. It seems that moth never was, but now, I think, this tool should not be neglected. "

Oleg, Novokuznetsk


Of all the folk remedies against moths, lavender is perhaps best known. It has a strong and pleasant enough smell, it does not last long, it reliably deters adult butterflies and caterpillars. Used as dried flowers of lavender, and its essential oil. The latter, by the way, is a part of many industrial-produced tablets and sections from moths.

Цветы лаванды давно используются в народе как средство от моли

Application rules: lavender leaves in special porous packages are laid out in cabinets and between the stacks of clothing. Essential oil in open vessels is put in cabinets and bedside tables.

Эфирное масло лаванды можно оставлять открытым в шкафах для отпугивания бабочек моли


Do not use lavender essential oil to dress the clothes themselves. You can never be sure of the quality of this product, and if you have at least a small amount of sunflower or palm oil on your clothing, you will not have any stains. The clothes can be sprayed with a decoction of lavender, but you need to do this regularly and often.


"When we got a mole, I bought a pack of lavender in the old manner and put them in cups in glasses. Before that, all the clothes were carefully shaken and ventilated on the street. So now everything is worth it, and there are no signs of parasites. "

Olga, Novosibirsk


Combating moths with folk remedies does not necessarily have to be proactive and imply buying or preparing self-deterrents. Sometimes it is enough just to start a special plant at home. For example - geranium.

Моль не любит сильный запах герани

Its smell is not tolerated by many insects and moths - including. At the same time in a large apartment you need to have several geranium bushes - one in each room. Geranium well protects the apartment and from the clothes, and from the kitchen moth.

Rules of use: should constantly keep indoors live adult geranium bushes. Cabinets and bedside tables should be opened and ventilated once a day or two.

Tobacco sweet and tobacco simple

Both these plants are equally effective, only fragrant tobacco - in the form of a living houseplant, and the usual, smoking - in the form of dry crushed leaves, just such that are present in cigarettes. It is not advisable to use ordinary tobacco to protect clothing: odor-smelling things lose their appeal.

Душистый табак удобно держать в доме в качестве комнатного растения, ведь он неплохо отпугивает мольСухой табак часто используется в народе против моли, но раскладывать его в карманах одежды нежелательно из-за сильного специфического запаха

Application rules: simple tobacco is used similarly to lavender flowers - in perforated packages it is decomposed inside the furniture. Sweet tobacco simply keeps at home as a houseplant, and cabinets with things are regularly ventilated.

By analogy with lavender, tansy, thyme, horse chestnut seeds, mint, cloves, rosemary and ginseng are also used. When using them, it is important to check from time to time whether the preparations have worn out in the cabinets and, if necessary, replace them with new ones.

Similarly, with lavender oil, mint, eucalyptus, orange and clove oils can also be used as folk remedies. They can also be replaced with gels, but the number of both should be constantly monitored. It is important to remember that all of the above mentioned means will not allow to destroy the moth already in the house - they will only scare off adult butterflies from cabinets and bedside tables.

Масло эвкалипта благодаря своему отпугивающему насекомых запаху является популярным народным средством от моли

Garlic and vinegar against moths in the kitchen

These folk remedies for moths stand apart, because they have far from the most pleasant smell. But it is thanks to him that they repel the moth. Garlic is usually simply stored in bedside tables, kitchen cabinets and storerooms together with food, and vinegar is added to the water when cleaning the apartment.

Чеснок часто применяется для отпугивания пищевой моли от продуктов

Folk craftsmen know some traditional ways of directly destroying moths.

For example, it is known that the mole is afraid of both high temperatures and low temperatures. Even if the clothes had eggs, larvae or moths (males are the same winged flying butterflies), washing clothes at temperatures above 50 ° C or ventilating in the cold below minus 10 ° C will destroy all insects.

It is also quite effective to air the things in the direct sun on a hot summer day: both moth larvae and eggs suffer severe temperatures above 30 ° C, and, in addition, are killed by ultraviolet rays.

And finally: the larvae of moths and her eggs are very weakly attached to clothing. A good shake of it is enough that they hit the floor. That's why constantly worn clothing rarely spoils a moth. So wear what's hanging in your closet, air it more often, and the moths will have almost no chance.

If you decide to fight the moth yourself, then we recommend using only proven tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Inna :

    It was said that mint repels the moth. But she ate it for a sweet soul and the larvae were full.

  2. Oleg :

    From moth helps rag bag with cigarette butts, for a week to decompose, and then clothes to the wind. Super remedy.

  3. Miroslav :

    The tested anti-moth - herb tansy.

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