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How quickly to moth in the kitchen

Что делать, если на кухне завелась моль?

Moles in the kitchen are often not as easy to pull as it might seem at first glance, especially inexperienced in the fight against this pest masters. The reason for this is that the main habitat of moth larvae is dry food, and they can be removed only by getting rid of all affected stocks, and then - without fail, destroying adult butterflies.

Thus, in order to bring out the moth in the kitchen, it is necessary to approach this task in a complex manner. Quick one-time measures to destroy the kitchen moth will not work, but with a competent approach to withdraw it can be quickly and efficiently.

Излюбленное место обитания личинок моли - сухие продукты питания

On a note

Often people, after seeing the characteristic grayish-yellow butterflies in the kitchen, begin to puzzle over where this mole comes from. The reason for its appearance does not depend on the owner of the apartment - she just gets into the house with the purchased contaminated food. As a rule, these are cereals, flour, sugar, dried fruits, nuts, and sometimes even pasta. Moth in the kitchen almost never appears, having flown from the street - only larvae in products are distributed. As a rule - in expired and untreated from pests.

The fight against the moth is not only and not so much the direct destruction of insects, as the competent prevention and observance of the rules of food storage. But first things first.

Control of the state of food

As a rule, larvae of moths enter the house in food, and already pupate here, turn into butterflies and make themselves felt. That is why in order to effectively combat the moth in the kitchen, you need:

  • Check all stocks of cereals, nuts, flour and sugar. When a web, cocoons and yellow-white larvae are found, the whole stock should be immediately thrown out. Below in the photo there is a kitchen moth on dried apricots. Adult butterflies, caterpillars and cobwebs are visible: Личинки кухонной моли в сушеной кураге
  • Do not purchase or store large quantities of food at home. Even if they are not infected, one "zaletnoy" party is enough to infect other stocks.
  • Buy only high-quality products of well-known brands, even more expensive ones. As a rule, it is because of the savings in heat treatment that the manufacturer can reduce the price and thereby provide butterflies fluttering around the kitchen from customers.
  • Check products when purchasing. It is not difficult, even if the croup or flour is in a transparent package. The slightest hint of lumps and cobwebs is a signal to the fact that it is better to refrain from buying.
  • To clean in the kitchen, in the pantry and on the balconies - the kitchen moth can successfully develop in sugars or flour awakened over the nightstand.

It is especially important in this case to check all the bins and pantries: it is usually in a long-forgotten package, for example, with buckwheat or dried bird cherry, and there is a main incubator of kitchen moths.

On the photo - a doll of moth in semolina in the kitchen:

Фотография куколки моли в манной крупе

It is interesting

Generally speaking, the kitchen moth is the collective name of several species of butterflies of the family of fires. Most often in the house there is a barn and flour fire, but other types can sometimes come across. A distinctive feature of barn fire is a light transverse strip on dark brown wings. The caterpillars do not differ much from the caterpillars of the apple moth.

Kitchen furniture processing

This set of measures is aimed at the destruction of larvae creeping out pupation. As a rule, at all the fire caterpillars leave food products and creep around the room in search of convenient places to create a cocoon. At these moments they come across in the kitchen on its walls, ceiling, at the joints of furniture with walls.

Покидая продукты питания, личинки моли могут расползаться в различные укромные уголки мебели на кухне

Insecticidal aerosols used in the control of ants and cockroaches, as well as insecticide pencils (for example, the well-known chalk Mashenka) are good for treatment. At the same time, strongly smelling scaring agents here will not give practically no effect, but simply scare the butterflies away from the location of odorous substances.

There are also special anti-moth agents - for example, Armol, Raptor from moths - but their effectiveness against moths in the kitchen is much lower than against moths.

Аэрозоль для борьбы с молью - Армоль


"Where in the kitchen could a moth take, if we did not have one before? Under the ceiling of the butterfly, caterpillars crawl along the walls. In the bag with buckwheat, their cocoons. I kicked them out of the house, but that did not help. Now I will buy money against moths. "

Irina, Odessa

It is important to understand that even once you have squeezed larvae of moths with a reliable aerosol, sometimes you can only achieve a temporary effect: the caterpillars from the food products are not coordinated, and two or three days after the treatment of the kitchen, new caterpillars may appear in it.

There are preparations made on the principle of microencapsulation, they provide a prolonged action. The most famous of these is Get's drugs, which allows to withdraw not only the moth, but also cockroaches, ants and even bugs resistant to the induction of various insecticides. Of course, this tool should be used only against larvae in kitchen furniture, since the drug should not be in contact with food.

Инсектицидное средство Гет позволяет не только вывести тараканов и клопов, но также эффективно и против моли

It should also be taken into account that it is not effective to fight the kitchen moth only with the help of special preparations. Still, most of the pests are in food products, and it is with this part that it is first of all necessary to conduct a purposeful struggle.

Destruction of butterflies

Now imagine another, too common situation: you have a moth in the kitchen, but all products have been checked and sorted, the larvae destroyed and discarded with contaminated products. However, butterflies moths survived and continue to fly in the kitchen, and in large quantities.

После уничтожения личинок моли обязательно нужно вывести всех бабочек на кухне

In this case, it is necessary to bring the matter to an end and to accept the extermination of butterflies. After all, they are the ones that are able to put eggs that are not visible to the eye on food, giving the chance to appear to a new generation of pests.

It is quite easy to bring butterflies out of moths. Usually, you do not even need to use chemicals. Fly swatters and a simple slipper are quite enough to clap even a few dozen adults.


"I do not know where the moth started in the kitchen, but this infection has hurt a lot. All right, while the butterflies were flying, but when the worms climbed, I could not stand it at all. But the main thing is how many do not press them, they all appear and appear. It turned out they were climbing from last year's nuts on the balcony. Throwed nuts, a kilogram of infected yachka, passed all the butterflies - and quiet and grace has become. I did not really expect that I could manage it so quickly. "

Antonina, Jeremiah

In warehouses or kitchens of public catering establishments for the destruction of butterflies, moths use insecticidal aerosols - professional Tetriks, Diazinon or general means Combat, Raptor, Reid. Grain moth in the kitchen is usually destroyed in a special day for this purpose, and after the treatment of the premises in it, a thorough cleaning is carried out.

Профессиональное инсектицидное средство Тетрикс

On a note

It is not recommended to fight adult moths using dust or pencils. Their action is very long in time, and while they act, the butterflies will have time to lay eggs.

Preventive measures

After all the contaminated products are thrown out of the house, and the larvae and butterflies are exterminated by special means, one should not relax: the mole may appear in the kitchen again. To avoid this, you must:

  • to check all products brought to the house
  • maintain cleanliness and remove all scattered on the floor or table (bedside table) products
  • throw away
  • use special deterrents in the places of storage of products. For this purpose, special sections against moths and some folk remedies are suitable, which should be placed in bedside tables and cabinets.

Only such a comprehensive approach will finally bring out the moth in the kitchen. However, before the start of the fight, one should be mentally prepared for the fact that it will not be possible to take out a mole in a day or two, at best it will take a week or two to do this.

If you decide to fight the moth yourself, then we recommend using only proven tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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