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How and how to get the moth out of the apartment

Если не принять вовремя меры по выведению моли, она может попортить немало вещей и продуктов

On how to take out the moth, one often has to think to many owners of apartments. This insect perfectly suits the human dwelling, bringing a lot of troubles, and sometimes damage to significant amounts (for example, when it comes to irreparably corrupted fur coats).

The mole known in everyday life is divided into two types: dressed and food, each of which feeds on the materials and products corresponding to its name. To determine how to get a mole out of an apartment in each specific case, you need to first determine what kind of moth you have to fight.

Methods and means of removing the moth

To take out the mole and not to spoil the clothes, furniture and fur products it is possible by means of various methods. Let's look at the basic ones.

  • The physical method of combating a moth. Mole is afraid of extremely low and high temperatures for it (below minus 5 ° C and above plus 45 ° C). Accordingly, in the cold season, you can freeze the apartment by opening the windows wide open, and this will be disastrous not only for moth butterflies, but also for its larvae. It is important to protect the heating batteries so that they do not freeze. Or you can wash clothes at the maximum temperature for it. More efficiently operate special industrial units that allow local application of high or low temperatures. Those who are trying to bring a mole out of a fur coat, it is worth paying attention to a special refrigerator for fur products.

Специальный холодильник для меховых изделий поможет уберечь любимую шубу от моли

On a note

The larvae and eggs of the moth are weakly clinging to clothing, and therefore regular shaking out of things will get rid of most of them.

  • Chemical method. It is most advisable to destroy the moth by specially designed chemical insecticides for this purpose. They are presented in the form of aerosols (they are easily sprayed and do not require special preparation), fumigators (the design with an insecticide is connected to the mains and the substance gradually evaporates), sections (cardboard plates are impregnated with repellant and located in the cabinet).

Чтобы избавиться от платяной моли, фумигатор можно оставить включенным в шкафу

  • Folk remedies. You can also take out the mole from the apartment with the help of various folk remedies, for the benefit of popular wisdom has accumulated many recipes for the destruction of this harmful insect.

It is interesting

The moth is fed by keratin, which is contained in keratinized materials of animal origin (fur, wool). Keratin is also an important part of human hair and nails, which could be an excellent dinner for an insect. Fortunately, the moth does not attack people, but the natural wig or hair left on the clothes will be eaten with pleasure.

We excrete the mole with aerosols

The aerosol form of insecticides is the most popular among the population. The reason is simple: the tool allows you to quickly and conveniently slip all the moth in the apartment, both butterflies and larvae. The composition of each aerosol includes a poisonous substance and a solvent, and the modern aerosols from moths have a weak odor, in addition, they often use pleasantly smelling fragrances.

Many mole aerosol preparations are used not only for local destruction of pests, but also for the prevention of their appearance in cabinets and wardrobes.

To bring out the mole, it is enough to process the stuff in the cabinet, as well as the inner surfaces of the cabinet. Sometimes the manufacturer advises to clean processed things, for example, to wash them. But, as practice shows, this is not mandatory: aerosols effectively destroy the moth and its larvae and without this procedure.

Аэрозоль Рапттор эффективен не только против бабочек моли, но и против ее личинок


"They thought about how to fight this moth. It is clear that with mothballs and all kinds of vinegars of all the advisers - in the garden. Bought Armolm, sprayed all the things, cabinets, sofas and carpet, a week later repeated. Some of the things before it were washed at 50 degrees. A couple of sweaters had to be thrown out, but after treatment no traces of moths appeared for more than a year. I do not know if this Armol is on sale now, but it's cool. "

Veronika, Sterlitamak

Before you take out the moth in the house, it is worth remembering that insecticides used in aerosol formulations, if inhaled, can cause an allergic reaction and even slight intoxication. Therefore, when using aerosols, you must strictly follow the instructions and apply personal protective equipment.

Below are listed some of the best aerosols from clothing (fur coat) moths:

  • Antimol (active substance - permethrin)
  • Mosquitol (pralletrin, 1.7%)
  • Desmol
  • Foxy
  • Armol (permethrin)

Аэрозоль Mosquitall - один из лучших в борьбе с платяной (шубной) молью

All these products do not leave stains on the fabric and can be used for any natural products.

Fumigators for moths

Fumigators are another rather effective means for getting rid of moths. They are produced in two types - pyrotechnic and electric. The first is produced in the form of a spiral, which after ignition releases poisonous smoke. The second one is more modern and works by electrically heating plates impregnated with a poisonous substance.

The most popular fumigators today are Raptor, Reid and Mosquitol. They are odorless and not dangerous to humans or warm-blooded animals. Usually they are positioned by the manufacturer as a remedy for mosquitoes in the apartment, but they are also quite effective in the fight against moths.

If the fumigator works with the plates, they must be changed before each treatment session. Advanced models use a liquid that lasts a long time.

One of the options for using a fumigator against moths - to include it in a closed cabinet, having passed there an extension cord. To start the operation of the device, you just need to connect it to an electrical outlet.

Sections against moths

Sections are the simplest and most problem-free way to fight moths. They are impregnated with a repellent substance, which are laid out or hanging out in the places of the supposed accumulation of moths.

Достаточно развесить в шкафу с одеждой секции Раптор - и вещи будут сохранены от моли

In some sections of moth, the plates can have a high adsorbing effect and evaporation effect, which allows them to simultaneously perform two functions:

  • absorb excess moisture in the closet (moth does not like dryness);
  • and also to evaporate scaring substances that affect the pest.

A variety of presented in the stores sections from the moth allows you to choose a model with any flavor and any shape. Some of them are made in the form of hooks to hang them next to the clothes on the wardrobe tube.

There are many manufacturers of sections, the most famous of them are Reid, Raptor, Antimol, Mosquitol and Gardex.

Пластинами Армоль можно воспользоваться для отпугивания как платяной, так и пищевой моли

How to take out a mole with folk remedies

To learn how to withdraw larvae of moths and adults without chemicals, you should turn to the help of folk remedies. Many of them are affordable and inexpensive, but mostly designed only to repel insects, so they should be used as an additional method of struggle.

Consider the most famous folk remedies for moths in the apartment:

  • Lay out fresh orange peels, dried lavender, tobacco (or strong cigarettes), soap with a strong smell, naphthalene (it is not recommended - scientists have proved that it is a carcinogen), fresh leaves of fragrant geraniums.

Свежие листья душистой герани хорошо отпугивают моль

  • To get some plants of fragrant geranium in the room where the moth settled.
  • Move the things folded for the winter with fresh newspapers (advice is not suitable for light fabrics and fur).
  • Apply essential oils of geranium, orange or lavender to pieces of cotton wool, which are then spread out in a room and a closet.

Even more effective is the processing of the joints of the cabinet with kerosene, but not every owner of good furniture and clothing will agree to such measures.

Fighting the food moth

The need to take out the moth in the kitchen arises usually when numerous butterflies of moths are already fluttering around the kitchen, but the reason for its appearance is not yet clear. As practice shows, not all apartment owners realize that somewhere in the groats, flour, dried fruits or nuts, the pest larvae have already started. Many somehow think that a mole can live only in wardrobes with clothes.

The food (kitchen) moth is different from the clothes and refers to a different family - the family of fires. Accordingly, the fight against it has its own nuances.

Пищевая, или кухонная, моль относится к семейству огневок (в отличие от платяной моли)

Before you remove the food moth, you must necessarily review all loose food products: they can be visible pest larvae or a characteristic spider web. Infected cereals must be discarded, and only if the larvae are very small - rinse, and then dry in the oven at a temperature of 70 ° C.

На фото - бабочки пищевой моли в рисе

А такую крупу с личинками моли, скорее всего, уже придется выбросить

Kitchen cabinets are washed with a strong solution of vinegar, which then needs to be washed off with water. All cereals and other dry products should be repacked in glass jars with a tight lid or linen bags, previously soaked in a solution of vinegar or salt water, and then dried.

Чтобы предупредить появление пищевой моли в крупах, удобно использовать банки с плотно подогнанной крышкой

After these manipulations, which are paramount in the fight against the food moth, one can already undertake the destruction of butterflies. In this case, you can use the same means that are used to destroy the moth - aerosols, it is important only not to allow them to hit the food.


"Even the mind could not attach how to get the mole out of the cereals. You can not sprinkle it from the can. We fried, but we have a lot, for the whole winter. And the whole was infected. Half a mesh had to be thrown out, butterflies were still caught for a month, order was put in the pantry and sprayed with Raptor. And the moth is gone. My advice to you - when you buy a large batch of the same buckwheat, carefully examine it. Instead of taking out the cereal moth, just do not let her go home. "

Stanislav Dobrozhansky, Vinnitsa

Preventing contamination with food moth larvae is simple: regular cleaning and ventilation of cabinets in the kitchen, as well as periodic inspection of bulk products for pests. It is mandatory to check each package of cereals, brought from the store. It is useful to avoid buying cheap products of dubious origin.

Do not forget about the prevention of the appearance of a moth. This is also helped by regular cleaning and ventilation of cabinets with clothes, timely cleaning of fur and wool products, shaking out clothes. To completely protect yourself from the appearance of this type of moth, you can use sections for a wardrobe all year round.

If you decide to fight the moth yourself, then we recommend using only proven tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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