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How to safely protect the mink coat from moths

Каждая владелица норковой шубки должна знать, как уберечь ее от моли

Clothes and fur coats (although these are different types, but for the housewife they are all the same person) are universal pests of natural textile products. Moth caterpillars feed on hair in any form, and for them there is no difference, to beat an old worn sweater, a precious mink fur coat or someone's wig.

But it is the mole in the fur coat that usually causes a maximum of irritation - after all, after the mink coat is eaten by a mole, the thing becomes absolutely unpresentable. And therefore, to know how to save a mink coat from moths, every keeper of a good wardrobe should.

On a note

Fur coats and woolen clothes can be attractive not only for moths. They are also spoiled by beetles, less common, but also much less noticeable in the room. The task of fighting for an expensive fur coat is facilitated by the fact that funds effective against moths also protect the clothes well from kozheedov.

How to protect a fur coat from moths

The best protection of a fur coat from moths is a reliable prevention of infection of the wardrobe by a pest. And in terms of complexity, this prophylaxis usually far exceeds the fight against moth itself, but in most cases it is a reliable guarantee that a moth in a fur coat will never start.

So, in order to protect your coat from moths, you should:

  • Keep fur coats and fur products in a separate wardrobe. In this case, a woolen moth is less likely to move to a fur coat.
  • Use a special cover for the coat from moths - these thin cases are usually quite inexpensive, and soaked in from inside with substances that scare away moth butterflies and larvae. And the hermetic closure of the cover will prevent insects from getting into it even if stored for a long time. Very well known and well-proven moth fur coat Raptor - it is made with all the achievements of this manufacturer in the fight against insects and effectively repels moth butterflies, even with a large number of them in the room. However, to keep a mink coat from moths will be already good at least in the case in which it was sold.

Чехол Раптор был разработан специально для защиты деликатного меха от моли

On a note

In no event can you store a fur coat from natural fur in a synthetic case! It is believed that an expensive product will suffocate in it.

  • The next method of protection is to use an effective anti-moth agent for a fur coat. There are a lot of such tools today, and some of them are designed specifically to protect fur products - Raptor Protection from Moles, Armol, Antimol, a line of anti-mosquito funds from Mosquitall. They either do not smell or smell of lavender, and in order to protect the coat from moths, they should handle the entire wardrobe together with the walls of the cabinet from the inside with the manufacturer's specified frequency.

Побрызгав шкаф аэрозолем Армоль, можно быть уверенным, что в нем драгоценная шуба будет в сохранности

  • An important point is to observe quarantine measures. It is known that even expensive shops and boutiques can be infected by a pest, not to mention Turkish sales and, especially, second-hand. Therefore, bought a new fur coat or any clothes that will hang in the closet with a mink coat, it is necessary to withstand a few days in direct sun or strong frost. Such preventive measures will make it possible to destroy larvae of moths if they exist.

On a note

Larvae of fur moths are resistant to negative temperatures to minus 10 ° C, so it is advisable to freeze them only if the frost is very hard.

  • Another way to protect against fur coats is to use fumigators and scaring agents. The first require connection to the outlet, but even in the event of accidental exposure to moth, the fur coat will be reliably protected - insects will die within a few days. Scare agents such as dried flowers of lavender, laundry soap and essential oils discourage adult butterflies, but if you get into the closet clothes with larvae will not work and will not help keep the coat from moths. In addition, it is better to use special sections from moths, which are more convenient to use, instead of these repellent means.

Для защиты шубы от моли можно использовать фумигаторы Раптор со специальными пластинами

Секции  Raid также неплохо отпугнут моль от шубы

The most reliable way to protect the mink coat from moths is using strong insecticides in the form of aerosols: the use of such products usually gives an excellent result. It is also important that modern aerosol products in no way affect the condition and appearance of the fur coat itself.

Аэрозоль Экстрамит будет также вполне эффективным средством для спасения норковой шубы от моли

How to identify a pest: is it really a mole?

In most cases, the mink coat and other fur products damage the mole. It can be a woolen moth or a fur coat. Photos of butterflies of both species are presented below:

На фото - бабочка шерстяной моли

Бабочка шубной моли

And here is the larva of the fur coat:

Фото личинки шубной моли

Larva of woolen moth - in the photo below:

Личинка шерстяной моли крупным планом

Larvae of moths in a fur coat live very secretive and almost never come across eyes. They are quite inactive and are always at the base of the fur hair. Here they make of silk a little case, which is replaced after every molt.

The moth eats almost exclusively the hairs of the fur, without touching the skin itself. This it is very different from kozheedov - the larvae of the latter actively eat and the very skin of the fur.


"I once ate a mole fur coat. It was terribly unpleasant, it was back in Soviet times, a fur coat - in weight of gold. The husband from the voyage brought me a canister, which I constantly sprinkled in the closet, and he helped. Today, there are many such cans. I now use Raptor and give my daughter, he helps well. But I always inspect fur coats regularly for certainty. "

Inna, Murmansk

The moth eats the fur coat fairly "neatly," if I may say so, moves little around it and creates small bald spots. Below the photo shows a fur coat that the moth ate:

Эти аккуратные проплешины в шубе выгрызла моль (точнее, ее личинки)

Visible only individual spots without fur - it is immediately clear that the mole has just begun to have a fur coat. In general, if a mole has wound up in a mink coat, it can be clearly seen almost immediately:

  1. The fur becomes untidy, with scraps and irregularities where the larva has just started to feed.
  2. In the case and under the fur coat constantly hairs of fur are accumulated - when a moth eats a fur coat, a large number of nagryzenyh hairs it loses.
  3. Obvious "folds" of fur, appearing where the larva is creeping.

Very strongly the larva spoils the fur when it moves: it does not just creep between the hairs, but cuts out a path. The photo shows how the fur spoils after the moth eats it out:

Мех на рукавах этой куртки сильно поела моль

It is interesting

In nature, the moth eats hairs and feathers in the nests of rodents and birds. There are species of moths, the larvae of which settle in the horns of antelopes and gnaw out them from the inside. It is not surprising that a moth eats wool in human homes - its digestive system is ideally suited to digest keratinous animal covers.

But the most obvious sign of the moth's defeat is the butterflies and caterpillars themselves in the fur, and in the wardrobe in general. If the pest and the fur coat were together in the same wardrobe, you can save the fur coat from moths only by quick and decisive actions.

It is interesting

Larvae of kozheyedov unlike the caterpillars of moths do not build around their bodies, and they look somewhat different - these worm-like creatures are quite mobile, and their body is covered with bristles of hard hairs. In general, in closets and apartments, they are less common than moths.

If the mole wound up in a mink coat: rapid destruction

If a mole has wound up in a fur coat, the best option for its destruction will be the use of powerful modern insecticides. Such drugs, when properly used, allow for a few hours to destroy all insects in the closet and in the fur coat, without damaging the fur product.

On a note

Folk remedies and deterrent sections from moths will not help to take the moth out of the fur coat, they are more suitable for the prevention of infection. If the wrecker is wound up in clothes - you need to take on more radical drugs.

The most effective for the destruction of pest aerosol insecticidal preparations Armol, Antimol, Raptor Protection from Moles, Extramite and Clean house. Any of these means from moths is enough to once to process a fur coat in a spacious room, sprinkling it from all sides and on all the folds. After that, the fur coat is placed in a cover or for several days - in a plastic bag, which is sprayed with an aerosol.

Поместите норковую шубу в специальный чехол на лето - и ей не страшна будет моль

If these funds can not be found on sale, similarly, some aerosols and sprays can be used against other insects - many of them also effectively destroy the mole. It is important only before use to check that the product has no odor and leaves no traces on the fabric, otherwise the treated fur coat will not be suitable for wearing.

Универсальное средство от насекомых Raid также будет эффективно бороться с молью в шкафу

Fumigators for rapid destruction of moths should not be used - they are designed for the gradual destruction and long-term struggle with the pest.

It will be effective enough to rent a fur coat in dry cleaners or treat it with heat. With the latter can help in the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station. Also, the result will be the placement of a fur coat on a hot summer day in the salon of a car left in the sun, or taking out clothes in a frigid frost to the street. But such steps are worth repeating several times - practice shows that some larvae and pupae of moths can survive after similar executions.

Is it possible to save a moth-eaten fur coat?

If the moth ate a fur coat, then the possibility of saving an expensive product primarily depends on the degree of damage. For example, in the photo below, you can see how a fur coat looks like, if a moth ate a fur coat so much, you will either have to throw out your clothes or give them to the homeless:

Эту шубу так сильно поела моль, что замаскировать поврежденное место будет очень сложно


"My mole ate a mink coat. So offensively - went all summer to Greece, returned - and in the wardrobe some rags hang. To her husband she beat a fur hat, gloves. I do not even know what to do. They always hung in the closet of the plate, but there was no use from them. She threw the fur coat off, the husband gave the hat to the workman at work, and now I'm afraid of buying new fur so that nothing of the sort happens. "

Alena, Novosibirsk

If the moth ate the coat quite a bit, having managed to cut only a small area, then the place of damage can be painted over with a marker for the color of fur. Sometimes it is effective to repaint the entire fur coat to the color of the skin itself. It is important only not to make "sudden movements" and not try to radically change the color of the entire product.

If a small bald patch appears in one place, but the mole is safely destroyed, you can carefully cut out the damaged area and stitch the skin from the inside. If there is a slight damage, then there will be no traces of the operation on the surface of the fur coat. At a more serious scale, the bald patch will have to be stitched with a brooch or pattern.

Finally, in some cases, even in case of serious damage, the beaten area can simply be cut out: make a sleeveless jacket, for example, or cut off long floors, simply truncating the product. However, for this it is better to use the services of the studio.

Даже если вашу любимую шубку сильно поела моль, из нее всегда можно сделать ультрамодный меховой жилет

Have you checked your mink coat in the closet for a long time?

If you decide to fight the moth yourself, then we recommend using only proven tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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