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Get rid of food moths in the kitchen

Избавляемся от пищевой моли на кухне

Food moth in the kitchen is a dangerous pest of various food products. It reproduces very quickly, spoils various cereals, flour, can eat even dried fruits, nuts and bread. After infection with it, the products become unsuitable for consumption, and their complete spoilage occurs quickly enough. On how to get rid of food moths and some of its other species, as well as about the important nuances of this pest control, let's talk further.

Urgent measures for getting rid of moths in the kitchen

Signs of the appearance of moths in the kitchen are many: these are small brown butterflies under the ceiling and on the walls, cocoons in flour and groats, and even crawling caterpillars creeping along the walls of kitchen cabinets. All these signs clearly indicate that a food moth appeared in the house.

Бабочка пищевой моли

Фотография личинки пищевой моли крупным планом

To quickly and effectively get rid of this pest, it is useful to have an idea about the features of the biology of food moths and about modern highly effective antimidants. It is important to understand that occasionally running around in the kitchen with a slipper and destroying moth butterflies is a very ineffective variant of the struggle, which simply creates the appearance of the destruction of food moths. The main mass of pests (larvae) continues to develop actively in contaminated foodstuffs.

On a note

Mole is a generalized name for small butterflies from the Lepidoptera group. They can be divided into insects that spoil food and property in the house, and agricultural pests. Home moth, in turn, is divided into species that spoil clothing, and a group of species that affect food. Of course, all these insects are found in nature, but there they feed on other foods.

In its development the food moth goes through several stages, and in order to get rid of moths in the kitchen, it is necessary to destroy both butterflies, and larvae, and moth eggs. It should be remembered that there is no seasonality in reproduction and distribution of moths: it can appear at any time of the year, so you need to get rid of food moles as soon as possible after it is discovered.

Beginning of getting rid of kitchen moths is necessary with larvae. They spoil the products, gluing the cereals in small characteristic kind of lumps and leaving meandering under the surface of fruits and vegetables.

На стенках банки с крупой видны личинки пищевой моли

It is interesting

The food moth, depending on the products on which it lives, is divided into cereal - parasitizes on grains of wheat, rice and corn, apple (fruit) - spoils apples, pears, apricots, potato - lives in tubers of potatoes, tobacco and others. Any of these types of moles can be found in the city apartment.

Moth larvae are easy enough to destroy. In order to get rid of food moths, the first thing to do is to go through all the food reserves in the kitchen, clean the pantry, checking the state of the most overstocked reserves.

Small gray pellets on the bottom of packages and cans, glued corn kernels, covered with a grayish coating, are proof of the product's damage to the moth. To get rid of moths in cereals, you can warm it in the oven or in a frying pan, or freeze for several days in the freezer. To get rid of cereal moths, it is enough to place the infected product in the cold below minus 10 ° C for 2-3 days, or for heat above + 60 ° C - for 1-1,5 hours. However, if more than 20% of the product is contaminated, it is better to discard it altogether.

To get rid of butterflies food moths in an apartment is most expediently mechanically. You can simply slam the flying pests, or you can hang sticky tapes or special sticky traps in the places where they are spread. To apply insecticidal aerosols in these cases is irrational, but with parallel baiting of cockroaches or domestic ants, they will give a good result against moths.

Для борьбы с бабочками пищевой моли могут быть использованы специальные липикие ловушки

Thus, it is quite possible to get rid of a small amount of moth in products by making a revision of food reserves, by calcining infected cereals at high temperatures, or by freezing them.

Destruction of moths in cabinets and furniture

It should be understood that the complete disposal of moths in the kitchen is impossible without disinfection and disinfection of the entire pest habitat. Eggs moths can be in the smallest cavities of furniture, and without their destruction to achieve cleaning the kitchen from the pest will be problematic.

To get rid of the product moth, the enemy needs to know in person. Below in the photo there are varieties of food moths:

  • barn moth
  • flour flour
  • potato moth
  • grain moth
  • mills
  • dried fruit.

Амбарная пищевая моль

Мучная пищевая моль

Картофельная моль

Фото зерновой пищевой моли

Мельничная моль (огневка)

Сухофруктовая моль

To get rid of kitchen moths, you can use a wide range of special chemicals. In general, they can be divided into liquidation ones - insecticides containing poisonous substances and destroying already existing insects, and repellents - created on a plant basis and repelling new pests. The most common form of release of insecticides is aerosols.

There are many different aerosols that you can use to get rid of moths in the kitchen. Among the most popular are Raptor from moth, Armol, Antimol and Combat aerosol .

Raptor "Protection from moths" is used against moth butterflies and its larvae. Sprayed on furniture, including wood, clothing, carpets, effective for 12 months or until the first wash.

Аэрозольное средство Раптор Защита от моли

Aerosol from moth Armol has an instant effect against butterflies and a prolonged action against moth larvae. Used to clean and protect insects from furniture and carpets. Valid for 6 months.

Raid Antimol is used on clothing, fur and fabrics of any type, retains efficacy for a year or until the first wash.

Aerosol "Combat SuperSpray" has a universal effect against most flying and creeping insect pests. Sprayed in the corners of rooms, at the intersection of furniture and in places of distribution of insects, is safe for animals.


"Recently, with horror, I found in my kitchen a moth in the rump. From where it is not clear, but larvae creep in huge quantities. She decided to get rid of cardinally - she washed everything, threw away the spoiled products and sprayed Raptor with spray. It turned out that even after my cleaning, insects remained here and there. I cleaned it again and sprinkled it. Now I enjoy cleanliness. "

Diana, Rostov-on-Don

When using insecticides in the fight against food moths, it is important not to allow drugs to get into food!

How to protect things and products from moths and her larvae

The mechanism of action of repellent remedies is that they repel insects and prevent them from laying eggs. Most often, the repellents are in the form of tablets, plates and briquettes, some of which may contain naphthalene and camphor.

It should be remembered that naphthalene has pronounced carcinogenic properties, therefore it can not be used in residential premises, and when choosing a repellent it is necessary to check its composition. Because of this, their use in the kitchen as a whole is limited and it is undesirable to use them near food.

Нафталин обладает канцерогенными свойствами, поэтому не рекомендуется использовать его для борьбы с молью

To get rid of the product moth, you can use lavender and fir oil. Impregnated with these oils wadded disks must be expanded in places where the pest appears. And to get rid of gritsyana moth in the kitchen as a whole it is necessary to lay out a few tablets on top of cabinets or under furniture. The most known repellents are the tablets "Antimol" and "Desmol", plates "Moleboy", cassettes "Arsenal", "Phytocide", "Zitol", "Gela"

Таблетки от моли


"My grandmother always laid out bunches of dried lavender from cereal moths in the kitchen. It is possible to get rid of it, she said, but it is better, if it does not exist at all. When we moved to a new apartment, after the general cleaning, I spread out lavender pills on different secluded corners and periodically change them. For a year and a half, there was not a single butterfly in the house "

Anna Melnik, Krasnodar

Sections from moths

Sections from moths are considered the most rational and effective means of preventive struggle against moths. They can be produced with the aromas of lavender, mandarin or chamomile, and may not even have a smell at all.

Generally speaking, sections are designed to protect things in wardrobes, but can help get rid of food moths in the kitchen. Being, in fact, a fumigation agent, they secrete active substances that prevent the reproduction of moths, and, in addition, discourage adult individuals (butterflies).

Among the known brands of sections from moths are Raptor, Mosquitall, Globol.

Секция от моли Раптор

Section from moth Raptor is designed to protect woolen and fur products. Helps to get rid of both adult butterflies and moth larvae in the kitchen. The section should be changed every 4 months.

The Mosquitall sections provide comprehensive protection against moth butterflies. Against the larvae and eggs of the pest they work poorly, it is advisable to use them as a means of prevention. Effective for 6 months.


"I always use the Mosquitall sections to protect clothing. Recently decided to apply them in the kitchen - there was a case of the appearance of grain moths. It was possible to get rid, having thrown out all groats, now it would be desirable to avoid its new occurrence. Section Mosquitall has a very convenient shape and hook, with which it can be suspended at least to the cornice. In addition, there is a special slider on the section to mark the beginning of the usage time. I hope the kitchen is now as secure as the wardrobe. "

Natalia Korotkova, Novgorod

The Globol sections have an original design and protect the space from both moth butterflies and caterpillars. In its composition have natural lavender oil. One section lasts for 6 months.

Folk remedies for moths

In addition to chemical moth-fighting drugs, folk remedies also have certain efficacy. These include tobacco leaves, pepper, fresh geranium and nettles, wormwood, mint, orange peel, fresh and dried lavender flowers, laundry soap and others.

To repel moths, a small amount of natural insect repellent is usually decomposed in the depths of the kitchen cabinets. The smell emanating from these funds will scare off the adult moth and prevent her from laying eggs. But on the larvae of food moth, the people's means are practically not working - this must be remembered.

Народные средства от моли отпугивают бабочек, но не действуют на личинок

To get rid of flour moths, folk wisdom recommends sifting the flour, then drying it in the oven, then stored together with several cloves of garlic. In the fight against moths, salt can also be used.

The popular recipe for getting rid of fruit moths is to rinse the product in salt water. Practice shows that this method works only with a low degree of contamination of the product.

Methods of prevention from moths

It is much more effective to prevent the very appearance of moths in the kitchen and in the house, than to later struggle with the results of her life activity.

First of all, it concerns the stocks of food products. You do not need to store large quantities of cereals, flour and pasta in the kitchen - you should not buy food for more than a week. In this case, give preference to better known, well-proven brands. Keep loose products in tightly closed containers.

Сыпучие пищевые продукты нужно хранить в плотно закрывающихся емкостях

If possible, it is not recommended to leave fruit and vegetables outdoors. From the detected fruit moth can be eliminated by placing the fruit in the refrigerator. If you suspect a potato moth, tubers should be scraped and disposed of as soon as possible. And of course, the best prevention from moths is a careful check of all the purchased products.

In conclusion, we note that the moth can equally successfully live in a rural house and in a luxurious apartment, so simply keeping the house clean does not guarantee that the pest does not come to visit you. The competent use of preventive measures and measures will protect your home from the intrusion of food moths with greater probability.

If you decide to fight the moth yourself, then we recommend using only proven tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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