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How to quickly get rid of moths in the apartment

Давайте посмотрим, как и с помощью каких средств можно быстро избавиться от моли в квартире

When small pale butterflies fly out of the wardrobe or from the kitchen, it does not bode well. Before the owners of the apartment, the question arises: how to get rid of moths in the most effective way to save clothes that have not yet been touched by the pest, carpets and food supplies.

But before you get rid of moths in the apartment, you need to figure out which pest has attacked the living space. All kinds of moths , to put it simply, are divided into two groups, called the moth and food in the people. Fight them with different means.

It is important to understand that some drugs are designed only to repel moths, which is not always effective, especially for a closed room. There are also means for the immediate destruction of moths or the gradual removal of moths from the apartment. So let's take a closer look at the various types of moth remedies and evaluate their advantages and disadvantages.

Methods and means for getting rid of clothes moths

The whole range of means of getting rid of domestic moths can be divided into the following groups:

  • Insecticidal aerosols. With their help you can quickly, literally for 1 day get rid of moths in the apartment, but some of them have an unpleasant smell and a high price. In addition, you will have to breathe aerosol (even with a respirator), which can be a serious problem for people prone to allergies. Инсектицидные аэрозоли позволяют наиболее быстро уничтожить моль и ее личинки
  • Fumigators from moths. They are used to slowly, but surely, take the mole out of the room. Like aerosols, fumigators, can destroy other harmful insects in the apartment - for example, mosquitoes and flies. Многие фумигаторы эффективны не только против комаров, но и против моли
  • Sections from moths. The main work of such means is to scare away. If there are many insects, you can not get rid of moths with their help. Специальные секции от моли эффективно отпугивают вредителя, но не убивают
  • Sticky tapes and traps. Used to catch moth butterflies, but do not harm the larvae. They can be considered as an additional strengthening means of struggle, while absolutely safe for human health. Липкие ловушки эффективны лишь против бабочек моли, но никак не влияют на развитие личинок
  • Folk remedies for pest control. Help to scare away and eventually even completely get rid of moths in the house. It is important only to correctly choose the best folk remedy for your case and use it in the right way.

Aerosols from clothes moths

Aerosols can quickly get rid of moths in the apartment. They are a solution of the insecticide in a spray bottle, and the principle of their operation is based on the fact that particles of a poisonous substance enter the respiratory tract of insects and their chitinous cover, which eventually causes poisoning.

Аэрозоли очень быстро проникают в насекомое и вызывают его отравление, поэтому эффект проявляется почти мгновенно

Today, the following products have received wide distribution and consumer recognition:

  • Antimol
  • Armol
  • Raptor "Protection from moths"
  • Mosquitall
  • Desmol
  • Fosoxide.

If there is a moth in the house, then to get rid of it by aerosol, you should first sort out all the cabinets, rinse the carpets and clothes. After this, it is necessary to carry out aerosol treatment: all woven and fur surfaces, corners of furniture, as well as the alleged breeding sites of the pest must be sprinkled, leave the room for a few hours "prokvasitsya", and then conduct a spring cleaning in the apartment. This is quite troublesome, but it gives a quick effect.

It is difficult to get rid of food moths with such means, since it is impossible to process cereals and food that insects love so much. You can spray the insecticide inside the cabinets, but only after getting rid of the contaminated products.

Dr. Klaus Antimol is one of the most effective mole aerosols. With it, you can get rid of moths in the closet, as well as, for example, in suitcases, mezzanines, without fear of leaving stains on clothes.

Аэрозоль Dr. Klaus Антимоль

The active substance of the aerosol is insecticide permethrin (0.25%), which quickly and effectively destroys both adult moths and their larvae. In addition, the drug has a long-lasting repellent effect.

The average price of the drug for a 300 ml bottle is about 170 rubles.


"This Dr. Klaus antimol is an excellent tool, inexpensive and effective. My grandmother had been tortured all her life with a moth, laying out lavender everywhere, then she had to dry up her crumbling and crumbling. And here the same effect and no hassle, it was possible to get rid of larvae of moths and butterflies. I use it myself and bring it to my grandmother regularly. "

Irina, Yaroslavl

This aerosol preparation is focused on the disinfection of fur and wool products. Armol is pleasantly smelling of lavender and leaves no traces on the tissues. They can process bed linens, curtains, carpets and even the skin, since the product guarantees disposal, not only of moths, but also of the eel.

Аэрозоль от моли Армоль

In free sale there is Armol and Armol Expert, and the latter has no smell, so it is suitable for disinfection of textiles and fur at exhibitions and in trade halls. The drug is packed into bottles of 165 ml.

A simple Armolm costs about 60 rubles, and Armol Expert is about 70 rubles.

Aerosol from Raptor is widely advertised, so it is available at all specialized points of sale.

Аэрозольное средство Раптор «Защита от моли»

If the moth is in the apartment, you can get rid of it with the help of one 175 ml bottle, the price of which is about 90 rubles. The insecticide has a prolonged effect of the action, which spreads until the next wash of things or up to 12 months on furniture.

Mosquitall is an aerosol product from a company that specializes specifically in the production of insecticidal preparations for household use. The composition and effect of the drug is similar to Antimol.

Аэрозоль от моли Mosquitall (Москитол)

In the balloon there are 200 ml of substance, for which you will have to pay about 100 rubles.

Taiga Antimol is a relatively new effective drug that will help get rid of moths in cabinets, and its effect also extends to kozheed (so-called wardrobe beetle, spoiling leather products). In general, Taiga Antimol aerosol can be characterized as a rather strong insecticide of immediate effect.

Тайга Антимоль


"This is the first and only moth remedy I had to use, and it turned out to be very effective. Aerosol advised the seller in the store, said that most often they buy it. I liked that it works instantly and there are no difficulties in applying it. "

Matvey, Khabarovsk

Aerosol Extreme acts similarly to Taiga, and allows you to quickly get rid of moths in the house. It is important only correctly, in the right places and quantities spray the drug. Destroys the larvae and butterflies that fall within the range of action.

Экстрамит - аэрозольное средство против моли

Fumigators for moths

Fumigator is a combination of an electrical apparatus and an insecticidal agent for long-term action in a room. Different manufacturers guarantee that using a fumigator to get rid of moths forever can be from a few days to two weeks.

Обычно фумигаторы используют против комаров в квартире, однако они вполне позволяют избавиться и от моли

The most effective and common are the following fumigators:

  • Raid.
  • Mosquitall.
  • Raptor.

Inside the fumigator insert a plate with an insecticide. After plugging into the socket, the substance heats up and evaporates, spreading over the room. Concentration in the air is enough to kill butterflies and larvae, but it is safe for humans and animals.

On a note

Some fumigators are quite toxic, and therefore in residential premises they should only be turned on for 1-2 hours every day. Usually these requirements are indicated on the package.

The disadvantage of such means is the need to connect to the outlet: this makes it difficult to use in the absence of electricity, and also does not allow creating an increased concentration of insecticide in the cabinets.

Rum fumigator is a plastic device with an electromagnet, it can work with plates or a cylinder with a liquid. Energy consumption is minimal, since the fumigator's power does not exceed 4.5 W. Although the Raid Fumigator is positioned as a mosquito remedy, it is also effective against moths.

Фумигатор Raid

The cost of the device together with 10 plates is about 120 rubles. Effectively helps to get rid of caterpillars of moths and butterflies, is equally effective against ward and food moths.


"Reid is the best moth remedy I've ever had to use. Before him could not get rid of the nasty butterflies, who all the time flew out of the closet with my fur coats. What only did. And then they extended an extension cord into the cabinet, put in the fumigator and everything. After a week, not a single parasite has appeared. "

Christina, Moscow

The operating principle of Mosquitall is similar to that of the previous fumigator. The only difference: the manufacturer specifies the affected area - up to 30 square meters per device. This is usually enough to etch one living room.

Электрофумигатор Mosquitall

The remedy is effective against both mosquitoes and moths.

There are fumigators Raptor for plates and liquid. The fumigator itself, according to the manufacturer, is equipped with an improved ceramic plate, which eliminates the appearance of unpleasant odors.

Фумигатор Раптор Турбо

The principle of operation is similar to the previous ones described above.

Sections from moths

Another popular tool is the sections from moths, which, unlike the previously described preparations, do not contain insecticidal components. The principle of the action of the sections is based on the frightening effect of the essential oils used in them. True, they do not kill a moth, but they allow you to get rid of it, frightening off adults. It is important to consider that although butterflies are sensitive to the action of sections, but the caterpillars do not harm essential oils.

On the market there are many varieties of sections from moths, but the most popular and effective are Mosquitall and Raptor.

These sections from moths are produced in 2 forms: plates for hanging between clothes, and blocks with spirits attached to the wall.

Секции от моли Mosquitall для подвешивания в шкафу

Секции от моли для приклеивания к стене

The cost varies between 50-120 rubles. Preparations of Mosquitall produce a pleasant aroma and effectively repel moth butterflies.

There are many varieties of Raptor sections with different pleasant scents, ranging from traditional lavender to citrus. The action of one plate is calculated for half a square meter for a period of up to 4 months.

Секция от моли Раптор - с запахом лаванды


"Very convenient sections, for cabinets just what you need. I have been using it for more than a year, I change it every season. Since then, not a single butterfly has seen and all the clothes are whole. "

Elizaveta Petrovna, Moscow

Folk remedies for moth fighting

Practice shows that when the average owner of an apartment decides how he will get rid of moths in an apartment, folk remedies are usually the first to come to mind: this includes lavender, orange peel, tobacco and geranium. Sometimes also laundry soap.

But it is important to understand that the main weapon of all these substances is an unpleasant, but not lethal smell for moths. The principle of operation of such funds is similar to sections from moths, however, the price is much lower, which explains the popularity of folk remedies.

Sometimes to get rid of moths in an apartment it is enough to lay out in the cabinets dried lavender (preferably in a woven bag), the smell of which is very unpleasant for butterflies. The plant can be replaced with a perfume or lavender oil, but it will cost more.

Запах лаванды эффективно отпугивает бабочек моли

The effectiveness of this drug will be the higher, the less the infection of the room. If there is a strong infection of the apartment, you should not count on success, it is advisable to immediately take on highly effective insecticides to prevent moles from multiplying even more.

If there is a food moth in the apartment, then you can get rid of it using orange peels, which need to be laid out in cabinets with food. While the crusts emit a tangible scent, the moth butterflies will shy away from such cabinets and will not put their eggs in the products.

В качестве отпугивающего моль средства эффективны и свежие апельсиновые корки

The disadvantage of this folk remedy against moths is the need for frequent replacement of orange crusts with fresh ones, and with dignity - cheapness, availability and safety of use.

The smell of tobacco is just as unpleasant for moths as the smell of lavender. In the dried form, it is recommended to spread the tobacco over the bags and spread them around the boxes and cabinets.

Моль также боится запаха табака

It is considered no less effective to keep the living fragrant tobacco in the apartment as a houseplant.

Moles do not like the strong smell of geraniums, so you can just put this flower in a pot next to the cupboard or dressing room.

How to get rid of moths in the kitchen

Getting rid of moths in the kitchen is often not as easy as getting rid of clothes moths (in wardrobes with clothes). The reason is that the caterpillars affect foods that can not be treated with insecticides, and sometimes it is difficult even to determine whether the product is actually infected with a moth.

Избавление от моли на кухне должно начинаться с ревизии пищевых продуктов

Старые крупы, сухофрукты и макароны зачастую становятся идеальным местом для размножения личинок кухонной моли

Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a thorough audit of all food stocks in the kitchen, sift the cereals and inspect the dried fruits. When all the nests of the pest are destroyed, it is useful to arrange for a while in the kitchen cabinets means to repel butterflies (they can hide in the corners of the room). For additional protection from adult moths, sticky tapes are also effective.

Prevention of infection of the apartment with moles

If the apartment does not have moths, this does not mean that it can not start. Therefore, preventive measures are important that will protect clothing, carpets and products from the parasite. It is better to spend a little effort on defense, so that later you do not have to think how to get rid of clothes or food moths.

Here are the best methods of prevention:

  • Hanging sticky tapes and traps.
  • The use of folk remedies: geranium on the windowsill, orange peel or lavender in the closet.
  • Sections from moths in places of clothing storage.
  • Verification of purchased cereals, flour, nuts and dried fruits for the presence of traces of damage to the moth.
  • Careful initial washing at the maximum permissible temperature of the purchased things.

Using these tips, you can expect that the moth is unlikely to ever cause you serious problems.

If you decide to fight the moth yourself, then we recommend using only proven tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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