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How to deal effectively with moths

Чтобы избавиться от моли, нужно знать, с каким ее видом вы имеете дело

The fight against the moth has been conducted by people for a very long time, but hi-tech means and achievements of the chemical industry do not help get rid of it completely. The reason for this vitality is the diversity of moths and the need to take into account the characteristics of each of them.

In other words, depending on the habitat and food consumed, the methods of combating the moth are also different.

The fight against the room types of moths - clothes, fur coat, furniture

The greatest financial loss and psychological discomfort is delivered by a room moth, which must be combated with a complex and especially thorough. This common name is understood as several different types of insects: clothing, fur coat, furniture. These butterflies come in different shades of yellow, live in the folds of clothing and furniture joints.

The moth is omnivorous - it feeds on wool, silk and vegetable food products. In other words, the moth can eat carpets, blankets, furniture upholstery, grain, cereal, flour, bread.

Личинки платяной моли могут питаться не только одеждой, но даже волокнами обивки мебели

The fur coat prefers fur, wool, felt, felt, and can also eat feathers and down.

Шубная моль: фото крупным планом

It is interesting

A fur mole that has settled in a fur, not so much eats it, how many it gnaws at roots at moving (it is made by caterpillars of moths ). This is why a fur coat can be recognized from the numerous hairs of fur that dot the space under the fur coat.

A furniture moth is very similar to a clothing moth, but it is more dangerous, it multiplies more quickly and damages a larger range of materials. She lives in the upholstery of upholstered furniture, on the back of the sofas and chairs, in the cupboards and on the bookshelves. The furniture moth is unpretentious and can also parasitize on semi-synthetic products.

Мебельная моль, точнее, ее личинки, способна питаться полусинтетическими материалами

On a note

Almost all of the moths that can be seen flying around the apartment are perfectly harmless males. They do not have a mouthpiece, that is, they do not eat and can not harm. The main danger is the larvae of moths , which eat clothes and furniture, as well as females laying eggs.

It is possible to fight the moth with preventive and liquidation measures. Preventive measures to combat moths in the apartment are aimed at preventing the very possibility of moths appearing, and liquidation measures are designed to get rid of existing insects.

The liquidation measures for combating a house moth include the following:

  • shaking out clothes and then mechanically destroying the larvae
  • warming up clothes in the sun on hot days
  • washing at a temperature of more than 40-45 ° С
  • treatment of clothes with aerosol insecticides.

Preventive struggle with the moth in the house includes airing in the open air and drying things in the sun, keeping clothes only in a clean state, periodically cleaning and washing furniture, including disinfectants.

On a note

One of the oldest means of moth and fight against it is naphthalene, but its effectiveness is somewhat exaggerated. Naphthalene balls really scare off adult moths, but against larvae they are completely useless. At the same time, it is considered to be a carcinogen and can be dangerous to human health more than a moth - for apartment sanitation.

It is always better to prevent the appearance of moths in an apartment than to fight it later.

Fighting with the already existing moth in the house can not only be mechanical cleaning and washing, but also using chemical preparations. Conditionally they can be divided into contact and fumigation.

Contact means are insecticidal solutions or aerosols, which must be applied to the affected surface. Caterpillars moth, eating and even just crawling on the things processed in this way, will soon perish.

Если обработать поверхность инсектицидным раствором или аэрозолем, то гусеницы моли погибнут, ползая по ней

Fumigation remedies for fighting moth are tablets and plates that are placed in places where moths can live. Slowly evaporating, they also kill pests.


"I never thought that a moth is so hard-living an insect and it's so hard to fight with it!" It seems that everything has reconsidered, washed away and ventilated - it still appears from time to time. I bought special records, but they do not seem to work. Now I was advised to have a can of Armole, but I'm afraid that it would not be poisonous. "

Kristina, Mykolayiv

Currently, there are many preparations from moths and to combat it. Aerosols Raptor "Protection from moths", Mosquitall (Mosquitol) and "Armol Expert" are effective against butterflies and against larvae of moths.

"Morimol", "Mittox", "Supromite", "Foksid" - solutions for the protection of upholstered furniture and carpets. "Antimol" and "Desmol" - plates against moth butterflies.

Kitchen moth and ways to get rid of it

Many believe that moths are found only in living rooms, but fighting moths in the kitchen is no less exhausting. Grain (food, kitchen) moth is silvery white and lives in cereals - wheat, rye, barley, etc. In addition, it can also spoil dried fruits and berries, nuts and seeds.

Unlike room moths, it is impossible to fight food moths by simply spraying food with chemicals (because then the poison will get into the food, which is unacceptable). That is why the fight against moths in products is often protracted and requires the complete elimination of stocks of contaminated food.

Begin to fight with cereal moth should be with the inventory of products. The loose clumps of grains, gray coating and cobwebs indicate that the moth has already been here. From the larvae can get rid of, thoroughly warming the croup in the oven or leaving for a few days in the freezer, but the spoiled product is still better to throw.

Fight the moth in the kitchen is better according to plan. Kitchen furniture should be washed with soapy water, wiped with vinegar and well ventilated. All infected products are simply discarded. And in the future, pay attention to the quality and volume of purchased food, do not let products "stagnate"

Бороться с молью на кухне помогает обработка шкафов столовым уксусом


"For a month, while the house was empty, a mole appeared in the kitchen . And how to deal with this infection? In the corners caterpillars crawl, under the ceiling butterflies fly, there they have love. Without thinking twice, I did a general cleaning, threw everything that remained of the products. Furniture just in case wiped with vinegar. And suddenly it worked! I did not think that people's recipes are so helpful "

Oksana, Murom

Methods of combating potato moth

One of the most dangerous potato pests is a potato moth, which must be counteracted both during the cultivation of potatoes and during storage. Potato moth is a small gray-brown insect, the larvae of which gnaw through the tubers sinuous black passages.

Картофельная моль - один из наиболее опасных вредителей картофеля

Личинки картофельной моли прогрызают в клубнях ходы

Fight with a potato moth is complex and systematic:

  • plant the maximum permissible depth only healthy tubers, pre-heating them;
  • periodically to hill and warm up the planting;
  • to foreknow and destroy the tops;
  • Collect the potatoes with special tools (Dendrobacillin, Entobacterin, Lepidocide) and store at a temperature of 3-5 ° C.

As you can see, methods of combating a potato moth include both agrotechnical and chemical measures.

How to get rid of tomato moths

Tomato moth, which affects the cultures of tomato, eggplant, potato, pepper, looks like a potato moth. It is an exceptionally prolific insect with high adaptability.

Фотография томатой моли

Личинки томатной моли наносят серьезный урон урожаю

Measures to control the tomato moth:

  • isolation and disinfection of greenhouses
  • regular destruction of weeds in the open field;
  • use of special traps as indicators of the appearance of tomato moth;
  • burning of the leaves;
  • the use of biological products (Boverin, Batsiturin), and, if necessary, chemical means, for example, Aktara, Actellik, Fufanon.

Chestnut Mining Moth

A chestnut miner moth is a horse chestnut parasite and sometimes maple. Having a very small number of natural enemies, is extremely dangerous for all kinds of these trees.

Каштановая минирующая моль паразитирует на каштанах и кленах

Личинки каштановой моли оставляют характерные пятна на поврежденных листьях

It is interesting

The caterpillar of the chestnut moth gnaws through the leaves of the tree twisting passages - mines. As it develops, it fades away, leaving a round dark spot in the moult spot. Before becoming an adult insect, it is capable of destroying up to 90% of the leaves of a tree!

Control measures against chestnut miner moths include the use of a trichogram rider parasitizing on moth larvae, fertilizing trees and improving soil, and introducing imidacloprid-based drugs into the vessels of the tree-with it the leaves of the tree become poisonous to moths.

Apple moth

Apple moth is an extremely dangerous pest of fruit trees, and not only apple trees. It also suffers from apricots, plums, pears, cherries and other trees.

Яблонная моль поражает не только яблони, но и другие плодовые деревья

Личинки яблонной моли не дадут возможности созреть плодам

The butterfly of the apple moth is light gray, almost white, with numerous white spots on the wings, the caterpillar is greenish with two rows of black dots. It is the caterpillars that sprout the leaves of the trees with the web and destroy the leaves on separate branches. With a serious lesion, a small tree can remain completely without vegetative parts.

Fight with this fruit moth should start ahead of time:

  • Before the flowering period, sprinkle the trees with an insecticide.
  • Hanging in the garden pheromone traps - to control the presence and number of apple moths.
  • In time to collect and destroy the infected leaves.
  • The attraction to the gardens of natural enemies of the mantle moth is an os-braconid.
  • If necessary, use additional chemical preparations.


"Last year we were late with the processing of trees in the garden. They seemed to know about the apple moth and how to deal with it, but missed the moment, and the crop turned out to be small and beaten. But in this fungicide used and traps hung, so here and there were local spider webs, but they could easily be collected with your hands or inventory! "

Stepan Nikolayevich, Kherson

Each type of moth has its own specific qualities and leads a unique way of life for it. It is not surprising that measures effective, for example, in combating a fur coat, will not give the expected result against moth furniture. Therefore, each type needs its own approach and a competent combination of methods and drugs.

If you decide to fight the moth yourself, then we recommend using only proven tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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