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How to get rid of moths

What is most afraid of moths
Чего больше всего боится моль

To scare off a mole and prevent her from settling in an apartment is not such an easy task, especially for an unprepared person. And this applies to both maternity and food moths. Therefore, it is important to know by what means and exactly how the mole should be scared away, what it is afraid of most. About such deterrents, both folk and industrial, as well as the methods of physical impact on the moth and its larvae, we will continue to talk.

Food moth and how to withdraw it
Пищевая моль и как ее вывести

Food moth in the apartment - the pest is not the most dangerous, but very unpleasant. Only caterpillars in flour or cereal irrevocably spoil these products, and constantly fluttering under the ceiling, the butterflies do not give the kitchen an impression of well-being and order. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the food mole quickly, efficiently and as early as possible.

Choose a remedy for moths in the apartment
Выбираем средство от моли в квартире

It is difficult for an unprepared person to choose the best remedy for moths in an apartment. Not only that a mole can be of different types, each of which requires its own approach, so there are a lot of funds themselves, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. In each specific case, only one or several drugs will be most effective, and for successful control of the moth it is useful to know which remedy should be preferred ...

Get rid of food moths in the kitchen
Избавляемся от пищевой моли на кухне

Food moth in the kitchen can be compared to a natural disaster in miniature - products are spoiled, larvae creep along them, butterflies fly in the kitchen in search of new products for laying eggs. Therefore, get rid of food moles should be quickly and mercilessly.

How to safely protect the mink coat from moths
Как надежно уберечь норковую шубу от моли

A moth-eaten mink fur coat is perhaps the biggest and most costly nuisance this pest can cause. Therefore, the owner of such a luxurious wardrobe thing should know how to protect yourself from such an incident and what to do if it all the same happened.

How and how to get the moth out of the apartment
Как и чем вывести моль из квартиры

There are many types of moths, but the biggest trouble in the apartment is food and moth. The first leads to useless food in the kitchen, and the second spoils expensive products - fur coats, woolen things, carpets, interior items. Every masters can get rid of moths and prevent its reappearance, it is important only to correctly approach the solution of this problem ...

How to deal effectively with moths
Как эффективно бороться с молью

The moth in the apartment is spoiled products, holes on clothes and bald patches on fur items, fluttering butterflies and larvae crawling along the wall, which it is time to pupate. It is necessary to fight the moth, and the sooner and more intensely this is done, the better.

Choose a remedy for moth-fighting at home
Выбираем средство для борьбы с молью в домашних условиях

Domestic pests are several kinds of moles. And to fight each of them a certain set of methods and means is required: for example, the kitchen moth can not be removed from the moths, and vice versa. Therefore, in order to be ready for the right steps at the right time, you should know what means and from which moles are most effective.

How to quickly get rid of moths in the apartment
Как быстро избавиться от моли в квартире

Getting rid of moths in an apartment is not easy, but with the right approach, every owner can do it. Even taking into account the fact that there are several types of moths and each of them has its own peculiarities, with the proper desire, a mole can be taken out of the house in almost one day.

How quickly to moth in the kitchen
Как быстро вывести моль на кухне

To take out a moth in the kitchen in practice is much more difficult than it seems at first glance. Neither the destruction of flying butterflies, nor the advice of grandmothers with lavender and orange peels especially do not help, and the mole continues to not just fly, but also actively spoil the food. However, it is difficult to fight the moth, but it is possible, and let's see how to do it correctly and as efficiently as possible ...

If you decide to fight the moth yourself, then we recommend using only proven tools that have shown their high efficiency:


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