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What is most afraid of moths

Многие знают, что моль можно отпугнуть с помощью лаванды. Давайте узнаем, каких еще средств боится моль

Generally speaking, the moth is afraid of many substances. It scares off strong smells, some house plants, the flavors of some technical substances. This is often actively used by housewives: in fact, knowing what the mole is afraid of, you can build a reliable system of preventive protection of your wardrobe or kitchen furniture from this pest. And, as you know, prevention is always more reliable and effective than the subsequent active struggle.


Even the most effective means of moths will not help, if the owner or hostess of the premises alone brought her larvae on clothes or products and placed in a closet. Caterpillars are simply nowhere to go, and they will, willy-nilly, be forced to live and get used to the substances that they are called to scare away. And practice shows that often the descendants of such individuals - moth butterflies - are no longer afraid of used repellents, and effective before that means from moths no longer help.

Личинок моли, которые уже принесены домой на одежде или в продуктах, отпугнуть не получится


"My grandmother has always used moth from moths, and in my memory these butterflies in the closets have never been. When they got into our country, I laid out naphthalene on shelves, in some places - in pockets of clothes, but it did not give results. The mole as it flew, so it flies. Now I'm looking for what helps from moles ... "

Anna, Bryansk

All moth funds can be divided into two groups:

  1. Preparations capable of destroying a mole .
  2. And means that only frighten away the moth.

In each of these groups there is a large number of known and not very effective and simply well-advertised means. Let's see what works best in practice.

Extermination of moths

The means to kill the moth and its larvae include aerosol insecticides and fumigators. In addition, the destruction of moths can be done by treating the room or clothes with high or low temperatures.

Аэрозольные инсектициды позволяют эффективно уничтожить как бабочек моли, так и ее личинок

In modern insecticide preparations against moths there is nothing particularly dangerous for humans and animals: they use substances that poison insects, but are harmless to warm-blooded animals. Only in the case of gross violation of the rules for the destruction of moths is possible intoxication, often accompanied by allergies.

Most insecticide preparations from moths are available in the form of aerosols or sprays. A typical moth spray is a small balloon from which the insecticide solution is sprayed, for example, on the surface of cabinets and directly on clothes.

Of course, the treatment of moths with these drugs is possible only away from food. Therefore, protection from food moths in the kitchen with aerosols and sprays is not produced either at all, or only kitchen cabinets that have been previously exempt from food are exposed.

Прежде чем обрабатывать кухонные шкафы средствами от моли, нужно освободить их от продуктов

Fumigators from moths are electronic devices in which insecticide-containing elements are heated, and the active substance gradually evaporates, poisoning the mole and its larvae in the cabinet in which the device is installed. When using these tools, the mole actually dies, but the whole process takes longer than using aerosols. In electrical fumigators are usually inserted capsules with liquid, plates or tablets, which you can buy with the instruments themselves.

Электрический фумигатор и специальные пластины от моли эффективно уничтожат вредителя в платяном шкафу

The mole is characterized by a fairly low resistance to the action of low and high temperatures: it dies already at minus 2 ° C, and at minus 10 ° C, eggs and pupae are also lost. The upper limit of moth survival is about 40 ° C, and when washing clothes in a washing machine at a temperature of about 50 ° C, all insects, larvae and eggs die on it.

Such moderate temperatures, at which the mole already dies, can be destroyed by simply hanging clothes in the winter in the cold. Mole is afraid of simple cold, and frost, and at least adult butterflies moths in the cold will leave clothes in the first minutes of removal to the street, and the larvae will then simply perish.


"I know for sure that the moth is afraid of frost. My parents never poisoned her with poison. They just took out all the clothes every winter for the frost, and the mole died on it. Even now, I'm hanging out clothes on the balcony in the winter, I have it open, and I often chill out the apartment itself. The moth is afraid of the cold, and after a day in the cold even the food moth disappears. "

Irina, Ufa

It is important to remember that the food moth, although afraid of frost, but the freezing of the whole room can be postponed - in nature this species lives in the middle belt, hibernating on the ground under the foliage, and therefore to the frosts, in principle, adapted.

On a note

Widely popular in its time, naphthalene in most cases is very effective against moths, although in many cities there are populations of butterflies that are resistant to this agent. Nevertheless, the use of naphthalene is not recommended for the reason that scientists have proven its danger to human health - naphthalene is a fairly strong carcinogen.

The basic means for repelling moths

To scare away moths, numerous aromatic substances and natural remedies are used. Among them:

  • smelling plants
  • dry herbs
  • parts of some fruits
  • essential oils
  • technical means.

Эфирное масло лаванды часто применяется для отпугивания моли

All of them are effective in different ways. At the same time, some are quite well suited to the general atmosphere of a modern apartment and even a kitchen, with their fragrance without disturbing the overall harmony. Others, on the contrary, can be described as "grandfathers" and are acceptable only in exceptional cases.

Sections from moths

Sections from moths are industrially manufactured products, the principle of which is based on the use of substances in them that do not like moles. Such sections are usually plates with Velcro or hook for hanging in a cabinet impregnated with analogues of natural repellent agents (sometimes they also contain slowly evaporating insecticides).

Секции от моли Раптор (для подвешивания в шкафу)

The use of sections is very simple - they are enough to place in the place where the mole is planned to be defeated, in quantities specified by the manufacturer. And then - only change with the frequency recommended in the instructions.

On a note

The food moth is also afraid of sections, as is the clothing. Therefore, these funds can be placed in the bedside tables and cabinets in the kitchen.

Traditional analogues of the sections are sachets from moths - small tissue pads with a filling of herbs. Some manufacturers of insecticide products from moths also make sachets for a greater variety of their range of products.

Саше с лавандой Mosquitall не менее эффективны в борьбе с молью, чем секцииСделайте саше для отпугивания моли своими руками. Понадобится лишь кусочек ткани, эфирное масло лаванды и морская соль

There are also industrially produced balls from moths, which differ from the sections only in form. By efficiency and section, and sachets, and balls are the same and are about the same.

Dryness and light indoors are also undesirable for moths

The mole is afraid of low humidity and bright light. Therefore, clothes for prevention are useful to take out on the balcony and under direct sunlight. The larvae quickly die from this. Here, at the same time, the temperature effect is also due to the gradual warming up of clothes.

On a note

The larvae of the moth are generally weak on clothing, and a good shaking out of things helps to remove most of the caterpillars from them.

Moth Tablets

Tablets from moths are applied in the same way as balls and sections: they are laid out in cabinets and create there an atmosphere unbearable for butterflies.

Таблетки от моли содержат вещества, которые эффективно отпугивают вредителя

It is important only to lay out the right amount of tablets on a certain area of ​​the cabinet, so that they are effective.

Herbs and flowers against butterflies moths

Herbs from moths are the most common folk remedies. They were used even before the appearance of chemicals, and they effectively repel the moth today.

And to combat the pest used different parts of plants: flowers from moths can be no less effective than fully dried bushes. Among such natural insect repellents, the most famous are:

  • lavender, - perhaps, the most famous herb from moths. Her flowers remain as effective from moths today as they were many centuries ago, and the cost of this tool allows you to fight insects even with a very limited budget

Моль не любит сильного аромата лаванды


"And I acted in the old fashioned way: I bought a package of lavender flowers against moths, scattered them into canvas bags and laid them in a closet. Before that, all the clothes were processed by Antimole. And everything: no butterflies, no caterpillars anymore. "

Antonina, Moscow

  • tansy - also good repels moth and many other insects Запах пижмы может отпугнуть не только моль, но и других насекомых
  • sagebrush
  • rosemary - quite effective herb from moths, but quickly losing its odor
  • and all the famous dill.

Theirs is lavender remains the most recognized remedy for moths, as it takes a long time to breathe out and rarely leads to the development of resistant populations.

On a note

Geranium is a plant that scares off moths all the time, being alive. Therefore, to have a home geranium is not just pleasant, but also useful. The geranium scares off the moth not only the flower, but also the leaves themselves, the fragrance of which is known to almost everyone.

Orange peel from moths

Orange peel - also a good remedy for moths, used mainly to combat the kitchen moth.

Апельсиновые корки эффективны для отпугивания моли, но менять их нужно довольно часто

But this natural remedy has a serious drawback: after drying, the crusts quickly lose their smell. Therefore, they need to be replaced on a regular basis.

Essential oils

Essential oils against moths are applied in the same way as the plants from which they are obtained. For example, lavender oil from moths is sprayed on the walls of the cupboard or placed in a special piano.

Не выносит моль и стойкий аромат пихты

Well proven from moths also essential oil of fir, patchouli and lemon grass.

Vinegar from moths

Vinegar from moth is one of the most radical means. Use it in the wardrobe is not desirable, but in the kitchen vinegar can quite cope with its tasks.

Пищевая моль боится также запаха уксуса

Mole is really afraid of it, but it is not very wise to spoil the vinegar with the fragrance of vinegar.

Laundry soap

In fact, laundry soap is a kind of analogue of tablets and sections from moths. It works on the same principle - its smell simply repels the pest. To fight the moth, pieces of soap are laid out in pockets of clothing or just in closets. For these purposes, the usual economic, dust and strawberry soap can be used.

Хозяйственное мыло часто используется для отпугивания моли (раскладывается в карманы одежды)

Among all effective and really working tools for repelling moths there are those who are not at all afraid of the moth. For example, there are people who quite seriously count on conspiracies from moths - they are used by lovers of esotericism and antiquity. Trying to fight the moth with such methods is possible, but when there is a desire for moths to finally get rid of, you will have to apply something more effective.

If you decide to fight the moth yourself, then we recommend using only proven tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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    Many thanks for the interesting article. I mostly use baby soap from moths. As soon as I bought a package of soap, I immediately put it in the cupboard. Now I want to hang with sachet essential oils.

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    Try to use from moth fragrant wood balls.

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