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How to destroy fleas in an apartment
Как уничтожить блох в квартире

Only at first glance it may seem that for the destruction of fleas in an apartment it is enough to simply transfer the found parasites and put a special anti-collar collar on a dog or a cat. In fact, everything is much more serious! If the fleas in the apartment come across regularly and for a long time, it means that they already managed to catch the premises not only for life, but also for reproduction. And consequently, small bloodsuckers who jump on the floor or dog are only the tip of the iceberg. Right now, somewhere under the litter at the door, behind the skirting boards, in the pantry or in the cage with the rodents, tiny flea larvae crouch. Moreover, are you sure that the basement of the house or apartment of your neighbors is not a mass breeding ground for parasites? However, even in the most neglected case, you can get rid of insects quite quickly, if you act competently and taking into account important nuances ...

About home fleas and methods of getting rid of them
О домашних блохах и методах избавления от них

Getting rid of fleas in the house is sometimes quite hard. These parasites in the room can populate a wide variety of places, and, at the same time, at different stages of their development they feed on different foods, and consequently, have different vulnerabilities to the poison and ways to remove them. An important role played by the ability of fleas for a long time to be in the wool of pets. For these reasons, it is necessary to remove fleas consistently and in complex, in several steps and with the use of different insecticides. Let's look at this in more detail.

How to deal with fleas in the house: the details of the procedure
Как правильно бороться с блохами в доме: подробности процедуры

Fighting fleas in the house is quite a complex and complex occupation, which, nevertheless, is entirely within the power of any homeowner. The difficulties in this matter are connected with the peculiarities of the biology of fleas, which seem to adapt to the constant removal of them. Therefore, for example, take the first can of insects from the store and popshikat them in the house - a move that is unlikely to give a tangible result. Fight with fleas in several stages and approach this issue, as they say, fully armed.

What to do if a cat has fleas
Что делать, если у кота появились блохи

Did the cat have fleas? The usual story. Animals, whose owners do not take special measures to protect them from fleas, regularly catch parasites, especially if at least occasionally on the street. And even anti-block collars do not give a full guarantee that the pet will not catch fleas. It is important at the same time to remember that fleas are a source of constant irritation in the animal, carry the eggs of worms and infectious agents. In a convenient case, they can easily bite a person. So, what to do if the cat suddenly got fleas - let's try to understand this matter together ...

How to save a kitten from fleas: advice on treatment and prevention
Как избавить котенка от блох: советы по лечению и профилактике

Rid kitten from fleas is the more difficult it is to be younger. Until a certain age of the baby, many effective remedies against fleas can not be used at all, and even grown-up kittens can be very sensitive to individual insecticidal components. Therefore, the removal of fleas from kittens is a very specific task and requires the owner to be neat and knowledge of certain rules for fighting parasites. About these rules, we'll talk more ...

Means Blochnet for cats and dogs: reviews and instructions for use
Средства Блохнэт для кошек и собак: отзывы и инструкция по применению

Blochnet is one of the few means of domestic production, capable of making worthy competition to foreign antiparasitic drugs. At the same time, Blochnet combines both efficiency and safety of use. This is confirmed not only by the assurances of the sellers, but also by the consumers themselves of the remedy. Let's look at the details of how to apply the drug correctly and what people are saying about it.

What to do if there are fleas in the house ...
Что делать, если в доме завелись блохи…

Fleas in the house are parasites that cause a lot of inconvenience and require serious efforts to remove them. However, due to some features of flea biology, fighting with them does not always end in the quick victory of the owners: most people do not even realize that eggs, larvae and pupae of fleas can be found in large numbers in the corners of the house. So let's take a closer look at what to do if suddenly fleas are found in your house and you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible ...

How many fleas live without an animal and can they live on a man
Сколько живут блохи без животного и могут ли они жить на человеке

When a pet, cat or dog is infected with fleas, it may appear that these bloodsucking parasites live on the pet all the time - they seem to be swarming all the time in their wool, and nowhere are they lost. However, fleas do not live for long, although, like many other parasites, they can set hunger records without food that people would not dream of. So, let's see how much fleas live and how the duration of their life depends on various environmental factors ...

How to get rid of fleas from a cat: we treat your pet yourself
Как избавиться от блох у кота: лечим домашнего питомца самостоятельно

If your cat is constantly itching, and on its bedding and in general in the apartment now and then there are fleas - you need to take urgent measures to destroy parasites. Rid of a pet from fleas today can be done quickly, safely and painlessly, but to ensure that this procedure is successful and does not cause any side effects in either the animal or its owner, it is necessary to observe several simple rules for the removal of parasites ...

Bed fleas: detailed photos and recommendations for disposal
Постельные блохи: подробные фото и рекомендации по избавлению

Meeting an insect on the bed is considered a bad sign. Especially if it's an insect - a flea. In places where people can rest, if there are arthropods, then almost always parasites that interfere with sleeping, biting, causing itching, and sometimes even infecting with serious diseases. And bed fleas are not an exception. Their bites can not only prevent a calm sleep, but can also cause much more unpleasant consequences ...

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

About fleas in the apartment and animals, as well as methods to combat these insects. Recommendations for choosing the most effective and safe means for fleas.


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