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How to destroy fleas in an apartment

Если в квартире завелись блохи, то лишь комплексный подход позволит быстро и надежно уничтожить этих кровососущих паразитов. О том, как правильно это сделать мы далее и поговорим...

If you seriously decide to undertake the destruction of fleas in your apartment or house, then tune in advance that this process is complex and quite complex. Catch and crush a couple of fat fleas in a cat or dog, popshikat in the apartment Dichlophos, even if a new version, will be extremely inadequate for reliable removal of parasites from the room.

In addition, it is necessary to destroy not only the fleas themselves, but also their larvae, which often in large quantities can swarm under the litter of pets, behind skirting boards, in carpets, in rodent cages. But in addition to the larvae there are also eggs and pupae of parasites ...

Личинки и яйца блох могут прятаться, например, в коврах и за плинтусами.

На фото показаны личинки и экскременты блох

The presence of worm-like larvae, which, unlike adults, do not feed on blood, and also the ability of fleas to stay on the fur of the pet for a long time and out of it - these are perhaps the main reasons that it is not always easy to destroy fleas in an apartment , and usually the treatment is carried out in at least two stages. Here are some "pitfalls", which it is useful to know in advance:

  • If fleas are hunted only on a pet, then some of them are in the apartment at that moment and survive safely.
  • If the fleas are destroyed only in the apartment, then those parasites that are on a cat, a dog or a hamster survive safely.
  • If you put the fleas in an apartment and leave an animal in it, the pet can poison (especially in cats).
  • The flea larvae do not live on animals and do not stay where adult insects usually come to their eyes. This means that when fleas are destroyed in the house, it is likely that their shelter will be left untreated. Especially considering that the larvae hide in the most inaccessible places.

As a result, the most effective approach to the destruction of fleas in an apartment is as follows:

  1. First of all, fleas are etched on a domestic animal with the help of special insecto-acaricide preparations. If the means for killing fleas in an animal does not have a prolonged effect, then a pet collar is put on the pet, which protects it from the attack of fleas remaining in the apartment until they are completely exterminated. Противоблошиные ошейники позволяют защитить домашнее животное от повторного заражения паразитами.
  2. Then (preferably the same day) fleas are destroyed in the room. Thus, such methods and means of their extermination are used, which ensure the death of both adult parasites and their larvae, regardless of their location. Фотография взрослой особи кошачьей блохи

It should be borne in mind that many even modern insecticides have very little effect on eggs and pupae of fleas. Therefore, for the final destruction of fleas in an apartment, in most cases, a re-treatment of the premises is necessary 1-3 weeks after the first, when new larvae are hatched from eggs, and adult puppies from pupae.

Из выживших после обработки блошиных яиц через некоторое время вылупятся личинки.

Яйцо блохи крупным планом.


"I never thought that fleas could be such a big problem. Well, I saw them a couple of times on Barsik, I wore a collar and forgot. And this summer they ate us straight! And they were poisoned once with Dichlorvos, it did not help, they bought Tetriks for the second time, it helped, but not for long. It ended with the fact that they called a special service, they flattened the apartment so that there was not a centimeter left without poison. But even before that, the manager said that the guys will go to processing only after we have plagued Barsik from fleas. "

Svetlana, Yekaterinburg

And now let's examine the individual stages of the procedure in more detail.

Means for breeding fleas

Means for the destruction of fleas as a whole can be divided into two types.

The first includes drugs designed to kill fleas in domestic animals.

К препаратам, уничтожающим блох непосредственно на питомце, относятся, например, специальные капли на холку.

Despite the high enough efficiency, these funds are relatively safe for the animal and man, but they are not suitable for treating the apartment from parasites - it is both inconvenient and very expensive. Yes, and the concentration of insecticides in such preparations is too small - it is just selected so that the animal does not suffer from contact with the product.

Note some remedies for fleas for pets:

  • Drops on the withers are perhaps one of the easiest to use and effective means. The most famous of them are Stronghold, Hartz, Bars. Инсектоакарицидные капли Барс
  • Insectoacaricidal shampoos - for example, Meadow, Phyto-Elite, Rolf Club. Such shampoos are well suited for animals with delicate skin and hair. Шампунь Луговой хорошо подходит для обработки от блох животных с нежной кожей и красивой шерстью.
  • Sprays from fleas - for example, BlochNet, Hartz, Front Line. Спрей от блох Frontline (Фронтлайн)
  • For kittens and puppies, special powder from fleas are sometimes used. Антипаразитарная пудра от блох и клещей Чистотел

The second type includes the means by which one can independently destroy fleas in an apartment. These include:

  • Simple household aerosols such as Raid, Raptor, Clean House, Combat, Dichlophos Neo, Dichlorfos Eco, etc. These insecticide preparations contain in addition to insecticides also flavorings, which allows to reduce some unpleasant odor in the room during the procedure. Аэрозольные средства удобны в работе, так как продаются в готовом к применению виде.
  • Concentrates of insecticides for dilution and spraying in the form of a spray - many of these products are, due to their high efficiency and economy, suitable even for professional use. For household use, preparations such as Get, Delta-Zone, Lambda Zone, Executioner, Xulat and others are specially adapted and produced in shallow packing. The first three of them practically have no smell (this is very important, as some people sometimes had to throw furniture only only because it has long retained the smell of an odorous insecticide after treatment). Микрокапсулированная суспензия Лямбда Зона практически не имеет запаха.
  • Special powders, which are occasionally used to kill flea larvae (for example, scatter in basements). Here you can note such drugs as Phenaxin, Fas-Double, Piretrum, Pure House. However, with the right approach to completely destroy fleas in the apartment can be without their help. Иногда для уничтожения личинок блох используют инсектицидные порошки.
  • And, of course, it is worth mentioning morally obsolete folk remedies for fleas - kerosene, turpentine, denatured alcohol. They are inexpensive, but count on the complete destruction of parasites in the apartment with their help is not necessary - insects perish only when they directly hit these substances. In addition, they smell strongly and are highly flammable. Scare away fleas wormwood or tansy is also unlikely to work. А вот с помощью одних только народных средств уничтожить блох вряд ли получится...

As practice shows, if there is a significant contamination of the apartment, cellar or other premises with fleas, it is better to use the above-mentioned insecticide concentrates, adapted for domestic use. With a small number of parasites, you can try to limit the use of household aerosol products.

Destruction of parasites on a domestic animal

For the destruction of fleas in the pet is best to use funds that have a prolonged effect - drops on the withers or some sprays. After they are applied to the animal's hair, the parasites will not touch it for a few more days, during which it will be possible to process the apartment itself.

Приступая к уничтожению блох в помещении, стоит начать с обработки домашнего питомца средством пролонгированного действия.

If, for example, shampoos or other preparations are used without prolonged action, then after applying them to the pet should wear an anti-block collar.

Each remedy is applied strictly according to the instructions to it. If this spray, then it will be useful to them at the same time sprinkle the animal's couch.

Обязательно нужно обработать от блох и лежанку домашнего питомца.

Generally speaking, it is not so important exactly where the treatment of the animal from fleas is carried out. But in general, it is better to do it on the street, so that parasites escaping from an animal do not stay in the apartment.

Apartment handling

Before processing the apartment you must first properly prepare it. To begin with, you have to remove the garbage wherever it is, including the spaces under the bathrooms and the shelves on the balconies (larvae of fleas can live in the garbage, eggs and pupae can also be present here in large quantities). Furniture is moved away from the walls, the approaches to the skirting boards are freed along the entire length.

Перед обработкой квартиры нужно убрать все лишние вещи с пола и обеспечить доступ к плинтусам.

All people and animals must leave the premises before processing. The handler wears a respirator, gloves, goggles and a robe with long sleeves.

If a concentrated preparation is used, it is diluted with water according to the instructions. After that, the product is sprayed onto all surfaces in the room, including wallpaper and upholstered furniture.

Концентрированные препараты разводятся водой по инструкции, а потом разбрызгиваются в квартире при помощи обычного пульверизатора.

Carpets after processing are folded, and the floor under them is also processed.

Particular attention should be paid to the shelves in the storerooms and balconies. Here, too, larvae often develop, and these places need to be worked out as diligently as other areas in the room.

After treatment, the apartment should be left for a few hours "brew", and after - aired and conduct a thorough wet cleaning. Clothes and bed linens after treatment should be washed at maximum temperature.

Calling out pest control centers

All the work on the destruction of fleas in the apartment can be shifted to the shoulders of professional disinfestation services. However, it should be remembered that this approach is more expensive and guarantees reliable removal of insects only when contacting well-established firms.

Работник службы дезинсекции обрабатывает квартиру...

The average cost of processing a one-room apartment in such companies is about 1500-2000 rubles.

We protect the house from the penetration of fleas into it

It is advisable to find out how they got into the house before removing the fleas. After their successful destruction, all paths of possible penetration of parasites must be blocked.

If the fleas infect domestic animals and penetrate their wool into the apartment, then during the walk on the pet should wear an anti-collar collar.

Во время прогулок на питомца полезно надевать противоблошный ошейник.

If parasites penetrate into the room from the cellar or from the street through windows and doors, it will be useful in the openings to hang sections from insects (for example, from moths) or lay out and constantly update the bunches of some herbs - tansy, wormwood, insecticide.

В целях профилактики попадания блох в квартиру можно использовать пучки полыни или пижмы.

All the cracks in the room and on the balconies must be sealed.

If the apartment has an old parquet floor, the slots between the boards are an ideal shelter for fleas and their larvae, and it is better to replace such a floor covering with a more modern laminate. And the owners themselves after walking with animals on the street and in nature should carefully examine and carefully shake out their clothes - even one flea, accidentally lost in the folds of the jacket, can give rise to a new population of parasites.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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