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Effective means of fleas in the apartment

Выбираем наиболее эффективное средство для борьбы с блохами в квартире

Fighting fleas in the home is a long-standing problem for people around the world, regardless of their social status and income level. In Medieval Europe, for example, the removal of jumping parasites from the room was an ordinary occupation of court servants. In those days, the flea remedy in the apartment was usually an old hare skin on the floor of the room in which insects were collected and which changed with a certain regularity.

It is interesting

In the Middle Ages, I even knew how to use small flecks of rabbit skin on my neck as a remedy for fleas. Parasites actively gathered on such peculiar medallions, trying to hide in a single oasis of fur in the middle of a hairless body, and then they went along with the medallion to the furnace.

Today, the remedies for fleas in the apartment are, as a rule, powerful, but at the same time, insecticidal solutions that are safe for humans, which literally within hours can destroy all adult insects and their larvae indoors.

Not any remedy for domestic fleas, whose name is on hearing, will give the desired result in the fight against these insects. As practice shows, it is important not only to be able to choose an effective drug, but also to use it correctly and very responsibly to the very fight against parasites: even a small blunder can give fleas a second chance.

That is why, before use, it is necessary to carefully study the procedure for applying this or that remedy and observe several universal rules for fighting parasites, which will be discussed below.

A variety of means for fighting fleas

Because of the narrow food specialization of fleas, the range of means for their destruction is somewhat narrower than, say, the variety of preparations for combating cockroaches.

Взрослые особи блох питаются исключительно кровью, поэтому не все средства будут против них эффективны

The point here is that the flea in principle is not able to eat a poisonous bait for them, and therefore, these insects have to be poisoned only by substances of two types:

  • sprays, or aerosols that penetrate into insects with air. Such remedies act quickly and allow you to get rid of fleas in one day.
  • substances of contact action in the form of a powder or suspension, capable of penetrating through the outer covers of an insect. There are few such drugs, but they proved to be even better than aerosols. The remedy for fleas in the apartment in this form lasts longer than the aerosol, and usually more reliably destroys all insects in the room.

Against flea larvae it is rational to use special dusts , since it is the larvae that feed on various organic remains and are able to ingest insecticide.

Для борьбы с личинками блох эффективны средства в виде порошков (дусты)

On a note

Specialized remedies for fleas in humans are not produced: fleas are not present permanently on the human body, like lice, and therefore they need to be destroyed in a room in general.

Almost all insecticides from fleas act on the nervous system of insects, leading eventually to paralysis of the parasite. In this case, the active substances in all preparations are different: some products contain insecticides of the pyrethroid group, in others - organophosphorus compounds.

On a note

Insecticides based on organophosphorus compounds have an ovicide effect. This is important in cases where fleas occupied an apartment for a long time and began to multiply in it. In general, organophosphorus is considered to be somewhat outdated today, and the most popular drugs based on it - Carbophos, Dichlophos - have many shortcomings in practical application: odor, prolonged action over time, and a large consumption of the drug. Nevertheless, these means of fighting fleas in the house are in some cases necessary.

Those who are panic afraid of chemistry, you can immediately reassure: almost any modern remedy for fleas is relatively safe for humans. Only in rare cases, users note allergic reactions and minor irritations of the respiratory tract when working with such drugs.

These consequences are usually characterized by professional means of fleas, designed specifically for the use of a special brigade in respirators and chemical protection suits. But with all the precautions and such risks, it is quite possible to avoid.

The methods of using different types of means against fleas are quite specific.

Each aerosol against fleas in the apartment must be sprayed on the maximum area. The whole processing scheme is as follows:

  • The house is wet cleaning to remove accumulations of debris, in which larvae and flea eggs can be stored.
  • All the furniture is moved away from the walls, carpets are also removed from them.
  • All inhabitants of the apartment, including pets, leave the room for a minimum of several hours, optimally - for the whole day.
  • Aerosol is sprayed over carpets, skirting boards, upholstered furniture, joints of floors, crevices in doorways - wherever insects can hide.
  • After applying the product, it is necessary to withstand a pause in a few hours, while closing all the windows and doors in the apartment.
  • After a few hours of insisting on an apartment, it should be ventilated, carpets should be drained or thoroughly vacuumed and a damp cleaning should be carried out in the room.

Особенностью применения аэрозольных инсектицидов является высокая скорость их действия

The use of powder insecticides or aerosols of the Get type, based on microencapsulated poison, is carried out somewhat differently. These insecticidal remedies for fleas operate for a fairly long time and only on those insects that can catch them. Therefore, here the goal of a fighter with parasites is to give such means as long as possible to stay in places where they can be met by insects.


Aerosol preparations based on pyrethroids - Permethrin, Cypermethrin - are usually applied in two approaches with a break of five to seven days. This is due to the fact that after the first processing of the premises, flea eggs may remain in them, from which the larvae will hatch in a few days. Reprocessing in the apartment destroys this young growth. But organophosphate agents like Carbophos mow at the root of all insects, and their eggs, among other things.

Use insecticidal powders can be without detachment from normal life: this means of fleas in the room just crumbles behind the closets, under the carpets, near the beds, under the skirting boards, where it will not be erased for a long time. And the longer it will be here, the less fleas will be in the apartment.

Дуст от насекомых Чистый Дом

Liquid microencapsulated agents are applied the same way. Their charm lies in the fact that they can not be swept out with garbage. If you treat the plinth with the same Geth, the poison will be on it and destroy the parasites until the next wet cleaning.

It is advisable not to remove the place of application of powders for at least 3-4 days.

On a note

By way of feeding the fleas are very close to bedbugs and are as narrowly specialized. Therefore, almost any insecticide against bed bugs will be equally effective against fleas.

You can also fight fleas in the apartment with folk remedies. Such traditional compounds usually do not destroy insects, but scare them away with their smells and therefore are good in cases where parasites just got into the house and did not have time to multiply.

Народные средства от насекомых обычно отпугивают блох, но не убивают их

It should be remembered that combating fleas in an apartment by folk remedies is the least effective way to get rid of these insects.

Of synthetic drugs today are the most popular and known several drugs. Let's look at them in more detail.

Raptor against creeping insects

Raptor in the form of a spray - perhaps the most famous and widely used remedy for fleas in the house. Its full name is "Raptor against creeping insects".

Аэрозоль Раптор от ползающих насекомых

The remedy is safe for humans, because its active substances - Tetrametrine, Cypermethrin and Piperonyl Butoxide - even accidentally getting into the body, the person is quickly split by the appropriate enzymes without getting into the blood.

But the Raptor manufacturer also thought about the user's convenience: the remedy has a pleasant mint smell, so no hostile scents in the apartment will give out the ongoing flea-fleeing operation. In the rest Raptor is used in the same way as other aerosol insecticides. To handle a one-room apartment will be enough two cylinders of it for 160 rubles each.


"For the whole private house with five rooms and a kitchen, we took 8 Raptor balloons. Severely, of course, but we generally forgot about fleas. By the way, along with the fleas were etched and bugs, which disturbed the granny who lived in the house before us. At least, nobody bitten anybody from our family. "

Maria, Dnepropetrovsk

Gett for fighting fleas

Gett - the most famous drug produced by the technology of microencapsulation.

Микрокапсулированное средство от насекомых Gett

Today, the Russian Get and the heirs of the original German Gett'a - Master 250 and Empire 20 are represented on the market.

Мастер 250

All of them work equally efficiently, but Get all of them is most accessible: if you can buy it online with delivery throughout Russia, then the rest of the drugs are professional means that only pest control teams use.


Chlorpyrimac is an insecticide that is mainly vegetable. For many gardeners, Chlorpyrimac helps successfully combat the Colorado beetle, butterfly moths and leaf beetles. However, its effectiveness against fleas is also high.

Средство от насекомых Хлорпиримак - тоже вполне эффективно против блох

It is important to remember only about the peculiarities of using this product: it must be washed off from all the treated surfaces within a few hours after application. Otherwise, the apartment will be in "beautiful" white divorces.


"I did not buy all these your Getas and Raids, but I just took Chlorpyrimak from my mother-in-law at the dacha and sprinkled all the walls and plinths behind them on the furniture in the house. It took about two liters of money. Spattered with a brush, because buying a spray gun was lazy. The fleas disappeared, and along with them, the cockroaches were gone. "

Igor Omelchenko, Saratov

Sinuzan as one of the most effective remedies for fleas

Sinuzan is a professional drug used by pest control services. Its main drawback is a terrible smell, and therefore it does not draw on the home remedy for fleas. The same who managed to get it and use it, the Sinuzan provides reliable protection of the premises for a long time.

Синузан (концентрат эмульсии)


"We never had any parasites at home, and then started to bite something. They searched for bedbugs, but found small brown fleas directly on the carpet. I really did not want to fool around with all kinds of dichlophos, and we immediately called a squad of pest control. They very well processed the whole apartment, fleas after that was not. We asked them what means they used. It turned out, Sinuzan. Smelly it is very, but effective. "

Karl, Kaliningrad

Bioline against fleas

Biorin is also a tool for specialists. Its application requires strict security measures, the use of personal protective equipment and proper treatment of the premises.

Профессиональное средство от насекомых Биорин

In addition, it can only be purchased from health services. However, this does not reduce its popularity: after a single treatment of the premises with Biorin, all fleas are completely destroyed in it, and along with them - other parasites.

Combat commander

Аэрозоль от насекомых Комбат

An excellent marketing solution manufacturers Combat was the use of aromatic additives in it. Now the fight against fleas, as well as other harmful insects in the house, has become similar simply to treating the room with an air freshener: in different versions of the Combat, flavors of mint and lemon are used.

Pyrethrum powder for fighting fleas

Pyrethrum is a rare exception from a large number of synthetic insecticides. This powder is the grinded inflorescences of medical chamomile, which have a powerful poisoning effect on insects.

Пиретрум - порошок из перетертых соцветий ромашки

Pyrethrum could be classified as a folk remedy if they were not so often used by professional flea killers: as a rule, they poured Pyrethrum into separate corners in a room treated with other insecticides.

Calling the specialized teams as the most effective step

Дезинсектор обрабатывает квартиру

Here it is not particularly important what means the evoked professionals will use. They will come, destroy insects, tell them what to do to ensure that the apartment does not have traces of processing, and calmly give a guarantee that fleas will not appear in the house in the next few months.

Folk remedies for fleas: choose the most effective

Fighting fleas in the house with folk remedies has been practiced since prehistoric times: in the remnants of the buildings of the pre-Dynastic period in ancient Egypt, vessels with herbal collections were discovered, which historians suppose were used to repel fleas and other insects from the bed of the inhabitants of the room.

Ветки полыни - эффективны для отпугивания блох

Today, decoctions of tansy and wormwood are used most often to deter fleas in the house. They just sprinkle the corners of the rooms, and the dry branches unfold under the bed and near the cabinets.

Good and proven means are the fragrance of eucalyptus and ammonia, which should be added to the water that is used to wash the floors.

Some especially radical warriors with parasites willingly use turpentine and methylated spirit to treat the apartment, but they can not be called any means acceptable for expelling parasites from the apartment. Fight with fleas such folk remedies, perhaps, it will, but it is unlikely to live comfortably in a house smelling of turpentine and kerosene.

Many other drugs and insecticides sold on the market and in stores are also suitable for fighting fleas. It is important only to understand what active substances are included in their composition and how much each means is suitable for a particular case. If the product also has reliable positive reviews on the Internet, then it is reasonable to use it in the fight against fleas.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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