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Does wormwood help against fleas?

Попробуем разобраться в некоторых нюансах отпугивания блох с помощью полыни...

Virtually none of the flea grass is used in the people so often and in such quantities as wormwood. Perhaps, only tansy in the fight against fleas can make wormwood some competition.

Пижма обладает очень сильным запахом, поэтому вполне может использоваться для отпугивания блох так же, как и полынь

This is not surprising: it is wormwood with its odor can scare away a variety of insects, not just parasites. It is used against ants, cockroaches, moths. In villages, even flies fly into rooms with livestock, in which caring owners previously laid out wisps of wormwood.

Полынь раньше использовалась для отпугивания не только блох, но и других паразитов

Wormwood from fleas in rural areas is often used as a primary remedy, although it is not capable of destroying these parasites. And even today in large cities, where fleas are easily removed in a matter of hours with the help of affordable and safe insecticides, wormwood helps fleas to many owners of domestic animals.

On a note

Herbs from fleas have never been an absolutely reliable means of removing these parasites: in most cases, the task of herbs is only repelling insects. This is how wormwood works against fleas: if they are already wound up in the room, it is unlikely that they will be able to remove them with the help of this remedy. But to prevent the penetration of fleas into the apartment of wormwood will completely help.

In this case, even in a big city, buy sagebrush to scare off fleas is not at all a problem: it is sold in the markets of herbalists, in pharmacies in the form of tinctures and shredded raw materials.

Для отпугивания блох можно использовать не только саму полынь в виде травы, но и ее настойку

Измельченную полынь можно купить в любой аптеке

With the right approach to fleas, you can use almost any form of wormwood.

How does wormwood act on fleas?

Wormwood repels fleas with its specific smell. For a person, the smell of this herb is pleasant enough and creates the atmosphere of the summer field in the room.

It is important to remember that a strong smell has only a freshly cut or freshly dried plant. Accordingly, wormwood will have the greatest effect from fleas until it does not lose its flavor.

Для отпугивания блох наиболее эффективна будет свежескошенная полынь


"My grandmother always poisoned insects in the house with different herbs. They can not find any aerosols or flea powders in the village, but the whole village is surrounded by huge meadows, on which wormwood grows in unlimited quantities. When fleas accidentally appeared in our apartment, I first etched them with a chemical preparation, but then I called and found out from my grandmother what grass the fleas were afraid of. Grandmother said that the best is from fleas helps wormwood. We sell it on the market, I now regularly buy a small bunch and put it near the cat's house to scare away the random parasites. "

Oksana, Kiev

As a poison, wormwood does not work on fleas. Even if you place an insect in a bunch of grass, nothing will happen to it. However, the flea will try to leave the space that has smelled of wormwood as soon as possible.

Если рядом с блохами разложить полынь, то насекомые хотя и не погибнут, но постараются покинуть это место

Кошачья блоха при увеличении

Such a repelling effect wormwood owes to volatile essential oils contained in its stems, flowers and leaves. Thanks to the same essential oils, wormwood is widely used in medicine and cooking.

On a note

The most pronounced deterrent effect of wormwood is manifested in pest gardening. Therefore, the drugs from it are most often used to protect trees from caterpillars and woodworms. The ability of wormwood remedies to prevent the development of fungi, including parasitic fungi in humans, is also known.


"I did not think that wormwood can be used against fleas in an apartment. I only remember that in the village she is constantly laid out on the verandahs and in the chicken coops. And when she did the same thing in the city apartment, she was already bald - such a luxurious smell of summer meadow in all the rooms went that at once the childhood was remembered. Probably spent three weeks laying her on the balcony and under the door while she was poisoning the fleas from the dog, and so far she had not met any parasites in the house. I do not know whether wormwood can be used as a primary remedy for fleas, but it works perfectly well for scaring off. "

Anna, Moscow

Wormwood can be used not only to repel fleas indoors, but also to combat parasites in animals, for example, in cats and dogs.

Отвар и настойку полыни можно использовать для отпугивания блох прямо на животном

However, to wormwood was in this case effective, you need to be able to prepare your own preparations on its basis. In practice, this is not so difficult.

In what forms is wormwood used against fleas

Most often, fresh or slightly dried wormwood is used against fleas. Dry brooms also retain their scaring abilities, but to a lesser extent.

Well proven and other forms of plants:

  • Wormwood oil is used against fleas, being poured into cups or pies. They should be placed in places of possible penetration of parasites into the apartment. But it is also effective to process the wool of animals that have already managed to catch fleas on the street - parasites in this case will try to leave their victim as soon as possible.
  • The tincture of wormwood from fleas is used almost exclusively to treat animal wool or feathers of birds. It is not known what deters more parasites - the smell of alcohol or the smell of wormwood itself, but the effect of the tincture is no less pronounced than that of oil.
  • Broth wormwood - also a good remedy for fleas, mainly to get rid of pets from these insects. As a rule, it is used during pet bathing.

In the photo below - the essential oil of Artemisia sold in pharmacies. From fleas with the help of such a vial can protect one or two-bedroom apartment.

Также для избавления от блох можно попробовать обработать квартиру эфирным маслом полыни


"I tried once to use fleas wormwood. She did, as my grandmother taught in the village: she cooked the broth, cooled, sprinkled on the furniture and the plinth. The effect is zero. Maybe the day did not bother parasites. And then everything in a new way. The grandmother then still advised other herbs that help against fleas, but I already decided not to fidget and sprinkled the apartment with Get . It helped with the first time. "

Galina, Kursk

We will not destroy, so at least we will scare off: the instruction on application of wormwood from fleas

For the most effective repelling fleas, wormwood should be laid out in bundles near resting places of animals, under litter and carpets, near doors and windows, in closets, closets and closets with old things and equipment, if possible - in ventilation ducts. Replace these brooms often should not be - as long as they fill the place with a smell, they will work. Fresh grass should be poured as the old one exhales.

Когда старый пучок полыни совсем утратит свой аромат, его стоит заменить на новый

It is recommended to wash floors in the house with one liter of decoction of wormwood on a bucket of water. You can also use wormwood in other forms.

To rid pets of fleas, they should either be bathed with a thorough rubbing of the wool with a decoction or tincture of wormwood, or just in a few places, rub wax oil between the hairs of the wormwood.

Wormwood oil from fleas in a cat or dog should be used first in the smallest, trial doses, and only if after that the animal did not have an allergy, it can be processed more thoroughly.


The most actual use of wormwood, as well as tansy in the summer, when fleas are most active and often jump on pets.

Preparation and storage of wormwood as an insecticide

The most widespread use of fleas found it wormwood bitter, - perhaps the most famous representative of its kind. It has the most persistent smell and contains the greatest amount of bitterness and essential oils.

Urban residents, far from nature, it will be useful to know that wormwood looks like a dense low light green bush with one or several major shoots and pinnately dissected leaves (see photo).

Так выглядит полынь на фото

Very often, wormwood looks like a very low grass, which is especially characteristic of meadows that have been beaten with cattle. It is most easily recognized by the characteristic very light color of the leaves.

Wormwood is harvested in any season, but most often in summer. Brooms from it are dried in the shade in a draft, and after that they retain their original smell for a long time.

Broth of wormwood is prepared as follows: in two glasses of water, two tablespoons of ground grass are brought to a boil, after which all the liquid is infused for several hours and cools.

To make the same tincture, usually 2 or 4 teaspoons of herbs are insisted in half a liter of quality vodka.

Настойка полыни, приготовленная своими руками

Настойка полыни в бокале

It is very effective to combine wormwood with other herbs. So, for example, tansy against fleas along with wormwood has an enhanced effect, and in urban apartments it is nice to lay out brooms wormwood, mint and thyme together.

Усилить противоблошиный эффект полыни поможет также трава пижмы

These same herbs can also be used alone as an alternative to wormwood - the effect of them against fleas will be comparable to that of this famous bitter herb.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Eugene :

    Many thanks, helpful advice.

  2. Catherine :

    Only mint and thyme I would not advise those who have cats. My for these herbs, like valerian react.

  3. Hilola :

    In the room where we sleep, fleas were wound up, our son was almost eaten alive. And dichlorvos bought, sprinkled, locked the room - to better act, but still bite. The linen has removed all, washed, mattresses, blankets and pillows in the sun pulled out. It was just a nightmare. Then I went with my mother to look for this wormwood, I grabbed a whole package, put it in all corners and under mattresses, and everywhere, in short, where I could. And about a miracle, they disappeared! And after all week 2 it was excruciated.

  4. Constantine :

    I once, with the help of tincture of wormwood, rescued a wounded cat from the maggots, which in it were almost everywhere. Just added a tincture in a basin with warm water and loaded the cat there. They climbed with him - it was scary to watch, like a zombie :) As a result, the cat is alive and healthy.

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