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How to get rid of genital fleas in an apartment

Что делать, если в доме завелись так называемые половые блохи?..

In the popular name "sex fleas" there is nothing vulgar: so the rumor refers to parasites, which often have to be noticed in houses and apartments on the floor, in the crevices of the parquet, in the carpets. No relation even to pubic lice or venereology, these insects do not have: such collective household term commonly referred to as feline, canine, rat and human fleas , most often found in a human dwelling and because of the peculiarities of their biology that come to their eyes precisely on the floor.

На полу в квартире можно встретить самые различные виды блох, причем все они способны кусать и человека

Sexual fleas are parasites of humans and animals, well adapted to feeding blood and reproduction in private homes and apartments. It will be useful to know how to get rid of genital mutilation, which is a serious danger due to the infections carried by them, to almost everyone who keeps pets, especially dogs and cats who regularly visit the street.

More details on the potential danger of parasites and methods for dealing with them will be discussed further.

Why are fleas dangerous to humans and pets?

Fleas (including the so-called sexual ones) bother the person and his pets mainly with their bites - to saturate the parasite with blood, you need to bite the skin and pick up the jaw bristles to the blood vessel. Regardless of whether the insect has time to get drunk blood, or the victim will sweep it off the body before, a small swelling with a tiny puncture remains on the site of the bite, itchy and can be inflamed when combed.

На фото - блоха на коже человека в момент укуса

Блохи беспокоят человека прежде всего своими укусами

It is interesting

The younger the flea, the less anesthetic enzyme produces its salivary glands. Therefore, only the parasites that have come out of the pupae bite surprisingly painfully - some say that the bite of a flea is sharp in comparison with the sting of a bee. The old insects bite almost painlessly.

Moreover, with numerous bites a person may develop an allergic reaction, sometimes with generalized symptoms. The whole complex of such responses of the body to the bites of genital fleas is called a pulicosis and is considered by doctors as a parasitic disease.

Fleas are no less dangerous in that they suffer a lot of pathogens of serious diseases. Among such diseases - plague, encephalitis, anthrax, brucellosis, trypanosomiasis. Fleas inhabiting the southern regions of our country are still the natural reservoirs of bubonic plague.

Все виды блох, которые встречаются в квартирах, способны переносить возбудителей опасных заболеваний

On a note

The most terrible epidemics of the plague in the Middle Ages in Europe, which took the lives of a third of the population of European countries, were caused precisely by fleas caught here with rats in the holds of ships.

In addition, almost every flea trapping its victim on the floor in the apartment is the bearer of eggs of many helminths, and if a person has regularly bitten fleas for several days, it will be useful to take a course of getting rid of worms.

Казалось бы, вполне безобидные блохи, прыгающие по полу, являются в большинстве своем переносичками яиц гельминтов

Home pets also suffer from fleas, just like a person. Dogs and cats suffer from itching, fall ill with infectious diseases, and highly infected fleas kittens and puppies may even die from exhaustion.

A little bit about biology fleas

The home (sex) fleas themselves are not so closely associated with the hosts as some other parasites. On animals and man they jump only in order to bite and suck blood. Always fleas do not live on animals or on humans.

Блохи запрыгивают на животных и человека лишь для того, чтобы напиться крови

If fleas are found in an apartment or house on the floor, their main "settlement" should be sought in the litter on which the pet sleeps, in his house or booth, among the old things in the pantry. Here, full of parasites come to rest and multiply.

Sex fleas live in the apartment for several months. During this time the female manages to lay off 300 to 500 eggs, from which the larvae, similar to transparent worms, are removed. Their dimensions are small - at the last stage of development such a larva reaches 4-5 mm in length. More often they can be found all in the same places of rest of animals, in corners and in piles of garbage, for example, on balconies - here fleas larvae feed on different rotting organics.

Яйца блох можно найти на полу в углах помещения, а также на лежанках домашних животных

На фотографии показаны яйца и личинки блох

An adult flea feeds every few days. A female for laying a portion of eggs necessarily needs fresh blood, and in her search the insect leaves the shelter and seeks a warm-blooded being.

Pupae of fleas can survive severe conditions: heat, dryness, severe hypothermia for several months and even the impact of highly effective insecticides (this is another reason why it is sometimes problematic to get rid of genital fleas in an apartment). Under normal conditions, the development of the pupa lasts about two weeks. In general, the cycle of reproduction of parasites from egg to egg can take from 10 days to one and a half years, usually about three weeks.

Жизненный цикл блохи

On a note

Fleas are well known as excellent jumpers - their hind legs allow them to jump up to 30 cm - this is 100 times the length of their body. Due to such jumps fleas slip away from the victim catching them or, conversely, overtake it, being hungry.

Fleas do not live constantly on either man or animals. They jump on their prey to drink blood, and leave it after saturation. They usually bite a man by the legs, and only the sleeper can bite for other parts of the body.

Remedies for sex fleas

All means from domestic genital fleas can be divided into two types for their functional purpose:

  1. Means for breeding fleas in cats and dogs.
  2. And also means for the destruction of fleas in the room in general.

Many modern remedies for fleas in the apartment contain powerful insecticides of the neuro-paralytic effect on insects, and are relatively harmless to humans and animals. However, these funds can not be used for other purposes: for example, the dog can not be treated with flea spray for an apartment.

Of the means for breeding fleas in animals, the following are most known:

  • drops on the withers - Advantage, Hearts, Frontline
  • anti-dog collars - Kiltix, Leopard, Bayer
  • sprays from fleas - Hearts, Blochnet
  • shampoos for removing fleas - Mr. Bruno, Dr. Zoo and others.

Обработка кошки каплями от блох на холку

Противоблошиные ошейники позволят защитить питомца от запрыгивания на него новых блох с пола

As a means to get rid of fleas in the room you can also use insecticidal preparations from cockroaches and bed bugs - they will not only kill fleas no less effectively. Most often for these purposes apply preparations Get, Tsifoks, Tetriks, Kukaracha, Kombat, Karbofos, Raptor. But, taking into account the peculiarities of the biology of jumping parasites, in order to effectively and safely get rid of sexually transmitted fleas in the room, the use of insecticides should take into account a number of nuances ...

How to remove parasites from animals and from the premises in general

Due to the diversity of life stages and the ability to live in various places of the apartment, it is necessary to struggle with genital fleas according to a strictly defined plan:

  1. In the first place, fleas are excreted in domestic animals.
  2. Then measures are taken to protect pets from secondary infection.
  3. Immediately after this fleas are poisoned throughout the apartment.
  4. At the final stage, the room is thoroughly cleaned in order to eliminate debris, in which larvae and pupae of fleas can survive.

As a result, in order to remove sex fleas in an apartment, it is necessary to apply several types of insecticides and spend some time.

Полное выведение блох из квартиры требует иногда немало времени и сил

Home pets are treated with the selected remedy for fleas for animals until the complete destruction of parasites. Effective preparations allow etching fleas at a time. After this, in order to avoid repeated infection by fleas, an anti-collar collar is put on the animal.

In the event that fleas were hunted down on the withers, there is no need for a collar in the collar - such drops retain the effect of flea protection for several weeks, for which the parasites will probably already be exterminated indoors.

When treating the premises with insecticides, all people and animals are removed from it, the aquariums are covered with coverslips and the aeration is turned off, the windows are closed. Preparations that require dilution are bred in the required proportions, distributed in household sprayers and they spray the maximum number of surfaces, pet beds, bedding, clothes in the closet, floor and carpets.

Для избавления от половых блох важно опрыскивать не только пол в квартире, но также лежанки домашних животных, ковры и мебель

Современные инсектицды вызывают довольно быструю гибель блох и при этом относительно безопасны для животных и человека

Блохи гибнут просто соприкоснувшись с обработанными инсектицидным средством поверхностями

After that, the room closes and "insists" for several hours. Then all the rooms are ventilated, clothes and linen are washed, and in the room a thorough wet cleaning is carried out.

If the room is heavily infested, it may be necessary to remove the fleas again. It is carried out 10-14 days after the first procedure. Its goal - to destroy the insects, which will be released during this time from eggs and pupae, survived the first baiting.

On a note

Sometimes after processing the premises from the fleas, the owners of the apartments scatter insecticidal dusts in the closets, corners, and along the plinths to destroy the flea larvae. It should be borne in mind that the use of such powdered agents involves the risk of accidental poisoning of domestic animals.

When homemade genital mutilation in the room is already destroyed, care must be taken that they do not enter the house again. To do this, in the warm season, you should dress on animals walking on the street, anti-dog collars, regularly and often hold wet cleanings in the house, wash bedding and beds in dogs and cats.

If desired, in the corners and places of long-term storage of things should be laid out brooms of strongly smelling herbs - tansy, mint, wormwood, which scare off fleas . With such preventive measures, it is possible to avoid repeated penetration of parasites into the dwelling with a high probability.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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