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Basement fleas in the apartment and methods of dealing with them

Подробно о подвальных блохах и их потенциальной опасности для человека

The so-called basement fleas are a collective name for almost all types of fleas that can appear in a typical city apartment. Such a name was given to them by the people for the fact that in most cases these parasites are found in underground and semi-underground floors of high-rise buildings, basement and basement premises, and often in cellars and cellars in suburban areas. Fleas in the basement live in piles of rubbish, old rags, bunches of germinating grass, and feed on the blood of rats, cats and dogs, as well as vagabonds hiding in the cellars from the weather or regularly sleeping there.

Подвальные блохи могут жить в кучах оставленного мусора

Among the basement fleas, you can meet rat, dog, cat, human, and sometimes even goat and rabbit fleas (it is problematic for a non-specialist to distinguish these types of parasites from each other). All of them can attack people and pets, and so the basement fleas in the apartment - today is a frequent and very unpleasant phenomenon for residents of apartment buildings.

There are numerous cases when residents of seemingly well-groomed and well-appointed apartments were bitten by basement fleas. It is important to understand that because of the ability of these parasites to tolerate dangerous diseases, they can not only cause discomfort, but also pose a serious threat to human health. Therefore, to know how to get rid of basement fleas in the apartment, residents should definitely, and owners of private houses remember that the treatment of cellars from fleas is the responsibility of the owners of the house.

On a note

Basement fleas can carry such dangerous diseases as the plague (you probably know that in the Middle Ages it was actively tolerated by rat fleas), hepatitis, brucellosis, salmonellosis, encephalitis and others. Therefore, flea poisoning in the basement is not just keeping the building in good sanitary condition, but also protecting against accidental infection with a serious illness.

In the photo - basement fleas of different species. Here - a flea cat :

Кошачья блоха

Фото кошачьей блохи под микроскопом

Rat flea:

Крысиная блоха

And in this photo - the basement fleas in the apartment in an attempt to profit from the blood of a man:

Подвальные блохи, попав в квартиру, непременно будут кусать и человека

In basements, due to the abundance of accumulating debris and a fairly stable temperature regime, literally greenhouse conditions for fleas of different species are created. This is the answer to the question, where do fleas in the basement come from? Once they come here with a rat or cat, they multiply here and settle for permanent residence. And because of the contamination of basements, it is much more difficult to remove basement fleas from the actual basement than from the apartment.

Basement fleas in living quarters settle behind skirting boards, in closets, in blockages of old things, under carpets, in canine and cat's beds. Here they multiply.

Why are fleas from the basement dangerous?

A basement flea of ​​any kind can attack almost all mammals larger than a mouse, which they will see next to each other. Her only food is the blood of animals (and humans).

To suck blood, the flea punctures the skin and wall of the blood vessel with styloid-like bristles and gets directly to the vessel's channel. Bites of basement fleas are very painful, cause redness, swelling and constant itching. Together, these symptoms of flea bites in medicine are called pulicosis.

Блоха прокалывает кожу, чтобы добраться до кровеносного сосуда

On a note

Fleas are not present on victims constantly, but only jumping on them for feeding. Satisfied, they immediately leave the owner. The impression that on a dog or cat fleas live permanently, is created due to the fact that parasites are constantly changing.

With constant combing of bites in wounds and scratches, infections can be recorded, which often leads to suppuration.
But much more dangerous are infections that can be carried by the basement fleas themselves. They are intermediate hosts of pathogens of trypanosomiasis, hepatitis, plague, encephalitis, tularemia, salmonellosis, typhus in other serious diseases.

Блохи могут быть переносчиками туляремии и других серьезных заболеваний

Therefore, it is necessary to fight fleas in the basement, they should not be perceived only as an annoying trouble. Destroy the parasites should be persistent and to the victorious end, so that they do not crawl around the apartments and do not bred in them.

The order of removal of basement fleas

Fight with basement fleas in the apartment itself follows the planned and in accordance with the already well-proven plan:

  1. Fleas are removed from all domestic animals
  2. Simultaneously, the apartment or house is treated with a powerful insecticide. It can be Carbophos, Get, Executioner, Tetrix, Combat - any available remedy that is used against cockroaches, bedbugs and other house insects.
  3. In addition, the places in which flea larvae can live are processed. For this, the same drugs that were used against adult insects, as well as insecticidal dusts and even chalk (including Meshenka chalk , used from cockroaches) are suitable.
  4. Then fleas are destroyed in the basement to stop their reproduction here and prevent re-entry into the apartment.
  5. Also, it is necessary to carry out preventive protection measures against fleas of domestic animals, the basement and the apartment itself.

Средство Комбат Суперспрей

It is important that none of these steps can not be missed, otherwise live either adult fleas anywhere in the house, or their larvae. Because of this, fighting with basement fleas is always more severe than, for example, with cockroaches.

How to remove fleas from animals?

To remove fleas in the basement of your house, you should first of all process pets and animals that live in the basement and are fed in the yard by all tenants of apartments. The following tools can be used for this:

  • Collars from fleas, providing protection of the animal for several weeks or months. Such collars are also good because the services of catching stray animals will not touch cats and dogs with them.
  • Drops on the withers, very effective and providing protection of the animal from parasites for several weeks.
  • Insecticidal sprays and shampoos with which to carry out the destruction of fleas in animals living in the basement, more difficult and troublesome, but more reliable.

Инсектицидный ошейник от блох

In parallel, it is necessary to call SES for baiting rats and mice in the basement. Often they are the main owners of fleas.
It should be remembered that if in the basement live or appear animals that are not treated from parasites, they can become a source of repeated infection of the basement.

Destroy fleas in the house, apartment, basement

In most cases, it is very safe and safe to poison fleas in the basement and apartment by special brigades of pest control. Employees of them for quite moderate money will process the premises, choose the best remedy for fleas in the basement and give a guarantee for the absence of parasites within the next few months.

On a note

Removing fleas in the basement is an important stage for all residents of the apartment building (especially for residents of the first floors who take the main attack of bloodsuckers on themselves). If you remove the parasites only in the apartments, in a few days they will again infiltrate the premises from the basement. And so it will be until they are destroyed completely in the whole house, including the basement.

If you want, you can process the premises yourself. All people and animals are removed from the apartment, all surfaces, cracks and furniture are sprayed with special tools (as noted above, they can be Carbophos, Executioner, Combat, Get, Raptor, etc.), after which the windows are closed and the apartment is infused during few hours. At the end of this period, the room should be well ventilated and wet cleaned.

Средство Get можно использовать и для борьбы с подвальными блохами

But the remedy for basement fleas for processing the actual basement can be selected more powerful. These can be Tetriks, Cucaracha, Diazinon - such drugs that are only used with great reservations in living quarters. Before processing the basement, it should remove garbage, collect dust on the floor and in the corners, zapopatit slits and holes through which the rodents enter.

Средство от насекомых Кукарача (концентрат эмульсии)


"We in the private house longly solved, than to process a cellar from fleas. We have a cat there often happens, and the facility can get into the room. They stopped at Carbophos, mainly because they were familiar with bugs, and because of the price. One day they sprinkled everything, closed the door and ventilation, the day it leaked, then it was ventilated, I washed everything, and another day the cat was allowed to go there. Like fleas have not yet seen, in parallel, the cat is constantly buying collars. "

Varvara Petrovna, Small Lighthouse

How to remove the larvae and destroy the eggs of fleas

Usually, for the destruction of larvae and eggs, fleas in the basement need to remove all the debris and dust here, get rid of the nests of rats and their burrows, and then - scatter insecticides in the form of dusts at the corners and at the base of the walls (in addition to the basic treatment of the room). To do this, the Clean House duster, Phenaxin, Pyrethrum powder , even borax, boric acid and agricultural insecticides will work.

Инсектицидный порошок Фенаксин особенно хорошо подойдет для уничтожения личинок блох

Such measures guarantee the destruction of the younger generation of parasites.

Protection of premises from basement fleas

Knowing how to put fleas in the basement, and pull them out once, does not mean forgetting for good what it is. If the cat living in the basement, will pick up a couple of parasites somewhere and bring them to the basement, with a high probability all procedures for the destruction of basement fleas will have to be repeated.

Кошки, живущие в подвалах, могут легко заражать блохами домашних питомцев

To prevent this, you should:

  1. In the warm period of the year, all animals that visit the basement, handle fleas or wear special collars on them.
  2. Constantly maintain in the basement cleanliness, take care of its isolation from rodents, clean up garbage.
  3. In winter, regularly ventilate the room.
  4. Do not allow alien animals to enter the basement.
  5. You can sometimes put in the basement bouquets of wormwood and tansy - fleas avoid the proximity of the smells of these plants.

Полынь своим запахом способна отпугивать многих насекомых, в том числе и блох

For maximum reliability in the basement you can regularly conduct preventive disinfestation. If the entire apartment building "folds" to such a procedure, it will cost every resident a very small amount, but in this case all residents of the house will be protected from an unpleasant neighborhood with basement parasites.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Valentina :

    The problem with fleas from the basement is just our scourge. Every spring they attack the army. In the basement winter cats, sorry for them, do not drive, but as soon as it warms in the street and cats move to live in fresh air - hordes of fleas climb out of all cracks, skip the floor, furniture, just sit - all legs in black spots, children are bitten, because they also jump in bed to them. But a few years ago we got our cat. It was processed by the fleas by Barsom, and I thought it was possible, and he would save the fleas from basement fleas. And there is. As soon as the black biting beasts begin to gallop across the carpets - I take the spray bottle Bars and shower them. For a day all disappear. In a week I repeat spraying and all. Quiet and smooth. And before she just did not work ... remember it hurt how she crawled on the floor with a sponge, soaked in chlorine, then in acid, then she splashed with dichlorvos, but there was not much effect. Now, thank God, everything was fine.

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