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How can I get rid of fleas in the apartment?

Как правильно избавляться от блох в квартире

Like many other insect parasites, fleas in the apartment require a special, specific approach to combat them. The way of life of these insects differs significantly from that of bedbugs, cockroaches and lice, and therefore the fight against fleas has many features.

Before you get rid of fleas in the apartment, you first need to find out how they were in the room. If they "came" on a pet - a cat or a dog - then the animals themselves should be included in the list of objects to be treated. If you just penetrated from the street (which is important for private houses) - it is necessary to provide for housing protection measures against re-entry.

So, getting rid of fleas in an apartment should be a complex, but quick operation, of which the frequent are:

  1. Getting rid of fleas of pets.
  2. Treatment of an apartment from fleas.
  3. Thorough cleaning of the room after insecticide treatment.
  4. Compliance with preventive measures against re-entry of fleas into an apartment in the future.

With good planning, the first three items can be completed within one day. It is important only to approach this process responsibly and not to do all the operations after the sleeves - with negligence, the fleas will gladly take revenge on the lazy fighter by the rapid resumption of his population in the apartment.

Therefore, when deciding how to get rid of fleas in the house, carefully study the following information on combating them, adapt it for yourself, and act.

Here's what you need to do first ...

This first - to etch fleas in domestic animals

Fleas parasitize not only on dogs and cats, but also on rabbits, rats, hamsters, birds and white mice. Only cold-blooded animals such as turtles, geckos and snakes do not attract them.

Перед тем, как избавляться от блох в квартире, сперва их нужно вытравить у домашних животных

And be sure, if there are fleas in the apartment, then they are also on any feathered or shaggy pet. They can be overlooked in wool or among feathers, but these parasites attack animals and birds more often because of a strong and pronounced smell: insects find it easier to smell such a fragrant victim than a clean and clean person. And they bite equally actively any warm-blooded inhabitants of the room.

Get rid of fleas in animals can quickly and at a time. And you can stretch this "pleasure" for an indefinite period, during which the flea population in the apartment will also continue to expand, penetrating, among other things, into neighboring rooms.

To get the same result here and now, you should use a few of the most reliable tools.

Collars from fleas Hartz

These collars are considered the most safe and effective, albeit quite expensive. They remain effective for 2-3 months, and thus only in exceptional cases cause irritation of the skin in animals.

Ошейник от блох Hartz

These collars are very effective for those pets who regularly and often walk on the street.


"I generally thought that fleas on a dog are normal. Then they enlightened me that it was from them that the dog was infected with worms. I bought a Hearts collar, Lai blamed him for a month, and I did not notice any more fleas on him. It is a pity that this thing is exhausted, but in principle for the next season you can buy one more, they are not so expensive. "

Julia, Syktyvkar

Drops from fleas to withers Frontline

Among a sufficiently large number of drops from Frontline fleas, the combination of safety and efficiency is optimal for pets. They are very simple to use - they are simply enough to rub once into the skin of an animal in the neck. However, they are not recommended for use in pregnant and lactating cats and dogs.

Капли от блох на холку Frontline


"These Front Line drops are a powerful medicine, but also dangerous. At my British at all from these drops the wool climbs. Tried Advantage, but they are exhausted faster. I do not really know what to do, so it's a pity to look at cats with hanging hair ... "

Julia, Moscow

Shampoos Rolf Club

Good for animals normally related to bathing. Provide a sufficiently long protective effect against fleas and at the same time are almost completely safe.

Пример шампуня от блох для кошек: Rolf Club

Sprays from Hartz and Frontline fleas

This is the most, perhaps, radical way to rid the animal of parasites, and any, not limited to fleas. Require the use of personal protection from the processor and strict security measures.

Спрей против блох Hartz

Спрей против блох Frontline


"A nightmare, how much trouble with this canine deodorant from fleas. And put on gloves, glasses, and a respirator. Just do not need to wear a rubber cap. The dog then, like a plague, rushes around the yard, and it can not be licked. In short, in the best traditions of toilet American comedies. But yes, we have not seen the fleas on the dog again. "

Maxim, Evpatoria

There are a large number of other brands of remedies for fleas from pets. When choosing a drug, it is necessary to take into account, first of all, the characteristics of the pet itself and the specificity of the remedy. Sometimes it makes sense to ask the veterinarian to prescribe the safest drug.

On a note

Disposal of fleas in pets should be carried out simultaneously with cleaning the entire apartment from parasites or a few days before. If you do this for a day or two after getting rid of the fleas in the room, then these days the parasites preserved on the animal's skin will calmly settle in the room. At the same time, flea remedies have a long period of residual action, and if they treat the animal a few days before cleaning the apartment, insects will not attack it.

So, as soon as fleas and fluffy or feathered pets are destroyed, it's time to get rid of fleas in the apartment ...

Stage two - to destroy all the fleas in the apartment

Fleas are in many ways the same parasites as bugs and lice, and nothing "insect" is alien to them. Simply put, they are just as successful in planting special insecticides, as are other domestic insects.

Этап 2 - уничтожение блох в самой квартире

And so deciding how to rid the house of fleas, you should look primarily towards the most well-known means of insects in everyday life.

However, it should be remembered about two features of fleas, distinguishing them from other insects in the house:

  • fleas feed only on the blood of animals, birds and humans, and the remains of ordinary food in principle can not be consumed. Accordingly, they can be poisoned either with aerosol insecticides that enter their body with air, or with dusts with active substance of contact action. All other traps, gels, baits, very effective against cockroaches and ants, on jumping little vampires will not work.
  • Fleas are insects with complete transformation, and their larvae live in crevices of floors, in accumulations of dust and debris, in flower pots, feeding on decomposing organic matter. This means that before you rid the apartment of fleas, you need to prepare in the fight against two different opponents - adult mobile imagoes and larvae hiding in the garbage.

Жизненный цикл блохи

In view of these features, a fairly limited arsenal of funds is used to get rid of apartment fleas.

Insecticidal sprays from fleas

The beauty of these aerosols lies in the fact that you can get rid of them from fleas in a matter of hours.

Инсектицидные аэрозоли довольно эффективны против блох

The main thing is to properly process the apartment:

  1. Remove all animals and people from the premises, close windows and doors.
  2. Wear personal protective equipment - cotton-gauze dressing, gloves, goggles.
  3. Process the maximum possible number of surfaces, objects and things in the house, including clothing and bedding.
  4. Close the apartment for a few hours.
  5. Ventilate the room and conduct in it a thorough wet cleaning.
  6. Wash insecticide-treated things and underwear.

Such treatment, carried out as completely and qualitatively as possible, ensures the destruction of all adult individuals of fleas and most of their larvae.

At the same time, there are many reliable and inexpensive aerosols.

Aerosol Raptor from creeping insects

Raptor is quite effective against fleas. A few cans of it is quite enough to handle a two-room apartment.

Раптор для уничтожения ползающих насекомых

Malotoxic for humans and pets, but when using its standard safety measures it is still worthwhile to follow.

Aerosol from insects Raid

Also an effective drug, to which, nevertheless, in some cases, fleas develop resistance. Inexpensive and easily accessible, sold in the markets and almost all hardware stores.

Аэрозольное средство от насекомых Raid

Insecticide Means Executioner

The Executioner is a specialized tool for fighting domestic bugs, extremely effective against fleas. The executioner is quite expensive: to process a two-room apartment you will need to buy a can of 1500-1700 rubles. But he is also most likely to destroy all fleas in the apartment.

Средство от насекомых Палач (концентрат)


"We were recommended all sorts of Reids from fleas, but last year we tortured bedbugs with the Executioner, and decided to use it. Just sprayed, prokvasili apartment, cleaned. The effect simply struck us: in the evening there was not a single flea in the house. Although this Executioner is expensive. "

Oleg, Kirov

To get rid of fleas in the house with the help of powder preparations (so-called dust) can only be for a long time. This method is more laborious and in the fight against fleas is less effective, so it is used less often.

For the destruction of parasites, the following dusts are mainly used: Clean House, Pyrethrum, Brownie, Phenaxin. They should be scattered along the skirting boards, near beds and animal beds, next to garbage cans, behind furniture.

Powders do not give a quick result, and to get rid of the flea with their help you can count for a minimum of 2-3 weeks. So in search of a way to quickly get rid of fleas in the house, it is better not to count on powders.

A very effective step in fighting fleas will be the challenge of pest control. It will cost more, but fleas from the house will be definitely withdrawn, and the owners of the premises will receive a guarantee for a clean apartment for several months.

Stage three - to exterminate the eggs and larvae of fleas

Getting rid of the larvae and eggs of fleas is much more difficult than from adult insects: they hide in the most secluded places. Therefore, before their extermination, it is necessary first of all to carry out the most thorough cleaning in the apartment: sweep the rubbish out of the kitchen tables, sweep under the carpets and the edges of the linoleum, wash the plinth.

Личинки блох

After harvesting all these places should be treated with Chlorophos or Carbophos - these funds will destroy both the larvae and the flea eggs.


The use of insecticidal aerosols described above during the harvesting will not allow the flea eggs to be eliminated, and therefore, a few weeks after harvesting, new parasites may appear in the house.

When fighting fleas with larvae, you should also sprinkle the top of the soil for a short time in pots of flowers with the same Carbophos. After this, the flowers can not be watered for several days, and after this period - the top layer of the soil should be collected and replaced with a clean one.

How not to leave parasites chances of survival

Complete disposal of the apartment from fleas is not a guarantee that after a certain time they will not appear in it again. Leaping aliens can enter the room with the same pets, on the clothes and shoes of people.

Фото: блоха пьет кровь человека

To protect against such penetrations it is necessary to observe certain preventive measures:

  1. Do not allow the dog or cat to contact the homeless animals.
  2. In the summer season, wear an anti-block collar on your pet or use special drops.
  3. Always keep the apartment clean, avoiding the accumulation of debris and dust.
  4. When detecting single insects - destroy them and check pets.

Such measures will allow to reduce the probability of repeated appearance of fleas in the apartment. And in addition, they also provide protection from entering the room and other unwanted insects.

Successful you fight with fleas!

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Nikolay :

    Of course, in order that there should not be these parasites in the house, they must first be taken out of the animal. We ran away from these fleas, skilful of the whole family went, until they bought Bonjka collar Foresto and did not process the whole apartment. But now the beauty, no fleas, no ticks, and the dog is fine, and we are happy. This collar also saves from ticks. We change every six months, although there are enough of it for eight months.

    • Yulya :

      I, too, like fleas like to bite, I know what it is - you scratch so that you can not tear yourself off, until the sores. But itchs all the same and for a long time very, you do not know what to process. Animals must first be rid of fleas, and only then in the house to begin their destruction, and more than once to conduct the treatment. To me here usual dichlorvos has helped or assisted, splashed them and left for the weekend in village.

  2. Larissa :

    And I have a sphinx, and I saw fleas on a cat. And she's home, we live on the second floor, and I can not understand where the fleas are from?

    • Xenia :

      fleas penetrate into the apartment from the basement, can climb up to 3 floors. The same situation with the attic, can go down from the attic of the house just 3 floors down. Perhaps under your balcony live pigeons, for example, they can also be infected with fleas.

    • Anonymous :

      They brought me clothes, calmly ((

  3. Svetlana :

    And what is it? Small, jumping, ochchchen black, about a millimeter in size. I thought a flea, but judging by the pictures, no!

    • Anonymous :

      She is the most

    • Anonymous :

      This is the flea. They multiply so fast, horror alone. They came to my apartment from the balcony open. Apparently, there the cat appeared. Every summer I suffer. And now I do not know how to get rid of them. All legs are bitten.

  4. Marina :

    These are fleas

  5. Alain :

    We have been fighting with them for a long time, but still time passes and they jump again! We live in a small town, and there is not much to buy. Travim by what is: '(Advise anything ... Maybe a site like that or folk remedies?

  6. Olga :

    I got a child out of the garden, they said, an allergy, but it turned out fleas. How to destroy them? Advise.

  7. I :

    That's our house, it seems, inhabited these creatures. The horror is horrible. House is always clean. I do not know what to do, I found it on the windowsill first. Now in bed one. So there the child sleeps. It's a pity he is afraid. Still, like, did not have time to bite. Well, if ... We live in a private house, there is nowhere left for a long time. There are no animals in the house either. Only on the street, and then, only chickens. The house is 150 sq.m., and as soon as I can clean up every crack. Maybe you will give some advice? ((And by the way, the color is neither black, but some kind of beige.) The color of the skin.

  8. Yulya :

    We used to have a cat in our apartment. She had fleas, but we hunted them. Now our cat has run away, and fleas have settled in the house. All we go are artificers. Tried to poison as a mosquito - fumigator, but it did not help. What can you tell me?

  9. Ariana :

    You know, it's better not to experiment with dichlorvos. Still, it is too powerful and powerful. It is toxic enough to dump not only the flea, but also the elephant. I myself use shampoo, still nothing is better than invented and it's a sin to look for the best from good. The product is inexpensive, but surprisingly effective. I will say that it is quite enough to wash the average size of the cat. Foam, however, is weaker than human shampoo. We usually have a one-time "bath", but if the fleas are many, mine again.

    • Eugene :

      Shampoo, of course, effective, but it is impossible to bathe a cat, will all hands. It was possible to bathe with a small kitten in shampoo, but after you soak the animal with shampoo, it is necessary, at least, 5 minutes to wrap and hold it, so that these small creatures are dead, and then washed off very well. And choose manually the tweezers of the remaining semi-dead fleas. After that, she put on a new collar and treated with drops, and still, after two weeks there is again.

  10. Daria Sorokina :

    And guinea pigs do not have fleas? My pig has it. And from me. How to get rid, not at home but on the body and on the bed? Help me please.

  11. Rena :

    People, tell me, what tool is effective from these terrible little black monsters?

  12. Anna :

    Hello! A proven remedy for fleas is wormwood. We used essential oil of wormwood. On a glass of water 4-5 drops of essential oil, but not more, a very sharp smell. Spray can be on any surface 2-3 times a day, before the fleas disappear.

    • Alia :

      Hello! Tell me, please, if you treat the wormwood whole apartment, the fleas will disappear?

  13. Valentina :

    Good day. Neither wormwood, nor dichlorvos, nor any drugs from the veterinary drugstore help from earthen fleas. Horror! What to do I do not know, cleaning is wet every day. Prompt, than etch these reptiles?

  14. Sergey :

    There is a good way: catching on bait. Go live with your children or with your parents and visit your hungry fleas every day. When they sit on their feet - to pass everyone. And so come and press hungry fleas every day, until all are passed.

  15. Anastasia :

    I live on the first floor, under the basement and they climb from there, a nightmare. They bite terribly. But we can not get rid of it for a long time ((All tried, nothing helped, but we can not get to the basement.) Are there any other options?

  16. Svetlana :

    Soda with salt in equal proportions, checked.

  17. Maria :

    They bite so hard, I have a year old daughter, she's all bitten ... How will she get rid of fleas? Already all have tried.

  18. Anonymous :

    Veterinary pharmacies sell a product that needs to be diluted with water and sprayed indoors with a sprayer at all corners, floors, etc.

  19. Anonymous :

    We took the medicine in the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, helped for two years, now we are back.

  20. Yulya :

    How to get rid of fleas with improvised means?

  21. Yaro :

    I live in a private house, so these monsters come to me from the street. At home I etched them and now, every time I go to the store, I drop them in several pieces. How to get rid of them in the yard I do not know. Street cats are full of courtyard, all can not be caught.

  22. Anna :

    I also live on the first floor. Apparently they are climbing out of the basement. So annoying, scary to go to bed. Prompt the most effective means!

    • Anonymous :

      Good afternoon! Fleas in the cellars must be destroyed by the management company.

  23. Dinara :

    Good evening! I do not know where the fleas are from the apartment. How can you get rid of them? Maybe there are folk remedies?

  24. Elena :

    I'll tell my story, can someone come in handy :) Eerie summer of 2016. I came with two kids to the country house. Grandfather had three cats and for summer they moved to the summer house, and the fleas remained. It was horrible. At first I did not understand anything, but when I began to find fleas on my head in children in the mornings! .. I was wearing white socks, walked around the room, the result - 8 pieces jumped! It was impossible to wash everything and treat it with chemistry. It turned out that especially fleas are active when damp. For several days I treated the bed and the carpet from the atomizer, as well as the furniture and floor with a mixture of tar tar, shampoo from fleas for animals BIM and water. And plus this stoked the stove. It helped!

  25. Olga :

    I have two cats caught fleas today, bought them a drop of Bars from fleas and a collar. I'm worried about one problem: when it itches, you can clearly see how the eggs were poured. Tell me, will they develop further? Where I see eggs, I wipe it with a cloth dampened with bleach, and they scrabble everywhere.

    • Elena :

      Olga, if you saw and immediately removed and washed away in the water, it's good. But you can not see them on the carpet, as they are in the nap ((To kill the eggs of the fleas on the carpet, you need to spread salt or soda on the carpet, rub it in with a brush, leave for a few hours, then vacuum everything. , remove the belly away from the carpet.It dries eggs, and it is easier to suck them with a vacuum cleaner from the fibers of the carpet or some carpet!

  26. Elena :

    First get rid of fleas from animals, and take them to the place where there are no fleas. At home, if there is a carpet to kill eggs in it, sprinkle salt or soda on the carpet, rub it well with a brush, leave for a few hours, then vacuum it all. Traps for fleas: put on the floor in places where the most fleas, soapy water. Change it daily. Floors and skirting boards to process a solution of essential oil of the Tea tree (or mint any, a carnation, a wormwood): 10-15 drops of oil on a bucket of water.

  27. Svetlana Z .:

    I'm so tired, my strength is not to fight them.

  28. Aziz :

    Guys, well, you are building a fly from an elephant ... Fighting fleas is the easiest of the lungs. Buy boric acid (white powder.) And just spray on the apartment with a broom - and that's it. Fleas themselves will die. Another option: there is a Russian chalk "Mashenka", here they are all the floor and carpets to draw in a box, then immediately smear with a broom (you can simply sweep, directing the broom then back and forth). And that's all! All the fleas die of themselves. A pet namochalit rastolchennym chalk "Mashenka." You can put chalk in the old sock and crush it in it.

  29. Aziz :

    One neighbor could not get rid of bedbugs long - he wanted to throw out all the furniture. I stopped him and suggested in the apartment, in a shish kebab, to kindle coals. When they are ready already, then all members of the family will be asked to vacate the apartment, remove all living things. Next, put the sulfur directly on the hot coals and clean yourself out of the apartment for an hour or two. It is important not to allow a fire. To do this, pre-shashlichnitsa on the bricks, and do not pour the sulfur, but put it with a paper bag together - without taking out and scattering it from there. This way you can get rid of bedbugs forever. But note, when burning, strangling SO2 gas is released. It kills any insects and animals. But do not be afraid, you will not die, rather, you will feel burning sensation of mucous membranes, etc. They are killed by beekeepers of unfit beehive families. But a long time in the zone of the released gas can damage your lungs and mucous membranes. And if you say more precisely, for a long time to be near the suffocating gas you will not be able to automatically - escape far away. So there can be no talk about inconspicuous poisoning and speech. This gas penetrates into all the cracks, and the bedbugs, hidden even behind the wallpaper, will simply suffocate and perish. All insects, including fleas, will die. But then there is the smell of sulfur, which will eventually disappear.

    By the way, sulfur kills not only bedbugs - it was poisoned by people in the concentration camps of fascist Germany. This is a very effective, low-cost and chemically non-toxic method (after use there are no toxic effects). You can even not cover the food and do not clean it. And also sulfur is harvested to obtain apricot dried apricots by smoking with sulfur asphyxiant gas. Its only danger is a temporary burning sensation at the moment of inhalation of this gas. I remember I covered my nose with a cloth when I killed bees infected with American foulbrood. I want to say that it can not be inhaled, because The instinct of self-preservation instantly works and you run away without realizing it.

    But keep in mind, this is a strangling gas. They can not breathe, rather, just do not want to breathe this gas. But you will not get any suffocation. It burns just everything. Women do not advise doing this, except for those who know chemistry or have experimented with sulfur.

  30. Alexey :

    Cypermethrin, the active substance of many insecticides. Trade names may be different. It dissolves in water, sprayed with a garden sprayer. Concentration is indicated on the package, there is on the Internet. After spraying, it decomposes in air and light after 2-3 days approximately. When stored for more than a year, even in a sealed package loses its toxic properties. When buying, pay attention to the date of manufacture.

    By the way, there is an assumption that cockroaches destroy fleas. On my own experience: there were no cockroaches - every year fleas were bred, it was necessary to process the apartment up to three times per season, from May to November. From somewhere in the house brought cockroaches. Cockroaches did not poison, after treatment for fleas in July, fleas did not appear until November. Everything is known in comparison, it is better to cockroaches in the kitchen than the fleet-trained feet.

  31. Alina :

    When these things disappear, I do not sleep normally! Disgusting bastards, parasites ...

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