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On the effective fight against fleas in the apartment

Давайте рассмотрим, как и с помощью каких средств сделать борьбу с блохами в квартире максимально быстрой и эффективной...

If you decide to fight fleas in the apartment and at the same time think that simply by spraying indoors, for example, with Dichlorvos or some similar remedy, immediately get rid of the parasites - well, you will have to upset you. In most cases, such a simplified approach gives only a temporary result, and after a week or two fleas reappear in the apartment. Therefore, before you run to the store for an insect repellent, lean back in the chair and first learn more information on this problem, then to withdraw the fleas once and for all.

So, first of all it is necessary to understand that the fight against fleas in the apartment should be complex . At the same time, the following points should be given attention:

  • It is necessary to destroy the fleas in the room itself.
  • Get rid of fleas in pets (if these animals have).
  • Destroy the flea larvae in the apartment (many do not even know that they exist in nature at all, not to mention how they look and where to look for them).

На фото - личинка кошачьей блохи

Fleas, despite their tiny size and apparent simplicity, have a rather complex life cycle, and at different stages of development, adult individuals and flea larvae live separately from each other. Accordingly, and the fight against fleas in the apartment must take place in view of their biology, in order to be quick and successful.

For example, adult fleas keep mostly in secluded places closer to their prey. Search for them should be under the bedding on which the pet sleeps, near the beds behind the skirting boards or under the parquet floor, in the things in the closet, in the furniture - where they will surely not be disturbed.

Взрослые особи блох часто прячутся под подстилками домашних животных

They do not eat anything except the blood of animals and man, and therefore always try to hide where they can easily reach any warm-blooded living being.

On a note

Even if the apartment does not have pets, fleas can feel comfortable in it, attacking only a person. Apartments on the ground floor are often prone to flea infestations from cellars that feed mainly on rats (the so-called basement fleas ). Therefore, the absence of pets in the room is not a guarantee of the absence of fleas in it.

Larvae of the fleas usually live where they can easily find their food - various garbage, rotting parts of plants, feces of adult fleas with remnants of undigested blood. They are often found in trays in animals, in litter in cages and aquariums in hamsters and rats, in flower pots, and in piles of rubbish on balconies.

Личинки блох


"We generally had a curious case. Fleas were poisoned three times in two months, and in detail, with the processing of the dog and throwing out its rug, even the linoleum on the balcony was raised. And they are still starting! And what would you think? They, it turns out, multiplied in a cage with rats at the daughter, and in the very house, because in the cage itself the litter was constantly changing. And when the house opened and shook out all the supplies and the nest itself, there the flea larvae were visibly invisible ... "

Oleg, Tiraspol

Finally, pupae fleas thanks to their protective shell are able to survive the treatment of the apartment with some insecticides. And even after a successful fight against adult fleas and their larvae, new insects can be removed from the pupae in the apartment, which will then give rise to a new population of parasites indoors.

Куколки блох могут выжить даже после того, как были уничтожены сами блохи и их личинки

On a note

In flats there can be different types of fleas , which can only be distinguished by an expert from each other. In this case, for example, canine fleas easily attack cats, rat-on dogs, and vice versa. This means that, for example, it is necessary to fight feline fleas in an apartment using the same methods used to poison fleas in general. Fortunately, all the developed methods and measures of control imply an impact on all types of fleas, and almost always on other undesirable insects in the apartment (cockroaches, bugs).

We deduce insects with the help of special means

Almost all modern insecticides are much more effective and convenient to use than traditional folk remedies. The composition of modern drugs include substances that have a toxic effect on insects, but relatively non-toxic to humans and warm-blooded animals.

Большинство современных инсектицидов токсичны для блох и относительно безопасны для человека

Обработка квартиры инсектицидами оказывается в большинстве случаев более эффективной, чем применение народных методов борьбы с блохами.

Only in rare cases such insecticides can cause side effects, but if the rules of their use are observed, the risk of possible negative action can be minimized.

Fight with indoor fleas should be quickly and orderly. Breaks between successive steps in the processing of the premises can give a chance to survive to individual parasites and will lead to the fact that the fight against fleas in the apartment will have to be repeated.

Typically, the destruction of parasites in the room takes several hours. If the room is heavily contaminated, repeated preventive treatment may be required, but the need for it usually arises only in rare cases.

Before you fight fleas in an apartment, you must do two things:

  1. To find out how the parasites got into the house, and take measures to block out such a path of their penetration
  2. If pets are in the apartment, they must be rid of fleas and protect from insects until at least until the fleas are removed from the premises. On how to deal with fleas in pets, you can read in the relevant articles on our website, in the section "Fleas in Animals". Here we only note that to protect the pet should be used anti-collar collars, drops on the withers and sprays, providing protection for at least a few days.

Пример инсектоакарицидного ошейника на котенке

After this, you should proceed with the actual processing of the apartment from the fleas, before making sure that after the treatment they will not penetrate it again (for example, if the basement of the apartment building is swarming with fleas, then processing an apartment alone can not give the desired effect - basement).

We block the way of flea penetration into the room

As a rule, fleas penetrate into the room in two ways:

  1. On the wool of pets from the street.
  2. Independently on ventilation or through windows and doors from cellars and yard territories.

Блохи могут проникнуть в помещение на шерсти животного

Блоха на коже человека

Very rarely a flea can be on the clothes of a person or in things brought into the room.

To prevent the infection of the apartment fleas from pets, in the spring and summer season should always wear them anti-flea collars - this will protect pets from zaprygivaniya fleas on their wool.

To prevent fleas from entering the street or other contaminated areas, sections from pest insects (suits from moths) or bunches of wormwood and tansy should be placed in the ventilation ducts.

Для профилактики проникновения блох в жилище можно раскладывать пучки полыни или пижмы

Fleas often jump on clothes from foxes and badgers burrows, as well as when they are near animals in the street in the city. If you notice this, you should shake the clothes out on the street without going into the apartment.

Choosing tools for fighting fleas

Practice shows that it is safer, faster and easier to deal with fleas by means of aerosols, as well as with concentrates for dilution and subsequent spraying. The main advantage of such aerosols and sprays is the ability to penetrate narrow slits and various hard-to-reach places.

The most famous remedies for fleas are:

  • Microencapsulated preparation Get (sold as a concentrate). The composition of the drug includes a highly effective insecticide chlorpyrifos of contact action. After processing the apartment, it is advisable not to conduct total cleaning, and wash only those surfaces with which the tenants come in contact most often. Микрокапсулированный препарат от насекомых Get
  • The drug Executioner , quite effective also against bedbugs and linen lice. It requires dilution in a certain concentration. To handle a two-room apartment will need to buy about 20 bottles, the cost of which will be about 1400 rubles. Средство от насекомых Палач
  • Raptor from creeping insects - it is convenient to use, because it is sold ready-made in aerosol cans and has a faint smell. Slightly inferior in efficiency to previous means, but widely available and quite suitable for use in slightly infected apartments. Аэрозоль Раптор от ползающих насекомых эффективен также и от блох
  • Cucaracha and Tetriks are two related products considered to be insecticidal preparations for professional use. Very effective, but have an unpleasant and long-lasting odor. Good for processing large cellars and balconies. A bottle of each of them for 50 ml is enough to handle an area of ​​100 square meters. m. Концентрат средства от насекомых Кукарача

Dusts (as they are today called various insecticidal powders) are particularly effective in combating flea larvae. Modern versions of Dichlorvos - Dichlorvos-Neo, Dichlorfos Max, etc. - are also quite effective and practically odorless, can be used in urban apartments.

Некоторые марки современных Дихлофосов практически не имеют запаха

Folk remedies for fleas such as vinegar and kerosene are inferior in effectiveness to the above drugs, and their strong odor greatly complicates the whole procedure of processing the apartment.

We process an apartment from fleas

The general sequence of processing an apartment from fleas is as follows:

  1. Choose a tool from all available, which is optimal for price, safety and efficiency.
  2. All tenants and pets are removed from the apartment.
  3. All windows are closed.
  4. The facility treats all surfaces in the apartment, places where fleas and their larvae hide, shelves in cabinets, store rooms and closets.
  5. The room closes and he is allowed to stand for 3-4 hours.
  6. The apartment is ventilated and there is a wet cleaning.

If a specific preparation is used, corrections can be made to the specified plan.

Sometimes, when there are a lot of fleas in the apartment and at the time of treatment, there are a lot of eggs and pupae, which have greater resistance against insecticides, fleas may appear again several days after treatment. In this case, at the peak of their hatching - after 10-14 days after the first treatment - the room should be re-treated.

Trust the fight against fleas professionals

Finally, the fight against fleas in the apartment can be done by professional pest controlists. Their services cost an average of one and a half to two times more than the cost of household tools for removing parasites, but brigades of pest control give a guarantee that fleas will not appear indoors for several months, and also carry out the most harmful work for the owner of the apartment.

На фото - профессиональный дезинсектор во время обработки помещения от блох

Before the arrival of disinfesters, the apartment is prepared in the same way as before self-processing. It is important to remember that specialists use very strong and often badly smelling means - Sinuzan, Diazinon, Tetriks. You need to be prepared for the fact that within a few days after the treatment of the apartment fleas in it will remain a characteristic "fragrance".

Sometimes disinsectors prefer to use enough toxic organophosphorus insecticides to fight fleas because they have a so-called ovicide effect - they poison eggs and pupae of fleas. This is a guarantee that fleas in the apartment will not appear in a few days, although somewhat complicates the whole procedure.

Already after the fleas from the apartment were expelled, it is necessary at least once a week to clean carefully in the apartment, so that even with the occasional appearance of parasites, they destroy the larvae swarming in dust and dust. Together with the protection of domestic animals against fleas this measure is usually enough to prevent the re-emergence of parasites in the apartment.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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