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How to deal with fleas in the house: the details of the procedure

Для успешной борьбы с блохами в доме важно не только выбрать эффективное средство, но и знать некоторые особенности биологии этих паразитов.

To successfully fight fleas in the house, you need to understand the general life cycle of these insects. Due to the fact that the diet and habitats of flea and adult larvae differ significantly, the fight against fleas must be comprehensive and take into account all these differences. For example, only the removal of parasites on the couch in a pet or at the pet itself will be extremely inadequate.

Лежанка домашнего животного - одно из первых мест, на которое нужно обратить внимание во время уничтожения блох в доме

It may seem surprising, but many people do not even imagine how the eggs and larvae of fleas look, vaguely suggesting that they, too, are hiding somewhere in the fur of cats and dogs. Meanwhile, if the adult fleas really stick mainly to the wool of pets, in recreation areas of animals and humans, then their larvae huddle in closets, dark dusty corners, garbage piles on the balcony and behind the skirting boards.

Therefore, the fight against fleas is not only the destruction of directly jumping adult parasites, but also the careful deducing of the younger generation.

In animals and humans, fleas only feed and do not live permanently, such as lice. On the one hand, thanks to this attack, fleas are not so painful - they do not bite constantly and they are easily scared off. But, on the other hand, fighting fleas in the home for this reason implies careful insecticide treatment of literally every square centimeter of floor and furniture in the room, while when fighting lice it would be sufficient to treat the infected area on the body.

Собираясь бороться с блохами, нужно учесть, что придется обработать буквально каждый сантиметр помещения

On a note

Optimal place of development of flea larvae - nests and toilets of domestic hamsters and rats in cages. Here, food is abundant in food (excrement, excrement, hay), constantly high temperature and humidity are maintained.

Зачастую в большом количестве блохи и их личинки скапливаются в гнездах домашних крыс и хомячков

In addition, fleas seen directly on a pet or on a man's bed are just the "tip of the iceberg" of the entire population of insects in the apartment. The main number of parasites, when fed, hide in secluded dark places, crevices, under linoleum and carpets, and to see them by chance is almost impossible. Therefore, all fleas in the house should be destroyed, regardless of their current location, otherwise each individual is potentially capable of becoming the ancestor of a new population.

Даже малое количество выживших после обработки блох могут дать начало новой популяции паразитов в доме

In general, it is necessary to start fighting with domestic fleas immediately after detection, not counting their presence in the house as a minor annoying nuisance. The matter is that fleas are a really serious epidemiological danger.

What are fleas dangerous to humans and pets?

Fleas are primarily bloodsucking insects. Their bites cause irritation and a local reaction of the skin, the symptoms of which in the complex are called pulicosis. With numerous bites or heightened sensitivity around the bites, allergies may develop, secondary rashes appear.

Укусы блох могут вызывать аллергические реакции и дерматиты

With constant combing of flea bites, pustular inflammation may appear in their place.


On the person fleas do not live, and special measures for their deducing from the person to apply it is not necessary. It is enough to clean one time to scare off all the parasites, and then destroy them in the room itself.

In animals, the reaction to flea bites is similar to that of humans, but their parasite infestation often remains unnoticed by the owners, which is why, in especially neglected cases, it threatens to degenerate into dermatitis.

В случаях наличия множества блох в доме у животного может наблюдаться серьезный дерматит

On a note

Especially sensitive to the bites of fleas are children - they have a pulicosis more often with serious allergic reactions and generalized symptoms.

The fleas are the most dangerous because they can be potential carriers of pathogens of very serious human diseases. Among them:

  • plague
  • encephalitis
  • trypanosomiasis
  • brucellosis
  • salmonellosis
  • hepatitis B and C
  • Tularemia.

In the body of fleas, scientists found viruses and bacteria that cause more than 200 dangerous diseases for humans. This does not mean, of course, that a flea caught in an apartment is necessarily a bearer of a plague or hepatitis virus, but there is always a risk of infection, albeit small. Therefore, it is necessary to begin to fight fleas at home immediately after the discovery of these parasites.

Укусы блох могут стать причиной некоторых инфекционных заболеваний

It is interesting

Populations of wild animals on which plague-carriers of plague parasitize, are carefully controlled and researched by scientists-epidemiologists. In Russia, such foci are located in the southern steppes in the colonies of rodents - gophers, jerboas, gerbils. Studies of these animal populations allow scientists to develop effective measures to control fleas and keep under control the most dangerous of their populations.

The correct sequence of fighting fleas

Fighting fleas at home is necessary in strict accordance with the following plan:

  1. The path of penetration of parasites into the house is determined and overlapped. Most often, fleas penetrate into the room in the wool of domestic animals, sometimes - on the clothing of a man (this is especially characteristic of hunters). A separate case - an apartment on the first floors of apartment buildings, where fleas are taken from the cellars (the so-called basement fleas ). This situation is especially dangerous, since it is among the basement fleas that more often there are representatives of the species Rat flea - a carrier of many diseases. В квартирах на первом этаже часто могут появляться блохи из подвала
  2. The next stage is the removal of fleas from domestic animals, if any, and the subsequent protection of the animal at least until the time when the fight against fleas in the room is over. Typically, this fight with fleas in pets requires only a few hours. Обнаружив блох в доме, в первую очередь нужно заняться выведением их у животного
  3. And only then it is necessary to carefully treat the fleas all the premises with the help of special insecticides or use the services of professional pest control. Depending on the degree of infection of the premises, the fleas are removed in a few hours or several days (in the latter case, repeated treatments are meant). Обрабатывать помещение от блох следует тщательно, чтобы уничтожить не только взрослых особей, но и их яйца и личинки

After this, it is necessary to take measures for preventive protection of the house from repeated penetration of fleas.

We deduce fleas from domestic animals

Fighting fleas in domestic animals can be carried out by means of different types:

  • Flea shampoos are one of the safest means. For cats and dogs, Shampoos Lugovoi, Phyto-Elite are used, and for animals with very sensitive skin and hair - Dr Zoo and Rolf Club. Шампунь от блох лучше всего применять при малом количестве паразитов на теле животного
  • Sprays from fleas - for example, Frontline, Hartz, Stronghold. After applying to the wool spray is rubbed into the skin of the animal, which provides protection for several days. Each manufacturer has a range of sprays for animals of different mass and age. Спрей от блох Hartz
  • Drops on the withers are also quite simple to use. The contents of the pipette are simply poured onto the animal's skin and rubbed with fingers. Very well-known drops Stronghold, Bayer, Hartz. Some of them provide protection for the animal for up to three months. Капли от блох Stronghold

There is also a special powder from fleas for puppies and kittens, which is simply applied to the skin under the coat. This powder is expensive enough, it is inferior in efficiency to the rest of the means, but it acts quite gently.

After the fleas in the pet have been etched, the animal needs to be protected for several days from re-infection. As a rule, good drugs in themselves have a certain period of residual protective action, but in any case on the animal before the complete processing of the apartment is worth wearing an anti-collar collar.

We choose a means for breeding fleas

Methods of fighting fleas directly in the house involve the use of either special chemical insecticides or the destruction of parasites by folk remedies.

Advantages of using insecticides in the form of aerosols and sprays - the speed and effectiveness of their action. With the correct application of these remedies, fighting fleas at home is done in a matter of hours and allows you to destroy all the fleas and their larvae in the room.

Личинка блохи

On the other hand, even despite the relative safety of modern insecticides, they can cause side effects in the handler in the form of allergies, respiratory tract irritation, mild poisoning. Many people are especially afraid of using these funds if children live in the room.

If there are few insects, the fight against fleas at home is carried out using aerosol means such as Raptor from creeping insects, Reid, Combat, Dichlophos Neo. The effectiveness of such drugs is usually lower than that of concentrates for dilution and subsequent spraying in the form of a spray, but they are sufficiently safe and easy to use. In addition, these drugs are relatively inexpensive, and for processing a one-room apartment will need funds worth about 500-600 rubles.

Дихлофос Нео можно применять для обработки дома от блох

However, if there are many insects in the house and a well-defined and reliable result is needed, then the following modern preparations should be noted:

  • Get - a microencapsulated odorless product (microencapsulation technology improves the effectiveness of insecticides) Микрокапсулированное средство от насекомых Get - эффективно уничтожает и блох
  • Lambda Zone is also a microencapsulated drug that does not have an odor, which even more often is used by professional disinsectors Средство от насекомых Лямбда Зона (без запаха)
  • The executioner is a German drug that is easy to use but has a smell. Препарат от насекомых Палач

These products are sold in the form of concentrates. Before use, they must be diluted in accordance with the instruction of water, after which the finished solution can be sprayed with a conventional household spray gun. When all surfaces, plinths and platbands are completely processed, they destroy fleas at all stages of development.

Even more effectively, professional sprays are allowed to kill fleas at home - Tetriks, Sinuzan, Clovoron. However, these drugs are very poisonous, they can not be used without special training and personal protective equipment. In addition, they all have a strong unpleasant odor.

On a note

The fight against bugs and fleas in the room as a whole has much in common and even presumes the use of the same means. That is why, when disinsecting from bedbugs, fleas that are less resistant to insecticides are always killed, and companies professionally engaged in disinsection from bedbugs almost always offer services for the destruction of fleas.

Folk remedies completely destroy fleas in most cases it is not possible. Methanol, vinegar and kerosene kill insects with a direct and copious impact on them, but it is almost impossible to catch and process each parasite in the house. Means such as wormwood and tansy only scare off fleas for a while, but they can not be destroyed.

Sometimes fleas are treated with dusts, but this approach is justified only for very serious infections (for example, in basements). Usually, when combating fleas at home it is enough to simply clean in places where larvae are possible, and aerosol preparations and sprays are obtained in the most inaccessible shelters.

Destroy the parasites in the room

It is advisable to carry out the treatment of the room during the daytime, so that before going to sleep the apartment or house should be well ventilated.

If insecticidal spray concentrates are used, the contents of the flasks with the concentrate are dissolved in water in the right proportions and poured into the garden spray or container from the cleaning agent.

Уничтожать блох в доме можно с помощью концентратов, которые разводятся водой и разбрызгиваются через пульверизатор

On a note

One-room apartment usually consumes 8-10 aerosol canisters of the type Dichlophos or Raptor, or about 3-4 liters of the spray solution prepared from the concentrate.

Even before removing the fleas from the house, it is necessary to move furniture away from the walls, remove carpets hanging on the walls. After that, the product is sprayed to the floor, along the skirting boards, behind cabinets and sofas, inside the sofas themselves, under the mattresses on the beds. Particularly carefully processed places for recreation of animals, as well as storerooms and closets, in which a large amount of dust accumulates.

During the treatment, doors and windows in the apartment should be closed so that the aerosol does not erode, and after its application, let the apartment stand with closed doors for several hours. Then the room is ventilated, there is a thorough wet cleaning, bed linen and things from the wardrobes are washed.

If desired, all these works can be shifted to the shoulders of professional disinsectors or SES. Cost this pleasure will be more expensive, but will save time and effort.

When you can not do without re-treatment

In some cases, the fight against fleas is in two stages. Usually this is required if parasites are very infected with the parasite, when the flea larvae are very numerous in floors, cracks and external structures, where insecticides do not reach them.

Already after the first harassment of fleas in pantries, closets and under the bedside tables in the kitchen should be scattered powders from insects - Medilis Ziper , Clean House, Pyrethrum. In a week or two these powders will destroy the bulk of flea larvae.

После первой обработки помещения от блох можно нанести на поверхности дуст для уничтожения их личинок

The exact signal for re-harassment of fleas is the appearance of insects a week or two after the first use of funds. Taking into account the fact that under favorable conditions the development of larvae and pupae in total lasts about three weeks, it is exactly three weeks after which the treatment of the room should be repeated with the same means and in the same sequence as it was performed for the first time. Otherwise, the fleas will multiply again in large numbers and begin to pester the owners of the house and pets with their bites.

Fighting basement fleas

In the event that fleas enter the room from cellars or attics (here they parasitize on rats and pigeons), even before fighting them in the house, you need to destroy the population in the breeding ground. For the treatment of cellars, one should use the services of SES or professional disinfestation services, since here it is necessary not only to remove the fleas themselves, but also to poison the rats that are their main hosts.

In some cases, cellars have to repair and cement slits and holes through which rodents and animals from the street penetrate.

Для уничтожения блох в подвалах, откуда они могут проникать в дом, лучше всего воспользоваться услугами СЭС

In the apartments themselves, bordering on the cellars, you need to completely cover the possible ways of moving the fleas - hang the nets on the windows, in the ventilation shafts and in the boxes of the entrance doors, lay out sections from insects that will scare off unwanted guests (for example, you can use sections from moths).

Do not let the fleas reappear in the house

And, finally, one should always remember that prevention is always better than cure. It's easier not to allow parasites to enter the room than to fight fleas in the house for a long time.

To protect the premises you can apply a strong smelling herbs - tansy, wormwood, geranium, the leaves and branches of which are laid out in closets, ventilating courses, balconies.

But the main thing is to protect pets from fleas from the attack. To do this, if not always, then at least for a walk on dogs and cats should wear anti-collar collars or drip on the withers of a drop of fleas.

Противоблошиные ошейники помогут защитить вашего питомца от паразитов

Hunters and fishermen, often in nature, must take off their shoes and shake out their outer clothing before entering the house. It is also useful to immediately wash it all at high temperature.

Observing such preventive measures against fleas, you can always be sure that fleas in the house will not appear. But if somewhere there was a mistake and parasites in the room still penetrated, now you know how to deal with them correctly and effectively.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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