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Давайте посмотрим, как выглядят домашние блохи на разных стадиях своего развития, а также как можно избавиться от этих паразитов раз и навсегда...

To get rid of home fleas, you need to understand how they penetrate the room, what they fear and what is their life cycle (which, as practice shows, many people even have no idea, not knowing that fleas have vermicular larvae, eggs, pupae). In most cases, it is not enough to process only the coat of a pet, wash its rug and do a general cleaning in the apartment.

Зачастую при появлении в доме блох нужно провести обработку не только питомца, но и всего помещения в целом.

If the home fleas settled on the living area, it is necessary to develop a whole plan of pest control with the help of special means, and then consistently carry it out. We will discuss this further.

On a note

Fleas are wingless bloodsucking insects with a so-called complete transformation. The adult female flea with force throws eggs from itself, spreading them along the wool of the host animal and the adjacent territory (floor in the house, carpets). For about two weeks, mobile worm-shaped larvae hatch from the eggs, which feed on food remains, decomposing biological substances, and also undigested blood in the excrement of adult relatives. Adult fleas do not live permanently on the host animal (and even more so on the human skin), but can stay in his coat for a long time.

The photos below show home fleas. It is well noticeable that their body is strongly flattened from the sides:

Фотография домашней блохи на коже человека

А так выглядит блоха при сильном увеличении

The complexity of fighting fleas is as follows:

  • flea larvae hide in the most inaccessible places of the room, where it is difficult to get rid of them even with the help of aerosol insecticides;
  • adult individuals of fleas can be simultaneously in shelters indoors, and in domestic animals. Therefore, they need to be displayed both there and there, using different means at the same time.

Larvae of fleas usually disperse in the closet, hide in dusty places, garbage cans, behind skirting boards and even in upholstered furniture, and on eyes they come across extremely seldom.

Photo of the flea larva:

Личинка блохи

Личинки домашних блох развиваются обычно в кучах гниющего мусора, под лежанками животных или в клетках грызунов.

Deriving home fleas is sometimes difficult, because in addition to the wool of pets, you must simultaneously process all rooms and surfaces, so that there are no shelters left for parasites. Close attention is paid to the toilets and nests of domestic rodents, since it is in these areas that the optimum temperature and humidity for insects are maintained, and there is sufficient food for their larvae.

In the photo - larvae and eggs of fleas:

Яйца и личинки блох крупным планом

Блошиные яйца довольно мелкие, самка с силой встреливает их, после чего они обычно оказываются на полу.

What is dangerous for home fleas

Home flea is dangerous not only because its bite itches and causes irritation. With constant combing, bites become very inflamed, and wounds can form in their place. All of these are signs of a Pulicosis, a disease caused specifically by house fleas. It is especially dangerous for children, because they have an allergy more often than adults.

The photo shows traces of flea bites on the legs:

На фото показаны ноги, искусанные домашними блохами.

However, the main trouble with the presence of fleas in the house is the possibility of contracting dangerous infections (the risk is small, but it always exists). So, for example, it is revealed that these insects can be carriers of pathogens more than 200 dangerous for human infections.

Scientists-epidemiologists keep under strict control the populations of animals on which fleas that are carriers of plague parasitize.

The most dangerous diseases that carry home fleas are:

  • plague;
  • hepatitis (B, C);
  • encephalitis;
  • brucellosis;
  • Tularemia;
  • trypanosomiasis;
  • salmonellosis.

Блохи являются кровососущими насекомыми и потенциально способны переносить множество опасных инфекций...

However, if there are fleas in the house, this, of course, does not mean that they are necessarily carriers of diseases, but their appearance already in itself speaks of unsanitary conditions. Therefore, get rid of parasites in the shortest possible time.


"We, probably, from dampness, fleas were in the house. Biting, of course, unpleasant, but not fatal. But here a small one from them began an allergy with swelling and inflammation of the lymph nodes. That's what we were scared of. I had to send her to my mother, and then myself a week to poison the fleas in the apartment. "

Nelly, Rostov-on-Don

Fast and comprehensive flea removal

To destroy home fleas, you must act according to the following plan.

Find and eliminate ways to penetrate insects into housing. There are several ways for parasites to enter the house: on the animal's fur, on the occupants themselves, through the ventilation shafts, and also from the basement (when it comes to the ground floors).

Существует несколько способов проникновения паразитов в дом, и один из основных - на шерсти домашнего питомца.

Basement fleas are especially dangerous, since among them, most often there are rat fleas , which are, perhaps, the most active carriers of all kinds of contagion. Therefore, it is desirable to get rid of parasites in the future not only in the apartment or in the living quarters of a private house, but also in the basement itself.

Довольно часто блохи могут появиться в квартирах из подвала дома, где они массово размножаются.

On a note

A flea parasitic on a rat is not necessarily a rat. Similarly, fleas in the fur of cats are not always cat fleas. The fact is that all the fleas are very illegible in choosing their prey and easily switch from one species of host animal to another. That's why people can bite fleas of different species.

The next thing to do is to treat the fleas of domestic animals and their beds. By the way, if the pet generally starts to itch more than usual, it is necessary to make a thorough examination of his coat, since besides fleas, withers and other parasites can parasitize.

Everyone knows how the home flea looks. In the photo below are adults who are usually caught from the wool of pets by caring owners:

В шерсти кота заметны блохи

При большом количестве кровососущих паразитов заметить их в шерсти домашнего питомца не составляет труда.

А так выглядит блоха под микроскопом...

It is easiest to notice insects in the abdomen, neck, armpits. If the inspection of the animal revealed parasites, it is necessary to treat the pet's fur with special means (see below for this).

And, finally, only at the final stage should the complex of measures for processing the premises. This is perhaps the hardest part of the work, since it is necessary to process every square meter, including hard-to-reach places behind cabinets, skirting boards, in the slots of the parquet. You can carry out such treatment yourself if you purchase the necessary insecticides or you can call professional pest controlists.

Помочь избавиться от домашних блох могут профессиональные дезинсекторы.

If everything is done correctly, then only after that the active phase of the fight against fleas can be considered finished. But let's also clarify some of the nuances ...

Means for fighting fleas

The remedies that help to get rid of fleas are today represented on the market very widely. Many manufacturers specializing in insecticides offer a wide range of sprays, drops and shampoos from these insects.

Сегодня существует большой ассортимент средств для борьбы с блохами у животных (на примере показано использование специальных инсектоакарицидных капель)

In this case, it is necessary to strictly differentiate preparations for pets and preparations for treatment of premises. Universal means do not exist, and the means for the destruction of fleas in the room can not be treated animals and vice versa.

We deduce fleas from domestic animals

The most common source of fleas in the house are the pets. Accordingly, the fight against insects must begin with the treatment of pets. In this case, you can choose the most convenient and gentle option, in accordance with the age and health of the animal.

Assortment of funds for fleas for pets is quite wide:

  • Powder from fleas. These drugs are designed specifically for kittens and puppies, they have minimal toxicity and are gentle. But you need to be prepared for the fact that the tool will have to be used more than once, since its effectiveness is generally lower than that of other drugs. Пудра от блох и клещей Чистотел
  • Insecticidal shampoos. For example, under the brands Dr. Zoo, Rolf Club, Phytoelita, Lugovoy produced a lot of products with anti-block effect. Depending on the degree of infection of the pet and the type of shampoo, fleas from it can usually be taken out for 1-3 bathing. Шампунь от блох Rolf Club
  • Drops from fleas and ticks. For example, drugs Bayer, Stronghold, Hartz and a number of domestic manufacturers are sold immediately in pipettes. It is enough to put liquid on the withers and rub into the skin to destroy the fleas already on the pet, and protect the cat or dog for 1-3 months. Капли Stronghold помогут избавить питомца не только от блох, но и от клещей.
  • Sprays. Typically, insecticides in this form of release not only allow you to quickly get rid of fleas, but also help to protect the pet for several days. Aerosols Hartz, Frontline, Stronghold and others are sprayed on the wool and rubbed into the skin with your fingers. Пример инсектицидного спрея - Hartz
  • Anti-dog collars. They are a convenient means of preventing the appearance of fleas, since they repel parasites and do not allow them to infect the animal in general. In other words, the collar is an additional protection: it is recommended to wear it after using powder, shampoo, drops or spray. But getting rid of it with fleas is somewhat more difficult than using other means, since collars are primarily a preventive measure. Противоблошиные ошейники используют преимущественно для отпугивания блох, нежели чем для их уничтожения.

It is important to protect the pet from fleas until the parasites are completely removed from the premises. Otherwise, just a few days after pickling, they can jump on the pet right in the apartment again and survive in his coat during the period of insecticide action in the room.

Removal of fleas in the premises

Getting rid of fleas in the house is usually more difficult than removing them from the pet's fur, as it is necessary to destroy not only adults, but also larvae that can hide in the most inaccessible places.

Here are a few photos of flea larvae:

Личинка блохи на ковре

Фотография взрослой блохи (слева) и личинки (справа)

One of the most effective means for self-destroying fleas in the house are insecticides for dilution and subsequent application in the form of sprays. For example, Get, Lambda Zone, Delta-Zone, Agran, Xulat, Cifox, etc. have proven themselves well. It is required to use a specific amount of the drug in the specified manufacturer's breeding for a certain area of ​​the premises.

In addition, when processing small areas can be applied and aerosol products sold in cans already ready for use: Reid, Combat, Dichlophos Neo, etc.

Дихлофос Нео эффективен при обработке от блох небольшого помещения

When the preparation is selected and purchased in the right amount, it is necessary to make a full-scale preparation and processing of the areas:

  • remove any accumulation of rubbish;
  • wash the litter of the animal;
  • withdraw people and pets from the premises;
  • spray aerosol or diluted insecticide drug over the floor, carpets, skirting boards, slots, upholstered furniture, into the ventilation shaft;
  • leave the premises for several hours;
  • on your return do aeration and wet cleaning.

The photo shows how the disinfestation service worker processes furniture using a cold mist generator: such installations make it much easier to spray the insecticide solution:

На фотографии специалист службы дезинсекции проводит обработку дома от насекомых при помощи генератора холодного тумана.

To prevent fleas from reappearing in the house, it is recommended to protect animals with anti-flea collars (at least during walks in the street), and in the house to store folk remedies that repel insects - bunches of wormwood and tansy, special sections from insects. These measures are very likely to protect the house from repeated penetration of fleas and their reproduction.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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