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Is dichlorvos effective against fleas?

Попробуем разобраться, насколько эффективен современный Дихлофос против блох и безопасен ли он в применении

Dichlorvos in the most exact sense of the term is the name of a chemical compound, which is called by scientists men as dimethyldichlorovinyl phosphate. This substance has a powerful insecticidal effect and a pungent odor, but it is relatively harmless to humans, at least in accordance with the instructions for its use.

В состав советского Дихлофоса входил диметилдихлорвинилфосфат - на картинке показана его химическая формула

However, before talking about the use of Dichlorvos for the destruction of fleas, let's first, as they say, put all the points on the "i".

In the chemical industry and especially in retail trade, Dichlorvos is also called a line of preparations for baiting insects, the main and only component of which is the substance of the same name. However, recently some manufacturers started to produce funds called "Dichlorvos", but which do not contain the organophosphorus substance Dichlophos itself . These modern drugs are often even more effective against various insects, including fleas, rather than the old Dichlorvos in its first version.

В современных марках Дихлофоса отсутствуют фосфорорганические инсектициды

Дихлофос сегодня применяется для уничтожения самых разных насекомых

On a note

Moreover, today the word "dichlorvos" is often used in the sense of "insecticide in a can" and when selling or using it you allow such absurd mistakes as "Dichlorvos Combat" or "Dichlorvos Raptor". Understanding people know that Dichlorvos is Dichlorvos without different prefixes.

In general, it can be said that dimethyldichlorovinyl phosphate (Dichlorvos) does not stand up to competition with more modern insecticides based on, for example, pyrethroids. Thus, a typical, all known since the Soviet times, Dichlorvos is not released today, and all products called "Dichlorvos" and various additional words (Neo, Super, etc.) are preparations based on more modern insecticides.

Instructions for the use of such improved dichlorvos from fleas generally differ little from the rules of application of its original version. The price of the facility is quite low (60 rubles) and allows it to be used by almost everyone in need.

Such different Dichlophos: the entire product line

So, let's see how Dichlorfos today can be used to poison fleas in an apartment or house:

  • Dichlofos Universal, designed to deal with all insects that find themselves in the apartment, including fleas, moths, cockroaches, bugs, ants. The price of one bottle of it is about 60 rubles. На фото представлен Дихлофос Универсал
  • Dichlorvos Eco, characterized by the addition of lavender in the fragrance and therefore does not cause negative sensations when used. Despite the prefix "Eco", this drug is quite good at helping fleas, because together with a pleasant flavor it contains all the same powerful insecticides. The price is also about 60 rubles. Дихлофос Эко
  • Dichlorvos Neo is perhaps the most famous of the Dichlophos, not at all odorless. Its composition includes Permethrin, Cypermethrin and Piperonyl Butoxide. The price of a 190-ml bottle is about 55 rubles. Дихлофос Нео практически не имеет запаха

As already noted above, traditional Dichlorvos based on organophosphorus substance is not produced today, since it has no competitive advantages. Therefore, understanding how to apply Dichlorvos against fleas , you should study the instruction on the use of its modern versions.


"All the summer at the dacha we were pestered by fleas. Probably with a cat local entered the house, and then we began to bite. We once went to the regional center and rushed to buy Dichlophos, and we began to offer all sorts of other cans. I somehow do not trust them. Dichlorvos has always been poisoned by all evil spirits and will always be poisoned. Found in the same farm Dichlophos Neo, also doubted, but took for want of the present. It worked well, the next day after processing the house, the fleas were no longer there. Maybe a couple of times over the summer someone was bitten, but did not cause any worries. Now, we hope, they froze there all winter. "

Alexey, Ivanovo

Due to what is effective dichlorvos?

The effectiveness of dichlorvos against fleas and other parasites is based on the ability of its active substances to lead to disturbances in the functioning of the nervous system of insects and their complete paralysis. Regardless of the version of the drug, all Dichlophos are practically equally effective: both true dichlorvos, and permethrin, and piperonyl butoxide have a similar effect on fleas.

Любой современный Дихлофос достаточно эффективен против блох

The difference between the old Dichlophos and modern drugs only in the absence of the latter has strong caustic odors and greater safety for humans and animals.

It is also important that Dichlorfos is effective against fleas also due to the form of release: all such products are produced in aerosol cans. Due to the finely dispersed state of insecticides in an aerosol cloud, both adult fleas and their larvae are hidden, invisible and living where they are physically unable to reach them - under the floors, behind the baseboards, behind the carpets and wallpaper, and in the garbage. Aerosol also penetrates here, and therefore, with proper use of fleas can be deduced Dichlorvos completely.

How correctly to use Dichlorvos to accurately remove the fleas?

For total extermination of fleas in the apartment, Dichlophos should be used only after the cause of parasites has been eliminated. As evidenced by the reviews, dichlorvos from fleas gives a reliable result only after the fleas are etched cats or dogs living in the room. If the apartment itself is processed, and the parasites are left on the cat or the dog, after a few months the entire epic will have to be repeated.

Прежде чем обработать Дихлофосом квартиру от блох, необходимо избавить от паразитов домашних питомцев

На фото - блоха в шерсти животного

In accordance with the instructions, Dichlorvos should be sprayed all surfaces in the apartment, especially carefully - the floor, cabinets with clothes, shelves with different trash in closets. Before this, you should close all the windows in the house so that the aerosol does not erode. For the treatment of fleas large apartment or house may require several cans.


"I saw the fleas in large numbers of times in my life, after moving. Before that, only in the student body bugs in the hostel poisoned. And then a new apartment, and the former mistress is a koshatnitsa. Left us parasites. We poisoned them with Dichlorvos, Eco called. It took us three cylinders, a cylinder for a room and one for the kitchen. But we must admit that the insects have completely eradicated. None of the living fleas in the apartment the next day was not. "

Elena, Ryazan

During the treatment, all tenants and pets must leave the premises.

After spraying the product, the apartment closes and stays for several hours. During this time, the aerosol penetrates into all the cracks and under the furniture, where fleas and their larvae quickly die.

After a few hours, the apartment should be ventilated and wet cleaned in it. The components of modern Dichlorvos are relatively safe for humans and animals, so if there are even some quantities left somewhere - this is not critical.

После обработки квартиры Дихлофосом ее следует  хорошо проветрить

In rare cases, when the apartment is very heavily infected with fleas, the procedure must be repeated after two weeks. In this case, with the first dressing, pupae and eggs resistant to insecticides survive, and within a few days, larvae and adult fleas are removed from them. After two weeks, all surviving parasites will be completely destroyed after re-treatment.

Safety when using Dichlorvos

It is important to remember that dichlorvos should never be used for the treatment of pet animals. Despite the fact that the composition of the drug is often the same substances that work in drops and sprays for dogs, their concentration here is different. The ingestion of Dichlorvos on the body and in the respiratory tract of the pet can lead to serious allergies, and when licking animals with their wool - to intoxication.

Дихлофос нельзя использовать для обработки от блох самого животного

Treatment of the premises with dichlorvos should be carried out with gloves and a respirator. It is even better to add a cotton-gauze bandage to them. If the product gets on the mucous membranes - in the mouth, nose, eyes - they should be washed as soon as possible with running water.

При обработке помещения Дихлофосом используйте респиратор или ватно-марлевую повязку


"After we have plagued the fleas from the dog, we treated Dikhlofos apartment. The effect is excellent, the fleas have rested, but then a few days my head was spinning, and the little one was actually sick and refused to eat. I was afraid that I would have to repeat the procedure, because there were too many insects, but it was carried away. My resume: Dichlorfos is a reliable thing, but you need to be very careful with it. "

Irina, Tyumen

Alternative remedies for fleas

It is necessary to pay tribute to the modern chemical industry - the choice of a wrestler with fleas today is extremely wide, and there are many alternative methods that are not inferior to Dichlorfos in terms of efficiency and safety. Among them:

  • Combat - a line of drugs to combat domestic insects. Most of the products in it are also flavored with scents of lavender, eucalyptus and mint. Средство Комбат СуперСпрей
  • Raptor is also a large complex of insecticides. Аэрозоль от насекомых Раптор

In addition, many concentrates of insecticidal agents are produced for dilution and subsequent spraying from the spray gun as a spray. In terms of the ratio of efficacy and prices, these drugs in most cases exceed aerosol.

It is possible to note the following preparations from fleas, produced in the form of concentrates (sometimes they are also called emulsion concentrates): Medilis Tsiper , Get, Agran, Lambda Zone, Tsifoks, Kukaracha, Taran, etc.

Концентрат средства от насекомых Таран

For example, Get - a fairly powerful microencapsulated drug, relatively safe and virtually odorless, which allows you to destroy fleas at one time.

Микрокапсулированный препарат для борьбы с насекомыми Get


"We used to poison all parasites of Dichlorvos, and fleas searched for it. But did not find, but we were persistently offered Raptor, and we decided to try it. The agent is good, effective, in comparison with the caustic old Dichlorvos in general is magical - in the apartment after it smells of mint. Fleas really disappeared, it's great. Although I think, and manufacturers of Dichlorvos today must produce their drug in such a way that it does not stink very much. "

Yana, Zarechnoye

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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